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The first money I made as a kid doing something I chose was Caddying when I was 13 years old. There was a private course that we had to cut across to get to school and during those excursions, I found out about caddying. Hey, 20 bucks for a few hours of walking was pretty easy dough for a kid. I even carried a double for Wayne and Frank Schuster once. I was always active playing every sport imaginable but running was my fave–especially long distance.

Anyway, what the hell I’m I talking about? Oh, well, yes, spiritual claims. Now before I get into this I’ll mention that I’m in the camp that spirituality (if defined as what’s in the best interest of humanity and the earth surviving) is critical at this juncture in time. But it’s what that spirituality would look like that informs the rest of this post…Now, I should mention that I concede the ultimate meaningless nihilism of all things in a Godless universe–there’s no escaping that if it were true–although I believe it isn’t, I’m not going to argue this issue here.

If I were to claim loudly and ubiquitously on all known channels that I could whip Tiger’s ass in golf everyone would rightfully think I’m full of shit unless I could prove my claim! Of course, I can’t in this instance! But my point in case you missed it is that the same dynamic should be at play in spirituality and it’s unfathomable to me why it isn’t; why every insane ludicrous claim gets taken seriously in this particular field when it wouldn’t be tolerated in others! Prove your claim and if you can’t SHUT-UP! Just keep your beliefs to yourself (or as I suggest later, in the Academies).

Here is a list of claims that remain unproven in religious lore:

-that pixies and fairies exist! UNPROVEN!

-that virgins can make babies! UNPROVEN!

-that you’ve lived here before! UNPROVEN!

-that one is chosen! UNPROVEN!

-that one can levitate! UNPROVEN!

-that meditation tells us anything more than workings of the HUMAN mind and nothing about the COSMOS at large. UNPROVEN!

-that there are endless angels involved in the affairs of humanity! UNPROVEN!

Okay, I could make this a very long list but you may now get that no one anywhere in recent history has proved any spiritual claim that they so willfully shout out to the world! It’s all TALK and no action!

I need to talk about what proof of spiritual claims would look like. Say I claim levitation is true. It is then up to me to prove it by repeatable verifiable experiments witnessed and documented by a very large group of peers (especially ones who don’t believe it’s possible) this is called the scientific method! A group of scientists in India would have to show a group of atheist scientists in France that levitation is repeatable and verifiable.

This hasn’t happened! The most that has happened to my knowledge is the limited efficacy of yoga and meditation as they relate to the human body-mind! I can testify to this myself and would even go as far to say that Subtle Energies might be real and should be further studied.

So what’s the point again? To keep spiritual claims out of the political and economic spheres so that they have no influence so that society could be left to being run by secular ethics based on the very best of logic and reason! Sadly, this is the last thing that is happening today! Every crackpot religious idea is being fused with politics and economics today and nowhere is that more evident than in the case of Israel.

One note on this: it is now possible in a Godless universe to have a very rich and powerful group of people make their delusions to chosenness come true via a coming wholly human Messiah! It would prove absolutely nothing about God if this is all done via natural human machinations.

But you said you think spirituality is important…Well, yes, I do! And I even have my own preferred spiritual beliefs: Christian Gnosticism. But this belief, like any other one, should only exist in the spheres of academia–a place that should be used as a gathering of minds to discuss and debate spiritual ideas–and that should be the only official residence of humanities endless and ubiquitous spiritual claims. And please, keep spirituality out of the marketplace! It’s the last bloody thing we need at this time! Believe in any bloody thing you want but keep spirituality out of politics, economics, and the financial marketplace. Doing this may save humanity and the earth!

A note on small alternative spiritual communities. They should be allowed as long as they are isolated. Independent and very knowledgeable academics could monitor all these communities for toxicity and abuse; as long as they are keeping to themselves and are not a threat but a positive influence in the lives of practitioners then I don’t see the harm in them–they could even be ecologically good for the earth…

I play it blues style here while practicing guide tone arpeggios and also implementing G Harmonic minor on the tonic minor at times.



I’ve stuck to one position in this one cause sometimes I get too flighty. It’s not quite jazz yet but there are shades of hope! I also didn’t think too much in this one…just played!

And sorry about the background noise –it happens when you convert youtube videos to mp3.

Hey there, well, ya know…It certainly looks that way from the unique and completely bizarre perspective of Christianity in America today which is basically ‘Atheist Zionist Christianity’.

