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I’ve been fortunate in having an intriguing dream life without many nightmares; dreams of houses and mansions are the most recurring, however, this morning I woke from a terrifying nightmare! I didn’t wake in sweats or any other form of distress; in fact, I awoke in a usual way.

As I kid I always loved the horror genre! I can remember my mom coming downstairs at 3 AM and I’d be watching Vincent Price! I think it was why I was always fond of Alice Cooper, too!

Anyway, this ancient being was hominoid in stature and had a feral hatred of humanity and it attacked with a vengeance that I’ve seldom seen in the genre! The closest depiction I can think of is Dracula in Bram Stoker’s movie which is kind of strange because I never found him that scary.

This monster first attacked in a house and then a night later in a field where a massive group of people were trying to get some sleep as they tried to escape its influence–no such luck–it attacked with a fury! At that point, I was back in a room helping to make a greek salad to feed the masses when the beast broke in and that’s when I awoke! ( I’ve always enjoyed the absurdity of dreams:)

One of the books I’ve most enjoyed lately is Jack Caputo’s and Richard Kearney’s, Religion without Religion where they talk about monsters!

It’s worth mentioning that I’m coming off codeine from a nasty bout with my neck and shoulder which caused me the most pain in my life; the codeine has fired up my right hemisphere as I have a non-stop flow of imagery projecting constantly; of course, I’m aware of this as I’m a long-time casual meditator.

Oh, yes, back to the beast! My impression of it is that it was ancient and had no relation to god. I can’t say it was angelic (fallen) or E.T.; it was what it was–an ancient feral hated. There was no hell attached to this being at all; there was no religious feeling or attachment that came along with it; it was again–an ancient feral hatred of humanity and it was monological in its obsession and focus.

If I was to say which two religious traditions the dream didn’t contradict in the perception of spiritual evil I would say first: Gnosticism and secondly: Buddhism.

I think I’ll leave it at that and get on with my day………


“The propagandists putting out a documentary about propaganda” andrewmarkmusic

Here is a link to the documentary. It’s well worth watching as it accurately depicts how humans became ‘wallets’ or consumers rather than citizens in a free enlightened society.

They do bring up the first oligarch, John D. Rockefeller, of whom I speak quite frequently on this blog. The omission in this documentary is the flip side of the coin in modernity: The Rothschild’s and their interests! Apparently, as far as this documentary is concerned, this influence in modernity has no relevance whatsoever to the events of the last century, or in net slang, “I dindu nuffin’ ‘”!

Let’s look at Israel’s and Jewish influence in the last century:

  1. The implementation of The Federal Reserve with its fiat currency fractional reserve system. This is a massive influence which the doc. finds not worth mentioning.
  2. Geopolitical manipulations of North America and Europe for the benefit of setting up and maintaining the modern state of Israel.
  3. Turning the military industrial complex into Israel’s patsy. Using N.A. and the E.U. as cannon fodder for the implementation of The Greater Israel Project; especially since 911 which has led to the destabilization of The Middle East–to Israel’s benefit.
  4. at 1:00:29–“IN SHORT MY FELLOW CITIZENS IT CAN BE SAID TO BE NOTHING LESS THAN A HASTY STRIDE TO UNIVERSAL EMPIRE” This is the mythology of The Judaic Messiah ruling all the nations from Jerusalem. This may well be what this totalitarian two-step is all about. Certainly not worth mentioning in this documentary!
                                   “All Wars are Bankers’ Wars.”
Although correlation is not causation the actual occurrence of modern banking and gun weaponry is indisputable! The world has been a much more violent place usually because of war.  I suspect we may get another one sooner than later!
In a way, this is another coincidence similar to the ones I pointed out in  The Four Convergences. That in a 13.7-year-old universe the invention of modern banking and guns should so uncannily arise at the same time.
This post is an addendum to the three-part, Who Are The Archons series? In that presentation, I suggest that the arrival of money and guns on the planet in the modern era was instigated by the archons!


What was the first bank in the world?



The world’s first bank on record was the Taula de la Ciutat, which opened in Barcelona in 1401. Banking practices can be traced back to the Roman Empire

Taken from

It wasn’t until the matchlock gun arrived in the 1400s that guns began to evolve. Apparently, the very first prototype was around 1350; the same time the earliest prototypes for banks were developing.

