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“if a man does not keep pace with his companions it’s perhaps because he marches to the beat of a different drummer” Thoreau…

We need to build what I call a New Earth Commons Society which uses a non-inflationary Commons-Non-Debt means of exchange; this culture could live ‘side by side’ to a scaled-back capitalist system– one where the focus was commercial and industrial/technical.

The merit of my idea is that it would allow as many people as much choice as possible as to which system they want to live under. The present worldwide financial monoculture is reaching all natural limits and cannot be sustained– 2 billion practitioners is the likely limit. In all likeliness, this system reached its limits in and around 1950. I think the postmodernists grokked this and is in part what they were getting at.

So this new emerging New Earth Commons culture would have to have a guaranteed dividend for all its people. There are boundaries that would be legislated into the present system: Real-estate would be limited to a one home per person initiative and the present speculation on personal real-estate would end ( it would be allowed commercially in a stripped down capitalist system ). Health-care, education, ecology would all be traded in the N.E.C system with the stable mode of a new commons currency (or tokenization)…I figure that by 2100 the two economies might divide into 2 billion participating in the reformed capitalist economy and about 8 billion partaking in the N.E.C. economy. To my thinking, this is an intelligent working of Pareto distribution. The stripped down commercial culture would be focused on hi-tech and commercial interests with a focus on solving humanities most intractable problems.

A large part of the N.E.C.economy would be using the current recreation infrastructure; also the voluntary aspect of the N.E.C. would mean most people in that economy would commit to living simple ‘green’ environmentally sustainable lifestyles.  A very large part of the culture would be having the infrastructure and education aimed towards mastery in any given interest. A re-implementation of guild systems and such. I concede the mindset of misanthropy would need to replaced with true philanthropy and not the phony kind the billionaire oligarchs reap today. Think of this as a techno-shire…

A new emerging N.E.C.civilization needs to have four pillars that are off-limits to capitalist exploitation:


2-housing: with a one house per person initiative put in place ( end the casino speculation on homes). Everyone is conceded one piece of private property. And yes, you can own as big a house as honest merit allows; but you only get to own one!



Implied in the new Four Pillars is the end of usury; especially usury as a tool of economic predatory behavior. I see this idea as a compromise in the long, bitter, futile war between Marx and the capitalists. But again, my prediction is ruin brought on by the capitalists. Here is why:

1)The Global Capitalist’s are continuing 500 years of imperialism. Islam is the new threat to their hegemony, so Islam needs taming just like the aboriginals, or anyone one else that has gotten in the way of this beast. A large part of globalism today is the security of the oligarchy and its energy infrastructures which consumes enormous resources.

2) This form of Global Capitalism is powered by the biggest Ponzi scheme in history: fiat currency and fractional reserve lending. It is that aspect of the Globalist’s system which has created the massive, unnecessary, bureaucracy. Get rid of that system and you get rid of the unnecessary bureaucracies.

3) Are we really going to talk about this without mentioning any Zionist agenda? And could we please talk about any Zionist agenda without debasing ourselves with anti-semitic rhetoric?

4) The free trading of goods and services should be juxtaposed with non-necessary exploitation of the earth and its life-forms. The present exploitative systems of capital were fine in 1850 but are unsustainable in the near future. Can we please agree that pollution has deadly consequences for humans and other life-forms. Can we please educate ourselves on the laws of thermodynamics and come to understand that there are real natural boundaries on a finite planet with finite resources.

A non-debt New Earth Commons currency juxtaposed to a living dividend paid out to all people is a necessary need for a sustainable future. This dividend would be received along with education on ecology and commerce ( teach people humanity cannot do whatever it wants when it wants ). We need to end the literal WELFARE of a system which takes care of the top 10% first ( The WELFARE for the elite) while at the same time promoting austerity for 90% of the planet ( the fighting for the left-over crumbs).

On the Western Welfare States: it isn’t healthy or of much efficacy to give someone a few hundred bucks every month and tell them they are on their own. What any sane system would do is put in place an infrastructure of basic living needs being met juxtaposed to new education on how to reach higher potentialities. The truth is the current social safety net is all about supporting the intermediary bureaucrats and not about the effective utility of helping people meet their potential as human beings. I suspect the system, as it is, was implemented by cynical misanthropes.

The New Earth Commons Civilization is the antidote!

As an addition, I’ll tackle what I think are some of the myths woven into the hive mind of humanity which I think are counter-productive and fallacious. I need to first go over the schema of premodern, modern(around 1500 A.D.), and the postmodern era which really cemented itself during the ’50s and ’60s. The first thing I need to say is that not everything premodern was irrational and illogical and in fact, their way of keeping time via 30-Day moon cycles was more coherent than our fractured Gregorian calendar. Having a direct relationship with the earth was in no way irrational either. So any corrective post-postmodern integration, at least, would need to discuss these particular issues.

As far as the Enlightenment and Industrial Capitalism: the sad truth is that there was a worm in the center of that apple and it was the sleight of hand of control of the money supply as the new covert method of controlling populations seemingly replaced the traditional Monarchy, Divine Right, or Church Authority. I’m sure humanities stuck until we make a corrective like; a basic income; a citizens dividend, and perhaps even a complete overhaul of where and how to tax. The fact of the matter is that unnecessary coercion, exploitation, and force would need removing for a civilization to call itself post-postmodern, or integrated. One of the primary concerns here is to make sure that humanities culture is voluntary and not built upon foundations of forced coercion. A new model for education is a priority.

Education in a post-postmodern economy would be not for profit and one of the primary areas of study would be a re-inquiry in the field of spirituality. Success here would mean the issue of financial corruption is removed as a possibility. We would also need new ways to test for non-bias and open objectiveness so a metric needs devising so that the faculty doesn’t skew results–so we don’t get pseudo-science as we have now in this field; with one of the goals in this area of study would end quackery. This would also prevent Hindu’s from doing Hindu science, and Buddhists doing Buddhist science and fundamentalist’s doing Bible science, etc.  Now I get the modernists’ aren’t going to like this idea but the sad truth is that humans are spiritual beings whether God exists or not and the impulse towards spirituality is never going away so a wise civilization would concede this truism and deal with it maturely and professionally. Moreover, one of the complete failures within the current malaise is trust and that trust is broken between the elites and common folk and a sincere academic attempt to study honestly and with integrity humanities most important queries is about one of the only things I can think of that would restore trust to a broken civilization; in fact, no future progress is possible without something like this happening. But perhaps modern academies consider the resurgence of Flat Earth theories and such a success? Please let me assure the academies: they’re relevant and are proof enough that you’re doing something WRONG!

It’s hard for me to imagine a more fragile civilization than the one late modernity has created all built upon the near absolute need for electrical power and to have the financial system dependent on this seems like incredible folly to me. A post-postmodern corrective would be to teach humanity to become food self-sufficient again and by every means possible. Whether technical urban hydroponic farming or a return to educated homesteading laws and more; everything possible needs doing to mitigate the horrors of the lights going out for an extended period. To not do so is folly, IMO., especially given predictions of climate instability in the coming century.

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