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I probably need to clarify my spiritual philosophies before I get into this. First, reason and logic dictate that All spiritual metaphysics must be framed as speculation. Honesty dictates such framing until spirituality can be demonstrated to be more than anecdotal personal belief systems (no matter how ‘gumbyfied’ one is). It should bother immensely ALL truth seekers that this is not the case today–every manner of spiritual assertion is casually declared as fact by every stripe of spiritual believer–I view this as a type of collective delusion no matter how seemingly benign or loving a tradition thinks itself –the metaphysics are simply not honest if it isn’t framed as speculative. One HAS  to demonstrate metaphysical claims in an objective universal way for spirituality to be considered a matter of fact ( speaking generally about supernatural assertions).

I have also come to view this earth as some type of Matrix; that is to say some type of false replication of an unknown true reality far removed from this existence–it could be some type of incredibly advanced simulation. I am an incompatibilist and believe humans do not have universal freewill although we have marginal inconsequential freewill–yes, you can choose beans and rice, or sausage and eggs for breakfast, or neither, but it’s of no universal consequence. I believe the only way out of this Matrix is if the UNKNOWN transcendent God takes you out of here for reasons that are only known to it. The speculations on who we might be and why we’re here are beyond the scope of this post but not everyone here is who they seem or claim to be. I think it likely, as metaphysical speculation, that The Bardos are controlled by archons who are dishonest about who they are and what their agenda is and that they deceive and manipulate humanity which exists in their Matrix which they have every right to control (again, an incredibly complex and in-depth topic beyond the scope of this post).

We now live in an age where it’s every man/person for himself and this blog will attempt to explore why that is and how that came about and whether this is a tenable mode of behavior for Buddhist’s or really any spiritual practitioner. This condition is the net result of individualism ushered in by The Age Of Reason and the Enlightenment which sought to overthrow the religious mythological societal control grid. It was a move I agree with to a certain extent but the archons had a plan and humanity was never going to be let off the hook. The new plan was MONEY! It would become the replacement religion for the masses controlled by the same archons who brought us most of the worlds religious control grids. This system has ushered in the Age of Narcissism promoted and fuelled by Hollywood and Wall St. EL-ites. Of course, the primary mode of operation for the financial El-ites is the largest system of USURY ever brought into existence in the known universe. It’s an aside that the economics of this system will also destroy much life on this earth but I won’t get into that issue here. My main point of contention is whether it’s compatible with the Buddha’s teaching and I will argue it’s entirely incompatible with the true essence of Gautama’s teaching assuming he existed as a historical person and attained and taught Enlightenment–I should also note that this post isn’t about what enlightenment is or isn’t from a metaphysical perspective.

I’m of the opinion that the Buddha would have had to have understood the true meaning (and consequence) of The Golden Rule; he would have had to have understood that unnecessary coercion and use of force and unnecessary exploitation are incompatible with the highest spiritual ideals. If that was the case, and I believe it is, it would mean Buddhism today is in terrible trouble as it has been brought to heel by the central banking system which has inverted the true meaning of any spiritual praxis. Buddhism has turned into spiritual materialism under the influence of the monetary control grid. Please consider that under modern capitalist systems an overwhelming majority of the population are forced via exploitation and coercion to do that which they would rather not do if reasonable alternatives existed. That capitalist overlords see this condition as voluntary is only a sign of their corrupt delusion and argues not at all against the spiritual truth of my thesis. Also, consider that the current trajectory of the capitalist machine is causing the sixth mass extinction and untold ecological damage to many of the earth’s complex life systems. Is this something the Buddha would have accepted as healthy enlightened behavior? I think not!

I should note that anyone who reads my blog knows I am not a Marxist and reject State-run socialism. I also argue consistently that the core pathology of the age is a currency supply built on debt and using money as a commodity instead of how it should be used–as solely a means of exchange, and please view for one idea in that regard.

I also talk about it here in The New Earth Commons.

2022: I think ‘darkened womb’ fits my take. Or, deceptive construct. Not that I think consciousness is computational or that we are in a computer game. I mean I get it…but that’s not my stance.

