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When I was a child I used to love Casper–the friendly ghost! It seems when it comes to the human condition and its economic models that many people still do! I’ll argue how that is and came about herein.

If we were to take a 150 person test town where 3-people (the average pathology to scale) want to enforce their particularly mean version of Casper onto the other 147 who have no such delusions, we would justifiably call that a particularly mean-spirited version of a crazy society–yet that is what we have–especially since 911...Now, to be fair, if Casperville was a fair friendly ghost town like The Amish then I wouldn’t need to write this ridiculous post! But alas, there are so many mean and crazy Casper believers out there that espouse every manner of ridiculousness when it comes to economics and the human condition that I feel the need to waste my time doing this.

It’s obvious, now, that one of the Casper believers in this small town created a means of exchange out of thin air and forced it on all the others by force because their belief in being special Casper lovers rationalized their ability to do so–they charged the other 149 people interest on the means of exchange which has obviously created severe hostilities once the other 149 people figured out what the one special ghost lovers did! I think that there was a collusion with one other member (the believers in the ghost cross) of the community and that towards the end of the age in this community another ghost believer aligned with them because of energy considerations.

The fact of the matter is, though, is that the only way this community can be healthy and prosper is if everyone has their basic needs of food, water, and shelter met and that no ghosts, friendly or otherwise– should be factored into the reasonable and logical ability of these 150 people to do such a smart and intelligent thing!

But, oh yes, there are many other ghost stories in this community! A few of them say that the starving and hungry attracted their condition and are responsible for it! This ghost appeals to narcissism and ego and denies that the community is perfectly capable of solving problems without calling upon ghosts! Some of these ghost lovers go as far as to say that previous lives have dictated the outcome of how people live in this town! Complete nonsense! Well, in the context of how these 150 people live in a community, anyway. The fact of the matter is that the turning into a ghost at death should have no bearing on creating the conditions for 150 people living sane and healthy lives premised on fairness and the ability of the faculties of reason and logic to implement healthy living choices for all members of this community. Anything less will lead to the destruction of this town.

Now true enough, there are those in recent history who have attempted to create this community without the ghost stories and these were our communal ghost-busters in recent times. But they lied to themselves because they didn’t deal with the foundational pathology of this town–the equal distribution of the means of exchange creating the conditions for equal opportunity for all its members. is one such organization within this town that is attempting to undo the pathology of earlier ghost machinations within this community.

There are those in recent history who say that each 150 person town should have its own color but this, it seems to me, is just another angle of implementing the 1-special ghost fallacy! If the 1-special ghost dictates that that is what it wants then it may manipulate the other members into thinking such machinations are a good idea! Now, to my thinking, solving the economic problems would be a far better path to dealing with the issues in the community and not appealing to color.

It should be noted here that I’m not saying that there are no complications in this community; indeed, it is a quite complex community but what I’m saying is that ghost stories don’t help to solve the problems and that most of the complexities can be alleviated by ensuring equal means of opportunity and the surest way to do that is to agree on foundational issues that concern all the members and their basic needs.

Here are the issues which need addressing by this community past believing in ghosts.

-making sure that 3-people prone to pathology don’t acquire undue influence.

-making sure hoarding doesn’t become institutionalized.

-making sure all people learn to grow their own food and learn fair and just trading practices from an early age.

-making sure land is distributed to all equally so that all have a home and that available land doesn’t sit empty because it allows some to get rich without benefitting the community.

-that the 150 educate themselves about the natural limits of their community and that they learn not to pollute their community. That environmental ethics be inculcated at a young age within the community.

-that the more productive members of the community learn compassion for those less talented and skilled.

To wrap this up: believing in ghosts is fine but the belief in them is no way to run a society! There are certain ghost stories that are fun and do no harm and like I pointed out earlier some ghost stories are congruent with natural ethics. And that’s about all for now! Boo! Jazz Cycle of Fourths Starting in G Major. I’ve got some time to practice, well, a little anyway…Yes, one hopes it can only get better. It’s a cool way to cycle through key changes…

In this second video I cycle through the keys here using the Dorian and flat 9 dominant and resolving on the Major 9th…warning; this is only an exercise…

This post will need a little introduction to give it some context. I believe the Hobbits (most of us) are in the battle for our lives but that most Hobbits are unaware of the danger facing The Shire. I think the Hobbits that are awake need some help! Unfortunately, though, in real life, there are no Gandolf’s although there are a ton of Sauron’s. I often quip that I don’t know if God exists but I sure as hell know that Satan does! Unfortunately, today, as in monotheism of old, it’s near impossible to tell the difference between Satan and Jesus (see the Lost Books of Adam and Eve)–this doesn’t help the situation as the few who claim they are environmental Gandolf’s; again, look more like Sauron!