There’s so many of me. Agent Smith in The Matrix.

Oh, I know! I know what you’re going to say! No problem, Mr. Dawkins, you just carry on with your zygotes and phenotypes! This post is for all those Morpheus’s out there! Interesting that Morpheus is also the God of Dreams after the last one I had on this issue.

So this is the third (here is one and two) part of the Who Are The Archons, series?

One needs to watch, Who are The Nephilim, too, as it ties in with this theme. As does SHOW TRIALS

We can piece together certain themes from all the world’s mythologies on this topic:

  1. Angels are able to take on human form and other life forms, too! Ahem, Morpheus!
  2. *Angels are able to manipulate weather patterns.
  3. Angels are able to instigate earthquakes.
  4. Angels gave humanity technological knowledge ( that our technology comes from angelic intelligence)
  5. Angels are somehow in the pro-creation with human business and the lore says this led to corruption and violence and population explosion.
  6. Angels seem very confused about the nature of reality! What’s This?

Let’s go over some facts on 6: every religious book in existence is internally and comparatively contradictory! This is indisputable! We know that Gabriel gave contradictory messages to Mary and Mohammed. We can compare The Book of Mormon given by the angel Moroni to The Urantia Book–the only book I know of that claims definitive angelic authorship–and when compared we find nothing but contradictions! This is true of all channeled material, too!

There is only one reasonable conclusion here if angels exist: they are not telling the truth or being instructed not to tell the truth! **I don’t even know where to begin on the latter so we’ll stick with the former. So, all religious books contradict each other– so they cannot be correct in their depiction of angels; that is to say, we cannot discern the truth of the matter from those sources.

Nevertheless, there was a set of books found in 1945 called,  Nag Hammadi library

These books tell an ancient tale of alternative Christianity–one which was wiped out numerous times by The Roman Catholic Church. This is a matter of the historical record and not an attack on historic Christendom. It is and was what it was. These books tell the tale of an alternate cosmology wherein humanity finds themselves the prisoners on this planet ruled by gnostic archons–who are light beings beyond human notions of good and evil! They are what they are and this earth is theirs to rule!

The movie, The Matrix, is a modern-day tale of these ancient religious ideas. If angels exist then this is what humanity is dealing with as far as I can tell from my life research into these matters.

One other thing, for now, and we will continue this series at another time: the traditional notion that angels cannot be female comes from books that the archons wrote and control! So you guessed it!

The archons are female in their human form! Well, perhaps not all of them……

*Post Script: 2 3 4 and 5: all these phenomena are happening in the modern world and are consistent with this speculation.

** Actually, I have developed a cosmology that could explain why God sanctions outright lying by archons. But that is for another time……

” Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

Well, the first thing you know ol Jed’s a millionaire”…………..The Beverly Hillbillies.

CBC has an article today on Peak Oil. I won’t bother linking as the subject is easy enough to find on -line. Oh, where do I start? Well, it has to be John D. Rockefeller– the grifter who brought this product to the modern world! Everything modernity has today can be traced to him and a few others like him. But Rockefeller didn’t grow up in a vacuum– he was matched in ego and tenacity by preceding oligarchs–The Rothschild’s, who’s financial model is predicated on endless growth on a finite planet ( the problem is easy to spot). Everything modernity is today is because of these groups of people. Modernity, however, is premised on another notion: the non-existence of god! i.e. the scientific worldview which sees progress as inevitable. By the way, a part of this view may be how the left brain functions with its strict linear, sequential proclivity; it does not like the chaotic machinations of right brain creativity, but I digress…………..

So this has set up a situation where modern people view life through a godless lens combined with the notion that time is linear and things will simply, as Wayne Gretzky, argues: get better and better and better……Well, not so fast there, Great One! And I won’t be too hard on you for your cognitive dissonance in proclaiming the “obvious rightness of the NHLPA and owners becoming partners” in a socialistic model!( a CBC interview)  What’s good for the NHLPA and the owners does not seem at all acceptable to the billions of wage slave workers out there, does it, Wayne? Anyway, the digression is running amuck on this site today!

