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                                   “All Wars are Bankers’ Wars.”
Although correlation is not causation the actual occurrence of modern banking and gun weaponry is indisputable! The world has been a much more violent place usually because of war.  I suspect we may get another one sooner than later!
In a way, this is another coincidence similar to the ones I pointed out in  The Four Convergences. That in a 13.7-year-old universe the invention of modern banking and guns should so uncannily arise at the same time.
This post is an addendum to the three-part, Who Are The Archons series? In that presentation, I suggest that the arrival of money and guns on the planet in the modern era was instigated by the archons!


What was the first bank in the world?



The world’s first bank on record was the Taula de la Ciutat, which opened in Barcelona in 1401. Banking practices can be traced back to the Roman Empire

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It wasn’t until the matchlock gun arrived in the 1400s that guns began to evolve. Apparently, the very first prototype was around 1350; the same time the earliest prototypes for banks were developing.

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