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Tis the time in this series to talk about E.T.! Well, yes, it does seem like modernities preferred explanation for everything strange and unknown. I’ve never seen a UFO and I wandered the boonies all night long for near 7-years…Notta! And I saw many incredible things in the night sky but everything I saw was natural; I’ve never seen E. T. either. I have had many spiritual experiences, though, but I’ve been able to distance myself from them and try to analyze them from a non-biased objective position (as much as this is possible).

In 2019 I’m going to mention that I believe humanity is dealing with spiritual archons and not E.T. I’ll link a video below of one of the worlds leading mystics and I’ll add my questions to him. 

For me, it’s the ancient megalithic architecture that offers clues to some other intelligence involved on earth because Iron/stone age humans didn’t build these things all over the earth. So whatever E.T. is it was somehow involved in the creation of these structures which all seem to date back to around 12,000 years ago (so much for Biblical historicity). Of course, there is endless anecdotal evidence but I view that as not much different from religious anecdotes: it doesn’t amount to proof of anything; and moreover, the anecdotes couldn’t be more diverse, confusing and contradictory. I’ve quipped in the past that if all this was the work of angels then they are the most confused beings in the universe–E.T. theory doesn’t fare any better.

If it ends up being true it would mean to me that the universe we are in is extraordinarily convoluted; that God doesn’t exist in any conventional sense, and that from humanity’s perspective it’s best to view God as an alien extraterrestrial of some sort–the Starseed theory. There are a few theories I like more than others: the one where an E.T. race got stranded on earth and they were also responsible for human DNA manipulation; this race of E.T’s has one general goal: to get their technology back so they can escape this planet again–the Atlantis/Lemuria theory and concomitant with this theory is the notion of myriad alien races–many of them involved here on earth.

Ancient texts also allude to the Anu…this This is another theory I still consider possible. What’s interesting to me as a Christian Gnostic is that newly found texts… The

Nag Hammadi describe two groups of archons: the greys of popular culture and the reptilian. The Anu seems to be in cahoots with both these groups. The Anu being the Biblical Jehovah–the Gnostic demiurge who controls this earth.

Either one of these theories points towards a conspiracy of elites who are keeping any truths on this matter hidden to the general population. One aspect I find intriguing is these theories allude to the possibility that the earth’s academies are all coordinated in two primary ways: to hide the truth and to a commitment to re-acquiring lost technology. I have a personal quibble with the earth’s academies in that they are the one group of people I’ll lay blame on if civilization collapses because they should have known and done better! This particular theory is a somewhat coherent theory of why the academies are culpable and endlessly corrupted by the corporate machine and its machinations while debt slaving another generation of students.

I’ll touch on Buddhism and offer what I consider Golden Rule economics as a solution to civilizations woes as I wrap up this series of twelve posts.

2019: Hi, Phil. Perhaps you won’t mind fielding some queries? 1)Why are the demiurge and the archons allowing atheists and materialists win the metaphysical ‘football’ game? More and more people every day are convinced via science that God is a myth. What is preventing the archons from imparting to humanity empirical methods and tools that could prove their existence via the scientific method and its rightfully skeptical methods and peers/review? Moreover, these academic materialists would likely suggest you and people like are experiencing a type of schizophrenia. How does one counter that claim in a way that is more than rhetorical claims about spirit? 2)The nondual Kabbalists are in the process of merging human consciousness with machine A.I. to presumably solve the problem of human death. Do you consider this a good metaphysical future? Do you find any incongruence between this goal and the antinomian methods the Kaballists are using? A worldwide system of usury, etc… 3) Why do the archons seem so seemingly confused about the nature of reality? I could offer thousands and thousands of examples but I’ll just provide one. Why did Gabriel contradict what he told Mary and the Christians by telling Muhummed that Jesus was just a prophet and not the Aeon God Logos?

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The three options facing humanity today: annihilation, imprisonment, or a truly sustainable economic model. My New Earth Commons model premised on a proper understanding of The Golden Rule-– which was always relevant to economics and based on the notions of non-coercion and unnecessary exploitation–with a foundation of ending coercion and exploitation of humanities basic needs which I call The Four Pillarshousing, food/water, education, and healthcare. This is a sane practical way forward as an alternative to annihilation or imprisonment options!

