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Here is a link discussing the idea of Tikkun Olam. I would like to compare the idea with esoteric enlightenment within Christian Gnosticism and eastern spirituality in general.

First I would like to say that any religious injunction projected outward onto others is and will always be an error. Religious atrocity over 10,000 years can be truncated down to this one crucial error of religiosity; whether the Crusades, Jihadism, or Tikkun Olam–it’s always bad, bad, bad and never ends well.

Let’s compare this idea with Buddhism, shall we? In Buddhism, there is no injunction to project your religious conviction unto others in a societal manner; one practice’s within the interiority of one’s own mind and if things go well one can experience extraordinary states of consciousness; however, there is really no need to force an interior experience onto others in society–if all goes well, according to theory–society will eventually work itself out for the better. This isn’t to say that enlightened people shouldn’t try to set up the conditions within their respective societies to further advance the enlightenment of all sentient beings, but this would be done mind fully and with skillful means. In Buddhism, this is known as the sangha and the dharma and it’s voluntary (and so should be).

I should mention that I’m no fan of theocratic systems whether the Hindu caste, Sharia Law, Christian Fascist States, or Israel. They don’t work and never end well. The religious experience has to be about the individual’s relationship to its source and nothing more. Society should be governed by rational non-corrupted secular law and the problem today, of course, is that big money corrupted secular law (but that doesn’t mean secular law is wrong). It means we have to get the various mafias out of power. And make no mistake, religious mafias want control of the State. That was a big part of why 911 happened. Yes, there are those that want to crush secularism and usher in a worldwide Marxist Theocracy. 

And therein lies the enormous problem of Tikkun Olam–it’s delusional in practice. Look, by all means, practice within the 4-walls of your home as that is your right but you have no right to project it further! There is the issue of hypocrisy, too. Do you know what it looks like to have the largest genocidal prison camp in human history in your country and then project that you want to fix my country? No thanks! But this is what you’re doing on a worldwide scale and it’s delusional! Hell, Jewish scholars openly admit the history espoused in the Torah is nonsense! But sure, believe anything you want but keep it in your own house and in your own mind. Please, stop trying to fix me as I can no longer afford the interest rates! Take the log out of your own eye first you hypocrites! It should be noted that there are those documenting Jewish control of Buddhism–wrong, wrong, wrong! We can be reasonably sure, too, that today’s SJW are in large part funded by this demographic. Not good!

Okay, now a point on Christian Gnosticism: this world is irredeemable and the legal property of the Demiurge who controls ALL religion but not the religious experience. This is the number one reason to eschew religious theocracies–render unto Caesar that which is Caesars! The Christian Gnostic much like the Buddhist has one goal only: to get the hell out of this prison matrix! Got it?

Leftism, aka., liberalism is being misdiagnosed by quite a few bad actors within various media circuses. This post will try to flesh out what’s wrong with the various temper tantrums masquerading as insight within media culture these days.

Let’s first get clear on some definitions:

liberalism is a function of one hemisphere of the brain linked to creativity and novelty and imagination. Without it, we are reduced to mindless robotics. Conversely conservative is a function of the other hemisphere which seeks stability, strength, and fortitude and without it, we are reduced to being blown aimlessly by various winds and whimsy.  We need both faculties working together and functioning to high degrees of efficiency.

Furthermore, liberalism tends to blame societal structures for problems within culture and conservatives want to blame individuals but the truth is that both are equally culpable for the shambles we face today. Picking one side to blame is simply a divisive tactic of the archons.

Okay, now that we have a few parameters fleshed out we can begin to weed out the propaganda. One of the foundational divides within the left-right dichotomy over the past 500 years has been the Idealist/Materialist divide–aka., the science/religion schism. The bad actors on the scene are espousing one of two false choices: either one has to believe absurd religious mythology or are accused of being infidel/evil, or one has to fully embrace atheism as ABSOLUTE fact without equivocation; without concession that there could be something we don’t know about life and the nature of reality. One position has led to fundamentalism and the other has led to reducing humans to objects of financial exploitation within the capitalist machine.

It’s these capitalists who, in my opinion, are sewing much of this discord and disinformation. And they are doing this to obscure the fact that liberalism in the capitalist sense of individuals doing whatever they want whenever they want over the next century is going to lead to ecological disaster–but the capitalists don’t care about this because it’s simply another opportunity to earn capital. So out come all the diversion tactics to keep the capitalist machine running–business as usual! ( and straight into the police state technocracy).

