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” when justice goes blind; the truth gets left behind”

There is a big kerfuffle in Manitoba today about politically correct language and civility and what I would call tone as related to rhetoric. Here is the truth and fact of the matter: within 100 years it may very well be that any humans left on the planet will not only be night hunting for basic survival but hunting 24/7 just to stay alive! Now how did this happen? Misplaced priorities! The political class dismissed the idea that they have allowed the mafia to set up every type of corrupt finance within our societies over the last 100 years–see many of my blog posts on this issue.  The political class and academics involved in this kerfuffle espouse political correctness on what really are ‘secondary’ issues while concomitantly dismissing notions of economic justice(a primary issue). And secondly, the political class was wholly blind to taking seriously the necessity of having society focus on creating a clean energy source to scale the present civilization; in this regard, the political class reverted to magical thinking in that they just assumed ‘progress’ would magically offer up the solution one day! History will prove these two errors as unimaginably fatal!

Another point here: the actors involved in this kerfuffle, generally speaking, come from the same demographic which colonized indigenous people over the last 500 years; they then seem to think the best way to deal with this injustice is via politically correct rhetoric! I would argue the best way to deal with injustice on these issues is to start with primary needs which are always economic in our society today. Instead of going on about political correctness correct the financial condition of first nations people ( but this needs to be done in concert with correcting financial injustice of all people) Also, end the mafia mentality which led to these crimes in the first place!

Why is this happening? Well, we know we are now ruled by a duopoly which is rule by an elite via the left and right binary within the political sphere. Given that, here is some reasonable speculation: these are all staged events by the duopoly ( in this case a conservative politician working with the left academies) implemented to distract people from the Plutocrats agendas ( the Rothschild/Roosevelt dynasties criminal money and oil) of monetary and energy control…..

Okay, this was a weird post and I get that but the point of it was to illuminate the two most important issues of our time which are not being talked about i.e. how money itself is created and distributed and the end of a finite resource–oil, and the devastating consequences of these issues. So, yes, you have long been distracted from these primary issues and that is no random accident!

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