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Riffin’ off Scott Preston’s blog post on Neoliberalism. I’ll add a diagram below of Wilber’s quadrant model which depicts the four modes of operation for humanity: the upper left is interior of I; the lower left is interior of we; the upper right is exterior of I, and the lower right is exterior of we. So individuals consciousness, collective interiors ( shared consciousness), exteriors living spaces of the individual and collective life systems of cultures.

I’d like to unpack this from a Christian Gnostic perspective; although admittedly, an alternative one at that and admittedly one which is a tad clumsy. Now it may be that this universe is inherently damned and irredeemable from this cosmologies perspective, but here I’m going to offer a Tantric take on Christian Gnosticism. The basic idea of Tantra is to take that which is considered vile and evil and flip it upside down and work with those energies for the end-goal of enlightenment. Sex was generally held to be sinful in religious antiquity but the Tantras’ turned this upside down and converted the energies towards enlightenment, and I think the same idea can be implemented upon culture. And this is is what I think The Sabbatean/Frankist Gnostics are getting at and are up to when they say the culture has to be made evil to attain enlightenment. It is the same idea, I think, but implemented on the cultural level via the notion of a group of people teaching humanity to learn about perfection; yes, that would be Judaic ideology in general, that’s why the Jews were chosen; there are  utilities and purpose to it and it wasn’t about ethnicity per se.

Now, I’m not saying this is fact but offering up a hypothetical that tries to make sense of all this madness. Maybe The Plemora, Sofia and The Kristo’s will use The Demiurge to teach humanity the efficacy of goodness over evil? Because certainly these NeoLiberals from The Chicago School who were Jewish and perhaps knew of these things knew they had to make society evil which would lead to the devastation of nature; and this, indeed, is what neoliberalism has done — as Mr. Preston’s blog post points out. But the main point for these Jews and for us is to teach us what evil looks like so we can learn from it and overcome it.

We can see that neoliberalism ushered in a culture of me first narcissism inculcated especially within the entertainment and sports complex; it’s a culture of me first hedonism  where city streets are laden with garbage; where  we practice alienation by  everyone exploiting everyone in every imaginable way in a Darwinian food fight for the survival of the fittest over who can have the most money earned by the most egregious means possible. This is a mafia ethos–my power drive of the ego which will only extend empathy to my blood kin and society and nature be damned! And this is exactly what’s happening under this system. Trump encapsulates this ethos and IMO, it’s no mere coincidence that his administration is the most Jewish in history.

Now, where is this all heading? A new Integral Age? The evacuation via light photon processes interacting with human DNA to ‘lift’ some via ascension into the next dimension and this earth be damned?

These are the two hypothesis of what’s happening here from an alternative spiritual perspective. Of course, the wild card here is 3-dimensional players such as The Anunnaki and The Lemurian’s; what their role and influence in these shenanigans are definitely hard to gauge…

I know, one of my stranger post!

I’ve been ranting against The Frankfurt Schools Marxist Multiculturalism over the past month and there is an important caveat which needs to be understood. We are right to criticize postmodernisms deficiencies as far as its falling into relativism but it’s a serious error to dismiss what the postmodernists got right: the deconstruction of archaic myth.

The solution to the deficiency of late post-modernity is not to regress back into archaic mythological modes of cognition. That would be invoking pre-rational insanity to once again take the reigns of power i.e. the neocons as one example………….

What we are looking for and should be aiming for is a POST-post modernity; one which understands that there are accurate truth claims notwithstanding the myth of the given (post-modernities deconstruction of modernity)and that religiosity does have a proper function in a post-post-modern culture–it’s simply not a literal religious interpretation of an archaic book!

Okay, once in a while I wax Integral!

The way past the confusion of late post-modernity is to keep the arrow moving to the right and not turn it around and aim it back to the premodern, yet that is what many are attempting to do. And BTW: the picture on the right is not accurate or is only accurate in depicting late postmodernity.

And No, Molyneux, the solution to the welfare state is not archaic notions of charity! Damn it! Fucking wake up!

Oh, do I have to link some Wilber? I guess…..

Jordan Peterson riffing on this topic:

But the thing he omits is the unmerited wealth of the new oligarchs in an economy modeled on a casino! The ‘I’ll go to bed a millionaire and wake up a billionaire ethos!’

Why, sir, why? Why are you omitting this obvious criticism?

Here is a link to the parasitical nature of the ‘rentier class.’

Gian Ghomeshi resurfaced this week:

My reply:

Jian got punk’ed by The Frankfurt School Marxist’s but still wants to sing from their playbook! The fact of the matter is that until Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico and countless other countries start reciprocating person per person in free and protected human rights within the exchange of persons then it’s all still manipulative bullshit brought to you by The Rockefeller, Rothschild legacy. And no, I’m not an alt-righter; but rather a pro truther devoid of bullshit! And please don’t compartmentalize this issue: what’s come from mass immigration for corporations, banks, oil companies, and The Greater Israel Project is massive inflation; unaffordable cities; unbreathable air; a lifetime of debt bondage; the reduction of a human being to wallet status; the dismembering of truth into relative insanities; the transfer of the ‘wealth of the commons’ into the hands of about 6000 oligarchs; a society premised on a Social Darwinist feeding frenzy wherein the majority now get a lifetime of gig work with The Hunger Games as retirement; not to mention the alienation of the person which the artist known as Jian correctly diagnoses.


