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“all the world is a stage for manipulation via social media.”

Social media was always going to end up being a tool of propaganda for the ruling Plutocracy. This in spite of the best intentions and naiveté of Silicon Valley Tech Hippies.

I’ve eschewed social media as I saw what was likely to happen right away although I did sign up for YouTube early on but never really used it–more just a place to archive my musical life and I also used MySpace and SoundCloud.

Social media is one of the primary drivers of The Culture of Narcissism, it also ensures a culture of distraction thereby limiting any meaningful long term social cohesion and resistance to the plutocracy–OWS being a primary example. Moreover, covert agencies use social media to divert attention away from foundational injustices–the SJW movement is a sure example of this–the motive here being to divert attention away from the root issues causing most of the problems: economic injustice and wealth inequality.

It sets in motion another device of totalitarianism: the ironic reversal–that which will attempt to install a brutal order on the chaos of human development. Here are two examples:

The entertainment complex became the main mouthpiece of the Plutocracy….The opposite of what it should have been. The internet and the delusions of Barlow et al who thought it would free humanity. The mind of man is no place to find freedom! You will find insanity, though:(

I believe the Chinese are developing a ‘mark of the beast’ app which will monitor and score your every thought, move, and disposition. It will no longer be just your credit being scored: everything about you will be scored!




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