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I have not a clue who this guy is but my search for TRUTH over 40-years has led me to EXACTLY the same place as whoever this person is.

Not listening to this video is the biggest mistake a human can make.

              ” around and round we suppose while the truth sits in the middle and knows”




There are, of course, more professional liars than what I mentioned in the video. Politicians of all stripes have sold us out to all the various mafias. Watch HBO’s Boardwalk Empire for insight about how that came about. Purchasing of the judiciary and creating a prison industrial complex all premised on lies; the MIC lying endlessly while committing abhorrent violence for private mercenaries and corporate arms dealers.

Meanwhile, the El-ites are isolating themselves into walled-off safe zones and have become unempathetic narcissists concerned only with their own desires and lusts. At the same time, the masses are shocked and awed into a traumatized delirium divided and conquered into a debt-ridden state of anomie.

                                     And people like Jordan Peterson call this state of affairs good! 


In the mythology of religious lore, it’s been said that only God can tell who is and isn’t telling the truth. 

A couple more points here. The political system itself is all predicated on lying so it plays a huge part within the current cultural malaise. And I forget to mention the corruption of the academies: handed over to Wall St. corporations and their debt financiers! Debt-slaving a generation or two for life in the education sphere.

You can here the demo version of I’ve Lied here and the finished product is at the end of the above video:

The attack on the biosphere could very well be an attack upon Sophia from the perspective of the Gnostic tradition.

In this one, I’m riffing off of Michael Dowd’s work. My main point is to clean up the economic sphere first, and at that point, one might have a chance at tackling the issue of pollution effectively. Both liberalism and conservatism have failed in this regard. Liberalism is now only concerned with people consuming to prop up the corrupt economic model, and conservatism is only interested in protecting its wealth and power, and religious conservatism is only about serving Israeli interests now. Both systems now are anti-liberty when it comes to critiquing official narratives.

And just for fun: here is an alternative Gnostic musing on the past 2000- years: the first 700- years was controlled mainly via the Christians; while the next 700- years gave rise to Islamic control, and the last 700-years has been about the rise of Jewish supremacy. All are chess moves by the archons and we might pause to ask why the diaspora? Why scatter the Jewish bloodlines throughout every country for 2000- years? This last epoch was roughly the time of the first central banking establishments which coincidentally arose near-simultaneously with the invention of the first gun technology–see my Money and Guns blog…Interesting, eh? So the archons have controlled humanity via their religious branches and I’m suggesting the archon method of control isn’t supernatural but rather technological. Are we about to be permanently enslaved in a techno grid within a lifeless biosphere? Think about the huge underground cities within cities these days–all artificial environments.

                                                                      “TIME IS MONEY”

For any of those who’ve followed my blog, you’ll probably be aware that I’ve come to hold certain idiosyncratic gnostic views. I’ll give an overview of them here. This will be a 3-part series with the second called, Ecotheism and part three called, Professional LiarsI’ll touch on supernaturalism in Professional Liars and suggest that what humanity is dealing with when it comes to the archons is technological prowess and not mythological ghost stories. Whether my Gnosticism is really about Alien/E.T. overlords is still something I’m not sure of and am open to.

Our origins are obscured. Even if we concede the latest in modern cosmological theory we reach a point in our knowledge where we simply don’t know what happened and how we’ve come to exist. Over careful consideration spanning forty years, I’ve come to suspect that the Gnostic version of spirituality gets us closer to the truth of our existence than any other narrative. Yes, this will need some unpacking.

There isn’t one concise gnostic creation myth and I don’t take any of the literature therein at face value. So I’m musing here. I believe Sophia is responsible for life or the bio principle. But she brought into existence also a replicator type being; one that cannot create life, but can mimic and replicate life via simulation and various other means–perhaps memory storage and such. It’s not a coincidence that computer technology exists within 100-years of most of humanity traveling via horseback. This is the primary line of delineation for this series. This demarcation will explain why humanity (and the archons) are destroying the biosphere at an unprecedented rate as we navigate the Anthropocene. I believe the destruction of the biosphere is inextricably linked to a worldwide culture of lies and deceit and we are now seeing the inevitable result of such machinations: a worldwide civilization founded on mistrust. I’ll just note here that my New Earth Commons ideas are trying to bring civilization back from the brink of deception and ecological devastation. *I’m no fool and I know these ideas will never be implemented but I put them out there for the public record.

