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Egypt seems like the most likely origin of the Gnostic tradition. It appears a remnant of the pharaohs priestly caste coalesced in Alexandria and that a mixture of Greek thought from Alexander’s conquests led to the origin of Coptic Gnostics who interacted with Jewish influences. However, the spirituality of the Pharaohs (Kemetism) isn’t worldly disaffirming like the view held by Christian Gnostics, but the Christian Gnostic idea may have been associated with the chaos that Kemeticism was so concerned about and intent on alleviating in their rituals and societal structure.  But they were the first people to view god as an ARCHITECT, or what they called Tekton, who was personified as PTAH (where the word Egypt comes from/in part). This is what became known as the Demiurge in Christian Gnosticism. See the second chapter of THIS link which shows the Egyptians to some degree did not view Ptah (demiurge) as the originator of the divine spark. This is the ROOT of all later iterations of Gnosticism.

I can see why literalist exoterically minded Christians get all bent out of shape today as economic and political power centers all have Egyptian symbolism; with the added fact that Gnostic tradition was rather elitist, and we see it’s the elites enacting Egyptian symbolism and rites. But this would be a false equivalency from the view I look out on.

Firstly, these Christians take *The Torah as literal history and the evidence doesn’t seem to warrant such faith and when combined with the possibility that the Jews were the pharaohs; well, then, everything gets far more muddied and obscure. Also, read Freud’s, Moses and Monotheism where he correctly asserts (IMO) that Moses WAS Akhenaten…Or, at the very least, that one of Akhenaten’s closest peers (who was Egyptian) was Moses. Also, see the writings of Ralph Ellis in this regard as well as the writings of Michael Tsarion. Oh, yes…I snarkily call the Akhenaten cult the K(h)enites..Silent h…

But that looks like what has happened. The Jewish ‘pharaohs’ rule today; they control the money supply; they use Egyptian symbolism, and they have their own gnostic narrative which will usher in their chosen messiah in the land of IS-RA-EL (Isis/Amen Ra/ and Canaanite EL)…I know I know, this implies that the eternal victim narrative was a ploy over time. One hell of a gambit and civilizational Red Herring. America arguably derives from (T)a Meri…which means Egypt. So, Egypt’s spirit (KA)…rather than Ca. America means Egypt’s spirit. Nile = Mississippi (Miss Isis); war between the north and south; the Eye of Ra on the dollar; Egyptian monuments all over America’s power centers. Memphis, Tennessee…Etc. Etc. Etc…And, of course, next door to Egypt is Canaan (Canan(ada)…Get it? Nothing new under the sun folks!

I suspect, too, if this were correct, that the Roman Church and Islam are part of a very long-term strategy. It would make sense out of the first thing Trump did as president: to meet with Islam, Judaism, and The Pope. And this all seems tied into the Technocracy that James Corbett is documenting which is pointing to a sophisticated high-tech prison system for consciousness.

So, what the hell is Christian Gnosticism if it isn’t these elitist practices? I don’t really have the answer to that other than to say that I don’t personally believe the Kristos and Sophia are aligned with these archons; although I’ve conceded before that there could be some non-dual version of this story. I know, I’m not a very helpful Gnostic, but I do believe meditation and yoga could, possibly, lead to spiritual enlightenment, and trigger kindling-type processes (fire-om) But I’m a skeptic, too, and I think it just as likely that ALL of this is a mythic delusion.

At that point, I would point anyone in the direction of Jean Gebser and Integral Theory along with the quite problematic Ken Wilber. 

Ken is still very much worth investigating, though, as his work is vast and deep. It’s simply not without controversy. See my quip on the Kenite’s above.

On cosmology: the idea of NUN being the primordial waters is synonymous with Barbello of the Christian Gnostics who birthed pairs of Aeons (Christ/Sophia=Syzergy) which seem similar to the idea of the Ogdoad and MAAT (truth/justice=wisdom)…So, it seems Christian Gnostic cosmology is borrowed in some sense from these Egyptian ideas about the universe.

