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In previous posts linked below, I discussed the possibility of meaningless nihilism in a Godless universe; explored, briefly, 10,000 years of religious storytelling (mythology), and moved onto an alternative view of who Jesus might have been: The Gnostic Kristos.

Imagine this: a time not too far from now when pollution wreaks havoc upon the earth; when less than 10,000 people own 95% of all the wealth on the planet; when resources dwindle and mass shortages cause chaos throughout the world; when machines police you into oblivion! It couldn’t possibly happen here I hear you say! Wrong! And the truth is all these scenarios could very well happen this century given all the current trajectories, and do you know why? Because humanity was persuaded that The Golden Rule was a myth, too; that it was archaic thinking espoused by someone who didn’t even exist!

How much did the universe charge you for being here? Were all the plants and animals charging you interest for use over the last few hundred thousand years of human history? NO! In fact, we were here and it all existed freely…

Circa about 250 years ago in Europe…The emergence of capitalism in its present form. There’s a saying about capitalism, ‘what was once free now costs a hell of a lot of dough!’…It was at this time that the Golden Rule got thrown into the trash bin of history and we’re now seeing the cumulative disastrous results of this error…Okay, I can see this will need some unpacking.

The trading of goods and services was always a priori for humanity. It is how we go about doing this that is crucial and this is the crux of The Golden Rule: embrace it and survive and flourish and dismiss it and watch and see what happens…Let me ask you this: if Jesus existed in some form and taught The Golden Rule then why do you believe it wouldn’t be relevant to economics? Please, have at ‘er on this one in the comment section.

Part three is coming to a close here and I’ll leave you with this to ponder: can any human being meet their potential when their 4-basic needs of FOOD/WATER, SHELTER, EDUCATION, and HEALTHCARE, are taken away from them via UNNECESSARY exploitation and coercion? It’s these issues which are central to The Golden Rule and are at the heart of this particular matter! And we’ll be exploring this further as the 12 days of Christmas pass us by once again…

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In upcoming posts, we’ll get into what a possible Gnostic Kristos ( if it exists) thinks about 1700 years of Christendom; what it might think of Islam and Judaism; what it might think of Hinduism (and to a lesser degree) Buddhism as they relate to the ideas of karma and reincarnation.

In the previous post, we acknowledged the possibility of ultimate meaninglessness in a Godless universe where no extraterrestrials exist. It was nihilism all the way up and down and that has led to a psychopathic prison planet being run by, well…psychopaths. We’ll move on to more hopeful possibilities as bleak as they are given the above truism.

Religion! Oh, my, here we go then into the mire. About 10,000 years have passed since the first collective narratives started trying to make sense out of what humans found themselves in. This history is littered with every imaginable claim and the fact of the matter is that there is next to no objective evidence for any religious claims whatsoever. After 10,000 years the only significant data we have is the mild efficacy of yoga and meditation in relation to the human body-mind. There’s not a shred of repeatable verifiable evidence for any other claims regarding a soul or anything else along those lines in all of religion. The historicity of the Bible narratives is the swiss cheese of academia’s history departments! In no other field of inquiry would we accept the near complete absence of evidence. *Facts!

So who were the Godmen, then? Well, it appears they’re mostly solar anthropomorphism. Mythologies reified. I sincerely doubt that any of them existed historically, as written. Some of them may have existed as real human figures but I’m convinced that they didn’t exist in the way conventional religion asserts. This series of posts will largely deal with the Jesus figure who I refer to as the Kristosa Gnostic Aeon… Whoa, Nellie! I thought we were talking about a Godless material universe! Yes, we were and I conceded the possibility and now it’s time to move on and try to make sense out of near endless contradictions over the next 11 days–there’s time to make my case. Nonetheless, this narrative of who he was is about one of the only ones that make any sense out of the near complete absence of evidence for the stories in The New Testament and the Bible.

The reason there’s next to no evidence for the official stories being true is that they didn’t happen–not in the way described, and certainly not for the inane reasons given. These series of posts will now more than less work from the premise that the Pharisees and Sadducees did indeed, encounter the Kristos on occasion, but those encounters probably didn’t look as described and not for the reasons indicated.

Some of you could be noticing a conundrum now: if these beings exist then how come they don’t show themselves? Why are they letting the illusion of materialism take front and center stage? Well, certainly, these are good questions and like I already mentioned–this series of posts is going to speculate on why that is, what the agenda is, and why The Golden Rule is the ONLY thing that matters when it comes to your existence; in fact, it’s really the only thing the Kristos taught–along with the knowledge that you don’t belong here.