I guess this is going to need some unpacking. It’s not the first time in history that religion has been co-opted by the State! In fact, Roman Catholicism was State religion and to be frank: very little has changed! On the atheist aspect of that assertion: I very much doubt that those in power believe in God today(Zionism)–or, whether Constantine did. Religion looks like a power grab from this perspective. Yes, they have all the outward appearance of religious pomp but I sincerely doubt that they believe in anything other than their own power drives. Anyway, that issue isn’t what this post is about.

Let’s look at the Canonical Jesus as a philosopher. Well, he contradicts the faculties of logic and reason every two minutes. It’s logical fallacy after logical fallacy and endless absurd claims of irrationality. I should mention that I don’t believe that the general idea of God is irrational–I’m only concerned with specific dogmatic religious claims in this post and this post is premised on the idea that the faculties of logic and reason come from God and that God wouldn’t give us these faculties and then want us not to use them! If we concede this truism, and I believe we must, then we can only come to the conclusion that Jesus did not teach the sheer irrationality of eternal damnation. This would be an impossible doctrine for Jesus as God to preach. There are other examples but I’ll keep this post from getting unwieldy and move on. I would say, though, generally speaking, from the perspective of spiritual crime and punishment: that the idea itself isn’t irrational or illogical–but there are problems with it, nevertheless, and we will get there soon enough.

Well, here we are! That didn’t take long! We don’t have free will! All the latest scientific studies are coming to understand this! It is not possible that Jesus if he existed, taught that humans have free will. If God is THE scientist then he couldn’t have taught free will! Someone’s been telling stories–saying things to the masses that simply are not true! Now, this begs the question whether Jesus was an inept theologian! I will argue that he was not an inept theologian!

For Omnipotence and Omnipresence to have any meaning whatsoever is to concede that God knows all and exists everywhere. If this were true, it would then mean that predestination is a fact. Any theologian worth their salt knows this to be true. This is why you don’t have free will because the stories already been written! All one can do is let loose the bonds and chains of the very thing that contradicts these truisms. And that is the false construct of the ego! Your ego, the very thing that tells you that you have free will doesn’t exist. It’s a construct of the archons who control the false narratives here… Does that mean God isn’t present here? How could God exist in something that is false? I discuss here the distinction between real and false. Well, that is a mystery, isn’t it? But the truth of the matter is that God is hidden inside of you–deep inside! And one day you will awaken and the bonds and chains of this false construct will no longer cloud your awareness!

By now you should be seeing that the idea of spiritual crime and punishment–although not inherently irrational–can not be true from this perspective. There is simply nothing to be punished for! It’s here we see the mischief of The Archons in some schools of Hindu and Buddhist thought and society.The only punishment that exists is the one your ego is trapped in! And, yes, that more often than not is hell! And it may very well be that you’ve been trapped here in this false construct for a very long time going through the very same hell’s over and over again.

Was there a Jesus that taught what I’m saying in this post? Yes, I believe there was! This is the Gnostic Kristos! In him is all truth without contradiction! 

I’ll finish here by stating that this post is exclusively Christian in nature and the propositions are contained within this filter. I’m quite amenable to eastern philosophies like Taoism and certain Non-Dual schools of eastern thought. However, as I am in part secularist, humanist, and skeptic, I also see these ideas as being a part of a multiplicity of spiritual ideas on this earth and I’m personally not fond of the very often dogmatic attitudes of those who espouse these views. They should speak like I speak on such matters: framing within metaphysical speculation and ‘spiritual hypothesis’. I do, nevertheless, align most with eastern schools which teach similar cosmologies as Christian Gnosticism: that the ego is a false construct trapped in a real Matrix…Here is a link to the work of Stephen Kent, his book is called,

Valentinian Gnosticism and Classical Sāṃkhya: A Thematic and Structural Comparison

That’s a must-read for me. He seems to be one of the few scholars in this field.

I’ll leave you with a thought from that sneaky God Krishna who is having much fun with atheists: All of them–As they surrender unto Me–I reward accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Prtha [Arjuna].” (Bhagavad-gita 4.11)

In this one, I experiment with a little outside sounding modes by using the Lydian on the I chord and the Lydian dominant on the dominant sus chord. it’s all experimentation at this point. E-Flat Jazz Mellow Mood… I haven’t improvised in a long long time. It probably shows but there are signs of hope in that regard, or at least I think…

In this one, I experiment with a little outside sounding modes by using the Lydian on the I chord and the Lydian dominant on the dominant sus chord. it’s all experimentation at this point.