Hardly! This is mostly an Ad Hominem ploy by the free market Libertarian right who do get some things right but are a bit confused about what anarchy is and how it’s incompatible with the present hierarchical capitalist system. But that’s another post although I do share some of the values of the Ancaps so I don’t view them as my enemies.

Here is a link to the new surveillance state being set up in China. I predicted this at least 20-years ago. Now I must say first that my critique here has nothing whatsoever to do with ethnicity; it could be purple people eaters doing this and I’d have the same critique! At any rate, I had one of those intuitive tacit moments about 20-years ago while I was walking through a dollar store. I simply knew that the western corporatocracy was selling out the west for enormous profits while abandoning western labor and that the Chinese State would become The New World Order–how that order eventually plays out is yet undetermined. I quipped that China would take over the world one dollar store at a time. Now please understand that the far east is a huge demographic with India and many other high-density populations; so again, this isn’t strictly about the Chinese.

Obviously, the West’s political establishment allowed this to happen and was purchased by the corporations in the previous 70-years. Schools like The Chicago School of Economics and Milton Friedman shamelessly argued for a society run by corporate greed and malfeasance and this was never practiced more efficiently than under the neoliberal order. This decimated labor in the west and destroyed one of the only means of political redress that lower classes had via labor unions. One of the shiftier gambits was to convince workers in the west to go it alone while at the same time reinforcing control over western societies business’ via concretizing the corporate model; the net effect was workers became lone wolves barely able to compete with the organized juggernaut of western corporate control.

In the far east the money was flowing like never before and the communists became capitalists in state-run plutocracy which was something I also predicted. I had mused whether the west would end up affecting China and the east or whether the west would become subsumed into the new plutocratic synthesis of state communism fused with capitalism. It’s obvious in Europe today that my predictions and concerns were warranted and came true. I’d also say N.A. suffered the same fate although what’s happened here is more subtle. Sept. 11, 2001, became the catalyst that the powers that be used to instantiate the surveillance society. How that surveillance society ends up looking and the mass profiling that goes along with it could arguably be said to be the complicit transference of technology by all the covert state actors–we see Facebook today sneaking in the same algorithms as 10’s of thousands go homeless in an unaffordable silicon valley! Incredibly skewed values.  But it’s not a stretch to say that your behavior is being modified to fit the New World Corporate Order–and not in any way that could be defined as good unless one redefines the meaning!

Okay, dummies, do you get yet why I’m not a fuckin’ Marxist? Look, I don’t even like Marx as he seemed like an ass-hole from things I’ve read about him and I doubt he gave a shit about the lower classes. I’ve said many times that I view Marxism as an elite communist/capitalist psyop. Now this is obviously distinct from any genius he had in the field of economics, but Mr. Hyde was a genius, too, so being really smart in and of it self-doesn’t really mean that much–at least not to me.

I argue for an economy premised and built upon the spiritual notion and ‘cosmic truth’ of The Golden Rule and any system of economics built upon that principle need be non-coercive and non-exploitative; that is to say, that no one should be forced unnecessarily to do what they really wouldn’t rather do if they had reasonable alternatives. The solution here can really only be implemented via a universal basic income tied into a new education model while at the same time ending the usurious fiat currency system whose economics is unsustainable and leading to environmental disaster! A Golden Rule economy, by coincidence, would most likely solve our environmental predicament and would be efficient whether God existed or not. But at the very least it’s consistent and coherent with the worlds best interpretations of spirituality!


But, sure, yes, let’s carry on with business as usual as per our pathetic use of Darwin’s theories transferred into the field of economics. 


Consider this as purely hypothetical and speculative. How much control would five-hundred million (see The Georgia Guidestones for why I’m using this number) aliens or angels have over civilization if they could take human form and be nearly impossible to distinguish from a human, and further that there could be no way for humans to find out the truth of this, or to prove it, as the only way to get to the truth of this matter would be for the aliens or angels to reveal themselves? May I answer the question for you dear reader: TOTAL CONTROL!

