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“The propagandists putting out a documentary about propaganda” andrewmarkmusic

Here is a link to the documentary. It’s well worth watching as it accurately depicts how humans became ‘wallets’ or consumers rather than citizens in a free enlightened society.

They do bring up the first oligarch, John D. Rockefeller, of whom I speak quite frequently on this blog. The omission in this documentary is the flip side of the coin in modernity: The Rothschild’s and their interests! Apparently, as far as this documentary is concerned, this influence in modernity has no relevance whatsoever to the events of the last century, or in net slang, “I dindu nuffin’ ‘”!

Let’s look at Israel’s and Jewish influence in the last century:

  1. The implementation of The Federal Reserve with its fiat currency fractional reserve system. This is a massive influence which the doc. finds not worth mentioning.
  2. Geopolitical manipulations of North America and Europe for the benefit of setting up and maintaining the modern state of Israel.
  3. Turning the military industrial complex into Israel’s patsy. Using N.A. and the E.U. as cannon fodder for the implementation of The Greater Israel Project; especially since 911 which has led to the destabilization of The Middle East–to Israel’s benefit.
  4. at 1:00:29–“IN SHORT MY FELLOW CITIZENS IT CAN BE SAID TO BE NOTHING LESS THAN A HASTY STRIDE TO UNIVERSAL EMPIRE” This is the mythology of The Judaic Messiah ruling all the nations from Jerusalem. This may well be what this totalitarian two-step is all about. Certainly not worth mentioning in this documentary!

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