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Atheism is simply a lack of belief in God/s. I agree with atheists that it’s not in their job description to argue, ‘burden of proof’.

The burden of proof does lay with the one (theist) making the claim.

At a minimum, as a theist, I do believe the basic assumption of some kind of grand creator is not in and of itself irrational. I believe there is such a thing as rational theism as rare as that might be!

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One Response to On Atheism.

  • A reply to a Youtube atheist:
    There are multiple issues here, though; the first being what kind of theistic beliefs are dangerous and which ones are relatively benign? Are the Amish really a threat to the atheist community? I would argue no, but those literalists who want to enact either, The Noahide Laws, Christian Dominionism or its antithesis Sharia law are in my opinion –a serious threat to the atheist community. This group, in general, now owns most of the political-economic power in the west. I would think the atheist community would want to focus on where the real threat lies!
    This brings me to my initial quibble: religious toxicity is not the only problem today; environmental devastation is equally problematic and I’ve yet to run across a Youtube atheist who is concerned about this issue. I would think the mass extinction of animals and the threat of atmospheric carbon pollution would be of grave concern to the atheist community; but as far as I can tell, these issues seem to be irrelevant to the Youtube atheist community. I’d be happy if someone could provide the links of atheist channels concerned with environmental issues.
    On my theism: I subscribe to the entheogen theory of religion. That religion comes from experiences with these plants and chemicals. I hold any metaphysics on this issue lightly as a spiritual hypothesis. I probably have developed about a half dozen possible cosmologies based on experiences with these substances. Panpsychism and Panentheism are two possibilities I hold lightly. I concede they may not be fact.

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