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This article shows a California reservoir draining as it overflows.

I have a long history of observing or watching or witnessing. It’s probably helped activate processes of inductive reasoning. This proclivity leads to seeing patterns.

One pattern I’ve noticed over 30 years is how often ( almost always) the full moon in Vancouver, B.C. will bring clear skies for a day or two. It doesn’t matter how bad the monsoons are the clouds will invariably clear as the moon waxes full! Not every time but often enough to see a pattern. What’s the causal link between a full moon and where I live? I have no idea! Does this observation connect to the next paragraph? No……..

The recent California drought started when Obama came into power during 2007/2008 and has ended precisely when Trump and the Republicans entered the White House!

These coincidences as they pertain to California are consistent with the Pentagon having weather control technology. If one understands the military industrial complex’s mind then the assertion is a long way from being irrational; in fact, it’s completely consistent with the war machines philosophies.  To me, there was something consistent with Obama giving Californians endless sunshine while Trump pentagon sends them deluges! Of course, all of this is speculation; but again, it’s completely consistent with their mindset and the flow of geopolitics.


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