Okay, this is going to be a list of all the things that are going to cause collapse according to The Chicago School NeoLiberals and The Frankfurt School Multiculturalists:

-society will collapse if politicians start telling the truth! :)))) B.S.!

-society will collapse if the monopoly on money and fiat currency ends.  B.S.!

-society will collapse if there are parameters put on usury. B.S.!

-society will collapse if society doesn’t embrace every single element of gay culture! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we don’t put the concerns of the CO2 automakers first! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we don’t exploit third world labor for the corporatocracy! B.S.!

-society will collapse if I can’t own more than one home! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we make all natural drugs legal and teach responsible use of the substances! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we give everyone that needs it a minimum home standard! B.S.!

-society will collapse if women can’t be men, dammit! B.S.!

-society will collapse if the sports and entertainment complex makes reasonable amounts of money instead of obscene amounts. B.S.!

-society will collapse if we concede there may be something as universal truth! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we have honest media instead of propaganda machines for pre-stamped ideologies with an agenda.B.S.!

-society will collapse of we have a culture of co-operation instead of competition! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we do away with unnecessary exploitation and coercion! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we put constraints on personal and corporate wealth! B.S!

-society will collapse if health-care practitioners put their patient’s health before money!B.S.!

-society will collapse we can’t make interest on education! B.S.!

-society will collapse if The Marxist’s don’t win over the Capitalist’s!B.S.!

-Society will collapse if the Capitalists don’t win over The Marxist’s! B.S.!

It’s now over two years since I wrote this. Let me be clear about what bothers me: it’s not some of the ideas within the manifesto which I more than ever agree with. It’s the partisan framing of the issues that bothers me especially in light of the fact the modern left strums precisely to the demiurgic tune. The manifesto omits that there is anything good about capitalism, the political right, or Christianity. So it’s as bias as fcuk…

My Four Pillars of a New Earth Commons is far better, in my opinion, as it tries to find what good within the whole spectrum.


There is really only one party in Canada. The Liberals are now Illiberal and The Conservatives don’t conserve or practice conservation; the fact of the matter is they both employ and enact neoliberal economics which I’ve argued is a type of economic fascism.

So where is the opposition to this monoculture? Ah, yes, within the controlled opposition of the NDP with its Frankfurt School Leap Manifesto! This is, of course, the duopoly playbook of The Chicago School of Economics, combined with the cultural aspects of the Frankfurt School; and low and behold, when we analyze society from this lens we see that this is exactly what western culture looks like today, and I argue on this site that is no mere coincidence; and yes, this society now combines the worst elements of right and left-wing ideology! That is to say, Marxism without the ‘good parts’ and capitalism without liberty or a surveillance culture premised on the notion of the corporate empire.

To be sure, there are a few propositions within the Manifesto that are reasonably sound such as some type of Guaranteed Income, but this would need to be enacted with the dismantling of the social welfare bureaucracy and we all know this will never happen; not to mention that any type of Guaranteed Income has to be implemented with sound ecological practices and education which teaches the best aspects of human potential–and we all know this will never happen, either.

This Manifesto is in denial about energy and suffers from magical thinking about the relationship between energy and economy. *The fact of the matter is that there is not even 1- 500 person town in Canada that exists wherein all people use clean non-polluting high-tech energies, yet we are told the whole country will somehow enact this ethos! I say show me the money first! Let’s see this ‘test town’! And I’m not talking about Lasqueti Island; it would have to be far more technical than that and not premised on only the wealthy having access to land and tech.

The biggest flaw in this Manifesto is the idea that the capitalists are simply going to lay down and agree to give up their largely unmerited wealth garnered from the global casino which they’ve enacted via economic liberalism and neoliberalism. Nope, the New Earth Commons is a far more realistic way forward as it captures the essence of the issue which is scale combined with giving as many people as much choice as possible. The fact of the matter is that capitalism became unsustainable sometime around 1950, or when about 2-billion people bought into the system, and in fact, this is when this particular system should have been capped.

*NOTE: I’ve suggested in other posts that it was the universities and academies themselves which should have been the template for sustainable living under a new economic model. What did we get from them instead? Corporate privatization within the field of education serving and creating the debt finance machine of the neoliberal model.

The powers that be want us to believe that there are only two choices when it comes to the nature of reality: literal interpretations of archaic religious books or scientism premised on atheism. I would argue it’s another false dichotomy designed as a divide and conquer strategy.

You know, besides the probability that we may not know what this is; I think it unwise to invest in certainty in either mythic contradictory religious books, or scientific knowledge spanning 200 years in a 15 billion-year-old universe. Either one smacks of either ignorance or arrogance to me.

