In some ways I think that the songwriter has become obsolete within the age of digital vocal pyrotechnic T.V. shows. I shall not name them!:D But songwriters go back a long way and I think it be shame for them to disappear into the void of endless change . Of course, i’m talking about non-vocalist songwriters of whom I am one.
But I do try to sing the songs I write to varying degrees of virtue and folly:)
It’s in this spirit that I offer up any of these songs to you–the pro vocalist! And if you take that on we can have a little fun on this page and have folks vote on which version of the song they most like! Your stellar rendition or the sublimity or ridiculousness of my version . And if anyone votes for your version I will plague them with the worst emoji’s I can conjure!

So feel free to contact me brave vocalist if you want to take one of these puppies on!