So what are the woke Hobbits to do? Well, my suggestion here is that we, “Better Call Saul!” Yes, indeed, we need a team of greasy lawyers to do two things:

  1. to sue economists that promote crazy unsustainable models; sue The Chicago School of Economics because that was the main ‘thought bubble’ that created economic neoliberalism (the main antagonist in environmental devastation in late postmodernity), and we need to sue the academies for negligence for promoting unsustainable models while ignoring and dismissing economic models which are conducive to human survival on the planet.
  2. we need this team of lawyers to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a Court of Law that tens of thousands of scientists are not lying or skewing the data. This court case, if won, could be a path forward for real systemic change.

I do know of a few court cases out there but I don’t believe they are targeting the right spheres of influence. I think we need to target the root of the problem and that is the economic foundations of global capitalism and that is the economists and their academies.

Once we get there we might be able to block the other main antagonists in this nightmare and that is the billionaire oligarchs who want to form a Transnational Marxist PlutocracyThe Technocracy! We can’t allow this to happen but we can’t fight the billionaires until we get the LAW back on our side and this won’t be easy because the billionaires have bought court systems in the past 100 years. Nope, our first avenue of resistance has to be the economists and their academies.

A note to the lawyers: this is one instance where I wouldn’t care at all how much money you make–go for it! If we win you’ll deserve every cent you make! Go, Saul, go!

We need to delve into the nature of the origins of liberal and conservative ideologies here, also, and argue that these modes of thinking are no longer adequate for the environmental complexities of our age. Here is a link that discusses origins.

These ideologies came out of Europe in the past 200 years and are directly responsible for creating the bloody mess we are in and these control mechanisms of the masses are not adequate to solve the complexities of the age. Liberalism, today, as an avenue for 10 billion people doing whatever they want whenever they want with the profit motive being the sole arbiter of actions in the coming century will lead to disaster. Conversely, the old world order with its crap metaphysical ethics will no longer do either. We need a new model and it needs backing by LAW which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that climate scientists are not lying!

In fact, what we need are anarchist communities! But these can’t be Ayn Randian business as usual AnCap modes of being and doing because that won’t change anything for the better–it will only privatize the current disastrous environmental trajectory of civilization.

I propose here, as part of the solutions, the 150 people anarchist community model: figure it out here in test towns and get it right on this scale and then there may be a congruent way forward. I also propose what I call the NEW EARTH COMMONS with Four Piller’s as the foundation for any sustainable society–they are premised on humanity’s basic needs.

It may have well been 33,000 as the earth’s destruction is considered a conspiracy by the majority of people engaged in the greatest liberal orgy to ever have existed (it would shock even Nero!) And you would logically think we could turn to conservatism! But you’d be wrong because as the liberal capitalist orgy took over the planet so did the murderous reign of the Israeli’s who have hijacked conservatism so that conservatism became nothing more than fetishism for Israeli policy–but that’s another post.

So what did the Archons do in reaction to this cheery news from scientists? The government-owned by central banks partnered with the corporatocracy signed the TPP! No worldwide pollution emergency called; no asking humanity to change their ignorant ways, just business as usual! And so the demise of our age continues! I would point anyone to James Corbett’s documentaries Why Big Oil Conquered the World and Sustainability which go into great detail about the motivations of the billionaire archons. My own belief is that Christian Gnosticism best explains why these psychopaths want city-state TECHNOCRACIES. The irony of my linking his work is that Corbett probably believes that scientists are lying and that’s where I part ways with him. But from my perspective, his documentaries are sound and correct, nevertheless.

Before I go further I’ll address the earth will survive meme: yes it will! But I can hardly express the sheer mental retardation of this meme as an excuse for business as usual and the status-quo! This is what they do in CIA bunkers now! This is how your tax dollars are spent!

