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I’ve been quite critical of Peterson but he’s quite compelling in the first hour when he’s not being a dick! Dillahunty is more persuasive on the question of society( Secular Humanism is the way to structure a society). And no the USSR wasn’t secular humanist!

What can never be talked about: the possibility that God is evil if it exists. All evidence points to the conclusion that it is (if God exists). 2)The corrupt financial casino modeled on mafia ethics which is an extension of Social Darwinism or Economic Darwinism. I’ve argued that this model is prerational and limbic system driven and also mythological in its own way–The Invisible Hand of The Market–Casper Economics.

Let’s start with ENTHEOGENS as that’s pretty well where they start. I’ll first say that that is what turned me into a theist. Do these substances turn everyone into a theist? NO! And although I’m a theist and don’t smoke now there was a time when nothing was better than a cigarette while on these drugs! This is William James territory along with phenomenology studied in The Varieties Of Religious experience. Dillahunty is right when he says these experiences prove nothing about the supernatural but at the same time, humanity doesn’t have the instrumentation or knowledge to study anything that is really happening here anyway so it’s a bit of a stalemate as far as ontology and metaphysics. The main issue here though is more about HOW SHOULD WE LIVE and who has societal power? I don’t see that society should be governed by psychedelic experience; nor should religion with its myriad and sundry Casper tales be the template for running a civilization and no matter how much Dillahunty denies what I’m going to say next it wouldn’t change the truth of the matter: society is run by Casper believers and specifically a CABAL of Jews, Jesuits, Freemasons, and certain Islamic powers–this is who runs things and their economic model is also premised on various Casper aspersions! The economic system is also lowly evolved. Anyway, last but not least: J.P. sounds more like an INTEGRALIST here than any normative view from Christendom on the issue of entheogens–something conventional religion is quite retarded about!

They next move onto the question of the supernatural. Peterson is concerned about the narrowness of definition. This issue boils down to whether there is a ‘ghost in the machine’. But again, since there is no way to prove for or against on this issue, IMO, it comes down to how shall we live and who has societal power? And again, Casper shouldn’t be the model for running a society! Dillahunty is correct though when he says we don’t know and this is the only honest answer to the ghost question. Having said that, I don’t side with Wittgenstein on this issue but rather believe society must learn to talk about this issue strictly as metaphysical speculation and ALL dogmatic claims about Casper must be dismissed as far as power mechanisms over civilization. Now people can believe anything they want about Casper on a personal level but those personal beliefs should never be allowed to precede intelligent rational and logical civil law ( not that we have that today but we should). This issue is intricately linked to the issue of religion and various theories on it from Marxist opiate of the people to Freud’s projection theory to The Bicameral Mind theory and group Darwinian theory which is probably the most accurate. And yes, people should be allowed to have group religious practice but that practice should not be given political power although the real catch here is that it puts the onus on SECULARISM TO BE NON-CORRUPT AND OF THE HIGHEST INTEGRITY and capitalism has pretty well corrupted that possibility and therein lays the failure of any healthy secular order. We live under a corrupt oligarch plutocracy.

They move next to the idea of consciousness, will, free will and morality. I hold to the belief that consciousness precedes matter (the primacy of consciousness) but I hold this lightly as metaphysical speculation and I am also an incompatibilist on the issue of free will although of course, we do have will and intention. Watch the T.V. show WestWorld and ask yourself if the creations of The Demiurge have free will? Do they have free moral agency?

At 36:02 Is there any good reasons to believe that there is a God? Well, here we are, eh? This is the most important part of this video and neither one of these guys will address the most profound and obvious evidence which exists and can answer the question: THE J.Q.! If you’re not allowed to talk about it and dismiss it as evidence then really, WTF is that? There is something extraordinarily strange going on with the Jews over 4000 years and no other people exist that have this stigma attached to them. Was it the Inuit involved in the controversy of 911? I could list thousands of examples which put this group of people at the center of controversy millennia after millennia from things like viewing the porn industry as just the pursuit of The American Dream; things like was it the Swedes who created The Federal Reserve? No! We know who did that…We also know now that the Torah is not historically or archaeologically accurate let alone accounting for the absurdity of the cosmological narrative; and yet, this book runs The White House and The Western world. My lifetime of research suggests that some version of Gnosticism accounts for this and that a consistent coherent explanation which aligns with most of the facts is that the Bible describes A DEMIURGE and this earth is run by its ARCHONS! This is evidence and if these guys want to dismiss it because they’re vetting by these PTB then that’s their dishonesty and duplicity and not the problem of honest sincere seekers of universal truth!