What am I getting at here? Well, there is only one coherent view of god within the modern worldview and that view is called Pantheism: a view that equates the universe as being god! So an atheist is really a pantheist although there will probably be much humming and hawing at that assertion! The point to take from that, though, is this: the universe and this planet function via natural law as laid out and correctly espoused by scientists in the last 250 years ( as much as we know to date). So in reality, the modern godless worldview is quite incorrect and that there really is a God! Although at this level it certainly isn’t Thor, Apollo, or any of the other mythological gods. So the fact of the matter is the modernists are quite incorrect and there really is a god which has laws which we break at our peril and no handwaving or screaming and shouting by mythical fundamentalists can change this fact: we cannot do anything we want here! One should research The Laws of Thermodynamics as they relate to energy supplies on a finite planet. There will be consequences for faulty understanding. One last point on this : natural law as understood correctly strives for balance and equilibrium within living systems; that is to say that nature strives for equilibrium within all its life systems and species  which over-dominate do so at their peril and this is where The Rothschild /Rockefeller one-two punch becomes exceedingly  problematic: they are dominator hierarchies on a finite planet and make no mistake about it: they rule the earth today!

So what does this mean? It means that relatively benign business models and fuel sources in 1900 are exceedingly problematic today!

We are now playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette with the planet! This is consistent with the mafia ethos with its concomitant financial casino model for the world. The fact of the matter is the problem of oil is inextricably linked to money in much the same way that The Ring of Power was linked to Sauron! So the energy and financial behemoths are not above exploiting and using coercive tactics when it comes to traditional religion; that is to say, the rise of fundamentalism is probably not an organic event but a tactic of population control ( and situational control) over the issues which these two behemoths face today. It is by no means a given that science can solve these possibly intractable issues and it would be naïve and foolish not to believe that oil and money don’t have contingencies in place in the event that progress doesn’t go ahead as planned. There is a long dysfunctional historic relationship between money oil and religion!

Is there a way out? The sanest way out at the moment would be to downsize the economy by issuing a non-debt currency with a basic income tied to agreements by mass populations to learn to live harmonious lives with natural law. We know this will never happen! That leaves the wild cards:

  1. climate change and the notion that humans can pollute without consequence!
  2. any new energy source would have to be controlled by the same pathological power structure so even if it solves the issues humans will still be bound to this corrupt hierarchy which seems to be intent on fulfilling their long-held desire to do away with human labour by A.I. ! Where will that leave us in our master/slave relationship to them?
  3. intervention by god! Looking to traditional religion on this one is a waste of time, imo., but panentheism ( the extended version of the correct pantheistic worldview) may offer hope. Because god transcends the material cosmos it is then possible that there could be intervention. I don’t think this would look like any of the traditional narratives and I doubt it would be god per se doing the intervening, but rather lesser manifestations of god!
  4. we are not alone on this planet and alien lifeforms are or could/would be intervening in the affairs of this planet. 








Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.
― Mario PuzoThe Godfather

I can’t say I’m ever thrilled when the spirit wakes me up a 5 AM to write this shite!

There is a mafia show trial going on in D.C. where Janet Yellen is bestowing the virtues of The Fed and Central Banking. It’s reasonable to suggest that the casino owners will never do anything or concede anything which might shine light into some very dark shadows!

You know, Brexit and Trump are a sane reaction to the situation the E.U. created in places like Greece. Greece gave up its currency which is one of the only mechanisms of redress when the fiscal shit hits the fan! A country can manipulate its currency when things go south; Greece is unable to do that and can only capitulate to forced austerity by the E.U. The Brits and Americans had enough sense to put an end to this delusional power play.

Look, a one-world currency was always a red herring brought on by the Cultural Marxist delusions (as is their forced integration delusions). In fact, it was a diversion as the real issue is tracking every transaction anyone makes anywhere to attain a cut of the vig; and this, indeed, is well on its way to being implemented on a worldwide scale, and is the mafia ethos which in no way needs a world-wide singular currency.

