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Here is another post on Marxist Multiculturalism. In the video, I analyze, in a unique idiosyncratic way– by arguing from a Christian Gnostic perspective and linking The Frankfurt School with Chicago School NeoLiberalism.

Today’s society reflects the coming together of these two schools of thought.  I call this the dialectic of The Pharisees and The Sadducees–today known also as economists!

I suggest that the Frankfurt School was and is a subconscious attempt at implementing the atheist version of the 1000 year communal millennial reign. I suggest that these atheists have ushered in a new God: one I call KA$H–which will be the subject of my next post. For now, though, it’s enough to say that the biggest ROFLMAO I have these days is when atheists declare themselves non-religious! I will attempt to argue that they are extraordinarily religious and practicing a covert form of Christendom; one installed by an alliance and cabal of Jewish people aligned with a cabal within Christendom. Someone has had a lot of fun with atheists!

I suggest early on that Christendom’s central message was inverted with the creation of the nation-state of Israel. Christian’s now cheer-lead for atheists while applauding the death of Muslim people. Christian Fascism by any other name.

This might explain it all! The Babylonian Woe…


This is a series of posts which explore how humans have been reduced to ‘wallets; that is to say, reduced to objects of exploitation via the processes of modernity, scientism, and scientism then transferred into the field of economics which ends as skewed Social Darwinism.

In modernity, this started with The Corporation whose sole purpose now seems like selling you every imaginable object, and in late post-modernity, via the processes of economic neoliberalism, these objects are now purchased via an enormous debt machine called credit. The purchasing of the objects have become a type of fetishism or religious like ‘idolism’. These corporations are now the front line method of how you’ve been reduced to ‘wallet’ status and objects now exploited for corporate profit. Their Wall St. advertising agencies have studied and spent enormous amounts of time and money coming to understand the human condition and how they can exploit it– not for good, but for their nefarious purposes. But they are by no means alone in enacting this method of control; they are merely the first front in the attempt to imprison you within The Amnesia Matrix…

Next in line in this charming web of deceit are The Central Bankers and their minions the global financiers. The Central Bankers, in the past 100-years, have set up a worldwide system of control called, Fiat Currency, and it is a debt machine pyramid scheme which has enriched them and enslaved most at the bottom of the pyramid. This topic will be my next post but for now, these players are central and explain how you’ve become objects of exploitation. For now, it is enough to say their system was enacted via stealth and coercion. 
Last, but not least, are the governments and their politicians, who’ve been bought by corporations and bankers to enact their will and marginalize the only means of address the citizenry has: the political arena. This process of buying the political system was done methodically with the razor-sharp calculation of the most cunning mafia ethos. The political system has devolved into non-stop lies and one of the main methods of obscuring the modes of operations of The Control State of the Unholy Trinity hence the non-stop fake news and propaganda. Putin became a master at this type of endless conflicting propaganda and most governments now use the same mode of confusion via their shilling media outlets. 
I’ve much more to say on this topic and my next series of posts will be on The Central Banking Pyramid Scheme and how the worship of money isn’t as material and secular as it seems.
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