I don’t know that I have much more to say on this video other than I side with the atheists and secular humanism as a means of structuring society but I concede I do have a bias: I don’t want to be persecuted for my spiritual beliefs by religious dogmatists who are the most dangerous people on the planet!

In this post, I will argue for the incompatibility and near impossibility of these two streams of thought merging. Let me start by saying that this is a complex topic but this isn’t an excuse for sloppy thinking or unfounded assertions.

We should start with definitions. Anarchy simply means no rulers and in the context of anarcho-capitalism, it generally refers to liquidating the nation-state so the ‘free-market’ mechanisms can work as theorized. Capitalism, under this theory, would allow people to accumulate capital and, own the means of production and private property, without undue interference from the state and its associated cartels. Gnosticism is the spiritual notion that this earth is some kind of prison grid or matrix. Please note that there is a wide spectrum of gnostic thought but generally, it divides into two schisms: dual and non-dual spiritual cosmologies. Non-dual would be Kabbalah as espoused in theories like The Arcanum with its associated universal ecumenicalism. Dual cosmologies assert that this existence is irredeemable and that this existence is the property of the Demiurge. As a Gnostic, I lean towards the latter, but I shall not argue that in this post other than to say that if the dualist position on Gnosticism is true then any economic/political organizing system within the grid-matrix will always be an exercise in futility. A simple analogy would be organizing various social structures within a maximum-security prison–sure, there are ways to offer some relief but they wouldn’t alter the condition of the over-arching super-structure.

I’m also on record in asserting that civilization with its concomitant societies shouldn’t be organized and premised on various Casper assertions (religious dogmatism) as it’s a fact that there is no way to prove any religious cosmology– it then behooves us to consider the best and only way to model social and that is by implementing societal structures which enact the best use of logic, reason and sound critical thinking. The best interpretation of Secular Humanism is the way forward from this perspective–the strictly humanist aspect would need altering in a manner similar to what the Persian Gnostics were arguing for–a secular superstructure and not theocracy.  It should be noted that the ‘free market’ of the ANCAPS is a Casper assertion in that they suggest an operational invisible hand guiding market forces (a type of teleological belief). I’ve also argued that capitalism in its present form is a lowly evolved limbic system behavior premised on the predatory use of coercion and unnecessary exploitation. This is a pragmatic rational assessment of our current situation as I’ve never abandoned my secular upbringing. The fact is that all and any spiritual assertions could be wrong so empiricism is the only sound method as far as answering the question of how we should live–at least on the micro economic scale.

Let’s explore ideas on what a society modeled on icons such as Jesus and Buddha would look like. First, let’s look at the Dualist Gnostic position which generally states that conventional notions about Jesus and Buddha are fictions of the archons; figures created by them to manipulate humans via the control mechanisms of religion. Under this view they are no help at all on this issue other than to say that the Gnostic Kristos wasn’t human; wasn’t Jewish; didn’t die for your sins, and didn’t come to redeem the demiurge grid-matrix–the Kristos Aeon only came to enlighten you about your condition and offer knowledge about how to free yourself from the trap created by the demiurge and its archons. So, if this were true, there is no political-economic system that humans could carry out which would make much difference to the situation. The best we could do under this model is to create various and sundry communities that look to reduce the corrosive influence of the archons–think The Essenes or The Amish, etc…

Let’s explore briefly the idea that Jesus and Buddha are exemplars of human behavior and the possibility that a model for society could be teased out from their lives and teachings. In this regard, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to reconcile any capitalist model with their lives and teachings. Would Jesus and Buddha exploit and coerce each other for profit? Would Jesus charge Buddha rent? Would Buddha ask Jesus to do a free internship or to WWOOF on his private farm? Let’s take a look at the conventional interpretation of The Bible: The Garden of Eden–NO CAPITALISM! The 1000-year reign–NO CAPITALISM! Yet we are to believe that capitalism is the favored mechanism of Jesus in between these two periods? Yikes!