One last point here as we are on the topic of Egypt: the modern alien hypothesis is all over this one! The pyramids were not built by the pharaohs, IMO, and history doesn’t seem accurate, but that’s the work of Graham Hancock and people like him. I’d agree, though, that Hancock could very well be a misdirection agent.

NOTE: Below is a list of coincidences between the religion of the Hebrews and Kemeticism. I’ll continually update this. Now, of course, Judaism did add their own thoughts and flavors to their religion as the centuries passed.

-the original God in the Egyptian pantheon was indescribable and unutterable.

-the Ka and the Ba of Kabbalah are Egyptian.

-the 10 commandments all appear in the 42 laws of MAAT and were written thousands of years earlier.

-The anointing oil of Egypt was Messeh– an alligator oil used in kingly ceremonies and this seems to be the root of Messiah.

-Yah was the Egyptian moon God and likely one of the reasons for Judaism’s Lunar associations and calendar.

-The Tree Of Life has its roots in Egypt and India and far predates the religion of the Hebrews.

March 20th, 2022: THIS blog puts a nail in the coffin of any dispute on Gnostic origins: definitively Egyptian!

I’ll first say I don’t have an answer to this query! But 40 years of inquiry hasn’t given me a satisfactory answer to theodicy when the question in the introduction is reversed.

I would say atheism is the most congruent answer that I’ve come across as it simply asserts that evil is random chance. But conceding that still leaves me wanting although I concede it could just be a gripe of my ego. As an aside on this issue: on the question of money and power I’ve asserted that pathological atheists (and theists, too) have committed a murderous rampage in the last 200 years as it became clear to them that there were no consequences for bad actions. *And this is what happened; but again, that’s an aside to this post.

I score Christian Gnosticism and Buddhism as tied in trying to answer the title of this post! Although both kind of end up looking like the Ouroboros… I’ll start with Christian Gnosticism.

Firstly, we don’t know what this evil God created, and whether this life, on this earth, at this time, is exactly what the demiurge created at the Genesis! But even the demiurge didn’t know it was evil; that it was a harmonic distortion so to speak, therefore goodness could be theoretically accounted for in this cosmology–even with an evil god. What I’m saying here is if the demiurge didn’t know what it was then it could quite conceivably create evil and good side by side. It explains the brutality of life and why life has to devour life to survive.

Second, what mother doesn’t love her child no matter how deformed? So perhaps Sofia made immediate compensations for what she had done; perhaps even embedding herself as the earth’s mother goddess. Or, perhaps, she is responsible for the earth, period, because as mentioned–Genesis is shrouded in mystery.

And third, the demiurge doesn’t negate the Kristos or Logos as all things came to be through its energy, to begin with. I would say, though, that the Kristos and the demiurge are either eternally opposed or have come to some kind of conciliation. The latter would look very much like Judaic Gnosticism; although not wholly, because it’s going to be near impossible to tell if the coming Judaic Messiah is wholly good. 

I find Theravadin Buddhism slightly more accessible as an answer to the problem of evil as its cosmology considers ‘God/Heaven’  (the 31 planes of existence) and the Archons (Mara being the chief antagonist in Buddhism) to be more real than the Mahayana School. As I mentioned in the first paragraph a strict materialist explanation is depressing as hell (so why not still consider metaphysical possibilities). So, ignorance and wrong action lead to evil. Okay, it sounds reasonable but soteriological efficacy over 2600- years could be called into question. Has Buddhism been a failure if we look at the incredible amount of evil happening on the earth today 2600 years after Gautama?

In the end, on this issue, although I do see Christian Gnosticism as best describing ALL combined events on the planet at this time, I, right from the beginning of Gnostic inquiry, sensed the problem with Gnostic thought. But I’ve personally not found a spiritual explanation satisfactory at all for why evil exists. And yes, I’ve read them all…

NOTE:* It’s estimated that 10,000 people per day have been killed by governments (democide) and their agents since the death of God.

No movie in modern times captures the connections between gnostic thought and Buddhism more than The Matrix Trilogy. 

