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” to bind together as to be strength in unity”

2021 update: DIVOC-91 (what I call COVID economics) is fascism as described in this post. The virus is being used for the largest theft in human history or the largest transfer of wealth in history from the commons to the fascist elites. Please read Miles Mathis’ papers on culture when it comes to this issue.

We might ask: what is being bound together?

The word fascism is being thrown around big time in every imaginable way with the rise of Trump and Bannon. Please go to the *wiki if you want the official academic (lame) definitions of it espoused by academia.

It should be clear by now that what is being bound together in fascist ideologies is ethnicity! In recent decades the ethnicity was white nationalism but fascism is not limited to this–it can be any type of mass identity politics! We might include here the first mass-organized identity politics in antiquity: the chosen people ideology! Something that could arguably be called spiritual fascism!

Here is a graph from this site based on, political

I’ll start by saying fascism today is extremism as shown by the graph. It advocates social restriction and fiscal policy which enriches the elites-or, the government partnered with private corporate interests.  One can see that centrist positions offer the most societal freedom and the possibility for fiscal fairness. We can see from the graph that the two main parties are extremists and tend towards fascist ideals–this is called The Duopoly!  It’s only The New Democrats and Green party in N.A. that are not fascist in practice, but, more and more I see them becoming what I call ‘left-wing neoliberal communism!’...Another way to describe state-run totalitarianism of the corporate kind is what I’ve dubbed lipstick fascism.

So, how did this extremism happen? Well, it started with two oligarchs in the modern era. Rothschild and Rockefeller–money and oil and they hold a firm grasp of power in the White House today. It’s no coincidence that fascism arose with the rise of the fiat currency/fractional reserve lending Ponzi scheme–two world wars started within years of this system being implemented. Today, these two oligarchs have diverged into about 1000 oligarchs running the planet via a transnational plutocracy! Make no mistake about it: this is worldwide fascism and the means was the corporate model! So, it’s near laughable for the left to call Trump a fascist when Obama was every bit as fascist!

Now in the past 50 years, it’s been The Chicago School’s economic neoliberalism that has enabled the entrenchment of fascist ideology in a worldwide concatenation of the totalitarian two-step. Whether South America; Russia after the fall; or The E.U.: all of it imposing the corporate plutocracy on civilian populations and all of it funded by the bankers who are implementing a cashless society where there will, eventually, be no work or labor for humans! And they have convinced us by Wall St. and Hollywood to buy their imprisonment model via non-stop advertising 24/7 for 100 years (close enough)!

All this does beg the question as to how fascism evolved in the last 100 years. It’s fascism where women have extraordinary freedoms but have offered no resistance to worldwide fascist machinations–Angela Merkel being the prime example (it’s not good enough for women to dismiss half of the fascist agenda and solely focus on what they see as right-wing fascism). Dr. Jordan Peterson makes an excellent point here in that for the first time in modern history women have power societally, and he asserts, and correctly so– that the mothering instinct which is appropriate to the child then gets projected onto civilization’s political-economic structure which ends up being a type of neo-fascism; that is to say–the mothering instinct at the societal level becomes exceedingly problematic and encourages dysfunction and irrationality. We see this with Angela Merkel’s misplaced care for the other.

It’s a fascism where black men can be presidents and drop hundreds of thousands of bombs on Muslim nations killing millions to secure control of Muslim oil resources and also use Western militia for the political aims of The Greater Israel Project! Yes, once again the Jewish people find themselves right in the middle of this shit-storm! Whether in Rome 2000 years ago or overwhelmingly controlling the White-House today! It doesn’t take much investigative measure to find out that the Jewish elite used every fascist method in the book to take control of the land of Israel in the past century!  And it’s a fact they were front and center of the movements in Europe mid-century– in this case, claiming victim– while initially funding this movement. The White House today is every bit as convoluted with Bannon being completely funded by Israel yet being called a nazi by lame-stream media.

Economically, this system over the last 100 years manufactured your consent by offering about 20% of the population an exceedingly good standard of living! There is only one problem with that: most of the ways the wealth was garnered was via corrupt practices! Yes, unmerited wealth in an economic casino! Yes, folks, this is fascism! And you bought it! It should also be noted that  20% will consent to this fascist state as it will help (but not succeed) in maintaining the status quo of ill-gotten gains.

*To be fair to wiki:  micro ethnonationalism is accurate but to not list the worldwide institution of fascism is wholly unacceptable!

A part of this site is to offer solutions! Here are three:

  1. every country has to limit fiat currency to about 20% of the currency in circulation and allow multiple distributors of this currency!
  2. every country needs as its base currency a non-debt public currency(about 80% of all currency in circulation)  within what I am calling The New Earth Commons Civilization.
  3. The judiciary needs to pass laws that commit to prosecuting, criminally, corporations and CEOs, along with criminal prosecution of financial crimes (and to pass laws making sure financial crimes are listed on the books). The CEOs involved in the 2008 debacle should be in prison as should those involved in The Gulf Oil spill………..

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