So what do we talk about today? Whether the earth is fuckin’ flat or round! More of your tax dollars being pissed away in CIA bunkers! I’ve pointed out, though, here, that Flat Earther’s could be an avenue towards sustainable living if we were to usher in what I call The Amish Laws: if you believe the earth is flat then by law one has to live like The Amish! I couldn’t think of anything better for the earth! These folks have no right to use fridges, automobiles, or computers when they are so quick to dismiss science; and really, that goes for most liberals, too–who want the comforts of the scientific age but not its insights! This situation can be likened to a large apartment complex where a few astute people warn of smoke starting to fill the public stairwells and hallways but the landlords just tell everyone to go back to sleep because it’s just burned toast! NO! It’s a very REAL FUCKIN’ FIRE dumbasses! And the fire is being fuelled by our behavior! And by the way, the Torah clearly describes the earth being flat and the universe as being a snowglobe! And the people who believe this story hold the keys to the nukes! UNFUCKIN’ believable until one comes to understand Christian Gnostic cosmology which ends up making a lot of sense of all this madness!

A note on the scientific age and Christian Gnosticism. Christian Gnosticism understands that the worlds religious books are not historically accurate or scientifically sound. We understand that bad parenting is bad parenting and call a spade a spade. The story of Isaac and Ishmael are classic examples of bad parenting and are not to be trusted. The only God who would do such a thing is an evil god! And this is the assertion of Christian Gnosticism. Now if God existed it would never give us the faculties of reason and logic and use them against us but this is exactly what the Biblical God does! Reason and Logic dictate dismissal of this version of God. As for cosmology: our origins are a mystery still and we know very little about consciousness, but more and more data is pointing to the fact that consciousness may very well be multi-dimensional, and this is the Christian Gnostic perspective. We assert without proof that these dimensions are populated and that in fact our existence sprang from these dimensions but we hold this as metaphysical speculation and don’t assert it as fact.

As for the destruction of the earth from a Christian Gnostic perspective? It’s not the first time this has happened…


This link talks about my Christian Gnostic interpretation of season 1…

And without further ado here is my take on season 2…

While I was watching season 1 it didn’t come to me who the 2 main adult characters represent but it came to me quite early in season 2: the cop is the Kristos and Will’s mother (W.Ryder) is Sofia. We saw these representations in The Matrix, also, where Neo is the Kristos and the Oracle represented Sofia. We see the inversion of relationships in both The Matrix and Stranger Things whereby the Judaic God is put at the pinnacle–this is the reverse of the truth according to Christian Gnostic cosmology.

The Elohim(11) this season expand and 11’s sister is introduced: Kali. This represents the two primary branches of religious control on this planet by the archons (Elohim). Western theism and eastern philosophy. Now true, there are a few other spiritual paths throughout history but these two cover an enormous amount of turf when it comes to religious philosophy–in fact, most of it!

We see that the primary role of W. Ryder’s character is concern and care for Will (human consciousness) which has been hijacked by the Demogorgon (demiurge), to the point, sometimes, that there are even those it can possess to a certain degree. We see the role of the Sheriff as that of general concern of law and order within the greater community. The great inversion in this season is premised on Judaic Gnosticism ( not Christian Gnosticism) wherein the Sheriff befriends 11( The Elohim/Demiurge)…This is the Judaic Yahweh/Yeshua relationship that the Jews believe in and they will usher in their Messiah in the coming years. We see since the coming of the nation-state of Israel the quite remarkable dismantling of previous Christian notions of who Jesus was supposed to be and that history is being replaced with this Judaic Jesus/Yeshua.

I think the Demodogs represent the Reptilian beings within Gnostic lore wherein popular culture asserts that they live underground: see David Icke and many like him.

Once again, the great inversion in this show is making 11 (The Elohim) the star and victor fighting the Demiurge (alongside Kristos). This is complete fiction according to Christian Gnostic theology where the Demiurge and its Archons (The Elohim) have humanities consciousness trapped in some kind of Amnesia Matrix.

Well, I guess we can say that Hollywood is consistent, anyway. Over my lifetime, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film that paints the Hebrew God as anything other than good. Please send me links to any films that portray otherwise. Thank-you! And that about does it for my review of StrangerThings from a Christian Gnostic perspective.


Hi, in this post by HightImpactFlix I offered up a *comment which I’ll paste below offering up a scenario which I think could be a model for a new society.