I’ll cover imprisonment first as it seems the likeliest at the moment given all the trajectories. We’ll assume that a sane idea like mine will be dismissed so we go from there. The imprisonment option is what Alex Jones has ranted about for decades and he’s quite right. We’re already seeing unprecedented prison for profit systems by the Cabal and this will only get worse as conditions deteriorate over the coming century. Many soon will be unable to pay their debts and will be imprisoned also–this is how the Cabal rolls–they’re evil! At best we may get hi-tech mega cities under technocratic fascist control–this is already happening in major cities around the world–it will only get bigger and worse–the totalitarian control.

Most of the world’s religions predicted disaster for humanity: this is consistent with a ‘demiurge oversoul’ and its archons knowing the future as they control destiny here. Most scientists today are predicting various collapse scenarios so we have a rare convergence of science and religion which isn’t too surprising from a Christian Gnostic perspective as the archons control everything. It also explains why a sane option like my New Earth Commons Civilization gets dismissed. They’re well aware of The Golden Rule and do everything possible to make sure everyone breaks it–this virtually ensures your imprisonment as you’re not getting out of this Matrix if you practice these kinds of coercion and exploitations.

I’ll touch on the notion that earth is a school. It could be. Hinduism is likely the religion most amenable to this idea. Here are the problems with it from my perspective. We don’t have free will as the ego is a false construct! Yes, the Matrix is very real but the thing you think you are isn’t– it’s a false construct and it doesn’t have freewill-not any kind that matters anyway. Yes, free will exists on higher planes, IMO, but not here in the way Hinduism teaches and this, then, would make the idea of karma wrong! Christian Gnosticism would teach that you are a Divine essence and you’ve no karma here! Just the need to realize the condition you’re in and refuse to play the machinations of the slave masters. In my opinion, don’t make any agreements with the archons when you die! They’re lying to you! Demand access to the higher planes instead!!!

Here are some other problems with the school notion: no one seems to know what the lesson is ( of course, I do:), no one seems to know the rules–it seems that anything goes! Someone wiped our memories so that fact alone has left us helpless; the teachers most often act like sick psychos, the rumor mill has it that those who could show us the truth can’t because they’re under obligation to not show signs of proof of higher dimensions…and well, at that point I just shake my fuckin’ head and go what kind of  insane fuckin’ school is this and who made the fuckin’ lunatic rules! No thanks…

Don’t break The Golden Rule and realize that you’re not what the archons tell you-you are!

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In 2019’s version I’m going to link a story about how the Amish are being harassed by the legal mafia called the bureaucratic nation-state. I’ll link the story here. I find it hard to believe that these families are doing any significant damage to their land or neighbors. They’ve been dealing with grey water and human waste issues for centuries and would have developed sound low-tech solutions to these problems. As the article points out Tort Law used to be the way to deal with neighborly transgressions but that’s been handed over to the nation-states bureaucrats. What I’d love to see are laws passed that forced these politicians to live like the Amish for a year! The guvment can use their time on the land there to refine low tech waste systems. BTW: send the flat-earthers there, too, and pass THE AMISH LAWS! But the world’s governments are not interested in solving the pollution problem as it’s their policies that are creating the problem: capitalisms usurious nature, GDP, externalization, mass consumerism, and on and on and on.

In my estimation, Amish communities should be one of the templates for what I’m calling A NEW EARTH COMMONS. Of course, as modernists, we can drop some of their silly moral ideas and refine their technology so these communities look more like a NEO-SHIRE…

I’d suggest this is all the result of what I would call the Corleone/Rothstein hijacking of civilization….

Pimps and Whores! Yup, this is what the Cabal has done to humanity. We are, for the most part, either one or the other now. Oh, sure, a few are not–The Amish, Indigenous people still living on their terms; the rare monied few that only own one property and haven’t succumbed to rent-seeking and unnecessarily exploiting and coercing others for their rent, food, education or healthcare ( please read this series in its entirety to understand why this is).

The rest of us are either pimping everything and everyone big time or having to whore ourselves out just to survive. Now, of course, the point I’m making in this series of posts is the modus operandi which took over the earth about 250 years ago is no longer sustainable–maybe it was in 1850 even if the ethics were and are dubious; nonetheless, this mode of doing things isn’t going to end well. I’ve made the point that there would still be a chance for civilization if we altered course on these issues but I hold little hope as I’ve pointed out that what’s happening here in these times isn’t a democracy.

