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“I won!”

Okay, so you are one of the winners in this corporate neoliberal hijacking of civilization which is mobster rule via casino economics! Congratulations! How did you win? Via the corrupt speculation on housing? Oh, you won big time in one of the largest manipulations of populations in human history when it comes to unmerited wealth! Or, you make obscene amounts of money in the sports and entertainment complex! Now, why do you think that is? No chance you were hired by the mobsters to sell their corrupt system? And we won’t mention how this has created a culture of narcissism where you honestly believe you are better than the 80% of people on this planet who see through these corrupt financial machinations! Technically, this is called delusion! Or, maybe you gamble and won on the corrupt stock market system wherein corporations buy your consent to rape and pillage the earth via shares in their toxic empires? Or, maybe you did just win the lottery or won in the casino! Good for you! Or, perhaps, you won via inheritance, crony capitalism, nepotism, or one of the many ways people make unmerited wealth via these types of corrupt practices? Or, perhaps you won in the new politics? The one implemented wherein politicians pass laws solely for their benefit and the benefit of those who bought their allegiance.

One thing is for sure, though, today–if you try to make an honest living you will be marginalized, poor, and victimized by financial predators.

Good job! NOT! And it’s a damn shame there is no god willing to step up to the plate and fire you! So now all we have is a long slow doom heading our way thanks to your complicity with these mobsters!

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