Before we get into it, though, I’ll post a link here which lists ten historical anarchist communities.

First, my general thoughts on anarchists. They seem to want their own planet to live on by themselves which would be fine if such planets existed; until such a time, anarchists, I’m afraid, are stuck with this one which has a lot of people on it. I believe, as audacious as it sounds, that anarchists will inevitably have to live in a community! It seems, though, at this juncture in history, that most people espousing anarchy have no such wish. They seem like either lone-wolf hippies giving up on the system and going to find some hole to hide in within present totalitarian nation-states (I don’t really mean that as mean as it sounds but it’s more than less true, IMO). A Tiny House parked somewhere is cool and all for any given person but I hardly see it as a model for a community. Then there is the suit type of business entrepreneurs who seem not to want their ventures subject to any rules, regulations, authorities, or taxes. I’m not necessarily knocking this but I hardly see such thinking as a template for a community.

I’m reluctant to put this in here but I think we must as it’s all too likely. The government today has become about lining its own pockets; that is to say, the political system is now run by those who use public money to line their own pockets–that IS the political system today–near every policy is aimed towards enriching government agents and their affiliates while promoting austerity for the masses as far as where public money is allocated. It would be all too consistent, then, that there would be many hired government agents posing and acting as anarchists espousing that people do not ask the government for a cent because the government wants every cent for themselves!!! Typical…

So my challenge in this post would be to see if I can get anyone to envision what an anarchist community of 150 people would look like. The first premise is that there would be no force used to get anyone to live in this community–it would be voluntary. Again, I’ll link my vision below as an example. Here are some general thoughts on this community: it’s premised on private property notions (mine is) or not, but please argue for why your community is better depending on which model you use. Please factor in these issues: human criminal pathology (2% of the population), uneven distribution of skills and talent and production (Pareto’s Law), human infirmity such as mental illness, physical disability, old age, etc. Please feel free to factor in any other important issues that I’ve missed–should it be an armed community or disarmed? And such…Oh, yes, what should be the means of exchange? Should one person control and charge the other 149 people interest to use it or should the means of exchange to divided equally to all at creation without debt?

Here was my post outlining a model for a new model of a community; again, the first premise is that it’s voluntary:

*I agree with the premise but here are the difficulties: as soon as there are more than 3-people in a community there are going to have to be rules as humans, in general, disagree about pretty much everything and anything.
Let’s work some numbers in a community of 150 with the fact that every community above 150 will become more and more complex ( we’ll leave that issue aside for now).
Within the 150 it is estimated that around 3 of them will be prone to sociopathy and psychopathic behavior and these 3 will do everything possible to manipulate any agreements in their favor. Then we need to factor in that we are not created equally and a small number of people will be more productive than others and will generate more wealth. Some will be weak and infirm and some will hardly be able to produce at all–perhaps because they are mentally ill.
As far as I can tell the only way this community will survive and prosper is if everyone’s basic needs of food and housing are met. It should be agreed by the faculties of common sense that each person only needs one home and that each person could be taught to grow their own food on their one piece of private property. All education would be geared towards becoming self-sustaining with one’s food supply and education would teach the fundamental economics of trading goods and services within the group at a very young age while at the same time instilling ethical constructs within the trading blocks. All people’s basic needs being met combined with an education system focused on achieving one’s highest potential within an ethos of attaining mastery within in any given field of interest as long as that interest doesn’t interfere with the rights of others ( mastery of theft and murder wouldn’t be tolerated).
This might be a very healthy community with everyone’s shelter needs being met, along with food and a new education model, which only leaves the basic need of healthcare which would be quite minimal in such a community. I call these the 4-pillars of a New Earth Commons civilization.
All 150 people would have the potential to create and become the best they could be. There would still be problems but this community would be far better equipped to handle them compared to the ones run by psychos who have rigged every system to their benefit and who unnecessarily exploit and coerce with force every other member, not in their chosen clique!

The Vishnu Purana states, “When society reaches a stage, where property confers rank, wealth becomes the only source of virtue, passion, the sole bond between husband and wife, falsehood, the source of success in life, sex the only means of enjoyment, and when outer trappings are confused with inner religion…” Then we are in the age of Kali Yuga. We live in Kali Yuga and will for 432,000 yrs. When Kali Yuga ends, the yuga cycle begins again with Krita Yuga(Satya Yuga).