Now, of course, Trump and Co. at the end of this carnival will completely deregulate the gangsters and once again set up the conditions for the largest economic bust in human history. Thanks, guys! Great job! The suffering that will follow in a decade or two will most likely be unimaginable, but we can be sure of one thing: it will affect very few within the financial and political class who make these decisions; in fact, they will benefit the most… It does bring up this point, though: until the financial and political class suffer from their misdeeds there is zero incentive for them to alter their mode of behavior.

FWIW: I had the most vivid dream of my life the night after I wrote this blog! 

The essence of, Yellen, was in the dream in the form of someone like, The Merovingian, this Archon, as in The Matrix, was exceedingly annoyed with me; knew who I was, and was arrogant and disdainful towards me ( but not threatening or mean). It made it clear that I was to be subservient to its desires and was wasting my time in questioning its authority! 

The dream took place in a grand resort somewhere on the south Atlantic coast. A grand old resort that was immense in its ability to offer every imaginable form of desire and entertainment! I was being asked to be the caretaker and the vetting process was long, tedious, and hierarchical. The resort was exceedingly old. 

That’s the short version of this dream. Very interesting, indeed!

I figured out what the Grand Resort is; I talk about it at the end of this post.

“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.

2020: well, fire the wardrobe person! lol

I still think the simulation hypothesis fits many of the circumstances here but I’m also not a spiritual idealist–I don’t think all of this is mind…I lean more to Kosmic panpsychism and that the physical universe is real and not illusional in the idealist sense–so I have more in common with Buddhism on this point and am skeptical of the claims of Advaita– that this is strictly a mind dream.  I still maintain that the archons are spiritual in nature and not terrestrial (E.T.)…

I maintain an agnostic view when it comes to declaring anything definitively about the nature of reality (epistemology) but I’m Gnostic when it comes to my spiritual beliefs in the sense that I think the Gnostic spiritual tradition best fits what is happening on this earth: so, Agnostic Gnostic…

It’s the issue of The Jewish Question that has made my decision to side with the Christian Gnostics and not the Monisn of original Buddhism as posited by people like Theoria Apophasis. But it’s not only that because I’ve also said that the experiences within consciousness on this planet should not be universalized in the way these schools suggest. It could all be local.

More HERE…

” to bind together as to be strength in unity”

2021 update: DIVOC-91 (what I call COVID economics) is fascism as described in this post. The virus is being used for the largest theft in human history or the largest transfer of wealth in history from the commons to the fascist elites. Please read Miles Mathis’ papers on culture when it comes to this issue.

2024: as usual the left wants to pretend that it is not practicing economic fascism by projecting onto right-wing females like Lana on Red Ice. But both sides are from the banking family cartels so it’s all divide and conquer.

We might ask: what is being bound together? EL ite banking families…

The word fascism is being thrown around big time in every imaginable way with the rise of Trump and Bannon. Please go to the *wiki if you want the official academic (lame) definitions of it espoused by academia.

It should be clear by now that what is being bound together in fascist ideologies is ethnicity–or better said, the internal genetic markers for what I’ve come to call Nephilim-Archon-Spook bloodlines. In recent decades the ethnicity was white nationalism but fascism is not limited to this–it can be any type of mass identity politics! We might include here the first mass-organized identity politics in antiquity: the chosen people ideology! Something that could arguably be called spiritual fascism!

Here is a graph from this site based on, political

I’ll start by saying fascism today is extremism as shown by the graph. It advocates social restriction and fiscal policy which enriches the EL ites-or,  government partnered with private corporate interests.  One can see that centrist positions offer the most societal freedom and the possibility for fiscal fairness. We can see from the graph that the two main parties are extremists and tend towards fascist ideals–this is called The Duopoly!  It’s only The New Democrats and Green party in N.A. that are not fascist in practice, but, more and more I see them becoming what I call ‘left-wing neoliberal communism!’...Another way to describe state-run totalitarianism of the corporate kind is what I’ve dubbed lipstick fascism.

So, how did this extremism happen? Well, it started with two oligarchs in the modern era. Rothschild and Rockefeller–money and oil and they hold a firm grasp of power in the White House today. It’s no coincidence that fascism arose with the rise of the fiat currency/fractional reserve lending Ponzi scheme–two world wars started within years of this system being implemented. Today, these two oligarchs have diverged into about 1000 oligarchs running the planet via a transnational plutocracy! Make no mistake about it: this is worldwide fascism and the means was the corporate model! So, it’s near laughable for the left to call Trump a fascist when Obama is cut from the very same cloth.