Let’s look at the bull-shit the Cabal has been spewing for millennia: that humanity is a lump of clay on a fallen rock and doesn’t deserve better than either being a pimp or a whore (yes, this is western theism/the slave cult of Saturnalia); that humanity did something in another life which caused them either to be a pimp or a whore; that humanity is a food source for financial predators and especially financial systems of coercion and exploitation (thank-you economic Darwinism). All of these are false from the Christian Gnostic perspective. From this point of view, you’ve simply been duped by these lying archons.

I need to touch on why Islam is not the solution to our problems today. I say this considering that at its best it didn’t exploit and coerce humanity’s basic needs ( nor did the early church for a brief period). The fact of the matter though is that Islam is, for the most part, a toxic affair, and it’s been that way from near its inception. Yes, there have been times when it created a high culture but even at that Islam was still an enforced theocracy. The Islamists did do a fairly decent job of hiding its Solar roots but the internet has blown the whistle on that one. Its origins are as much Solar as Judaism and Christianity. Like its older siblings, Islam’s foundation crumbles on the historicity of Moses who was not a historical figure as written in canon. This series of posts considers Islam another machination of the Archons. We’ll be touching on Hinduism and Buddhism as we wrap up this series.

In the last four parts of this series, we’ll begin speculation on who these lying archons are. That they’re liars is my view although I’ll consider and include one or two scenarios wherein the archons are only caught in a web of complexity and are not evil. I don’t believe this but I like being thorough–so I’ll include this unlikely scenario. I’ll also go over the possibility that this earth is a school and whether we volunteered to come here.

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In this year’s post, I’ll link a video below on Krishnamurti and add my commentary on it which is relevant to this post.
I might get the odd Yogic religionist disputing my take on things so I’ll add this here for reference:
What Krishnamurti was suggesting is likely this. But first, one needs to understand that his mind went through the analytical school’s types of thinking and criteria. In light of that, he knew that no one on earth could demonstrate, in a scientifically acceptable way (process), the claims of subtle energies. To do so would mean repeatable and verifiable evidence by skeptical peers that an injunction or claim has ‘passed’ the scientific method. For whatever reason, NO ONE on earth has done this!
Ken Wilber has a good paper on the post-metaphysics of subtle energies if anyone is interested.
I’m a Christian Gnostic so we have a simple answer to all these claims of metaphysical power: BULLSHIT!
I should mention also that the rise of post-secularism is a control gambit of the archons who have used religion as a cover for millennia and won’t hesitate to continue their pontificating metaphysical bullshit for political control and power. This is what the recent postmodern conservatism and religious nationalism is about: warring against the secular rule which came about via the liberal enlightenment. Yes, it does have its problems especially, in my opinion, liberal economics, but at least secularism offers rational protections against irrational (and untrue) and unverified religious claims…

There have indeed been a few yogis who opened themselves up to the scientific method and were able to demonstrate some remarkable ability to control and alter physiology, but very few is the operative word. Even Ken Wilber has altered his brainwave state via intentionality. BUT! THIS IS IN NO WAY EVIDENCE FOR SUBTLE ENERGIES/KUNDALINI/OR THE CHAKRAS with all their manipulative claims about souls and reincarnation. This aspect of their religion is archontic bullshit! Even if reincarnation turns out to be true I would still argue it’s only assholes who would do a 100% memory wipe of past lives. A GOOD GOD or decent archons would give us complete memory of 1 in 10 lives– to give some context to this incarnation…
NOPE! We don’t get that! ERGO: assholes!

How easy has it been for The Cabal to control humanity? Well, pretty damn easy! But before I get into that I’ll mention that I’ve given due consideration to the materialist atheist worldview in this series and find it wanting especially concerning the behavior of The Cabal–which I’ve asserted is toxic and Machiavellian. Certainly, what’s a fact is that the Cabal exists and operates regardless of humanity’s ontological and metaphysical condition–and the denial of this fact by the secular community is a cowardice betrayal of the human condition, IMO…And so we move on to other speculations…

Our memory was wiped at birth! That’s correct…someone or something has wiped memory from our incarnations here at birth (not necessarily an endorsement of reincarnation), add to this that humans are born helpless for almost one-third of their life; that most humans are non-violent in their relations to other humans ( it’s how we survived as a species), and the conditions are now ripe for a small group of deviant psychopaths to seize control of the life and economic systems on this planet–and this appears to be exactly what’s happened. They’ve set up mass systemic apparatuses of religious and financial control all enforced by violent coercion and unnecessary exploitation.

