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I’ve linked *Jason Jorjani before in an interview with J. Mishlove. I’ll link the video I’m commenting on below which is another episode of the Gnostic Byte channel.

I’ll break this up into 4 areas, I think. The first one completely agrees with him on the scale and scope of the Persian Empire. It’s correct in my estimation and aligns with my research as a layperson. This was humanity’s first attempt at a large-scale SECULAR society where high esteem was placed on an individualist ethos and where all people were/are treated as equally sharing the possibility of human achievement–or, human potential. A grand culture where the Gods didn’t reign in tyranny over humans and where women and men could be free of a stifling religious hierarchy. As a Gnostic, I share this SECULAR ethos. Where I disagree with the Secular Humanistic Manifesto is where it declares, as a matter of fact, a strictly material humanism. In my opinion, this part of the manifesto needs updating to a more open-ended metaphysics. Hey, we all have our quibbles.

Unfortunately, the next areas of commentary are not as conciliatory. To say that Zarathustra was the first Gnostic strikes me as ethnic hubris. I think there’s ample evidence that the first Gnostics were primarily Egyptian along with the first and oldest sages of the Vedas who primarily held a Gnostic view of our existence–that this place sucks! It’s not possible as a layperson to argue this stance definitively but I believe Gnosticism predates Zoroastrianism. I believe any truth held within Gnosticism is inextricably linked to an obscured past along with solving the mystery of megalithic architecture which exists all over the earth–who built all these structures; who had the technological, cosmological, and geological knowledge to build them where and how they did? And how did this advanced culture not leave any refuse? This is an argument, in my estimation– from the Gnostic perspective, in favor of multi-dimensional archons and not extra-terrestrial.

At least five years of personal research went into the field of ufology and although I’m sympathetic to thinkers like J. Vallee I question any definitive assertion that ufology is solely folklore–fairies, pixies, and gnomes, etc. Moreover, I question whether this phenomenon is fully satisfied by a strictly psychological interpretation. I’m not claiming to know what The Greys or other aliens are but I think they are highly technical A.I.–certainly not fairies. I can testify to having 24 hours of my life wiped out and can assure anyone that my recall and memory functions are ‘top of the line’ in my estimation. Having said that, I’ve never seen an alien and have questioned whether what happened to me was new covert deep-state human operations. What if MKULTRA wasn’t a failure and our political and economic masters had bought themselves incredible new weapons of war using the mind as the battlefield? Again, who and what is going on here isn’t solved! It’s still a mystery and asserting otherwise in an assured fashion strikes me as propaganda.

The next area will have to explore the J.Q. and Christianity and Islam. WE KNOW MOSES NEVER EXISTED. The church knew this at least by 1850 when Bishop Colenso wrote an exposé on the impossibility of the ‘official narrative’ being true. The point is that all three religions are in a state of historical disrepute; not to mention cosmological, among a throng of other unsettling issues. This leaves us with religious esoteric strains of belief and I’ll only touch on Kabbalah here. What Jorjani seems to be saying is that Zoroasterism is in reality Kabbalah. The idea of the perfect form of man(Adam Kadmon) is what is driving universal teleology. Of course, this leads us straight to Messianic fervor, Tikkum, and the Noahide Laws.  Which, of course, leads us straight to THEOCRACY! Do any Gnostics see the problem here? Not to mention an issue I’m soon to blog on which is Kabbalistic Antinomianism to achieve spiritual ideology–a lawlessness that is now institutionalized in the highest halls of power around the earth in my estimation.

So here we are with a Cabal of religionists all over the earth who want an earthly THEOCRACY and they are using Kabbalah to justify this. Iran, the once great Persian empire is on the killing floor to make room for the Greater Israel Project! 

A note on metaphysics here: there is only one honest answer: we don’t know! So anyone who asserts definitive metaphysics is practicing metaphysical dogmatism! Agnostic Gnosticism is the only tenable position.

It appears Jorjani has made some right-leaning political moves since I watched this and I in no way endorse or support any fascist ideologies. Christian Gnostics are the hippies of Christendom.