In this post, I talked about various metaphysics as an excuse for crap ethics. Most religion falls into this category in late post-modernity. I touched briefly on the terrible ethics of reductionist materialism which has turned humans into nothing more than objects of financial exploitation for the capitalist machine. This post will delve a little deeper into this Flatland metaphysics and the Social Darwinist (and eugenicist) meme of “life isn’t fair” so get over it and live with corrupt ethics!

If one really thinks about this ethos it becomes apparent how absolutely retarded it is as a mode of thought, and I mean that literally. If a child has an abusive parent it’s the parent who is literally developmentally retarded and an unfortunate consequence of this abuse is the likely developmental retardation of the abused offspring–sometimes, in its extreme form–leading to Stockholm Syndrome–which is the identification of the abused towards the abuser as far as feeling empathy.

As far as I can tell the meaning here comes from an evolutionary view of the human condition with an over-identification of humans as nothing more than unthinking cattle. Like I said, reductionism at its finest! Coincidentally, also the view of humanity in the *Talmud…The problem, of course, is that humans are thinking animals and this ability to cognize should be enough to reason our way out of such faulty premises. I shall attempt to do so in this post with the caveat that I don’t accept that the complexity of late post-modernity should equate with unfair and unjust ethics–something that economic neoliberalism appears to take as a given.

Before I get into it I do concede that humanities existential condition is somewhat brutal as it’s a fact that life does eat life to survive, but this is automatic as far as we can tell–and are unthinking processes although panpsychism would argue that even on these levels there is sentience–but that’s a different topic and another post. The primary point I would make here is that although somewhat brutal; these processes, for the most part, strive for equilibrium and balance–that is to say they are not totalizing in their destructiveness–something that 15,000 scientists are warning humanity about (an upcoming post). We are on a path towards incredible destructiveness because, IMO, humanity has been reduced to objects of financial exploitation for the capitalist machine.

I think we need to look at who promotes this meme and it’s pretty clear that the victims of crap ethics are not the ones promoting this line of thought. It seems to be promoted by the ‘winners’ in the crapitalist casino model of economy which is a death sentence for much of the life on this planet. Look, I get that if one has won is this casino economy then life looks grand! Hookers and coke and all the travel and pleasure one can indulge in! Fine! Understandable, but ultimately unsustainable! And the point of this post is that a thinking animal should have been able to do better–at least this is what I will argue.

So what is this casino economy? Well, that is the crux of the issue, isn’t it? The casino economy was implemented by billionaires in the past century and they have been able to normalize pretty much everything that was considered immoral in 1890. In other words, what was not that long ago considered unthinkable economically by the majority of humans has now become completely acceptable and normalized when it comes to making money. Quite the conquest in thought, eh? I’ll give the casino owners 100% rating when it comes to the efficacy of their business model. There’s only one wee problem, though: it’s likely going to kill most of us in the coming century and at that point, the dealer’s hand doesn’t look so appealing, does it?

Here is some of the modus-operandi of the casino owners: kicking the majority of humans off land that was the Global Commons and forcing rents upon humanity to such a degree now that financial speculation in real-estate is going to make most people homeless in the coming century as an affordability crisis gets further and further out of control in large part caused by the inflationary mechanisms built into the fiat currency system concomitant with the decline in labor earnings which will be brought on by the development of A.I. This is already happening now in all the major cities in the world–all evidence points to this situation becoming exponentially worse.

The disconnecting of the masses from their ability to be self-sustainable by their own production of food. Well, if one wants total control of populations then control the money and food supplies and the TPTB have been remarkably successful in creating this dissociation. This has created dependency on the casino system for survival.

Control the education system so that the masses of humanity agree to their own enslavement in the amoral casino system. And let me define what I mean here: amorality as a social system wherein any behavior is acceptable as long as profit is being generated.

Make it so the physical and mental health of populations becomes a low priority as a sick and weakened people are easier to control. Make sure the food is crap; load the populations up with pharmaceuticals; promote addiction; create slave jobs that kills the creative spirit of people. Make sure populations go bankrupt paying for medical services brought on by the ethics of the casino owners. Again, truly brilliant, I’ll always concede their brilliant cunning.