Oh, I hear your rightful skepticism! So consider this before you leave in cynical derision: technology is within 100-years of creating robots which could very well be indistinguishable from humans! Have any of you watched HBO’s WestWorld? In season 2, the daughter of one of the main characters shot another human prior to sexual intercourse as a test of her new lover’s authenticity of being human–that’s how much the robots looked like humans.  IMPOSSIBLE YOU SAY! Really? I think not and it could very well be that day comes sooner than my predicted 100-years!

Aliens first, eh? If they’re here it would be incredible enough but being here from another planet or galaxy and also able to mimic humans to perfection are odds so astronomical that you’d never get me to bet on it–not that I’m prone to wagering. It’s just not at all likely. Now I’m not saying E. T. isn’t here, I don’t know, but they are not interacting with us in this way from all likely assessments. That leaves us with angels…

The lore of The Nephilim suggests humans are at the mercy of Watcher overlords who are quite capable of taking human form and reproducing with humanity. Interestingly enough, this was a commonly held belief at the time of Kristo’s and an overwhelming majority of people were prone to believing the Roman rulers, like all rulers, were descendants of the Gods–it may also explain why Ceaser declared himself God! A sort of conspiracy theory Occam’s Razor!

I part ways with all traditional religionists at this point because they believe wholeheartedly and naïvely that their particular religion is untainted by these Archons! Nothing could be further from the truth as far as I can tell. I also part ways suggesting these angels are wholly capable of taking female form and do so quite easily and they indeed are legion upon the earth today. To be fair in our inquiry I must explore whether God (assumed to exist under this hypothetical) is directing traffic here so to speak? I have to say, at this point, that at least, if this were true, that they are lying about who they are! That would be a fact! It behooves us to ask the question, then, if God is telling them to lie for some unknown purpose? I leave it to you dear reader to imagine why that would be…

I sit in the Gnostic camp on this issue and believe these archons are ‘natural born liars’ and not acting via God’s direction. I suggest that these archons took over civilization at the time of Babylon via control of the money supply and have ruled the earth to this day. Creating a worldwide system of money magic via an Age of Usury creating money as debt from nothing! Sheer Voodoo! See this book by, David Astle called The Babylonian Woe. BTW., I can’t seem to find one bit of information about who Mr. Astle was which is interesting in itself. Please, if anyone can provide links or info here it would be appreciated!

As a summation: I don’t believe I’ve broken any logical fallacies in this humble hypothesis and I don’t think I’ve asserted anything inherently irrational–please deconstruct if I’m wrong here although I would want proper arguments and not trolling.

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The scope of this post isn’t adequate to cover Marxist theories on labor but in my view, they’ve been reasonably debunked, and here is one of many links I could provide.

I come at this issue from a rather idiosyncratic spiritual perspective premised on what I believe is a proper understanding of The Golden Rule. I firmly believe that Sunday Christians (or all theists) and yoga mat new agers cannot abandon the truth of this ethos when they leave a church or the mat, and from where I stand, this is exactly what most are doing. I must qualify that these ideas consider modernities rejection of religion and it’s a deconstruction I largely agree with but this rightful abandoning of religious error also threw out one of the most profound spiritual truths and this led to various distortions such as The Age of Usury and unprecedented wealth inequality.

I think I’ll start with the solutions first and backtrack from there. The solutions to the problems created by breaking the Golden Rule are twofold: a basic minimum income must be implemented for all people so that all work is voluntary and that no one is forced or coerced to do that which they wouldn’t choose to do if they had reasonable options. I’ve repeatedly said that this needs to be coordinated with a new education model and I discuss this in my New Earth Commons. This is the only way Anarcho-Capitalism could work as it relates to a society of voluntaryism. This issue, then, within this context, could only be solved via a new way of distributing the currency supply. Second, incentivization is needed on the part of capitalist employers to not treat workers (humans) as disposable objects; this could be profit sharing, offering a small percentage of ‘buying in’ via stocks and many other devices which would be commensurate with the spirit of The Golden Rule. Also, see traditional leftist ideas like Anarcho-Syndicalism and Libertarian Socialism. But if there is a point to be made here it’s that any solutions on these issues cannot be implemented via monological totalitarianism–there need be a plurality or multiplicity of voluntary solutions but the general welfare of all people CANNOT be solved by personal philanthropy–that’s silly and sloppy thinking.