                                                   “HEADS I WIN; TALES YOU LOSE”

Or, one could phrase it like this: give someone an ounce of power and it’s likely they’ll turn into monsters. The title aphorism is the modus operandi of our mafia casino owners as they carry out their macabre totalitarian tango two-step…Don’t you love Dorian Grey and Lily? On the one hand, we have an immortal monster brought into existence by some unknown maker (Sophia/or, aliens, depending on what ends up being accurate here), and on the other–the creation of ‘the things’ who look awfully human–well, so much so that no one can tell who is whom!

In the ‘real world’, also, on one hand, you have the wardens of what’s being called rational optimism insisting that the *prison has never been better! Juxtaposed to this we have crypto ‘enthusiasts’ espousing that humanity is in a state of near total incarceration. Go figure, eh? Wedged in between are the neo-prophets of the demiurge insisting and threatening violence if we break the laws and codes of the old testament God. Yikes! Talk about being stuck between Dionysus and Sisyphus!

When did I grok humanities existential dilemma? Oh, perhaps as early as five-years-old but I knew for certain what we were dealing with when the Clinton’s–using the full force of the military industrial complex–committed one of the most violent crimes in human history against the mystics and women and children of *Waco, Texas. It’s only gone downhill since the crimes of 911. 

One of the more interesting ironic reversals in late post-modernity is happening within the Integral Inc. sphere. John Mackey, of Whole Foods fame, posited a new type of enlightened capitalism (along with others) while selling his vision to Jeff Bezos’ of Amazon–now one of the largest players within the corporate fascist dictatorship. How is that? We saw the same thing when Brian Johnston of the old zaadz site sold to the psy-op Gaiam. Do you see a pattern here? The more people talk about integration the less free we become! If it’s not against the law to say Mohammed never existed or that less than a million died in the camps in WW-2 it soon will be while at the same time critique of Christianity and western values is lauded and approved (especially by the Hollywood elite)as traditional Christian nations are handed over and sold to outsiders from the middle and far east. 

It’s an interesting ‘integration’ where Christian churches are now yoga studios and white Christian’s are vilified as Nazi’s for even questioning what is happening to their communities. Yes, there is a tiny percentage of real nazi’s…Please note that as a Gnostic I think Christianity is as false as Islam and Judaism or Hinduism for that matter (yes, even in their esoteric forms) but culture is another thing altogether and distinct from religious ideology and there is definitely large-scale duplicity happening when the culture of Christendom is being dismantled by its historic enemies. Please, people, there is no such thing as Islamic/Christian culture or Judaic/Christian culture as their religions are, by law, diametrically opposed. This isn’t to say that in an ideal secular society X-Christian’s, Muslim’s, and Jews couldn’t live together as atheist’s but it’s clear now that that is NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING! 

Notes: * it may be more accurate to say things have never been better for the Jewish people.

* I don’t endorse any shady arms dealing the Waco community was involved in but far more happened there than what the official narrative tells.

The last note here: a Christian culture untouched by Judaic and Islāmic influence may very well have developed into an ‘equal rights for all people’ culture which would have been the right thing to do, in my opinion, but we will never know as what’s been done is done. And, yes, Islam, too, if left alone by corporate imperialism would most likely have arrived there, too…And, perhaps even Judaism, also…Moreover, I’m on record, time and time again, saying that past crimes of Christendom were antithetical to the true spirit of truth and freedom which is the Gnostic Kristos…

We’ll see: I’ll have more to say on this video at another time but it’s a peculiar overview of history which omits spirituality and Israel. Like these things are not relevant and don’t exist. 


Back in the day, we used to seek caves that had hot springs in them. We’d immerse ourselves in the water on certain substances and experience many different types of altered states of consciousness. I, personally, never experienced a bad trip doing this but I think it’s possible so one should be psychically prepared for such an experience, and being anti-fragile does help in that regard to a certain extent–or so I would think. There’s also something womb-like to this experience and it’s quite comforting.

I’ve taught myself a bathtub meditation which mimics this experience and although one won’t get transported to Alpha Centauri it does help in calming, quieting the mind while bringing one into presence, and helps ease anxiety to certain degrees.