So those are The Four Pillars of societal de-evolution, IMO, which are leading us down a path of unimagined destruction. I have the remedy in my Global-Commons solutions with a new Four Pillers as the foundation for benevolent societies here and here which aims to stop the unnecessary exploitation and coercion of humanities basic needs. We should, as thinking beings, be able to do better than our own self-annihilation. I concede this idea is in its infancy, but it’s a reasonable compromise between Marx and Adam Smith although the implementation would need a renewed vision of humanity from cynical misanthropy to a view somewhat more positive. A brief note on Mises: I don’t think he really grokked the enormity of the environmental issues facing humanity. He certainly didn’t live to see the diabolical implementation of neoliberal economics and its negative consequences for the earth. I think he suffered from an all too familiar cultural hubris, too. Another thing I don’t believe that Mises seriously considered was human pathology when it comes to economics. It’s estimated that about 20 in 100 people are prone to sociopathic and psychopathic behavior; Mises ideas are simply an open door for those twisted minds to co-opt any economic system, and that is precisely what’s happened! BTW: A fair share of this pathology resides in the Jewish demographic! Anyway, times have changed. Unnecessary exploitation and coercion of humanities basic needs is unacceptable. Once those are met then Mises’s ideas would become relevant again. One of the main themes in an upcoming blog is the utter failure of liberalism when it comes to the environment.

One last thought here: we need to address all the ways the casino owners have loaded the deck in their favor by creating unmerited wealth. In point form in no particular order:

-every manner of usury and the doozy of fiat currency.

-laws favoring corporate malfeasance.

-using the State to enforce by force casino ethics.




-*Darwinism in group conspiracy ( Jewish supremacy).

-unprovable and dubious metaphysics as self-justification for poor financial behavior (my recent post). The Divine Right of Kings, systemic caste systems, etc.





This link is a video conversation between Sam Harris and a priest of a Los Angeles liberal church.

Let me first say that there is a certain perspective where I can nod my head in agreement in a very generally evolutionary sense as far as this conversation goes. Yes, I’m well versed in Integral Theory. But that, I’m afraid, is as good as it gets, and it’s going to get much worse as I get into a Christian Gnostic interpretation of this talk.

But first the easy political critique. The liberalism embraced by these two is environmental cancer to the planet! 10 billion people doing whatever they want whenever they want by 2050 is a recipe for disaster yet liberal politics and religion embrace this deeply flawed ethic! It’s convenient, isn’t it, that this ethos just happens to line the pockets of corrupt billionaires. You would think conservatism might be a remedy for this travesty but you’d be wrong today because conservatism has been hijacked solely for the unwavering fetishism of Israeli policy…

So, let’s ask, then, what has happened to the Christian church in N.A. since the creation of the nation-state of Israel? Well, overwhelmingly, it’s divided, coincidentally, into two main schisms: the neoconservative idolatry of Israeli supremacy and as this video shows a liberal branch which is subtly enabling the Greater Israel Project, The Yinon Plan, and especially the  Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi plan–all of which use liberalism as just another tool for Israeli objectives and in this case the liberal ideology of multiculturalism.  Make no mistake about the ‘left-hand’ machinations of Mr. Harris’s people who are fully implementing– on a worldwide scale–an endgame which is most likely a worldwide Marxist central government headed by a Jewish Messiah who will usher in the Noahide Laws. We can thank the Sabbatean Frankist’s here, also!

So what do we make of Mr. Harris who has the audacity to talk the way he does in such a place? (I get he was invited) Well, there are pros and cons to that, too, and although it’s good, IMO, that he considers Buddhism it may not be so good that Mr. Harris represents himself as a spokesperson for Buddhist thought. There are many in the Buddhist community who resent Jewish ‘infiltration’ of Buddhist cosmology which is in no way united in a materialist cosmology. Be that as it may, we will now get to the heart of the matter of this post…

The much-maligned Christian Gnostic worldview would see no incongruity in this talk as Christendom was always a machination of the demiurge and its archons who wove one supreme lie into Christian thought: that Jehovah was the Kristo’s father. And in this talk, we see one inevitable, and consistent outcome of these narratives over time: Jewish alignment with Christian ecclesiastical authority–truly, there is nothing new under the sun. I talk about this collusion here as it pertains to a cabal of Jesuits, Jews, and Freemasons who implemented modern finance, or what I call MONOKA$HISM!