The house always wins! This is a fact of economics when economics is controlled by a Cabal–and it’s not random that the economic model for the earth is now patterned on the casino: With a few notable exceptions, the house always wins – in the long run – because of the mathematical advantage the casino enjoys over the player. That is what Mario Puzo was referring to in his famous novel Fools Die when his fictional casino boss character, Gronevelt, commented: “Percentages never lie. We built all these hotels on percentages. We stay rich on the percentage. You can lose faith in everything, religion and God, women and love, good and evil, war and peace. You name it. But the percentage will always stand fast.”

And there you have it: the near-total rationalization of pathological dominator hierarchy! Welcome to the machine. The question now is how the hell do we free ourselves from this systemic control? Well, if I knew the answer to that! But one thing I’m sure of is the solution is not based within any kind of New Age spirituality (or otherwise) which places the burden of this toxic condition on any person especially when that approach is always premised on dubious metaphysical and unprovable spiritual claims, no–systemic solutions are needed as that is what the Cabal controls–the systems, and we need to change their toxic systems of control!

A note that I need to finish up my assessments of religion from earlier posts. We’ll get there! Next up will be why Islam is not the answer to our current predicaments! And we’ll get to Hinduism and Buddhism. And yes, E.T. theory and cryptocurrencies.

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Hi, I did this series in 2017 and will refine it every year until I kick off this hell hole earth:) (Run by psychopaths)…Anyone interested in the jazz demo only can skip to about 2:35 Part 6 introduces the Cabal (Kabbalah):

The initial 2017 video:

2020: the Christian elite clergy have betrayed the sheep! Not surprising, really…That tithe should have gone to buying land for congregations so there would have been a place to protect the sheep from the economic wolves. Where did it go instead? Mansions and Lear Jets for those who have been corrupted by the enemies of Christ. Another inversion of spiritual truth. Let me assure you: what’s known as charity under oligarchic Christianity makes those with knowledge of the Pleroma want to…puke! And that is mild. But once again, even such Christian structuralism (should it have existed)  would have needed an overarching Secular Order to protect the Christian sheep from predators–the proper and healthy role of state governance–to protect private property rights while mitigating or making illegal predatory and usurious mechanisms within the financial sphere. Not everyone has the knowledge of Christ and coercion is anathema on the spiritual path which is why a Secular Order is the only structure that would work from a spiritual point of view. So Christians who seek political Dominionism on earth are deluded in much the same way that Judaism is when it seeks political power on earth–this is false spirituality. The rejection of Islam is obvious when viewed from this perspective.

Some thoughts in 2019 which I’ll add here. The move towards post-secularism and movements like post-modern conservatism conveniently omit or cherrypick from religious ideology. So we get undue focus on bad ideas like the ‘chosen people’ while dismissing good ideas like the sabbath and the Jubilee (debt resetting). Christians focus on abortion or homosexuality while ignoring the vast swaths of the homeless in their communities while also embracing usurious capitalism. If this era could be summed up in a few words I’d call it a lack of common sense. My Golden Rule economics is simply addressing the foundations of what any healthy economy would look like: basic needs would not be open to predatorial actions and actors. A healthy education system would focus through to grade 12 on making sure everyone learns how to take care of themselves via knowledge of how to grow food and build shelters and that land would be reopened to intelligent homesteading. 

 By now you could be sensing a problem: if higher dimensions of existence are real; or, at the very least, if more advanced evolutionary beings exist in this 4-D universe, and they exist via voluntary associations, then why are we practicing and normalizing things like unnecessary exploitation and coercion which go against our long-term best interests? This conditioning has effectively made us prisoners! We’ll get into who the wardens are as we move along in this series.

A note here for all the materialists: even if you’re correct and humans end up being an inconsequential cosmic fluke I would still argue that the Golden Rule, as understood in these posts, is still relevant and humanities best way forward as far as survival of the species and survival of life in general on this planet. The rest of this series will explore what a Golden Rule economy would look like.