The biggest diversion at the moment is the attack on postmodernism. While I agree that there may be problems with this within learning institutions the problems created don’t span enough societal territory to warrant the hysteria. I won’t touch on the fact that much of the insights of postmodernism were correct although I concede they are wholly inadequate as a grand narrative principle to govern civilization ( not that pomo’s believed in G.N.), and I concede the performative contradictions built into postmodern philosophy do end up creating absurdities. But the solution to pomo isn’t a return to fundamentalist idiocy!

The truth here though is that Marxism was always meant to be the dialectic of capitalism and they diabolically feed off each other and have created the worst death counts in human history! Neither one of them deserves esteem by any sensible or reasonable standard! I call them machinations of the god KA$H. It’s more than just coincidence that Marx developed his theories just as the robber barons began their assault on the commons which has transferred the wealth of the nations into the hands of a few thousand mafia oligarchs! No, Marxism isn’t the boogeyman it’s one half of a monster called greed and avarice! But it makes for rather crappy entertainment within the political media circus, doesn’t it?

I guess we are going to have to touch on Israel and Islam here, too; as they are two of the major antagonists within this inquiry. Israel is easy: 3500 years of I DINDU NUFFIN! Islam is useful idiots used as pawns by the demiurge as far as I can tell! The fact of the matter is that Islam wasn’t much of a problem in modernity until the Zionists created a hell zone on earth birthed in severe violence and genocide. Hell, not that long ago Muslim lands were hippie destinations for easy living! It’s The Greater Israel Project which has inflamed Islāmic delusions coupled with the rape of their lands by the corporatocracy. And now these insane greed infested capitalists have Christendom crying foul never conceding at all that the Christian Fascist’s ( Christianity infiltrated by Zionist actors). created the very conditions that they whine about–Muslim immigration into the west.

No, sir/ma’am, liberalism isn’t the problem they say it is and the problem that it really is will not be talked about any more than the fact that conservatism has been hijacked by the fetishism of Israel and fundamentalism in general.  The real problems with liberalism are environmental degradation and the abandonment of everything spiritual.

Here are a few more problems with modern leftist ideology in no particular order:

-it’s allowed women freedom but women are now having to turn to porn and prostitution more and more as the capitalists become more and more greedy. Any cursory look in the help wanted section would prove this is the largest hiring section on the market. It should be noted that pre-war Germany had to turn to prostitution, too–on a remarkable scale.

-it has allowed amorality to be the guiding principle of economic thinking normalizing a mafia casino ethic of how to run economies.

-it’s allowed immigration to the point of destroying its own identities as far as any historic group cohesion. This is creating reactionary ethnonationalism and it’s not the first time we’ve seen this. Hitler was Germany’s reaction to Jewish supremacy and we are seeing the same beast being fed today.

-the destruction of the nuclear family unit which was the apex of human survival.

It’s only a spiritual animal fully free to pursue the truth of any particular matter that has any long-term benefit to the human condition; anything less is propaganda, and that seems to be the modus operandi of the times or zeitgeist!


This post will prove beyond any doubt that the Christian version of Satan is impossible. This post is not interested in the veracity of Judaism as it’s been proved that the Torah is not historically accurate or scientifically sound as far as its purported cosmology.

Nonetheless, this link will give a very accurate depiction of Judaism’s understanding of Satan. The understanding is today exactly how it was 2000 years ago (and 3500). Satan is a soldier of God and performing God’s will as an adversary of man.

I’ll point out that 2000-years ago the Jews may have been influenced by Zoroastrianism which teaches there are two opposing God’s of good and evil and it’s plausible that Jews came across Hindu and Buddhist ideas of evil actors. However, it appears the Jews nevertheless stuck to their unique version of this character. Anymore cross-pollination of ideas between religious thought on this issue is beyond the scope of this post.