This post will explore the difference between real and false from a Christian Gnostic perspective. It will touch upon long-standing ideas like Materialism versus Idealism.

The Genesis of this discussion is that the Demiurge is very much real! Its archons and their machinations over this existence are very much real. They control the very real Matrix which is existence on this dimension. The dream is real! The dreamer? What they’ve convinced you that you think you are? Not so much! That, in the end, is a part of their construct which is indeed, quite illusionary compared to higher levels of existence. So people like Sam Harris who argue the equation Pi (as an exp.) exists whether I’m alive or dead are very much correct. But ultimately, even though this place is real, our existence is a false one! We are not who the Demiurge tells us we are!

We are not sinners! We are not monkeys! ( two of their biggest lies)…We are a spark of infinite consciousness! Yes, consciousness is primary although this particular locale is predicated on falseness. It’s an endless concatenation of lies and deception. You don’t have to be here although it’s quite possible that you volunteered to experience this place and a part of that volunteering was that your memory was wiped. Yes, there are those that occasionally come to this existence from higher dimensions who retain their memory, but they are few and far between.

I won’t speculate on whether this place is a school or not although I concede it very well may be. But I will say the slave masters here have full authority to act as they do–they just have no authority over who you really are and can only manipulate who they’ve convinced you that you think you are! This is known as the ego construct. From a Christian Gnostic perspective, it is real in that dream sense but ultimately false!

Let’s take a look for a moment at the world’s religious claims from this perspective: the big 3? False! You’re not a sinner! Hinduism? False, as your ego and its karmas, are manipulations of the archons. The archons have manipulated you on that account. Buddhism suffers the same condition although it comes very close to being correct–but the lie woven within it is very subtle. Buddhism teaches that the human mind (controlled by the archons) is the avenue for assessing ultimate and absolute reality and this couldn’t be further from the truth from the Christian Gnostic perspective. So this makes the universal claims of Buddhism false while still conceding that Buddhism very much came to understand the nature of the mind Matrix.

This leads to the question as to whether this existence is reconcilable with higher levels of existence. I don’t know the answer to that but I’ll post two quotes from the Kristos which taken from a Christian Gnostic perspective would at least make one consider whether such a thing is possible:

26, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.”

15Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not from the Father but from the world. 17The world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God remains forever.

I generally don’t like quoting scripture as it’s a control mechanism of the archons but it’s not possible to enact 100% falsity. The truth of the matter always seeps through and this may be exactly the meaning of the unveiling or revelation of the Kristos. It may be that both agents of the demiurge and higher dimensional beings are active at this point in history. The demiurge is fulfilling his prophecies while the agents of Kristos and Sofia are shining light on how false they are. Read the Torah yourself and you can’t come to any other conclusion than that the claims of the demiurge to goodness are false! Its behavior is clearly evil. The Roman Christ doesn’t fare much better here as its idea of crime and punishment is eternal damnation! Not good by any standard so we have rational evidence that the demiurge claims in that book are false! And no, The Koran fares no better!

What’s interesting to me, and I don’t know what’s true in this regard, is if there are more than two groups of agents here: the dimensional demiurge and the archons and humans, or if there are other agents/actors from this dimension/universe. Many think there are! This is the alien or E.T. hypothesis. So maybe things are extraordinarily convoluted on this planet. If it turns out to be the case, though, I still think the higher dimensional beings have more authority.

A note on the faculties of logic and reason here: I believe they are inherently transcendental although higher dimensions transcend but don’t contradict these processes. There is nothing the Kristos would have taught that would have contradicted them!. But the Archons have no such qualms: they spew endless bullshit and are indifferent to truth. Here are some of their contradictions to reason and logic:

-God divides by special choseness.

-God uses ethnicity as a means of revealing truth.

-God uses earth geography as a means of revealing the truth.

-God punishes people forever.

I should also note that not all scientific claims are honest; scientists, in general, have lied about many things in the past 500 years. That lying has been an affront to the faculties of logic and reason. My own belief, though, is the earth being flat is not a part of any scientific deception. It is hard to gauge, though, what some scientists are lying about today as it’s safe to say there are those in that field aligned with the archons.

I’ll end here on Genesis and mention that the proper word in the first verses is recreated. And it may be that this has happened many times in the past and is likely to happen again in a vicious cycle of lies and deception. Would you like out?

Realize who you really are!