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” everything is just peachy!”

Here comes  Trump/O’Leary environmentalism:

I’m not going to comment on the veracity of The Boston Globe’s story but I see a tsunami of news stories like this one heading our way! ” the airs never been cleaner,” it’s way better than it was during the Mt.St Helens explosion!” And we’ve never had cleaner water! ” aren’t those Zero Water filters amazing!”

Here’s the rub, though: the 20% who won the lottery in this casino system are gonna eat this up hook, line, and sinker! And why wouldn’t they? Everything does look peachy from ones gated ivory tower……

A note on the last point: the corporate democrats and the liberal intelligentsia which includes climate scientists and the sports and entertainment complex do hold the same hypocritical ivory tower worldview! That is to say: they have done next to nothing to convince anyone that one would actually have to alter one’s lifestyle in light of environmental concern. This hypocrisy is one of the primary drivers of the death of liberalism! So it appears that you are fired for the next 8 years, or so I suspect. Not that this will have any immediate consequences for you. Thousands of years of false religious claims have made you numb and immune to the possibility of consequence.Enjoy the coming fascist *^%$ show folks! 


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