So…fill your tub and add anything you like to the water–essential oils or salts and candles are cool, too. Lay with your back and spine as level as possible with your eyes eventually focused straight in front of you and not up–also find a spot in front of you to focus on. Have your knees bent and I like to put my feet on the upper surface of the front of the tub so that my knees are elevated with the knees about 6 inches apart ( my feet are also about 6 inches above the base of the tub) and pointing to the ceiling. Now put your thumbs together directly in front of your eyes with your fingers pointing upwards so that your two hands form a pyramid shape. Your eyes when looking through your hands should see the pyramid and you should also see the solar cross if you adjust your knees and hands accordingly–this cross also looks like a Christmas angel. I should note that to me this is in no way sun worship. These are simply the geometric shapes that form when lying in this position. Now I just focus my attention through my hands at the previously mentioned focal point in front of me. Concentrating on the breath or counting breaths is also helpful. And Voila, I come out of this experience in an ultra-relaxed state of being.

A word on cults: inner strength and intestinal fortitude cannot be gained via the cult ethos and structure. True strength comes from within and doesn’t need exterior validation. I’ve mentioned this before but I reject the Nietzschean will to power as being ‘the thing in itself’ which doesn’t exist in this ‘darkened womb’ and this explains why this particular mode of thinking so often leads to tragedy–humans are not Gods and never can be in the sense of what is being espoused in these philosophies. I also reject universal cosmological declarations based solely on meditative experiences. Moreover, cults reject dialogue and only pontificate dogmatically while doing everything possible to defend the deluded worldview usually demonizing those who are critical of the cult.

A thought on Season 2’s Penny Dreadful: the most interesting scene to me was when the old Jewish scholar was talking to the head witch and they are talking about God and he says many say God is found within (assumably because God isn’t found anywhere else/the death of God) and the witch replies, “they’re wrong”…This is interesting from my idiosyncratic Gnostic view and goes to the aphorism above. IF we are the result of Elohim archons then we may very well be ‘good Godless’ here.  Our situation is far worse than normatively imagined but things could also be far better as The Lighted Womb really does exist. If this were true then humanity’s destiny/ies (recurring civilizations brought about by cataclysm) is in the hands of the Gods. FWIW: THE GOLDEN RULE practiced as I understand it (non-necessary exploitation or coercion of other lifeforms, humans, and resources) is our only hope of escape as one cannot be taken to The Lighted Womb while practicing such behavior. DO YOU SEE WHY OUR PRESENT FINANCIAL SYSTEMS ARE ALL EXTRAORDINARY EXPLOITATIVE AND COERCIVE? 

At any rate, maybe this meditation will be of some efficacy to those living out there in ‘Lala’ land…


Ah, the gumption and audacity of a high-school dropout. Stop reading now if you can’t handle truth–rather, be gone to your flying flights of fancy! Whatever they may be…

This tale is told via the vibratory oscillations which are of the Sophian nature. Circa, the beginning of the Age of Pisces and the ushering in of the Christian era. This is also the tale of (HIS) story; that of the Demiurgic principle. This age saw the Jewish people begin their *dispersion into every nation and tribe on earth and this reverberates into the end of the age of Pisces. The first 700-years of this age see the Kristo’s spirit *wrongfully inculcated into the state religion of Rome. This gives way to the rise of Islam which also holds sway over the West’s civilization for about 700 hundred years. 1400-years later we see the Jewish people tattered and torn caught between two opposing ideologies but offered a splinter of opportunity within the financial sector due to usury laws enacted by Christians and Muslims. The moment seized upon with the first creation of Central Banking which arose, coincidentally, with the first modern gun technology. The widespread dissemination of the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalistic philosophies, at around the same time– from the 14th to 16th centuries– concomitantly helped fuel the rising tide of what is now the end age of *Jewish Supremacy as we enter the 21st Century. 7+7+7=21

Why does Dr. Mate’ feel the wish to want to commit murder? Because it’s how we were made by the archontic influences of humankind. Traumatized indeed! Why does Dr. Peterson feel rage? Because somewhere deep inside he knows he’s been lied to when it comes to the Christ myth; which, in reality, is the tale of Sophia and her relationship to the dark womb which she brought into existence and the Kristo’s stands as the beacon and lighthouse from the Lighted Womb which precedes this particular existence.