In my last post, I touched on the desert mid-east northern hemisphere solar origins of Judaism and I’ll briefly touch on the Solar aspect of Christianity here. I should mention first, though, that the literal historicity of these myths is dubious at best and non-existent at worst. What’s a fact though is that the warring tribes within Judaism by the first century A.D. had every reason to replace a physical temple with a symbolic one. And this appears to be exactly what happened: the Judaic solar tradition simply got renewed in the form of Christendom–and also Islam which would succeed in formalizing a totalizing theocratic method of control which had its roots in Babylon, and we’ll touch on that in the next post. The main point is that the State control of religious experience which began in Babylon continued within the Roman Empire and the solar (and lunar) aspects of these religions are unmistakable. So, December 25th is the day the sun rises from 3-days of darkness.

The rest of this series will explore the reasons why having an economic system premised on unnecessary exploitation and coercion (almost always maintained by force and violence) was and always will be a bad idea–in fact, a very bad idea!

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Linking the documentary I talked about in the beginning:

In this 2019 update, I’ll mention that John Wick is finally pissed! He’s been on a murderous 3-movie killing spree to get there, but better late than never! And yes, John Wick is an allegory about the archons who control this death-cult earth where life has to feed off life to survive in a brutal display of blood and gore! And in today’s world that translates into the brutality of the financial killing machine we call capitalism, and in its very last stage will be fused with communism into a brutal technocracy…

2020: think of John Wick like this: you’re not going to be able to make a move under the current oligarchy without having one of their ‘Nephilim Archon Spooks’ all over you. How? Digital surveillance and agents that are everywhere!

The last day of 3-days of darkness in the northern hemisphere as the sun sits in the constellation Capricorn and will soon begin its journey back across the sky on December 25th to the Spring Equinox at Easter.

The Sun God Ra! Ra-bbi’s…The hot desert priests naturally incorporated nature into their traditions. Interestingly enough, the yarmulke also symbolizes something: the magical wonders of certain plants which alter human consciousness–usually opening perception to types of ‘God-consciousness’–via, Entheogens. We might add, also, that the desert tribes followed the moon cycles and this was personified as Isis…IS-RA…If we go back to Egypt we’ll see a hint of the first monotheism wherein Isis is also Ra! This might be a good time to ask why Is-Ra-El is named after Egyptian God’s and Goddess’s and why the Antinomian Gnostic Kabbalist’s (LAWLESSNESS)put Egyptian symbolism in all their power centers on earth.

This is all perfectly natural to merge nature into religious tradition: the sun and the moon and the stars…Good and Evil/Day and Night/Male and Female. And then came Babylon–the turning of natural ‘shamanic’ religion into social/political institutions of power and control. Please study the Babylonian Woe, by David Astle, linked here.

CH_I_ _!     The natural life energy of earth symbolized in the Yin and Yang symbol of the east. This is also the Kristos and Sofia of Gnostic Christianity.

What does all of this have to do with The Golden Rule? Nature always strives for equilibrium and balance and in thinking beings like wo/man this would naturally and intelligently play itself out in the social sphere as care of the other! Allow me a moment of personal metaphysical speculation: on higher planes of existence coercion and exploitation are non-existent! It’s because of this that the unnecessary coercion and exploitation of humanity–especially by religion, but now by the new religion of money, power, and greed (what I call the God KA$H)–are so destructive to life.

Yes, we’ve lost our way by following two maladaptive power structures: state religion and modern finance which have reduced humanity and other life forms to objects of financial exploitation. 

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A 2020 update: usury isn’t just having no risk on a loan. The primary issue surrounding usury is the creation of money itself: who gets to create it and how? The creation of fiat money from nothing, at interest, is fine if done via the public sphere but disastrous when done by a Kabal of insiders. The kind of societal power this kind of money creation creates demands the highest form of wisdom and integrity! Sadly and tragically, whenever this kind of power gets into the hands of a small percentage of elites it creates disaster. I should note this year that the capitalist mindset does go far back into antiquity but its structural form in modernity started in England a few centuries back. 

More on Divoc-91: We can see that the usual suspects only have one card in their deck when dealing with  Carona Demiurge virus economics: make the money machines go brrrrrrr. USURY! USURY!USURY! No coinky-dinky here:-P In my initial Virus series, I coughed up more than a few alternatives that might have worked but the Kabal ain’t having it. It’s their way or no way! 

I was listening to the song The First NoEL and mused on how insidious the archons are (and how brilliant)…Born is the King Of Israel? Bullshit!! And this juxtaposed to their turning modern Christianity into a ‘carnival barker grift show’ while making the season about corporate consumerism. We are truly lost!


