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Humanity has developed thousands upon thousands of religions and spiritual philosophies. None of them are obviously true! That is to say, all of them are contradictory and no claim can be proved–these are facts!

Now, despite these truisms, there are many still that espouse their faith or spiritual inclination as universal fact. This is a type of cognitive dissonance and individuals making these universal claims to spiritual truth are usually suffering from the fallacies of popularity and appeal to authority; this is true whether fundamentalist Islam or new-age gurus espousing nonduality.

Nonduality generally came out of eastern religious thought written in the Vedas and Buddhist Sutras. There are thousands of schools of thought within these traditions and many of them contradict; but for now, we’ll only concern ourselves with nondual philosophies.

Nonduality espouses that the dichotomy of heaven and earth is illusionary and that they are one; it goes further and asserts that there is in reality: NO THING! That is that everything arises out of an ocean of non-personal infinite potential. God if you will.

I will first say that this a very compelling spiritual philosophy! And yes, it could be true! But that sadly is as good as it gets in this post! My criticism will start by pointing out that there is no way to prove this claim; there is no way to falsify it; there is no way to have the claim be scrutinized by repeatable verifiable observations! As in all things religious and spiritual, it is an assertion of faith.

Subtly woven into nondual spirituality is the idea that God doesn’t and can’t exist as a person. This philosophy most often results in human beings making claims of divinity, or practitioners claiming to be God. The New-Age movement is littered with these gurus and more often than not they are mired in unethical behavior.

Secondly, we find that those espousing this philosophy usually demonize, ridicule, or otherwise are contemptuous of those who believe or espouse dualistic religions or spiritual philosophies. Usually, this contempt comes packaged within parcels of arrogance and hubris. For a philosophy that asserts they’ve overcome ego the irony is near laughable if it wasn’t so serious an issue.

To be added to the criticism is the fact that most of the conclusions about reality are based on experiences within meditation and the human mind. And although all of these experiences are relatively true it is a gross error to universalize the meditative experiences of the human mind. The first obvious fact is these experiences could be thoroughly local to this planet.

There is also the problem that this philosophy tends to deny the possible existence of real dimensions of reality that are populated by highly advanced intelligent beings. It’s not clear why this denial is so prevalent within nondual schools. It should be noted that more than a few of these beings if they exist, are in any way friends of humanity. It should be noted that The Theravadin School of Buddhism is sympathetic to these entities being real.

Soteriological issues are important here, too! Thousands of years have come and gone and it’s not clear or obvious that any type of enlightenment has been successful; in fact, one could argue the efficacy has been rather dismal! If there is even one enlightened master on the planet today I would argue that is evidence of failure after thousands of years as civilization and the planet itself are in extreme stress and chaos! Is there more than one enlightened master alive today?

Most practitioners of nonduality espouse an individualist anarchist economic model. It’s every man for himself economics! It’s telling, isn’t it, that the most advanced spiritual philosophy on the planet asserts that one only has a responsibility to oneself and to hell with all the peons who deserve their misery because of their crap karma!

I’ll finish up here by saying that Christian Gnosticism asserts that God is not this universe and in fact, this particular universe is a prison created by a false demiurge! The last thing one would want is to become one with this! But I’m quite sure this position is simply silly dualism!

Oh, where to start? How about at the Genesis. We now know the cosmology outlined in the Torah is not scientifically accurate; that the creation story is one of the very many tribal myths of our ancestors; we know the history of the Torah is inaccurate and most of the stories are taken from The Sumerians and other tribes in the area. We know from modern psychology that ideas like choosing one sibling to center out as an example is terrible parenting and notions like eternal punishment are antithetical to being a good parent (good for the Torah not to have said that). We know the Torah God did demand one cannibalize their children as punishment for transgression, though, so the above bracket is only a minor victory.

Okay, okay, most likely the cosmology espoused in the past 100 years from the combined knowledge of all the earth’s academies is that we are some kind of cosmic fluke! I know, brutal to digest and Nietzsche prophesied 200 years of nihilism because of it. No matter how bitter the pill, though, it could be true. Make your own meaning and a part of this post is that a few thousand psychopaths have done just that: realized that God is dead and are committing heinous crimes because they now know it doesn’t really matter; that nothing really matters, so they are thoroughly justified.

So what to make of this Kristos fellow? Was he the Jewish Messiah? Hardly, IMO. The Jews have that much right. Well, if he’s not the Messiah then who is he? Well, probably a solar myth personified. But there is another possibility and that is he is the first Aeon! The Logos! The first of two beings to come into material existence! All things come through Kristos and Sophia (truth and wisdom). Or, the yin and yang if you will. But these archetypal energies can indeed take form. And it’s these two who confronted the rabbis 2000 years ago and remain in confrontation with them because the Torah God is not their creator but is the creation of Sophia.

