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‘Whoa to you ye fucking hypocrites’

Here it is:

Look, it’s been around 75 years since the first industry insiders warned us about this issue. Anyone who takes this issue seriously gets it by now! It is not what is needed from the scientific community. Do you know what is NEEDED, though? A FUCKING clean energy source to scale the present civilization! And until the scientists can come up with that they may as well shut the fuck up already! Talk about massively misplaced priorities! And while I’m at it I might as well take a shot at Elon Musk; both Musk and NASA are wasting enormous amounts of time and money on the pipe dream of space travel when all that time and money should be going to solve the energy crisis on the only planet we know supports life! And don’t get me on the liberal intelligentsia in Hollywood! DiCaprio,’ yeah, once in a while I think about my pollution footprint!’ Morons! Fucking morons! And god forbid one ask any of these actors to practice what they preach; those actors being scientists and business entrepreneurs, too. And don’t get me on false fuckin’ religion which cried doom wolf for millennia and now that there is a serious natural threat to existence no one will take it seriously! Moreover, you simply cannot ask people to give up their livelihoods unless you have at least as reasonably good an offer to replace said livelihood  with; and do you really think the industry elite are just gonna stop using their product after 150 years cause scientist say,’ danger Will Robinson?’

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