Now in the past 50 years, it’s been The Chicago School’s economic neoliberalism that has enabled the entrenchment of fascist ideology in a worldwide concatenation of the totalitarian two-step. Whether South America; Russia after the fall; or The E.U.: all of it imposing the corporate plutocracy on civilian populations and all of it funded by the bankers who are implementing a cashless society where there will, eventually, be no work or labor for humans! And they have convinced us by Wall St. and Hollywood to buy their imprisonment model via non-stop advertising 24/7 for 100 years (close enough)!

All this does beg the question as to how fascism evolved in the last 100 years. It’s fascism where women have extraordinary freedoms but have offered no resistance to worldwide fascist machinations–Angela Merkel being the prime example (it’s not good enough for women to dismiss half of the fascist agenda and solely focus on what they see as right-wing fascism). Dr. Jordan Peterson makes an excellent point here in that for the first time in modern history women have power societally, and he asserts, and correctly so– that the mothering instinct which is appropriate to the child then gets projected onto civilization’s political-economic structure which ends up being a type of neo-fascism; that is to say–the mothering instinct at the societal level becomes exceedingly problematic and encourages dysfunction and irrationality. We see this with Angela Merkel’s misplaced care for the other. However, there are other agendas to do with Israeli policy when it comes to mass immigration into traditional Western nations. But the initial point stands that females, in relation to society’s current fascist economics, is simply one wherein consent has been manufactured: brilliantly implemented but diabolically so…

It’s a fascism where black men can be presidents and drop hundreds of thousands of bombs on Muslim nations killing millions to secure control of Muslim oil resources and also use Western militia for the political aims of The Greater Israel Project! Yes, once again the Jewish people find themselves right in the middle of this shit-storm! Whether in Rome 2000 years ago or overwhelmingly controlling the White-House today! It doesn’t take much investigative measure to find out that the Jewish elite used every fascist method in the book to take control of the land of Israel in the past century!  And it’s a fact they were front and center of the movements in Europe mid-century– in this case, claiming victim– while initially funding this movement. The White House today is every bit as convoluted with Bannon being completely funded by Israel yet being called a nazi by lame-stream media.

Economically, this system over the last 100 years manufactured your consent by offering about 20% of the population an exceedingly good standard of living! There is only one problem with that: most of the ways the wealth was garnered was via corrupt practices! Yes, unmerited wealth in an economic casino! Yes, folks, this is fascism! And you bought it! It should also be noted that  20% will consent to this fascist state as it will help (but not succeed) in maintaining the status quo of ill-gotten gains.

*To be fair to wiki:  micro ethnonationalism is accurate but to not list the worldwide institution of fascism is wholly unacceptable! INTERNATIONAL FINANCE that is.

A part of this site is to offer solutions!

  1. every country needs as its base currency a non-debt public currency within what I am calling The New Earth Commons Civilization. The SCAMdemic in Canada proved that issuing fiat currency en masse as they did during the 2020 fiasco simply doubles the price of pretty well everything as we are witnessing (inflation caused by printing too much funny money in too short a time).  So a UBI cannot work with this type of currency. Solving human welfare issues has to be done using an alternate money system if one insists that money is the best solution. See The Problem of Money...where I flesh this out. I should note that speculation on real estate is a separate issue when it comes to inflation.
  2. The judiciary needs to pass laws that commit to prosecuting, criminally, corporations and CEOs, along with criminal prosecution of financial crimes (and to pass laws making sure financial crimes are listed on the books). The CEOs involved in the 2008 debacle should be in prison as should those involved in The Gulf Oil spill…THIS link called It’s All Designed To Distract You covers the ground of what I’m suggesting here. It covers the fraudulent economics of the big banks with many of the top CEOs being women. None of the schemes being committed are illegal but should be. Another way to think about this is that they are crimes of economic financial abstraction and I’ve suggested elsewhere that those imagining these fictions into existence really believe they are ‘repairing the world’ when it comes to undoing the curse of work in the Torah (fiction piled upon fiction).

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