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I’m going to have a little fun here at the expense of Hinduism and Buddhism. We know that yoga has practical and limited efficacy as it has been studied a lot in recent decades.

These tests confirm that yoga offers the human body-mind stress reduction and mood elevation among a handful of other positive effects.

But folks, really, that is as good as it gets!

Here is a list of things yoga doesn’t do and I frame these within what I call The Gumby Protocols because the claims are so divergent and outlandish:

-yoga proves that consciousness precedes matter! Really? Not even a little bit!

-yogic contortion proves Breatharianism! Really? It’s proven physically impossible!

-The greatest western contortionist in modern times is the Integral Guru, Ken Wilber, who asserts that there is spiritual teleology within the material universe. Really? It does not Kenny! Very very bad of you to say so!

-contrary to Wilber is the Flat Earth contortionist, Eric Dubay. Really, Eric, yoga implies that the earth is flat? Wow! You and Kenny are proving The Gumby Protocols!

-Yoga implies that God used geography to impart universal truth to humanity? Really? It’s hard to fathom how dumb and clumsy this notion is and the only thing dumber is The Chosen People doctrine.

-Along with most yogic teachings comes The Law of Attraction and is the spiritual elitist’s doctrine of blaming the victim. This is really an abysmal spiritual notion and there is absolutely no evidence for it being true……

Okay, then, those are a few of what I call The Gumby Protocols.

A note on the faculties of logic and reason: if we can’t use these faculties to find the truth then it means anything could be true; there would simply be no way to distinguish truth from falseness!

In light of that fact, any spiritual assertion that contradicts logic and reason cannot possibly be true! Assertions that break the rules of logic and reason are fallacious!

Of course, not all truth is dependent on these processes; love would be one example, as it’s not dependent on reason and logic. But religious doctrines that teach love really can’t contradict reason and logic.

If God did exist it cannot say it is a being of love and turn around and punish anyone forever; this is an irrational and illogical proposition!

It is possible that God exists, IMO, but not in any of the irrational and illogical ways that religion espouses.

Hey there, after the Alt. 7 jazz riff I talk about the sheer idiocy of Economic Darwinism. Species don’t plan and scheme to wipe out life! They don’t think about unnecessarily exploiting and coercing other life forms to survive! Species, by instinct, find balance and equilibrium within their eco-system niche

I also mention that Economic Darwinism is a clusterfuck of egomania! How terribly convenient and destructive…..

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