I’ve come to believe that Kristo’s, when on earth, taught a Golden Rule ethos; that is he taught that no human should unnecessarily exploit or coerce other humans, life forms, or resources for more than one needs to sketch out a comfortable life for oneself and their families. Kristo’s taught this so humanity could know how to live sustainably and in harmony with the earth’s life systems. Please note that this ethos as opposed to the ethics (or lack thereof) of the current worldwide billionaire plutocracy.

I believe Kristo’s would have taught that a worldwide financial system predicated on usury would be the antithesis of The Golden Rule ethic. I believe Christians occasionally understood this principle at times throughout history but various corrupt ideologies crept in and poisoned the well–we see this no more than in today’s rise of Christian fascism. This is necessary here: Christendom’s war against the Jews was always a grave error and wrong tactic and this error, in part, has led us to where we are at today. For the most part, and I suspect for vengeful motivations, the Jews have co-opted most of the Christian congregations in the west who are serving Zionist agendas at this time. Please consider again, that the Demiurge and archons control all religion.

From the Gnostic perspective, the main method of control of civilization was via false religion and false religious claims. The Demiurge and the archons control most religion and use it as a weapon of enslavement for humanity. This is a primary reason for the resurgence of religion in late post-modernity although civilization is also fully immersed in a worldwide religion called KA$H. No, atheists are not free! And the Demiurge has no intention of giving up on control mechanisms it has used for millennia.

The Demiurge and the archons control time on this earth and it’s how they can **bring about their prophecies. And we have the mother of all time control yet to come soon: The worldwide messiah who will enact worldwide Noahide Laws–the is the order of the ages! The only way this could be achieved was through an alliance of four primary actors or spheres of influence: the Jews aligned with Freemasonry (esoteric Judaism); aligned with the Jesuit orders, aligned with certain houses within Islam. Of course, not every person who belongs to any of these groups is aware of the greater agenda–not everyone is culpable. And I am in no way saying that there are not antagonisms within these groups–psychopaths will argue among themselves; although, of course, not everyone in these societies is a psychopath.

If this were true it begs the question of how Christians might act? Firstly, they should be in an anarchist relationship with the ruling powers. They don’t necessarily need to be confrontational but they shouldn’t be supporting the plutocracy. Christians should be striving to live in a right relationship with the biosphere (Sophia) and it’s here one should look into the work of Michael Dowd. Christians should be striving to live under Voluntarianism wherein all associations are premised on mutual respect and fair exchange of goods and services; and no, THIS CANNOT BE ACHIEVED IN MODERNITY WITHOUT A BASIC INCOME OR LIVING DIVIDEND. Yes, a return to intelligent living with the land also solves this issue but is simply not scalable at this time–the population of NYC and such can’t all move to the country–it’s not possible, ergo–solution number one.

Perhaps one can understand now why a worldwide religion of KA$H was implemented: TO CONTROL TIME!

NOTE: I’m aware of non-dual Gnosticism and Tikkun Olum but I can’t for the life of me see how you perfect civilization by destroying the earth and waging war on perceived enemies…We’ll see, won’t we?

NOTE*: cynical misanthropy is the modus operandi of the ruling archons and although my gnostic view sees this place as irredeemable everything I say leans towards the efforts of not believing that too strongly–we should act as if this place is redeemable!

NOTE:** I’ve been musing lately that I found a loophole in the Law Of Non-Contradiction! So how can A be A and not A? Via the Bible which is mostly made up bullshit (especially in its history) yet at the same time the Demiurge and the Archons control time so they are able to make the prophecies come true, but only in a general sense.



Apologies again for some audio issues with my new Zoom…It’s troubleshooting time which is coincidentally consistent with the theme of this vlog.

A real white hat society @15 minutes

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Treating humans like dogs in a Pavlov reward system based on control of the money supply is in no way white hat, enlightened, or highly evolved. WRONG AGAIN!