The fact of the matter is modernity reduced humans to objects of financial exploitation via the economic machine. The American Dream which was exported around the world via Hollywood was loaded with every type of snake oil sales and every manner of pornography and the latter is more than just the literal–figuratively speaking, the MIC is the largest distributor of porn in the world–death for profit! An aside here is that Hollywood has been remarkable at packaging Freud’s Eros and Thanatos as death gets fetishized for profit via media sex objects. Of course, the mode of operation for this worldwide system of KA$H (the religion of money) was mafia gone legit–the Corleones succeeded in taking over banks and governments. 

I get this is an argument I’m not going to win as the purveyors of economic perversion are the most cunning to have ever walked the earth and unraveling their twisted machinations is most likely a task that can only be achieved by the good gods (or God) should they/it exist. That said, I’m not likely to shut up even if I’m only an ant among herds of stampeding elephants. 

From the perspective of a proper understanding of The Golden Rule, no worker or capitalist employer would find it acceptable to treat the working relationship as disposable, and of course, this is aimed more at employers who under neoliberal corporate capitalism view labor as entirely disposable and any given person employed as inconsequential, especially in relation to the profit motivations of boards of directors. It’s here we’ll need to deconstruct the elite’s attacks upon organized labor in the past century and this attack happened from both sides of the political duopoly–so the elite left here gets no free pass. Obviously, there were the early 20th-century open attacks on organized labor that are well documented so do your own research in that regard. Nevertheless, my interests in this issue are in the more subtle attacks on labor via the neoliberal machine. This had to convince workers to volunteer to go against their own best interests. The most profuse area here and one I also fell prey to was to become an independent proprietor which today means you live a gig economy life with homelessness as your future. Did I mention Rand was an asshole? The obvious motivation of the elites here is to have labor entirely fragmented and individualized so that it cannot organize against the machine and from my position I’d say this manipulation has by far been the most successful. The duplicity in this gambit was promoting the DIY ethic while the same bad actors were extraordinarily busy consolidating the corporatocracy making sure independents can’t compete. I could explore further here but I don’t want this post to get unwieldy.

I’ll finish off by arguing with traditional religionists. Do you really think you can exploit the spirit of God in others for your personal egoic satisfaction and consider such behavior righteous? Do Christians, especially, believe that the crass exploitations of capitalism are consistent with the teachings of Christ? How did the church in Pentecost organize? Did capitalism exist in The Garden of Eden? Will capitalism exist in the millennial reign of Christ? Hardly…yet you insist on living by unnecessary coercion and exploitation in the here and now fuelled by a worldwide system of usury.  This is a delusion! I have solved the problems in this regard in this post but I understand they will be dismissed–not my problem! We will all reap what we sow. And a note on the Eastern religions: karma and reincarnation are unfounded spiritual assertions and history has proved that institutionalizing these ideas is a very bad idea! In my opinion, this has led, under neoliberalism, to crass spiritual materialism fueled by a culture of narcissism-the very inversion of what it would mean to be spiritual! Not to mention the rise of a toxic and in error Hindu nationalism.

Just a few other points here: it’s clear the labor elite sold out under neoliberalism and that the administrative class became the pork barrellers of the working left. Also, any previous infrastructure implemented to help injured workers, unemployed or otherwise became a cash cow for the administrators and employees of these agencies–the money pool, under the neoliberal policy, simply got diverted away from workers and given to those in charge of the programs. This is all consistent with the self-serving governments which now exist with their cynical contempt for the citizenry.

Under the new type of neoconservative neoliberalism (Trump), we now see the only concern when it comes to inflation is that labor prices become as low as humanly possible. That the prices of nearly everything are to the moon doesn’t seem to bother the elite as I guess they can afford the bling, but the rest of us are fucked! Oh, well…