I think what bothers me the most here is the outright dismissal of the root cause of much of the problems with Islam in modernity: millions of Muslims killed and lands raided by Jewish and Christian instigators (corporate ones, also). Now, in saying this, as a Christian Gnostic, I believe Islam is also a tool of the demiurge, too, but that fact shouldn’t preclude an honest assessment of the shenanigans in the middle east in the past century. Much of the mayhem is the direct result of Jewish delusion and it’s here where Mr. Harris becomes the purveyor of duplicity. The West, in general, has become a weapon and financial backer for all things to do with what benefits Israel.

Anyway, I guess a part of this post must be anecdotal and I understand the problems inherent in such a position; but, nevertheless, I shall lay it on the table. First, though, I’ve read a few of Mr. Harris’s books and don’t have a problem with atheism per se, I see atheism as one camp among many with the key point being we don’t really know what this is. Here, then, are my issues with this guys positions on certain topics: the complete dismissal of an alternative narrative on 911 where there is overwhelming evidence that Israel benefitted the most from that day (and certain Jews) How my spirit, much like in reaction to this post, was quite stirred to anger when I saw S.H. giving a talk at the JFK campus(in another video) when there is overwhelming evidence of Israeli involvement (and motive) in the JFK assassination. The dismissal of Jewish influence, in general, within Christian cultures (and the consequences of that). I bet not one word conceding that Las Vegas was some kind of staged event surrounded by Israeli actors and Egyptian symbolism. (see my earlier link on MONOKA$HISM).

All in all, this doesn’t paint a very pretty picture of potential motivations by these particular actors. If everything else I was saying is wrong in this post the liberal delusions therein should be enough to question the approach within this video. The only positive thing I can say is that certain types of spiritual atheism are better for humanity in the long run than material reductionism. But we need to make sure spiritual hypothesis is not embedded within duplicity and double-talk.

Some final thoughts on Zionism: imagine a culture who implemented a great idea of taking a rest day every seventh day and every seventh year and every seventieth–The Jubilee! This would create a sustainable way forward for humanity. Economic reset as continually re-occurring! But no, instead we get one of the worst ideas in all of religion: The Chosen People. It’s curious as to which ideas they pick and choose from, isn’t it?

And what if the Zionist’s went into Palestine with the mindset that they would help the Palestinians by teaching them to build healthy homes and schools while guiding them into modernity and its complexities? And what if the Zionist’s kept their aspirations to Israel only giving safe haven to the Jewish people ( and Palestinians) while abandoning plans of worldwide supremacy?

No……..we couldn’t have that, could we? And I suspect the reason is explained in Christian Gnostic thought! The blind leading the blind!










Okay, I’m heading out on a limb here! Me bad! This post is going to explore the very excellent Netflix show, Stranger Things from a Christian Gnostic perspective.

Before I start I’ll say I’m not the only one sensing this storyline/narrative/interpretation. This YouTuber has done a video positing that the Demogorgon is Eleven’s mom–( or the fractured mind of 11’s mother). It’s worth watching if you want to travel down this rabbit-hole. I should note here that I also very much consider Buddhist ontology and that this all could be the phantasms and projections of the collective human mind on all its myriad levels. Nevertheless…

In Christian Gnosticism, the Demiurge is the monster and it’s no accident that the monster in the show is called Demogorgon. The Archons of the Demiurge created this upside down in which we reside and are called the Elohim. ELeven! 11…The star of the show! They control the Matrix and they let us know of their existence on 9-11! We see in the show the collusion between the Elohim (11) and the governmental and scientific authorities; although in the show 11 is the victim–I’m not looking for every detail of this theory to be consistent–it’s enough for this blog that the generalities connect. The reality here though is that the archons are very much in league with government and scientific authorities and they are up to all kinds of shenanigans with mind-control experiments only the tip of the iceberg! It should be noted that recently discovered Gnostic texts clearly describe some of the archons and they appear to be the grey aliens of popular lore (soulless machines) and reptilian type bad actors.

Anyway, it’s business as usual in sleepy town America when Will is abducted into the upside-down. It’s interesting to me that they named him Will because will plays a crucial part in our longing to be free of the matrix in which we are trapped. Arthur Schopenhauer and Nietzsche were keenly aware of this–or so I will assert. They were also acutely aware of our existential dilemma–trapped as it were–in a conundrum wrapped up in a labyrinth surrounded by a clusterfuck!