We see Neo as the Kristos archetype who also is the essence of the Buddha as he leaves everything behind to enter into the enlightened state of his new existence. We see Trinity signifying Sophia/Mary Magdalene in her relationship with her partner; we also see The Oracle as being symbolic of wisdom. We see Morpheus adamant that the world of the demiurge is a false construct designed to imprison you. 

There are, however, a few serious inversions of the truth within the films. The first one is that in gnostic thought it is Kristos and Sofia who created the Architect and The Matrix has it that the Architect created them–not true according to Gnosticism.

The second inversion is they make Zion the place of the protagonist under the earth but according to Gnostic mythology, Zionism is a chief machination of the Archons who live under the earth according to various Gnostic lores. Within modern E.T./alien mythology, it is said the Archon Reptilians (the Alpha-Draconians) are the hidden hand behind Zionism (there are also quite a few others serving the reptilian agenda depending on who one asks).

Here are 8-similarities listed on wiki by Edward Conze:

  • Liberation or salvation can be achieved by a liberating insight, namely gnosis or jnana
  • Ignorance, or a lack of insight, called agnosis or avidhya, is the root cause of entrapment in this world
  • Liberating insight can be achieved by interior revelation, not by external knowledge
  • Both systems give a hierarchical ordering of spiritual attainment, from blind materialism to complete spiritual attainment
  • Wisdom, as the feminine principle personified in Sophia and prajna, plays an important role in both religions
  • Myth is preferred over historical fact; the Christ and the Buddha are not mere historical figures, but archetypal primordial beings
  • Both systems have antinomianism tendencies, that is, a disregard for rules and social conventions in higher spiritual attainments
  • Both systems are intended for spiritual elites, not for the masses, and have hidden meanings and teachings
  • Both systems are monistic, aiming at a metaphysical oneness beyond the multiplicity of the phenomenal world.

The last one isn’t entirely accurate as far as my knowledge is concerned. There are some schools of Gnosticism that say this earth is irredeemable and the private property of the demiurge and it’s a boundary the real and true god respects.

For now, we’ll explore nondual Buddhist gnostic ideas which make the demiurge very similar to Mara in Buddhist ontology. Although not exact to Gnosticism as an agent of evil Mara is quite close and fulfills the same antagonisms of the demiurge.

What’s interesting in modern times are accusations that the Jews are controlling Buddhist narrative. Brian Ruhe, a fellow Vancouverite, and Theravadan Buddhist has been documenting this phenomenon. I would also observe that Integral Buddhist, Ken Wilber surrounded himself with Jewish influence, so there may be something to the accusation.

If Gnosticism were Non-dual then ideas like Tikkum Olum may be possible. Kristos and Sophia could, possibly, be partnered with the demiurge in ways dualistic thinking would find difficult to accept. If this were true, though, my preference would be to see more signs of virtue, truth, and honesty from those involved in real-time events on the ground. Implementing a worldwide Jubilee would be sufficient evidence of such good intentions. I remain skeptical…

Which brings us back to Judaism as an antagonism of the demiurge and its Archons…

To be continued…

The Devil Used Christendom to Set Up The Anti-Christ System…

Okay, okay, I know! But we’z gotz us a reckonin’ comin’ so’z ya better not get too uppity there ya wee varmints! Now, allow me to elaborate…

First off, please, bitches, don’t be accusin’ me of being a commie (a failed manipulation of the archons); a socialist (did you know Hitler was a socialist?); a statist (haha! sticks and stones retards!); or any other number of illogical strawman arguments! You’re going to have to do better than that.

Okay, now that we’ve annihilated the grunts we can get down to business! Let’s get one definition and parameter clear: *capitalism is a social-economic system developed within the past few hundred years. So, please fuck-off with the inanity that capitalism as a system has been here since hunter-gatherers! It has not, dummies! Now, for the most part, capitalism, as we know it today, came out of Europe and specifically England where the aristocratic elites started kicking commoners off the land by passing certain laws; this forced commoners into the cities to work labor in newly formed capitalist factories. From all accounts, for most people, it was a hell-hole and an environmental disaster for the locals.

