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I was just musing on this irony: the Christian fascist capitalists are doing everything possible to help God invoke the millennial communist reign; the earthly communists are trying everything possible to dispose of God and capitalism!

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And is there an underlying point there?

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    There needn’t necessarily be a point on an atheist, materialist, reductionist leftist political forum: it’s nihilism all the way up and nihilism all the way down.
    But if you were asking me to put my hand into the barrel full of monkeys of universal points it may be this –but I’d have to invoke one Howard Bloom of Global Mind fame: ‘atheism is no fun at all; Gnosticism is where all the actions at!’….
    So come all you poets, painters and panzie’s and put on your Neo and Morpheus glasses and see through all the krafty and cunning false dichotomies offered up to you by the archons who rule over you in a deadly game of deceptive divide and conquer!
    Reductionist materialism and fundamentalist literalism have always been a false choice ………………
    Once one puts on the glasses panpsychism becomes obvious!

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