Why, then, did the Catholic church declare The Torah God to be The Kristo’s father? Well, that is a very good question but beyond the scope of this post other than to say that from this perspective the Catholic Church did embrace this fallacy and falsity.

What does this have to do with today? Well, the tenacity of the Rabbi’s is such that they WILL usher in their Torah Messiah shortly and this will be forced on every population. The conditions will be set up so most people will accept this Messiah as God and he will enforce The Noahide Laws.

What are we to make of these events given they will come to pass and that The Torah God is premised on a false history while using very dubious irrational and illogical methods? We know from cosmology, history, and psychology that this Messiah can’t represent the true God!

Well, at that point it looks as though humanity is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Accept him and live or reject him and die! I figure most will accept him. I even might! But I doubt it.

I’ve only ever concerned myself with truth and I hardly doubt I would accept a false demiurge and his Archon. But one never knows, do they? The most interesting bit about this scenario is that even my Gnostic view could be incorrect and that the atheist view could be true and that the pathology of the Rabbis will usher in a worldwide system of delusion!

Man, to quote, Kunstler: ‘what a clusterfuck!’

And at that point, I hope it’s all the phantasms of The Buddhist Mara (the chief demon in Buddhist cosmology).

‘Truth is in history, but history is not the truth. Analogously, God is in history, but history is not God’. (unknown).

As Einstein and Heisenberg became the household names of a new complexity The Rockefeller’s and The Rothschild’s were implementing a new economic model premised on a casino– premised on corruption.

Sadly, and I predict tragically, these two avenues of knowing and being have created the conditions ripe for chaos and disorder and we are very much experiencing the consequences of this converging.

What The Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics most needed were political, economic, and social systems premised on integrity, honesty, and justice and fairness–we got the exact opposite!

You see, 99% of the people on this planet don’t really understand these levels of complexity; most people’s everyday lives are firmly rooted in the Newtonian paradigm. The 99% have to take the word of specialists as far as knowledge goes and herein lies today’s greatest dilemma: The Rockefeller’s and The Rothschild’s set up worldwide systems of corruption, deceit, and dishonesty–and that has created a situation today wherein no one trusts anyone anymore and a system where everyone can be bought and most people now are! This is the mafia ethos!

The unraveling of trust started in recent history on September 11, 2001. On that day the oligarchies media empires solved an extraordinarily complex crime in 1-hour over the television and so much so that no official crime scene investigation was needed; a compromised and underfunded task force was set-up by the progeny of The Rockefeller’s and The Rothschild’s that whitewashed the events of that day.

Extraordinary lies have been told to justify 16 years of unending war– costing trillions of dollars and murdering millions! All this was done with the complicity of media, entertainment, and sports complexes who have been used as a shield to deflect criticism of their billionaire mafia masters.

Here are some of the consequences of setting up societies modeled on the casino:

-a viral resurgence in Flat Earth theory.

-a general distrust of ALL authority from NASA to Law Courts.

-the general sense that any type of coercion and exploitation is acceptable to satisfy one’s desires.

-the general notion that policing authorities will not investigate heinous large-scale public crimes thoroughly or honestly. We see this very much evident in the Las Vegas shootings.

-debt slaving students for life.

-having huge amounts of income be toxic and unmerited setting up the conditions for extreme wealth inequality.

-the objectification of all things and especially women as nothing more than objects of exploitation. ( But yes, women have been on the positive side of benefit throughout the initial stages of this system). They will, IMO, have the most to lose as this system inevitably unravels.

-a culture of might is right.

-a culture which glorifies violence.

-a culture of rabid anti-Semitism.

-a culture of vanity and narcissism.

-a culture of immature religious fundamentalism.

-a culture where the colour of one’s skin became more important than one’s character.

-a culture of hidden agendas.

Well, I could probably go on and on! Will new complex algorithms coded with the same mafia mentality solve these issues? No! I don’t see how this is possible. The Bitcoin algorithm looks every bit as hierarchical and easily corruptible as the fiat currency system of The Rothschild’s! Now, sure–I’d like to be wrong about that but I’m deeply skeptical. And no, it’s not just governments that are corrupt! It’s the combined influence of governments, fiat currency banks, and corrupt corporations practicing Wall St. speculation that makes this current epoch near impossible to solve. I have little hope.

Fortunately, though, the nature of reality has not been definitively answered so there may be hope in that it’s possible the true nature of reality has been purposely obscured by some of these bad actors!