If there were anything to what I’m espousing here we would then find that nearly everything about this existence is inverted! That is to say that one is not here to be a slave of the archons but to be free and gain freedom. So when the Bible says a man shall not eat if he doesn’t work you can be sure that is an injunction of our slave masters! The slave-drivery of the Bible (and other religions) start to make a lot of sense from this perspective. We see this in the Roman festival of Saturnalia (El) which was the celebration of the master-slave relationship and the Saturn logo is everywhere with the Nike swoosh being the most prominent within popular culture (got slave labor, Nike)?

So……if we are in the upside-down then what is the right side up? Well, according to the Christian Gnosticism that would be the realm of the Aeons– Kristos and Sophia (multi-dimensionality) who are revealing their presence to humanity in this age.

It should be noted that I haven’t watched season 2 yet but I’ve discovered that they are introducing Kali! Oh, my, the plot thickens:D

Okay, then, this post will explore the root of much of the mayhem happening on this planet. Let’s start with a definition of metaphysics: I’ll define it here as belief in an invisible power or force usually involved with the destiny of humans and the planet. I’m not using metaphysics here in the context of Heideggerian being.

I’ve asserted here that there is very little evidence for any such notions. Over 40 years of research and experience with this topic has led me to believe that there is only limited data on the efficacy of yoga and meditation. That’s it! 10,000 years of religiosity and that’s all we have as evidence! Now, I might add, that I do believe in the existence of subtle energy or Chi but I simply don’t believe there’s enough evidence about what it is to call for political systemic government premised on these ideas. Hinduism and the caste system are proof enough that such systems are destructive and abusive.  500 years of scientific investigation has led to the same conclusions that I’ve come to myself although, of course, I’ve considered scientific evidence to help me form perspectives on this issue. The best system of government developed by humans was a non-corrupted form of secular law. That billionaires have corrupted this system is not an indictment of secular human values but rather an indictment of corrupt mafia ethics! That there are those that assert Buddhist metaphysics as justification for the crimes of the billionaire class is as problematic as the metaphysics of Calvin with its ridiculous assertion that wealth was an indication of God’s favor.

Let’s now, then, start our deconstruction of all humanities crap metaphysics and the murderous mayhem that they most often enact. We’ll begin with the mother of all insanity: Judaism. In this video, Abby Martin interviews average Israel’s and it clearly elucidates the mind control and child abuse of this particular religious system. There is a Reconstructionist Jew interviewed therein so the situation isn’t entirely hopeless but they are a small minority and quite often enact a code of silence enabling their toxic brethren to carry on business as usual. I’ll add right off the top that Christianity and Islam fare no better and their histories are littered with murderous mayhem.

Modern epistemology easily understands what good parenting is and the clear diagnosis is that the Judaic God is a psychopath (if it existed), Reconstructionist Jews understand this.  There’s really no other reasonable interpretation yet centuries of mind-control continue to persist on delusion as being real. This should be–by all modern ways of knowing–unacceptable. Yet here we are with Israel manipulating world events so they can usher in their political Messiah. 911 was, in part, the collusion of literalists within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam who have more in common with each other than they do with any healthy secular order. The endgame, here, IMO, will be the invoking of The Noahide Laws by whoever claims to be the Jewish Messiah.

And it’s here we must look into the claims of Christian Gnosticism. Very many of the early Christian’s were dead set against the idea that Jehovah was a good God (something clearly validated by modern knowledge). Yet the Roman Church found a way to make Jehovah be the father of Kristos–something Christian Gnosticism has always disputed. Please allow a little speculation here: look at the Whitehouse today–clearly controlled by the union of Judaic thought mixed with the power of Caesar–it’s not hard to imagine that that is exactly what happened in the time of Constantine. It’s historical fact that the Rabbi’s wielded extraordinary influence by the time Constantine appeared on the scene and that Constantine was used by the archons to set up the next chess piece within the demiurges matrix. These machinations continue 1700 years later. I’m not arguing this as fact but it’s at least a coherent view which is consistent with events and I also am adamant that Christian Gnosticism in no way asserts that spirituality should be codified into societal structures so I can hardly be accused of being inconsistent.

I believe Christian Gnosticism to be a distinct spiritual worldview which stands on its own in direct contradistinction to other less coherent types of religiosity.

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