In previous posts linked below, I discussed the possibility of meaningless nihilism in a Godless universe; explored, briefly, 10,000 years of religious storytelling (mythology), and moved onto an alternative view of who Jesus might have been: The Gnostic Kristos.

Imagine this: a time not too far from now when pollution wreaks havoc upon the earth; when less than 10,000 people own 95% of all the wealth on the planet; when resources dwindle and mass shortages cause chaos throughout the world; when machines police you into oblivion! It couldn’t possibly happen here I hear you say! Wrong! And the truth is all these scenarios could very well happen this century given all the current trajectories, and do you know why? Because humanity was persuaded that The Golden Rule was a myth, too; that it was archaic thinking espoused by someone who didn’t even exist!

How much did the universe charge you for being here? Were all the plants and animals charging you interest for use over the last few hundred thousand years of human history? NO! In fact, we were here and it all existed freely…

Circa about 250 years ago in Europe…The emergence of capitalism in its present form. There’s a saying about capitalism, ‘what was once free now costs a hell of a lot of dough!’…It was at this time that the Golden Rule got thrown into the trash bin of history and we’re now seeing the cumulative disastrous results of this error…Okay, I can see this will need some unpacking.

The trading of goods and services was always a priori for humanity. It is how we go about doing this that is crucial and this is the crux of The Golden Rule: embrace it and survive and flourish and dismiss it and watch and see what happens…Let me ask you this: if Jesus existed in some form and taught The Golden Rule then why do you believe it wouldn’t be relevant to economics? Please, have at ‘er on this one in the comment section.

Part three is coming to a close here and I’ll leave you with this to ponder: can any human being meet their potential when their 4-basic needs of FOOD/WATER, SHELTER, EDUCATION, and HEALTHCARE, are taken away from them via UNNECESSARY exploitation and coercion? It’s these issues that are central to The Golden Rule and are at the heart of this particular matter! And we’ll be exploring this further as the 12 days of Christmas pass us by once again…

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In upcoming posts, we’ll get into what a possible Gnostic Kristos ( if it exists) thinks about 1700 years of Christendom; what it might think of Islam and Judaism; what it might think of Hinduism (and to a lesser degree) Buddhism as they relate to the ideas of karma and reincarnation.


The 2020 installment in this series will touch on the Sethite gnostic claims that ‘God’ the Demiurge was sentenced to death by the Aeon Kristos and died on the cross at the insistence of his chosen people in an act of universal Kosmic irony. Mark Cordova unpacks this view in this series HERE

We can get a sense of why the RCC (under Judaic directive) made a relic out of the cross in an attempt to keep a dead god alive. One must understand that the first 300-years A.D. was heavily Gnostic and populated by large sects like the Marcionites who understood that Yahweh was not the father of Christ. This year’s series has more detail on this aspect and I’ll add it to the post on Judaism. My 2020 intro post explores this theme, too.

I’ve also said in many blogs that the archon offspring of the dead Gods have technology today and not supernatural ability. This does account for the lack of any demonstratable supernatural ability in this age on this earth at this time.

This post touches on the issue of God’s ‘hiddenness’ or absence, or, the idea that God is dead! From the Gnostic perspective, it can be argued that the simplest answer to this philosophical inquiry is that God doesn’t exist within this particular existence. What does exist here are deceptive archons and this, in part, makes the inquiry into the nature of reality exceedingly difficult…

In the previous post, we acknowledged the possibility of ultimate meaninglessness in a Godless universe where no extraterrestrials exist. It was nihilism all the way up and down and that has led to a psychopathic prison planet being run by, well…psychopaths. We’ll move on to more hopeful possibilities as bleak as they are given the above truism.

Religion! Oh, my, here we go then into the mire. About 10,000 years have passed since the first collective narratives started trying to make sense out of what humans found themselves in. This history is littered with every imaginable claim and the fact of the matter is that there is next to no objective evidence for any religious claims whatsoever. After 10,000 years the only significant data we have is the mild efficacy of yoga and meditation as they relate to the human body-mind. There’s not a shred of repeatable verifiable evidence for any other claims regarding a soul or anything else along those lines in all of religion. The historicity of the Bible narratives is the swiss cheese of academia’s history departments! In no other field of inquiry would we accept the near-complete absence of evidence. *Facts!