                                  “Shush, the truth is stranger than fiction!”

So the earth has been transformed into a casino with casino ethics, right?

Come on, we all know it’s true! We know a few thousand billionaires took over the earth in the past 100 years and reshaped how humans lived their lives.

Until very recently most people on the planet didn’t know what these cabals of billionaires were up to, and the few that could find out largely found information from the cabalistic media empires that the billionaires started building. And then came the internet and it blew the lid wide open! Now we could all find out what they’ve been up to and we now know the picture is far from pretty. We found out about Edward Bernays and many like him who created mind-control programs on mass.

So how did they turn the earth into a casino? Well, they needed to normalize the casino ethic! That is to say, they needed to make sure the house would always win and that they would always rig every system in their favor. The way to do this was to try and control everything! This started in earnest in 1917 with the control of the money supply; then laws were enforced to protect their corporations which would be a place for them to hide and gain immunity; then they simply purchased the political sphere and judiciary over time, and voilà, complete control!

One of the primary ways they controlled humanity was through their sports and entertainment complexes which were simply ripping a page out of their old Bread and Circus methods used in Rome.

Of course, they did have to get rid of the old world morality and usher in a worldwide ethic of amorality and the 1960s was used to create that shift and the tactics were extraordinarily successful! They now had a near worldwide culture of narcissism whereby any whim, pleasure, or desire could be had as long the cabals got a cut of the vig of every transaction!

Oh, yes, they created controlled opposition or the Hegelian Dialectic by creating the capitalist America versus Russian Communism dichotomy but we can all see it now for what it was: divide and conquer the common people of the earth! But, yes, oh sure, I’m not saying the different mafia cabals didn’t squabble or have internecine conflicts, but these were always going to be a part of the camouflage. They were simply tactics on the road to total control…

It should be noted that the old world knowledge monasteries were abandoned and turned into tools and the means of shaping the agenda of the mafia billionaires. Along the way, the academies were turned into lifetime debt machines for the fiat currency masters; knowledge became replaced with power and hidden agendas. The academies served the whims of the billionaires. In over 100 years no systems of justice, fairness, honesty, or sound ethics were developed in the academies and if the odd person did think along those lines their ideas were marginalized or buried. The capitalist casino ethics of running an economy was never successfully challenged in any meaningful utilitarian way within the academies; in fact, they embraced the casino economy.

September 11th, 2001. The day the casino owners let the earth’s people know who’s in charge.

By this day their systems of control had been deeply and firmly embedded and there would be no way to challenge the narrative they put out about the events of that day. We see them moving their chess pieces almost every week since that day; one scapegoat and patsy after another; one atrocious crime after another, one totalitarian two-step closer to the world of total control–power by any other name!

Las Vegas, October 1st, 2017. The casino owners struck again! The symbolism of that day couldn’t be more obvious! The mafias did what mafias do: commit atrocious crimes. They did this one right beside the pyramid and obelisk alluding to the genesis of who these people are: The Pharaohs, turned into the Ceasers with their festival of Saturnalia celebrating the master-slave relationship; the Ceasers turned into the Kings and Queens of Europe, who divided the earth up and set the conditions for the technocratic elites who rule this age. it should be noted that Vegas sits very near 33 degrees north latitude which runs right through Mt. Hebron in Israel and where the myth of The Nephilim originated. I explore various Nephilim theories in the linked post.

So who are these people that rule the earth with such surety and arrogance? Can we find the answer in religion? No, I think not; in fact, they have always controlled religion and use it anytime they can as a tool of manipulation–a big part of 911 was to fan the flames of religious control once again–911 ushered in a post-secular order setting up the conditions once again for religious control and conflict. Religious orders like The Sabbatean Frankists and The Jesuits seem very much obsessed with setting the conditions up for a new Messiah whom they think will usher in The Noahide Laws. Vast systems of amorality and endless violent conflict will create the conditions for this Messiah to be accepted and his laws put in place. Of course, we once again see The Jewish people at the forefront and center of all this controversy and that happens century after century and millennia after millennia. One could argue it’s more than simple coincidence. 

So, who or what is God? Well, there is only one honest answer to that: we don’t know! We don’t know if God exists or what it is if it does exist. Anyone who says otherwise is being dishonest and that dishonesty is found most often in religion. Science isn’t qualified to answer the question and religion is contradictory, historically inaccurate, and cosmologically false as far as their creation myths. I do believe the billionaire mafia oligarchs don’t care if God exists and act as if they are God and think themselves immune from any consequence. I think some of them are psychopathically obsessed with their idiosyncratic beliefs about who they think God is.