We really need to pay attention to the intentions of the people who instigated this. They were white Christian elites who also practiced slavery outright and very few of them had any second thoughts or qualms about the morality of their actions. True, Christian women led a revolt against slavery in later years but that’s a side note to this post. This conquest of Christian capitalism spanned out around the whole earth over the past few hundred years with the consistent theme of kicking commoners (and natives) off their ancestral lands by violence, force, and every manner of coercion! It was fuelled by arrogance, ignorance, and greed! But, yes, true, we brought with us ice cream! Okay, I’m not going to argue it was ALL bad, but my argument is that we need to be honest about what capitalism is and what is bad about it.

But it wasn’t only the Christians responsible for this! Behind the Christian’s were the financiers and those were overwhelmingly Jewish influences. How this happened goes to earlier European machinations within Christendom. Nonetheless, by the early 1900s Jewish influence was so that they had created the Central Banking system which is premised on the pyramid (Ponzi) scheme of fiat currency and fractional reserve lending. In America, in the early 20th Century this coalesced into the first modern oligarchs of British Christian and Jewish dominance–The Rockefeller/Rothschild legacies. The 20th Century became one where everything and everyone was ripe for capitalist exploitation and coercion–and more often than not the robber barons used violence to get what they willed.

The model implemented for the economy ended up being the casino and although it’s been normalized and legitimized in recent history it is still unequivocally the instigation of various mafia influences. Wall St. now encapsulates the casino ethos. A tiny percentage of oligarchs own 85% of Wall St.’s wealth. This is hoarding and loading the dice in the casino! We can see that speculation has also turned traditional homes into speculative ventures causing massive inflation bubbles in real estate. This has never happened on the earth prior to this model.

A very large part of what happened was the legalization of the corporate model which protected the oligarchs from legal repercussions from their, at best, amoral exploitations and coercions. This type of centralizing power had never really existed on earth before in the way it has played out today where about 6000 billionaires rule the destiny of the planet. These oligarchs also purchased the political system and the justice systems and manipulated populations by Hollywood, advertising, and the negative use of psychological knowledge i.e. propaganda!

I would concede that technological innovation (itself distinct from capitalist dogma) has brought incredible advances to standards of living in that most of us today have better amenities than kings and queens in the middle ages. But these technological advances are not in and of themselves justifications for the exploitative, coercive economic model which grew along with new tech in modernity.

We really must note that within this system are myriad ways the oligarchy has rigged the casino to gain unmerited wealth. From fiat currency, usury, wage slavery, speculation, rents, inheritance leading to dynasties which lead to the co-opting of the political sphere; these are all means of gaining unfair advantage–none of them ethical or moral.

So, what do we do and where do we go from here? Well, first we HAVE to concede that humans MUST become good stewards of the earth again if we are to survive! And as much as I appreciate James Corbett he’s also deluded if he thinks every manner of pollution is acceptable and manageable within the status-quo! This isn’t to say his most recent documentary is inaccurate but environmental concern is valid, real, and a necessity.

The present incarnation of neoliberal corporate capitalism has to be dismantled if we are to survive as a civilization. It cannot be replaced with another false dichotomy manipulation of the elites… The economics of this system is what’s unsustainable. It’s not hard to imagine a 300sq. ft. condo renting for $10,000 monthly in thirty years while minimum wage gets set to 40.00 an hour. Even at a 50-hour workweek in 30 years, one will still be short and accumulating debt every month just to pay the rent! Outlandish, you cry! Hey, on a lesser scale this is already happening and it’s only going to get worse! Not to mention the clusterfuck of A.I. and the fact that capitalism has nowhere else to outsource, or externalize as it relates to the cost of production.

I’m am going to link a post to a solution that is a compromise between Marx and Smith as their ideas are outdated and outmoded. I call them the Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons. So, for those still reading here is the link to my ideas! The housing idea is premised on a respect for private property rights but all of us only get to own 1 property! And, yes, it can be as big as your honest merit allows!

Of course, we Christian Gnostics believe the Devil is Yahweh, and that kind of makes sense of everything here, doesn’t it?