So who were the Godmen, then? Well, it appears they’re mostly solar anthropomorphism. Mythologies reified. I sincerely doubt that any of them existed historically, as written. Some of them may have existed as real human figures but I’m convinced that they didn’t exist in the way conventional religion asserts. This series of posts will largely deal with the Jesus figure who I refer to as the Kristosa Gnostic Aeon… Whoa, Nellie! I thought we were talking about a Godless material universe! Yes, we were and I conceded the possibility and now it’s time to move on and try to make sense out of near-endless contradictions over the next 11 days–there’s time to make my case. Nonetheless, this narrative of who he was is about one of the only ones that make any sense out of the near-complete absence of evidence for the stories in The New Testament and the Bible.

The reason there’s next to no evidence for the official stories being true is that they didn’t happen–not in the way described, and certainly not for the inane reasons given. This series of posts will now, more than less, work from the premise that the Pharisees and Sadducees did indeed, encounter the Kristos on occasion, but those encounters probably didn’t look as described and not for the reasons indicated.

Some of you could be noticing a conundrum now: if these beings exist then how come they don’t show themselves? Why are they letting the illusion of materialism take front and center stage? Well, certainly, these are good questions, and like I already mentioned–this series of posts is going to speculate on why that is, what the agenda is, and why The Golden Rule is the ONLY thing that matters when it comes to your existence; in fact, it’s the only thing the Kristos taught–along with the knowledge that you don’t belong here.

*NOTE: verification of claims in any meaningful way need repeatable evidence and verified by a large number of skeptical peers. This is the scientific consensus. Anecdotal documentaries don’t cut it. Anecdotes themselves within this field of inquiry are logical fallacies. Having said that, there is empirical evidence for the bodily and calming effects of yoga and meditation but there is still zero empirical evidence for subtle energies. Now I think they might exist but we should be extremely cautious in dealing with our speculations on this particular issue. And no, there is zero empirical evidence in the efficacy of prayer. I should note that verification in the field of history doesn’t work in the same way it does for other inquiries, but still…

More 2020 musings on DIVOC-91. I said right from the beginning on The Ides Of March when ROME (the state) shut down the economy that it was the biggest over-reaction in political history. In the northern hemispheres, they should have attempted to manage it like they are trying to manage it now. What they should have done is give us 6/7-months notice for a winter (flu season) lockdown; let us get our house in order and prepare for it. There simply wasn’t a need to lock down on the scale that they did in the spring and summer; and that, in part, is causing massive fatigue among our populations. The end result of this: state-sanctioned bankruptcies likely on an unprecedented scale. In light of this fact, the state should pass a ‘one-time free bankruptcy’ card and get real that this wasn’t OUR fault! It was state policy causing it! 

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                                                                  “Elephants can’t fly”

Well, I guess we have to start with the elephant in the room; or, in this case, the room is completely void of elephants; and for the sake of this post, the room will be empty of everything but humanity! We won’t even consider whether E.T. exists in this post. It’s just us–the cosmic fluke in a rather large dead universe!

So let’s run with this for a moment. What would that mean? Well, of course, it would mean The Golden Rule doesn’t mean crapola! Nothing does! Nihilism is our inevitable fate if this were true–there’s really no escaping this conclusion if one is to assess honestly.  But sure, we can make up all the New Age touchy-feely narratives we like but ultimately they are all doomed to meaninglessness…That’s a fact under this scenario. Cry and whine all you like ’cause it doesn’t matter– nothing does!

Now, interestingly, this nihilism became fused with Machiavellian atheism over the past few centuries and has done exactly this: installed a vision of survival of the fittest economics in a gory bloodbath of Social Darwinist depravity! And I should note that toilets, electricity and all the rest of the toys don’t alter these facts. Yes, that is where we are today–just past a few centuries of killing fields and now in a post-911 worldwide social lockdown–a worldwide police state of ‘show me your papers’...don’t say this and don’t think that! No, no, no. Obey!

So yes, under this scenario, the various mafias that have taken over the earth in the past few centuries can do what they bloody well please and NO ONE can stop them. It’s brute force and coercion with the biggest most advanced militaries ready and willing to crush anyone that resists and the pay has never been better because they control the printing of money–this is a fact now, too.

I’ll leave day 1 at this. All I’ll say is that this mode of operation can be likened to Dumbo! And it doesn’t matter if this scenario is true. 

But please understand that all it took for the usurious mafia to take over the world was simply to declare that God was non-existent.


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