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I’ve been arguing and outlining in the past few weeks what I believe to be the integration of the absolute worst ideas of traditional political-economic thought from both spectrums of political science; that is, The Chicago Schools Neoliberalism combined with very specific ideas set out in The Frankfurt School–Marxist Multiculturalism. 

The result of this is what I’ve come to call economic fascism combined with the forced integration of the earth’s nations into primarily traditional white Christian nations. The forced integration has not been out of a deep concern for humanity and the human condition; but rather for the benefit of the oligarchs, their corporations; with their overarching plutocracy. The end result of this is that we are all wallets serving the mafia ethos.

This is a post on Chris Hedges’ essay, A Nation of the Walking Dead:

Hedges is right in his analysis here; that the oligarchs have patterned this society on the casino/mafia ethos. He missed one point, though, which I touched upon in my recent blog called, Opiates: that they are a second waveform of alleviating welfare costs; the first was the bull-dozers of gentrification.

I’ve also pointed out that marijuana is being legalized, in part, to help set up The Roaring 20’s ethos and that that will lead to The Crash of 2030.

On Hedge’s bleakness: I’ve been arguing on my website that The Chicago School and The Frankfurt School aligned to bring us the worst of right and left political thinking and ideology. What, then, would be the BEST integration of left and right political thought? And please don’t say, Wilber! Not even close on that one Kenny!

I’m going to head over to my site and make a new post called, The Best of Left and Right? I’ll copy any replies here and y’all can live on in infamy on my site:)

So post away all you poets and painters and pansies and pontificators; you Commies and curmudgeons; musicians and dancers; post-post away in a creative maelstrom of getting things right! And Left!

Or not……..

It may be that no one bites for various reasons not the least of which is a stubborn attachment to one’s ideologies predicated, in part, in my opinion, on the lack of integration of the brain’s hemispheres.

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