*NOTE: verification of claims in any meaningful way need to be repeatable and verified by a large number of skeptical peers. This is the scientific consensus. Anecdotal documentaries don’t cut it. Anecdotes themselves within this field of inquiry are logical fallacies. Having said that, there is empirical evidence for the bodily and calming effects of yoga and meditation but there is still zero empirical evidence for subtle energies. Now I think they might exist but we should be extremely cautious in dealing with our speculations on this particular issue. And no, there is zero empirical evidence in the efficacy of prayer.

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                                                                   “Elephants can’t fly”

Well, I guess we have to start with the elephant in the room; or, in this case, the room is completely void of elephants; and for the sake of this post, the room will be empty of everything but humanity! We won’t even consider whether E.T. exists in this post. It’s just us–the cosmic fluke in a rather large dead universe!

So let’s run with this for a moment. What would that mean? Well, of course, it would mean The Golden Rule doesn’t mean crapola! Nothing does! Nihilism is our inevitable fate if this were true–there’s really no escaping this conclusion if one is to assess honestly.  But sure, we can make up all the New Age touchy-feely narratives we like but ultimately they are all doomed to meaninglessness…That’s a fact under this scenario. Cry and whine all you like ’cause it really doesn’t matter– nothing does!

Now, interestingly, this nihilism became fused to Machiavellian atheism over the past few centuries and has done exactly this: installed a vision of survival of the fittest economics in a gory bloodbath of Social Darwinist depravity! And I should note that toilets, electricity and all the rest of the toys don’t alter these facts. Yes, that is where we are today–just past a few centuries of killing fields and now in a post-911 worldwide social lockdown–a worldwide police state of ‘show me your papers’...don’t say this and don’t think that! No, no, no. Obey!

So yes, under this scenario, the various mafias that have taken over the earth in the past few centuries can do what they bloody well please and NO ONE can stop them. It’s brute force and coercion with the biggest most advanced militaries ready and willing to crush anyone that resists and the pay has never been better because they control the printing of money–this is a fact now, too.

I’ll leave day 1 at this. All I’ll say is that this mode of operation can be likened to Dumbo! And it really doesn’t matter if this scenario is true. 

But please understand that all it took for the usurious mafia to take over the world was simply to declare that God was non-existent.

Well, here we are again! The Winter Solstice. Tis the season! For…

That seems to be the question, doesn’t it? The Pagan Sun-worshipping tradition grafted into the State Religion of Rome. It’s really common knowledge now even though sects like The Jehovah Witnesses figured it out long before the internet’s arrival which has revealed almost everything–except for who our controlling archons are? The big mystery!

So, during this 12 Days Of Christmas, I’m going to explore the Golden Rule. And I should mention who this series of posts isn’t for; it’s not for Secular Humanists who have committed the largest act of cowardice in human history by allowing various mafias to co-opt civilization ( the largest one being the fiat currency cabal); it’s not for atheists who’ve committed vast acts of genocide via Marxism in the East and Zionism in the West (isn’t the 200 years of nihilism grand?); it’s not for the Academics who’ve sold out knowledge (administrators mostly) by privatizing education for corporate malfeasance; it’s not for the Media Empires who’ve now turned into worldwide propaganda machines for various mafias; and it’s not for politicians who, like Nucky on Boardwalk Empire, used the public purse for fattening their own wallets, and are now passing laws to make sure voices like this one are silenced; it’s not for neoliberal New-Age spiritualists brought to us by The Capitalist Department of Spiritual Propaganda for a buck; it’s not for the Ayn Randian’s who’ve now taken over the Empire while they use its power-structures to implement the largest Police State in human history; and finally, it’s not for The Baby-Boomers–a generation of narcissists like no other–aided and abetted by the Sports and Entertainment complex.

Who I’m not really into having a discussion with during the next 12 days: only two groups of people really–those who believe in Non-Duality and won’t concede it’s simply one spiritual worldview among millions–not provable, not verifiable, blah, blah, blah…I’m happy to engage any ‘non-dualists’ who are willing to concede that it’s one spiritual view among many–very many–what I call a Multiplicity of spiritual beliefs.

Here is a link to Hindu spiritual Dualism–a position I hold if God exists–and I believe it does.

I’m not interested in discussing this topic with those who prescribe to Tikkun Olam–please, take the log out of your own eye before you try to fix anyone else! Truly, the Blind leading the Blind!

So, that’s it…And here is when it begins in my timezone:

  • Thursday, December 21, 2017, at 8:28 am PST…

Hopefully, I can get through this. And yes, I’ll be exploring Crypto during these 12 days especially for how it might relate to the Golden Rule. 

Who might like this series? Anyone who still thinks that spirituality is real and important! You might be a part of a Religion or you may be out there on your own, either way, I hope I can give you something worth considering.

And BTW: that group of people I mentioned? They will swear up-down and sideways that the Golden Rule isn’t relevant and that it doesn’t pertain to money, finance, and the trading of goods and services.

Happy 12 Days, Y’all!