  • I’ve no quarrel per se that the idea of the capitalist mindset within a sect of robber barons goes far back into antiquity.

The Gnostic tradition seems to predate the historical narrative of Jesus well into antiquity. Some schools point towards Egypt as its origin and some clues point towards India and the Vedas. This post will delve into the connections between gnostic thought and *Hinduism.

From my research, it’s accurate to suggest that the earliest writers of the Vedas understood the malevolent nature of our existence.  Whether this insight into the archons and the demiurge was in itself Christian Gnostic is something that is not known as far as I can tell as the Vedas don’t focus overtly on the idea of a demiurge. There are schools of Vedic thought like DVAITA Vedanta which point to a dualist metaphysics similar to Christian Gnostic thinking. From a Christian perspective, this really shouldn’t be all that controversial as even normative views on Satan say that he controls the WHOLE earth.

It’s thought that Shiva within the Indian tradition was angry with **Brahma for creating a universe that was evil. But this was Maya, the veil of illusion, similar to the creation by the demiurge in gnostic thought. The Pleroma and Brahma are really beyond the knowledge of humans and exist in a transcendental dimension not easily accessed by anyone–let alone humans. Just a note that I don’t necessarily share that bloggers view on who and what Lucifer is especially in the context of the myth of The Garden Of Eden…If we look at the symbol of Yaldabaoth we see it’s depicted as a Lion-Headed Serpent–this is indicative of the dual nature of the false Christ (lion) with a serpent body: Lucifer. So they are one and the same and the whole story is manipulation. But again, all religion is speculative metaphysics and to my knowledge, there is NO ONE on earth today who can **demonstrate any particular claim; in fact, this absence of ANY supernatural evidence today renders Jesus as nothing more than a Socrates arguing philosophy.  

I see a similarity between Shiva and Shakti and Kristos and Sophia in that there is in reality, a divine dance of male/female principles within existence–this is also hinted at within Taoism. It’s said Shiva and Shakti coalesce within the anatomy of the kundalini mythology; that is to say that Kristos and Sophia operate in these dimensions via a ‘spiritual science’ (yet to be verified or understood by science), yet; possibly, is the doorway to other dimensions of reality blocked by Maya, The Archons, and the Demiurge.

If this view were true then I would see this place as a consciousness entertainment center and it would also allude to a type of non-dual Gnosticism; a paradox to be sure, but somewhat coherent nevertheless. This isn’t to say that the archons aren’t evil; it’s just implying that evil has a greater purpose and it kind of makes sense of sayings by the Kristos to not resist evil ( otherwise the sayings are nonsensical).

We can see in Hinduism the idea that it’s ignorance that keeps one bound to Maya and we see the same idea in Gnostic thought (along with Buddhism but that’s another post) in that most believers are deluded into believing in a false construct created by the demiurge. It’s not clear, however, that Christian gnostics would accept the same nondual inevitability hinted at in Hinduism as Gnosticism is frustratingly vague about the ultimate condition of GNOSIS as far as any metaphysical postulate or end game. I’ve run across those who believe that this dimension of Maya is an owned and permanent residence of the demiurge and its archons and that the Plemora respects this boundary–this would be a somewhat different view than the Advaita school of Hindu nonduality.

I haven’t found any direct writings pertaining to Israel and the Jewish people in Indian writings. One would think that such important players (actors) in this cosmic drama would have at least been mentioned specifically in the Vedas, but it doesn’t appear to be so. This would argue, to my thinking, that Christian Gnosticism is distinct from Hinduism as Gnostic writings clearly talk about the main antagonists within this narrative. Please, note: this isn’t to say that the Jewish people are evil; but rather, if true, according to Kristos from the Gnostic perspective–they were called blind–or the blind leading the blind.