I’ll finish up here by listing mechanisms that are ‘deplorable’ by any spiritual standard to perhaps gain some common ground within all the different factions. 

Creating money loaned at interest from 1% up to over 60% depending on the lending institution by typing it into existence is incredibly evil! First and foremost any rational society has to end this practice. At least, any sane society would make predatory lending illegal, which means practically that exploiting the poor for profit would be anathema. We need a new way to create money that isn’t predatory and doesn’t game the system for the EL-ite. I’m aware that the ANCAPS are shilling crypto but until crypto can meet the condition above it’s just another gambit of the archons. I should mention whether distributing money evenly at creation is ‘communism’. I don’t see that the primary mechanism for creating a healthy balanced society (even money distribution at creation) via a basic income or living dividend can be classified as ‘communism’. This is just a Strawman of the Communist/Capitalist psy-op, especially from a Gnostic perspective. Consider this bitch’s: Jer RUSSIA/USA lem! Yes, our current predicaments run deep and are rooted in antiquity…

You know what? I’m going to end it there as all issues in a civilization structured on MONEY can only be solved by addressing the issue of money honestly. I’ll only add that civilization’s only other option is an adjustment to private property juxtaposed to some new kind of HOMESTEADING LAWS–implemented wherein the land is made available again for an intelligently educated return to living sustainably. Of course, the two suggestions above are opposed to the ‘vision’ of the Rockefeller/Rothschild up-and-coming Ecomodernist vision for our imprisonment within smart grid city systems. Fasten your seatbelts folks as it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

I’ll add this link from The Center For A Stateless Society which is a decent deconstruction of the ideologies of the political right.

These are some musings on where humanity took wrong turns in the last 30-years. It could easily be argued that the root of these problems stem from policies ushered in about 100-years ago and I may mention some of those issues but will mainly deal with recent trajectories. So, in point form and no particular order:

-when people playing games with balls began to make more in a year than honest working people make in a lifetime. The Corporatocracy is cunningly brilliant and this was one of their primary moves as far as manufacturing consent. The same issue infects the entertainment industries in general.

-when homes became speculative ventures which drove the prices up to the point where most people now can’t afford to own and if they can afford to own their lives are a lifetime of stress and debt.

–I’d say 911 was the day that any trust left within society evaporated. It’s obvious to any thinking person that that day is mired in lies and deceit and the scale of the lies and deceit has led to the breakdown of trust within society and that trust has now been replaced by endless propaganda whether Flat Earth Theory or YouTube economic philosophical shills; or even platforms like Steemit and Minds where their algorithms are set up to promote vacuous propaganda…Money buying popular opinion. And, yes, one can still have a voice on these platforms but it’s generally drowned out by the monied shills and their backers.

-I’d have to talk about where crypto went wrong. I first heard of Bitcoin in 2011 and immediately intuited what it could be: a replacement to the corrupt fiat/fractional system with its endless unsustainable inflation, taxation, and usury. My initial hopes have been smashed although it was always a long shot that the Cabal, which has spent the past 500-years setting up this system, would roll over and let a punk upstart usurp its hegemony. Crypto is now firmly embedded within Wall St. and controlled by its speculators. It hasn’t and will not change anything for the better as far as systemic corruption within the system. The only issue left within this field of inquiry is the outcome of decentralization which will end up being the largest profiling and tracking system in the known universe. The hopes of crypto were dashed as far as being a tool for systemic change within ten years (Bitcoin did not and will not become a replacement for fiat) and I see no evidence that decentralization will change the system for the better. I’ve given the benefit of the doubt here that Satoshi wasn’t CIA and that is by no means a given.

-the government was taken over by corporate and financial elites who now own it and use it to do their bidding and desires. Any pretense of democracy is just that and all there is a façade of legitimacy when in fact government looks more like mafia cartels with its endless corruption, meanness, and schisms. We should note that this mafia-like template has corrupted the courts and justice which now serve only the interests of the monied elites. All government policy is now in the business of transferring wealth to a tiny elite who are vacuuming up the wealth of the commons at an unprecedented rate. This is a government and economy which is geared towards serving about 20% of the monied classes while abandoning and dismissing the concerns of the majority.