It becomes fact then that the Jews at the time of the Kristos would not have argued with Jesus about the nature of Satan in the way Christians today would assume. It’s simply not possible as the Christian version of Satan wasn’t established until many centuries later. This leaves us with two possibilities when it comes to what pissed off the Pharisees and The Sadducees when it came to their confrontation with Kristos. The first one is that the Jews were right and Jesus was just a fake poser! Although this is possible I don’t believe it’s an adequate explanation for the hostilities of the Jews towards one of their brothers and further, the Jews were well used to every other person claiming to be a Messiah–the trend continues to this day–Messianic fervor, but the point is the Rabbi’s were well used to dismissing charlatans in that regard even in those times. Jesus would have been equally dismissed without commotion.

So, then, what did Kristos say to the Jews that stirred their hearts to wrath? The Gnostics would say what stirred their hearts to wrath is that the Gnostic Kristos called the Jewish tribal God an evil demiurge! And yes, sir! That indeed would have pissed them off a great deal! Furthermore, it actually makes sense of the nonsensical because the non-Gnostic Jesus wouldn’t have been arguing with the Rabbi’s about Satan as they would have shared the same version of who Satan was. This is the only POSSIBLE explanation for the antagonisms between the Rabbis and the Kristos.

I guess Muslims could chime in here but their version of Satan is just as non-sensical as Christianity’s so that gambit does little to alter the veracity of my claim. I would need extraordinary evidence from Muslims to alter my view on this; moreover,  Muslim history fares no better than Jewish history as far as the historicity and accuracy of the Genesis stories of these two religions.

Nope, the only thing that makes sense is the Christian Gnostic version of Kristos who didn’t die for your sins because you are not a sinner; who wasn’t born via a virgin as that’s not possible either; who isn’t going to torment you forever for being a screw-up in one life, and on and on.

Gnostic Christianity teaches that Kristos is immortal and appears as human whenever and wherever it decides to do so; this being cannot be murdered in any human way. It was this Gnostic Kristos who pissed off the Rabbi’s enough that they wanted to kill him (but couldn’t possibly do so).

Does this make the Jews evil? A resounding no! But it does render them blind, or as one being said at the time, “the blind leading the blind!’. It’s an interesting coincidence today the Jewish people tend, generally, to fall into either  Rabbinical Judaism of some type or are atheists (not that there is anything wrong with atheism). But this assessment, again, is quite general as there are obviously Jews who believe myriad different things about life, but that doesn’t dismiss the general assessment, IMO. Either way, as far as Christian Gnosticism goes–rabbinical or atheist–it’s the blind leading the blind. This gives a whole new slant on Marx’s dialectical materialism or Rand’s Objectivism, doesn’t it?

Okay, then, that’s all for now, and hopefully, everyone grows up enough not to have a hissy fit because of these truisms:) Besides, we will still get the spectacle of witnessing whoever the Rabbi’s declare Lord of Jerusalem! Damn! More fun than anyone should be allowed to have:D

This post will address my ideas on withdrawing consent to the present world order which is destroying the planet and trying to enslave humanity in a hi-tech technocratic smart grid totalitarian future. The unholy trinity is doing this and the only thing they understand is money and power. Their power is wielded by force and coercion so we can’t fight them physically which means we can only fight with money. I would say first that very few people can withdraw from their systems of control totally and those few who can probably should do so–the rest of us will have to fight by withdrawing financial consent. Without further ado:

  1. Stop buying from corporations! Spend your money at small proprietorships! Although this probably can’t be implemented fully one can certainly stop supporting corrupt mafia-run corporations more than we are. Seek every possible alternative to your purchases.
  2. Stop paying taxes for 7-years if possible. Do whatever is possible to withdraw your tax debt by any legal means necessary. I believe it is still legal to not file for 7-years.
  3. Put your money into gold, silver, and crypto and keep your banking to whatever is absolutely necessary for your minimal survival; don’t engage with the big banks more than what’s necessary for your survival.
  4. Sell your houses and own only one! And buy only enough property to support you and your family’s needs. The speculation on real-estate has to end as its turned homes into speculative ventures causing massive inflation and debt bubbles. This will not end well. I’ll add here that young people really need to consider whether to become debt servants for life in the unholy trinities education systems when the internet offers all the education one really needs for free–go learn how to build a Tiny House and how to be self-sufficient off the grid! But it’s your choice and I get these are not easy decisions
  5. Stop paying for their mind-controlling entertainment! Cut off your cable! Keep your phones to what is only necessary to survive. Use the internet to organize against their corrupt systems. Don’t pay for their movies or keep them to Netflix only. Don’t go to their concerts and support independent musicians who are just trying to survive. You’ll be safer, too, as we are now being used as target practice by these elite psychopaths. Don’t pay for their sports propaganda as anyone who plays games with a stick, or ball deserves or merits the amount of money they are now paid. The mafia obviously bought the sports and entertainment complex as a gauntlet to hide behind and to give themselves an air of legitimacy.
  6. Eat as minimally and as sparsely and you possibly can. And make sure that the majority of what you eat is a healthy living food. Try to grow your own or learn how. You can train yourself to eat once or twice a day and to minimize flakies and decadent unnecessary foods. You will lose weight and gain health. If you’re a meat-eater try to either kill it yourself or buy animal meat that has been raised ethically. Try to have no meat days. Try to cut back on the red meats and eat less chicken, fish, eggs, dairy. If you need to eat these things then buy quality and minimize your eating habits with these foods.
  7. Try to abstain or minimalize your alcohol use. Look into marijuana and CBD products instead.  Use mindfully and don’t become addicted. Try to get off their corporate pharmaceuticals; only use them for serious conditions where your medical doctor says it’s absolutely necessary. Look into alternative medicines but be aware there is a lot of quackery in this field, too. A healthy diet and proper exercise can go a long way to alleviating sickness and disease. Look into the responsible use of entheogens for cleansing and psychological insights. Be extraordinarily careful and do a lot of research and use these substances with respect and sober ritual.
  8. Get in shape! Walk, run, bike! Do anything to burn calories. Do yoga, meditation. Prey to the one true truth of all existence and don’t try to name what that is. It most likely will never say anyway but can be heard in ‘whispers in the wind!’
  9. Don’t travel more than necessary! Make a choice to reduce your driving habits and try to work where you live and find a way not to have to commute more than 20 minutes each way to and from work (and hopefully not corporate work). Try to find ways to do eco-tourism if your honest merit has given you abundance to be able to afford to travel. The truth of the matter is that liberalism when it comes to the environment will end up destroying us. 10-billion people doing whatever they want whenever they want (although a capitalist dream come true) will not end well at all. And yes, sadly, conservatism in the past 70 years has been replaced with the fetishism of Israel.

Before I get into number ten I have to preface with some thoughts on Israel. If one is a sincere searcher in their walk towards truth and justice then one will come up against the JQ (the Jewish Question). I’ll try to just stick to the facts here and be objective. There is little to no evidence that the claims in their book are true ( or any religious book). The claim to ‘chosen-ness’ and Israeli supremacy is irrational and illogical and no GOOD God would use such methods ( not that God exists); century after century these folks get themselves embroiled in controversy after controversy with always the same, “I Dindu Nuffin'”. That claims to ethnocentric superiority are false and that Darwinian group supremacy is a wasteful and unnecessary fallacy; better to be humble and try and get along with your neighbors! Okay, that being said, there are so many bad actors on this planet that it’s not necessarily helpful to scapegoat one tribe, but we shouldn’t disregard legitimate criticisms of anyone, though, especially in an age where the Jewish people have gained such great power–power corrupts!

  1. 10.Understand that you are probably a prisoner of your ego and that your attachments to your kin and tribes ideologies are egotistical and ethnocentric attachments that have no real relevance to reality, Healthy attachment to one’s peers is fine but when it leads to privilege and specialness you can be guaranteed it’s not healthy or factually true. Don’t support nation-states that have racist ethnocentric policies. And yes, Israel was the first modern nation-state premised solely on identity (ethnonationalism). We need to demand that western militaries end unnecessary wars aimed at Israel’s enemies. End ALL foreign wars of conquest whether for Israel or corrupt mafia corporations. Only use the military as a legitimate tool of self-defense against illegal aggression and not for stealing resources or for colonial or imperial conquests. There is only one place left to outsource the military on this planet and that is to turn it against all of us! This can never be allowed to happen!

I’ll end with some thoughts on immigration: ALL countries have to agree to open borders and heterogeneity of populations via plurality or no countries should do it and every country be based on ethnonationalism and have every ethnic group have its own country. I don’t see how the latter is possible at this time and we should 100% oppose plurality for traditionally western Christian nations while Islāmic nations get to stay homogenous along with China, Japan, Israel, or any other nation which seeks its own ethnonationalism while hypocritically espousing plurality for others!