May God help us all if it turns out it does exist and save us from the corrupt casino owners and their enforcers who rule over a generation of somnambulists.

Okay, okay, I know, there is no such place and it’s mythological fiction!

But, let’s for the sake of this post consider that such a place exists.

Please read this link as a guide to the economics of the Pentecostal Church.

We can see that a system of hoarding private wealth was anathema to God.

But wait! That was just an archaic church…….

Please read this linked discussion on the description of The Church as The Bride during the 1000 year millennial reign. 

In both the Pentecostal Church and The Millennial Reign we see that Capitalism with all its necessary exploitation and coercion was and is not acceptable to God.

We may want to ponder the meaning of The Golden Rule here especially as it relates to the economy ( oh, indeed it does). The Golden Rule is premised on the ideas of not using unnecessary exploitation and coercion to gain an advantage against your fellow human or other life forms (and resources). We are to be good stewards of resources and not callous exploiters.

So given that all this seems obvious how is it then acceptable to have Christendom be the primary driver of the modern exploitative, coercive system of capital accumulation?

Further, why would God appoint a sharing economy in The Book of Acts and the millennial reign and have a church in this age immersed in every type of avarice and corruption? Could this age of the Christian Church be a deluded and corrupt church?  I leave this for you to ponder as it’s above my pay grade to assert definitively what is going on here; but I can say that, IMO, something is certainly not jiving!

It doesn’t exist today, you say! Well, let me assure you that you couldn’t be more wrong!

Truth be told is that it has existed for quite some time. Once religious narrative became codified ALL religion became a tool of manipulation and control.

The Enlightenment loosened the reigns of this control but it was somewhat illusory because the Archons simply pulled the ‘bate and switch’: they replaced religion with financial control!

Now in modernity financial control become embedded and framed within the corporate model and those pulling the strings created the perfect deflection and hiding place. They were also able to purchase government and create the laws needed to entrench their hegemony over the earth.

In the latter part of the 20th Century under neoliberal corporate capitalism, they created new spiritual doctrines that aligned with their agendas and worldview.

Here are some of the primary tenets of corporate capitalist spirituality brought to you by their Ministry of Spiritual Propaganda:

-first and foremost is the ideology that any given human has only responsibility to themselves.

-embedded within the spirituality of the self is the idea that their systems of manipulation and control cannot be changed and are not responsible for the way things are on this planet; again, their spiritual assertion is that things are this way because individuals made things this way.

-primary as a tenet is that all forms of income are legitimate and justified! This notwithstanding the fact that they’ve set up vast systems of usury and have imagined into existence every manner of unmerited wealth.

-secondary as tenet is the idea that the individual is solely responsible for any and all evils in their life. This is the ideology that victims are responsible for the wrongs in their life! This is simply a reworking of the older karma and caste system of control so it was pretty easy to reestablish. The L.O.A. is the neoliberal reworking of this old and false spiritual mode of control.

-on the periphery of this system of control is the idea that your primary concern should be your pleasure and your whole life should be in service of gratifying that pleasure. In effect, modernity simply allowed the decadence and debauchery of the elites to become mainstream. This is not to say that pleasure is in any way wrong, but when it’s treated as a mode of manipulation and control it becomes ethically problematic.

-necessary to the achievement and success of this propaganda was the need to dissociate humanity from nature and time cycles. This severing of humanity to its roots has made humanity easily susceptible to archonic manipulation. This process of removing the people from a relationship with The Commons starting around 300 years ago in England and through imperialism and colonization was projected into every country on the planet. The Commons Monasteries were transformed into private for-profit academies especially under late neoliberalism. This severing has also made it easy to dismiss enormous amounts of pollution as not being of any concern or consequence.

-subtly woven into these spiritual views is the idea that there are no limits to what a person can do, earn, achieve, and that the earth can easily accommodate every manner of human desire and whim; regardless of the shallowness or narcissistic impulse of such desires.

-concomitant within this spirituality of the self are two primary myths: that technology will inevitably solve all our problems! This is called the myth of progress. Within traditional modes of religious control is the idea of imminent disaster or apocalypse. This is fear porn or the myth of the apocalypse. These control mechanisms are used as the ‘business as usual ethos’ and ‘we’re all going to die and nothing matters anyway’ forms of control.

Now, I would suggest, that somewhere outside of corporate neoliberal spirituality and traditional fundamentalist religious narratives is a truth about life, the earth, and how humans should live on it, treat each other, and how we should treat other life forms that live with us here.

                                         This is what is being obscured.