-higher education became primarily a means of income for the banking elites. A truly devastating and despicable gambit. This debt bubble will not end well. Rather than admit and deal with this corrupt implementation within higher education the academies have sent out disinformation agents like Jordan Peterson who are only there to create a distraction and to muddy waters while arguing for the continuation of the status-quo.

-to destroy traditional white Christian culture while all other cultures remain homogeneous for the benefit of Israeli delusions; for the benefit of propping up leftist political spheres of influence; for the benefit of creating corporate customers and low-paid employees; and for creating new debt slaves for the Banksters…Well, what can one really say about the idiocy of these tactics? This will not end well either, IMO.

None of these current machinations are examples of progressive evolution or positive structural change; in fact, they appear to be the workings of chaotic disintegration and again, I’m not seeing anything which makes me think this will end well. Now, if these past 30-years are concatenations of previous gambits and maneuvering of the elites then there very well may be an end-game. The United-Nations recently held a summit on the implementation of worldwide Noahide Laws and this possibility links all of the above to metaphysics which goes back to antiquity; nothing here is happening via random chance but everything is a dialectic towards an endgame and once again the Jewish people are front and center of all these controversies.

We should note that there are FOUR PRIMARY NEEDS for humans: shelter, food, education, and healthcare. The above highlights negative influence with two of these primary needs–homes and education, but these elites are also busy manipulating humanities food supply and big pharma has a firm grip on what has become healthcare so all FOUR areas are being targetted negatively by the EL-ites. 

So, I’ve said that history is like swiss cheese when it comes to religious historical figures. It’s become quite clear that all the religious icons of the earth’s religions are next to non-existent as far as an honest inquiry into historical fact. All we have are oral traditions thousands of years old; this goes especially for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and to a lesser degree Hinduism and Buddhism. Not one of these sages wrote a book authored by themselves that stated clearly and unequivocally the nature of reality. I’ve pointed out that they couldn’t even get across the difference between a pancake and a marble as recent flat earth theory testifies too.

Nevertheless, I’m not arguing that all these tribes didn’t exist, they did; they had in some cases well developed religious theories such as Zoroastrian and Vedic writings but definitive texts clearly delineating the historicity of the primary actors are non-existent. This is a fact. By the way, Egypt had some of the most clearly defined religious traditions and this is also a fact! It’s also a fact that Israel is Egyptian/Caananite Gods and Goddesses and it’s here we can get a clue about what is going on with religion.

We do have to speculate within Christian Gnostic theory, though, which states that religion is the control machination of the demiurge archons who today rule the earth via their financial empires but are in the process of reestablishing their traditional religious authority. I’ve speculated that this will end with the New Messiah who will rule ethnonational nation-states via Je (RUSSIA)(USA) lem and implement THE NOAHIDE LAWS which will be accepted by all religious believers on the planet out of reaction to the chaos and moral decline and corruption of modernity. We see their symbolism within all the financial empires of the world and it seems that the financial system is patterned on Christian esoteric symbolism as I’ve pointed out in my KA$H posts. Interestingly enough on this theme, we see at 56:28 of the linked video the first mention of the prophet within the black hole of that period and it’s inscribed on money!

I should note that my particular Nephilim theory could still be true as long as we concede that these angels control ALL religion and that all religion is their B.S. means of controlling their hybrid creations. So no religion would be correct under this possibility as the truth about God and existence has been intentionally obscured by these angels who are either in rebellion against God or are being instructed by God to lie about who they are (see The Book of Job for evidence of God’s extremely bizarre behavior); these speculations don’t change the fact of the non-existence of supportive facts within the historical record when it comes to Judaism and its children.

This does leave us with modern E.T. theory as speculation but I’ve no experience with E.T. anecdotally (I have a ton of spiritual experience) but we should put on our critical thinking caps here and see that E.T. is primarily an invention of modern Hollywood. This should give us pause for consideration as to the legitimacy of these claims. I’m in no way denying the possibility of these claims but it’s my experience and opinion that humanity is dealing with angels in human form who have total control over civilization via weather control, finance, religion, food, mass profiling especially via social media, mind perception; they control everything including who owns land and are very much like what is depicted in the television show Westworld. These are our archons!

This post was inspired by the video below which argues my position on Islam and religion in general.

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