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 I came across this today.
I remember Ken Wilber had a detailed analysis of Baphomet in one of his books which was quite similar. I couldn’t find it, though, when I tried to re-find it some years later.
So, a good and comprehensive overview here and I’m happy I found it.
Baphomet is the Kabbalist symbology of non-duality framed within the esoteric magic of Eliphas Levi.
I view it as the symbol of the demiurge.
An alternative gnostic view of this. Satan is an Archon of the Demiurge who is the main adversary of humanity but he’s not Lucifer. Lucifer is another archon of the demiurge who is a replicant of the Kristo’s so much so that the myths say it took Adan and Eve about 1000 years to distinguish the difference between the two.
I’m a non-Kabbalistic Gnostic and have come to reject the ‘will to power’ mainly because in modernity it was implemented via currency creation and gaming the system via casino ethics. I’ve also come to reject that WILL is/was Kant’s ‘thing in itself’…an error made by Schopenhauer and carried forward by a whole host of esotericists. It comes down to non-dual philosophies or dualist philosophies and I sit in the Dualist camp and believe God does not exist in this darkened womb controlled by the demiurge and its archons. Dvaita Vedanta also came to this correct conclusion, IMO…
At this point in time, it’s Dr. E. Michael Jones who is speaking up the loudest when it comes to Kabbalistic antinomianism which has taken over civilization.

Hey, there Steemit truth lovers. In this one, I talk about how pathetic the return of religion has been. It’s no small coincidence that all this renewed religion leaves out anything that is good about religion.

It’s also worth mentioning that the return of religion has also failed to address the worldwide system of usury with its concomitant unsustainable fiat currency and fractional reserve lending…No small coincidence.

No ecological renewal via this rise of neo-religion.

Please note that as a non-Kabbalist Gnostic I argue for Secular Humanism as the societal template although I obviously part ways on materialist humanism.

Yes, 911 with its concomitant new religious resurgence ushered in a post-truth civilization and most every country and media organization in the world spewed the official bullshit of that day…

A quote from Wes Penre’s blog linked here:

“My case in point is; why do we want to stay in a virtual reality that is controlled by predatory, parasitic beings behind the scenes, when we can leave this reality altogether and become symbiotic, sovereign souls once and for all in our Home Universe? This is another important point to seriously ponder.”

My thoughts on this:

And I’ll link Robert Stanley, too, for those who like rabbit holes:


That’s Dr. E. Michael Jones at the beginning talking about monsters. He might consider having a chat with Jack Caputo:D I’ll link the vid. below and it’s well worth listening to. The thing with Jones is he’s either lying or deluded when it comes to Moses who clearly didn’t exist as a historical figure. Well, IMO., a big part of 911 was about those who control humanity via religion and they used that day to re-emerge on the scene so to speak.

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