And no, Mr.Wilber, this isn’t a choice between exoteric and esoteric; it’s about being honest and conceding that which we do not know and most likely cannot know, at least in my opinion. A little humility all around here certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Okay, then, that’s about all…..

” I’ve seen my original face prior to the big bang!”

I call Bull-Shit! A statement like that is pure poetic baloney. I doubt the Buddha would have said anything like it. Here’s my take on meditation from a Christian-Gnostic perspective: the human mind is insane! Just look at the world:( Got proof? Even the bloody exoteric religionists understood the devil controlled the airwaves. Yet here we are thinking the rational mind can solve our problems! But, no, that is not a call to every manner of irrationality! It simply means we are fools to think a human mind is a place of any clear thought or sanity.

So, yes, when one meditates and becomes aware of the above and has bypassed all the visual imagery of the mind one will find a tiny place of no thought; and one can rest there, and even expand the phenomenon; experience expansiveness or states of flow. But what we can’t do is then use that experience to extrapolate about the nature of reality or the cosmos! Complete over-reach! What we know about meditation and some of the good doesn’t warrant sweeping grand narratives about the nature of reality. That my friend is religion and all religion is faith-based! All religions could be earth-centric.

You see if we ARE somehow fallen or in an amnesia matrix; or surrounded by a prison grid then we are by de facto cut off from the true nature of things. This is The Christian understanding and definitely The Gnostic take on things, too; Gnosticism has simply understood scripture to be inaccurate as pertaining to the historical record; not to mention a few wee issues on irrational dogma. Something else is going on here……

This one is a difficult one to delineate and definitely needs some unpacking. The first thing I would say is that the atheists could be right and that ALL of this is man’s mythological inheritance; or man’s mythological structure of consciousness. i.e. man’s cognitive attempt at making meaning in an otherwise brutal universe.

Gnostic means, to know; and in this context–to know something about god and the nature of reality.

There were Jewish gnostics in the first centuries after Jesus’ death. Whether they would be Christian gnostics is something that isn’t immediately clear but it makes sense to me that they were just that.This is rather important in light of modern Frankish and Sabbatean gnostic movements which seek an earthly messianic kingdom upon the earth. It’s not obvious that the early gnostics held this view; I know I certainly don’t when it comes to my gnostic leanings; although I do consider an alternative preterist Christian view to be somewhat more compatible to Frankish and Sabbatean eschatology–in the sense that redemption and salvation are strictly earthly affairs; that is to say, everything about ‘heaven’ is really all happening here on earth. And this is why the Frankish and Sabbatean gnostics are ‘manipulating’ civilization for the direct purpose of perfecting humanity on earth via the resurrection of The Nation of Israel and the preparations for the coming of the earthly political Messiah.

I don’t hold this view and I consider it Judaic Gnosticism which is completely distinguishable from Christian Gnosticism–at least the views I hold on the subject.

In my view, Christian Gnosticism isn’t seeking to redeem a fallen and perhaps even irreparable universe. The Christian Gnostic is seeking ascension or transfiguration out of the prison amnesia matrix. Indeed, in this view, this universe is too far gone and ultimately the ‘legal property’ of its maker: the demiurge.

In contrast, the Judaic Gnostics are exceedingly busy manufacturing an earthly salvation via the political and economic institutions of civilization. To a Christian Gnostic, this is folly. And by the way, there are those who say there is no such thing as Christian Gnosticism. This is silly or duplicitous or both! Clearly, Jesus, from the gnostic perspective is the savior in a specific sense in that he is The Aeon of Sophia! The one who came and taught humanity about the horrible condition they find themselves in: trapped by evil!

Now, The Judaic Gnostics are busy buying and selling and practicing empire via their fiat currency systems; judicial systems and by manipulating the political institutions of the earth’s nations. These are the modern Pharisees(The Chicago School Neoliberals) and Sadducees ( The Frankfurt School Marxist’s)of the god KA$H–or so I’ve argued. We can see that their methods have one thing in common: the breaking of The Golden Rule especially as it applies to economics and the trading of goods and services. It’s obvious also that a foundational assumption of these Judaic Gnostics is the ownership of the earth via private property. To me, it is not a coincidence that the capitalist system they’ve helped install over the last 400 years breaks two foundational premises of The Golden Rule: not to exploit and coerce, unnecessarily,  other human beings and life forms for personal gain and profit and not to assume the earth is yours to buy and sell! But these are indeed, the two fundamental premises of this religious view.

In modernity this has played out in the creation of the nation-state of Israel; the implementation of vast fiat currency systems modeled on usury; and the ubiquitous selling of the earth for profit. Wrapped up in all these machinations is the idea that the Jewish people doing most of this are the chosen purveyors and chosen actors in the quest to perfect humanity! This seems rather odd to me!

Finally, and I think this may be the most important point of distinction: Christian Gnosticism doesn’t take scripture to be literal history and modern studies confirm this truth; whereas Judaic Gnostics are very much caught up in literal history; a history which has been proven erroneous.

Wouldn’t perfection rather be instituted via honesty and ethics?


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