NOTE* I’m using the term Hinduism here generically as I wouldn’t argue against the notion that there is no such thing as Hindu religion. I’m simply not into somewhat trivial semantics when greater points are at stake. A clarification on what I mean here: there are religious philosophies written in works called the Vedas…If one wants to categorize these writings as Hinduism then I have no quarrel with it per se…

NOTE** I’m equating Brahma here with the unknown God of the gnostic pleroma and such an equivocation could certainly be incorrect if Brahma itself is another iteration of the demiurge upon this earth. I was also asked recently what the Hindu equivalent to the Demiurge is and the best fit is Indra, I think…Although some would suggest the Buddhist Mara fits, too.

I’ll link a similarly themed blog HERE and I muse more on who the archons are in this post on John Searle.

This is a tad sloppy but it gets some points across about why I reject enlightenment religions.

Miles Mathis says it better than I do but I wholeheartedly share his views on the Vedas…

And more from Miles HERE on the Vedas although you have to enlighten yourself about the BS Tartarian psyop going on today before you get to his points on India.

Please don’t get upset with me for posting this here as it from The Story Of Adam and Eve. Make of it what you will!


When the accursed serpent saw Adam and Eve, it swelled its head, stood on its tail, and with eyes blood-red, did as if it would kill them.

It made straight for Eve and ran after her; while Adam standing by, wept because he had no stick in his hand30 wherewith to smite the serpent, and knew not how to put [it] to death.

But with a heart burning for Eve, Adam approached the serpent, and held it by the tail; when it turned towards him and said unto him:–

“Adam, because of thee and of Eve, I am slippery, and go upon my belly.” Then by reason of its great strength, it threw down Adam and Eve and pressed upon them, as if it would kill them.

But God sent an angel who threw the serpent away from them and raised them up.

Then the Word of God came to the serpent, and said unto it, “In the first instance I made thee glib and made thee to go upon thy belly, but I did not deprive thee of speech.

“Now, however, be thou dumb; and speak no more, thou and thy race31 because in the first place, has the ruin My creatures happened through thee, and now thou wishest to kill them.”*

Then the serpent was struck dumb, and spake no more.

And a wind came to blow from heaven by the command of God, that carried away the serpent from Adam and Eve, threw it on the seashore, and it landed in India.

I’ve added my Riffvlog on Is Yoga Evil?

NOTE**: if I were to make a claim that I could shoot 4 consecutive rounds of 59 in golf should you believe me? NO! In fact, you would be foolish to believe me! What any rational person should do is ask me to DEMONSTRATE my claim! This is wisdom, but when it comes to religious supernaturalism, anyone and everyone make claims about almost everything (most of the time contradictory ideas about existence) and NO ONE thinks it’s wise to ask any given person to demonstrate their claim!


2021: Christian Gnosticism and Samkhya..

2021: Brahma The Demiurge

2022: A link to my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog that is relevant here. I mention in it that the religion of the pharaoh kings (Kemetism) is pretty well identical to that of the Brahmins. Consider this:

While the physical body belongs to sensible creation, the spiritual elements originate from on high, from the intelligible sphere of cosmic intelligence. When released from the physical, the Ba and Akh (generally, the psyche and pneuma) return to their spiritual originator. A point to be made here is that this special nature of humankind does not come from the demiurge, but from the highest theogonic levels of the 

Creator.39 The special nature of humankind is thus a key element in the rise of later Gnostic sects, for in itself it anticipates the contradiction of higher and lower originations. One has to agree with Iverson in his assessment of this split in terms of its later impact upon philosophy: 



Daniel Richard McBride 

So we see the roots of Christian Gnosticism in Egypt with the concession that PTAH (Brahma) did not create spirit but rather the physical universe!

In a recent post, I speculated that there may be a profound and real difference between the Judaic Messiah (Yeshua) and the Gnostic Kristos. Here I will elaborate further as to why I think this distinction is one of the most important issues of our time. This post assumes God to be real and atheism mistaken. For the record, though, I think atheism could very well be true but this post is musing on theistic possibility.

I need to first say that the Christian Gnostic view holds that Mary and Jesus of the new testament are in reality the sudden appearance of the first Aeons Sophia and Kristos as they confronted the Archons of The Demiurge. Anything you’ve read about them in traditional texts is false and Mary did not give birth as a virgin (an impossibility) and Kristos did not die for your sins upon a cross (you are not a sinner in the way the demiurge asserts). They simply came to teach the truth to humanity that they/we are prisoners in a demiurge Matrix.

