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By the way: speculations about the incarnate form of the left hand of God in a binary duality are completely consistent with science, genetics, and the coming out of Africa of Eve. Of course, this particular lineage is no monkey; although this post in no way implies that there were not apes evolving. Also, E.T. didn’t leave anything but the structures: no garbage, no tech, nothing! God wouldn’t need tech:

“This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end of our elaborate plans
The end of ev’rything that stands
The end” Jim Morrison

It’s a difficult question to answer, but I would say this– IMO, there is never an end as there was never a beginning. It simply always, ‘IS”! But, in the cosmology espoused on this blog–a quasi-gnostic perspective–there may be clues to this ‘local’ end of things on this planet/plane/hologram or whatever this place is.

The pyramids in Egypt and all the phenomenal megalithic architecture all around the earth– laser hewed 1000 ton blocks–situated strategically in precise astronomical alignments do give us clues about our origin: in this case the work of what I call archons.

Alternate history would call them The Lemurian’s and The Anunnaki. They are humanities creators and they are imprisoned here via some type of prison matrix/grid. They made us. They view us as slaves. They are very close to achieving a long-term goal of having the technology to blow up the prison matrix/grid. They are not allowed to do this but have every universal right to exist and be evil.

They won’t be allowed to go where they are forbidden: past the prison matrix/grid which constrains them and us. They are 100% obsessed with wanting to break free. What people traditionally called god on this planet will be forced to act for the betterment of all healthy life which exists outside this prison matrix/grid. The time might be much closer than anyone can imagine. And yes, our perception of reality is obscured because of this unique situation.

What will happen to me? I don’t know what will happen to you. The only thing I would offer is– do not break The Golden Rule! This has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism per se or any other religion which are riddled with falsity. Stop exploiting humans for unnecessary personal gain and profit; if you own more than one property then sell it and seek to do good with the proceeds; run your businesses to the letter and spirit of The Golden Rule. Prey to the ‘truth of all existence’ that you be not trapped also in the prison matrix/grid; but are rather set free to the higher dimensions as this cosmic drama unfolds.

Could I be wrong about these speculations?  Yes, although I surely believe I Am not. Do not send me money on this particular issue. No one’s sure of the timeline so be prudent and honest in your business dealings but make necessary changes immediately. Even if I am wrong the current economic model will doom most of us anyway because of fiat currency and its ‘obscene’ inflation.

BTW: this is not about traditional religious morality! This is about you and your future and your heart and your mind and how it relates to existence. There is very little ‘wiggle’ room here. You have a very limited set of options. This is in no way associated with the falsity of New Age religion.

You are a spark of the infinite………

As promised, here is the first post on Marxist Multiculturalism. I call it Marxism without the good parts. In my last post, I suggested we now live under a system of corporate fascism which works hand in hand with leftist ideology– A.K.A. Marxist Multiculturalism. Politically, this has become known as The Duopoly. This system is funded at its root by Central Banking and Fiat Currency. So, we have a tripartite structure with The Central Bankers covering the ground floor; corporate fascism covering the complete roofline, and wedged in the middle are the political class who have been purchased by the two over the past 100 years or so.
And yes, because I’m not a strict atheist (sorry Kyricos) I’m able to analyze this from multiple perspectives. On certain days this civilization looks to me to be uncannily controlled and it seems to be an agenda that is ancient in its thinking and cunning in its implementation. But anything I say in that regard is speculation although I never suggest anything that blatantly contradicts the faculties of reason and logic as far as I understand them. It’s why I don’t espouse western theism as those religious tenets and foundational premises are irrational and illogical. I do hold lightly two alternative views on western theism: two alternative Gnostic positions and one Preterist position. Neither of those ideas believes any Scripture literally; they both believe that scripture is historically inaccurate and that the last place we can find truth in any particular matter is in books written as control mechanisms by The Archons…..


One of the primary modus operandi of the mafia ethos was to always allow a small percentage of whatever contraband they were peddling in to be caught by the authorities. It’s good press for the authorities and cunningly clever of the mafia cartels which run a civilization. In this case the corporate greenwashing of the fiat currency central bankers and their neoliberal CEO partners.

We might concede that an infinitesimally small proportion of the population buys into the narrative and turns off a light; but that is not the point here, which is the continued neoliberal corporate onslaught of the planet and its people’s with the 27/7 mainstream media propaganda of shop, shop, shop; consume, consume, consume, and spend, spend, spend.

Turning off light while the trans-national plutocracy ravages every country in an orgy of corporate greed while at the same time decimating populations via its MIC branches creating weapons of war via the refugee tactic of using humans as pawns in their sick lust for power and greed is like fucking for virginity.

Not to mention these human refugees really only have one main purpose and that is to prop up the fiat currency system. Oh indeed, there are other despicable things going on here in that regard but they are not directly related to environmentalism.

This post is not an indictment of those who sincerely care about their health and the health of the earth’s environment. As for me, how do I gauge a corporation’s sincerity? Is the corporation structured on profit sharing with its workers? If not they are a part of the problem. Whole Foods? They are a part of the problem if their workers are not in a profit-sharing co-operative with the CEO…Moreover, if their workers are not given lifelong incentives to stay with the company then they are simply exploitive fucks manipulating humans for short-term profit and gain. The best I can say about Whole Paycheck at the moment is that unlike most of their competitors they are not actively and willfully poisoning people with their products. Which is why I give them a portion of my finances.

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