Here and here are links to what the Jewish people have been up to for the past 700-years so it truly is not a case of I Dindu Nuffin! In fact, they have been extraordinarily busy and organized, and the dispersion 2000-years ago into most countries (aided by tribal allegiance) have helped them enact influence throughout the entire world. Please, note, that as a Gnostic, I don’t share the theology of Texe Marrs and Eustace Mullins or that of the Catholic–Rape of Justice channel and I find it difficult to believe they didn’t know Moses was a myth and non-historical–this information is widely available now so it seems rather odd to me. I link them because these channels have thoroughly and accurately documented what has happened during the end of The Age of Pisces.   I also don’t blame the Jewish people for doing what they’ve done over the past 700-years as it’s all the machinations of the Demiurgic principle which we are embedded in–kill or be killed. The church’s treatment of them for the crucifixion is laughable from the Gnostic perspective as Kristos could never be killed by humans on a cross. DO YOU SEE HOW ALL THIS IS MACHINATION OF SOMETHING BEYOND HUMAN DOING? 

Okay, I’m dismissed! But better than being put in a black helicopter although there are other ways they’ve gotten to me which came with missing time and extraordinary pain. That, too, is another tale!

Yikes! What will happen when J.P. locks horns with Slavoj Zizek? 2020 Answer: not much.

2020 update: I’ve been musing on what I call Nephilim Archon Spooks. Were Plato and Aristotle civilizational Psy-ops? We loosely see the Sudduccee/Pharisee dichotomy within their framing and Peterson and Mate (and Zizek) are playing these roles today. Peterson obviously the Pharisee and the leftists who reject spirituality and focus on politics and power (and materialism) are the Sadducees (and Aristotelian followers). I get that this is loose but it works if one is willing to grasp what I’m suggesting.

So Peterson would be the EL and Zizek and Mate the LE…As in Lenin/Lennon who (LE) are almost always left-leaning materialists.

NOTE*: I’ve suggested that the Canaanite volcano/fire God Yahweh would have likely gone the way of Thor and Odin if it were not for Rome universalizing Judaism. I’ve never suggested that this was anything other than messy but it achieved its primary goal and that was to protect the character of Yahweh and wrongfully make him the father of the Aeon Christ. And all of this driven by the Nephilim Archon Spooks…




I’ll link the video below.

The cosmology espoused is metaphysical speculation. I’ll touch on where I agree and disagree with what Master William Lee is saying. Obviously, the basic idea of Gnostic cosmology is something I’m in complete agreement with.

Let’s start with Sophia. No one knows who she is if she exists. She could be a part of a pair (with Kristos) and she could be a part of the first Aeons–those who first came out of the original Monad/Source. She could be a lesser Aeon and some say she was the lowest. There are those that say the lighted womb (The Holy Spirit) was the first thing that came out of the original Monad/Source and this would not be Sofia. The Lighted Womb, if this were correct, did not create the demiurge. Sophia did and she created a cosmic distortion–it’s she who created the darkened womb in which we live. The Demiurge and the archons don’t know what the lighted womb cosmos is like but by now they’ve come to have some understanding of it–or so I suspect. This is the version I’m most drawn to but its sheer intuition and ultimately I don’t know as I’m an Agnostic Gnostic! 

Humanity today is the result of the Archontic entities–these are the Elohim of scripture or the Demiurge and its archons. I lean towards manipulation of DNA by these beings of pre-existing natural hominoids. In other words, I don’t believe we’ve been created as scripture suggests–fully formed out of the dust of the ground. There is another possibility, though, that is quite strange and difficult to consider: that we are an artificial intelligence; that we are incredibly sophisticated Avatars. 

It’s where I start to part ways with Prodigy especially in regards to his views on the soul (which could be correct). But if we’re advanced Avatars then I doubt very much that we have a soul which of course explains why it can’t be found. The chakras and kundalini would be deceptive programming of the archons. Reincarnation would also be a deceptive template. But if we aren’t real at all then what are we? Well, perhaps nothing more than the imagination of the programmers. Or, perhaps there is something we don’t know if this view is accurate and perhaps we can’t know what we really are; or,  we are no more than the imagination of the Gods. But this would come down to what the life spark is that Sophia hid within us.

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