A side note here is that the early Jewish Christian Gnostics believed in reincarnation although I personally believe that that phenomenon is Archons wiping the memory of incredibly sophisticated computer technology–yes, your consciousness is downloadable. This is why the Technocrats are obsessed with VIRTUAL REALITY…They can imprison us indefinitely. I should say, though, that the demiurge once again created religious philosophies in the far east that skewered the truth about reincarnation and set up vast systems of spiritual disinformation about the phenomenon. We see hints of this in The Lost Books of Adam and Eve where the antagonist set up shop in the east after his 1000 year dealings with Adam and Eve. 

Let’s look at some of the sayings in traditional scripture and see if there are any clues! One of the major themes is that many are called but few are chosen. Today there are about 3/4-billion Christians, Muslims, and Jews claiming certainty that they are chosen! Man, that seems like more than a few! Kristos taught that the end of the age would be just like the times of Noah. How many were saved in the times of Noah? ONE FAMILY! So, one family or 3/4-billion believers? Which is closer to the truth of his words?

Kristos taught that you cannot be friends with this world as it’s the property of the demiurge; he also taught that even your own family could quite easily be your enemy! I speculate that that is because of the genetic manipulations of humanity by The Archons. Could it be that the Kristos knew what it was talking about?

Could it be that the Satan of the new testament was really an invention of the demiurge and that Kristo’s confrontation with The Pharisees and Sadducees was because he knew they were representing a falsity? Kristos said that their father was a father of lies and it is for this very reason they tried to have him murdered.

Richard Dawkins correct description:

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

If we then look at the demiurges Jesus within Christendom we find the same mean psychopathic tendencies of eternal punishment for being a *screw-up in one life. The demiurge gambit of Islam fares no better on this issue: irrational and illogical psychopaths. Do you see a pattern? Do we have to redefine good? Really? Perhaps there is a good god and my assertion is that it can be found in the truth of Kristos and Sophia!

So now we are at a time when the demiurge will fulfill his prophecies. What will we do? Who shall we believe in a world premised and created by the father of lies?

Note:* we are not sinners to be punished forever in one life. In fact, IMO, all things are lawful for those in Kristos as long as the non-aggression rule is not broken; and also, The Golden Rule which is premised on not using unnecessary coercion or exploitation of other humans or life forms for personal gain or profit.  We can see the demiurge system breaks these two rules ubiquitously.

“Daddy loves me more than he loves you!”

I’ve noticed a surge of Judaic Christians online and they are exceedingly vocal and self-assured and self-righteous. I’d like to respectfully deconstruct some of the issues I’m having with their religious position. I’d like to do this without accusation and with a spirit of concern for truth; notwithstanding the previous sentence:)

The first problem I’m having is their position on Satan. Jesus would have known that Satan was a sergeant of God doing as God wills as an adversary of man. At what point, then, did Satan become God’s arch-enemy challenging God’s authority? At the time of Constantine? Is that when Satan relinquished his traditional role and turned against God? Because he certainly isn’t God’s enemy according to Judaism!

Secondly: at what point did God decide to change a nebulous ‘holding’ spot for the dead (Sheol) and turn it into a brutal place of everlasting torment for being a screwup in one life? Did God turn Sheol into eternal hell at the time of Constantine? Because Judaism describes no such place.

On Jewish historicity: The Torah God didn’t have enemies which could have subverted his plans for his people or humanity as it is omni-everything. So who made it so the history in the Torah is so historically inaccurate? There could be an argument made that a Christian arch-enemy could have altered physical history to obscure truth but there is no room for such a gambit within the Torah. 500 years of academic research has more than less proved the history of that book as being dubious–that it’s ethnic mythology. I guess here Judaic Christians can invoke a Christian Satan but such a move still contradicts the Torah and doesn’t solve the inaccurate history of their book.