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Many of you may know that I identify as a Gnostic with similar views as one of the first Christians– Marcion, who correctly understood that the Old Testament is antithetical and incommensurate with the New Testament, notwithstanding the contortions of the Judaic Messianic movement within modernity–a ploy, in my opinion, by the tribe to make sure the Catholics could never again force conversion on them–quite clever really.

This is taken from his Battersea, England talk in 1927. I’ll link the video below so you can check out why I’m linking this. @ 17:50 he talks about Gnosticism (a coherent religious view) and says he wouldn’t argue with us. YEAH!!! Go, Bertrand! Perhaps he wouldn’t argue because he suspects we are right!

Okay, obviously my point wasn’t to promote his beliefs generally speaking. Just his reference to the idea of a corrupt designer.

Please note that I identify as an Agnostic Gnostic and I believe Gnosticism is one of mankind’s earliest attempts at fusing spirituality with the faculties of reason and logic.

Here are some thoughts on modern Gnostic thinking:

-dualist and nondual spiritual philosophies.

-a secular evil example might be dialectical materialism’s revolutionary spirit.

-non-violence as the model of behavior exampled by the Kristos.

-attempts at conciliation of the old and new testament by messianic Judaism.

-gnostic ditheism, docetism, and soteriology and the economics of The Golden Rule.

-non-violence and voluntaryism. Economic compromise.

-the true ‘natural law’.

-logic and reason as they relate to epistemology.

-modern views on Gnosticism.

-sharing economies and Proudhon.

-anarchism and the violent nation-state of oligarchy.

-the Catch 22 of our condition.

-our ‘fenced off condition’…

-good arguments are better than violence.

-atheist materialism’s inability to argue against the evil god hypothesis.

NO COMING BACK FOR YOU! Written by me:)


I’ll the link Kino MacGregor video here where I got into a discussion with the commenter Bruno.

He asked me what is new in Christian Gnosticism since the time of Egypt. Good question!

First I would suggest computer technology and especially how it relates to quantum mechanics as it relates to A.I. With this in mind, the first thing I would suggest is that computers give us reason to speculate on the simulation hypothesis–The Matrix. It was alluded to via The Akashic which was the first attempt at describing memory technology. So…it may mean that the common idea of a soul is in error and that the Archons who control the simulation also control our memories–or, use memory technology to manipulate us. This is the simplest explanation for the lack of any ‘soul’ evidence within the scientific sphere; it may also prove Daniel Dennett’s theory that consciousness, as we think of it, doesn’t exist! (Dennett’s view is not necessarily mine)… One would have to watch HBO’s Westworld to get a handle on what I’m suggesting.

Modern E.T. theory. Our knowledge base now allows us to consider that God might not be God in the traditional sense but would rather be an extraterrestrial. It’s not my preferred explanation but there are many modern Gnostics who hold this view.

The Academies knowledge of reason and logic. The Logos was refined in the past century and our understanding of logical fallacies and bias’ are much more advanced. Confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance, and the Dunning-Kruger effect help us immensely in our quest for truth. As a Gnostic who identifies as being an Agnostic Gnostic I show respect for the Dunning-Kruger effect–I say I don’t know when I don’t know. I always frame my metaphysics as speculation when I’m talking about spirituality. I argue my spiritual beliefs using reason and logic to the best of my abilities. I should note that I don’t believe reason and logic refute God but when applied honestly to the world’s religious claims these faculties do refute normative religious beliefs–that is to say the world’s religions are B.S…Again, this doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist it simply means God isn’t found in these contradictory and irrational religions. The Gnostic view of God is logically consistent with this proper deconstructing of religion and is also consistent with the brutality of evolution.

Copied comments here from the initial comment:

FWIW: the first yogis were Gnostics who correctly understood that this earth is a prison. If I suggested to you that you should go to university to study and at the same time wipe your memory you would correctly assess me as insane. This is the human condition set up by the Archons of the Demiurge who created us to be slaves. Lucifer who is not Satan is the chief Archon of this age and most people in their quest will come across this entity. Ultimately the light that Lucifer brings is deceptive because human-will (the foundation of Lucifer’s oeuvre) can never be God although this will be attempted (immortality of the human will in a machine) as the A.I. control grid intensifies. Peace:)

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Bruno Paulo
Correct, Lucifer in its literal meaning is ‘bearer of light’, a title also given to Venus/Mercury as the morning star. It is not present in the Bible, it was a later development, a negative one, we might say. However, the negative portrait of the Demiurge in the Nag Hammadi gospels should not be taken seriously or literally, unless one goes to extremes and says that the material world is an error and evil, which one is free to do so. The Demiurge, known since the time of Plato as being none other than Zeus himself, created this world based on the divine archetypes, which, being perfect, could not be replicated, i.e., this world could only be less ‘perfect’. This later rendition of the Demiurge drew from orphism in that the body is the grave yes, but as a myth it should not be taken literally. This world might not be perfect and evil from a higher POV yes, but we are born in it, and grow from it, and this world and the body can be the gates to heaven too.

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@Bruno Paulo Hi, Bruno…It would be pointless for me to argue my views on this with you. I can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that this existence is error and evil but you would most likely reject the evidence which is, of course, your right.  The first Yogi’s understood what I’m saying. The Dvaita Vedantist’s understand what I’m saying. Many exoteric religionists understand what I’m saying although they misinterpret who the Archons are and the deceptions wrought by them over millennia and longer.  I reject Kaballistic Luciferianism especially when framed within a non-dual oeuvre whose practitioners are implementing a will to power through control of the money supply creating the largest usurious casino in the known universe.

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@Bruno Paulo This is a start if you are interested: Many of the world’s scientists correctly assess evolution as being incredibly brutal…The theistic ramifications of this are significant. But the yogi’s are incredibly confused on physics, too, and cosmology unless you believe the earth is a flat plane? One of the most prolific yogic voices out there today is Eric Dubay (and Santos Bonacci) who proves that yoga in and of itself proves nothing about anything other than how flexible the human body can become. Which is incredibly cool in itself…

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Bruno Paulo
You’re already arguing, but that’s a good thing 🙂 I know the hindu views, and you forget Shaktist view. If this world is an error than the Shakti aspect is absolutely evil, and the Shiva aspect absolutely good, but you know better that things don’t work that way. Even the ancient sages and visionaries behind texts and ancient religious traditions varied in their perceptions of eschatology. Either way, we’re here, and if were an error, than God would have commited an error, and is that possible? I just cannot agree to that. The original kabbala and its purpose has got nothing to do with modrn day Israel or the jewish conduct in history. Religion and mysticism is one thing, survival is another. Thus the corruption of teachings as well as the extremist views on life and society. The truth is that mysticism is radical and extreme, and there I agree with you. To some extent it teaches that the other world(s) is far better than this one, but to follow asceticism and the rejection of this world in detriment of a better one must be a personal choice, not a theological dictature. Here the line between the validity and invalidity of religions and metaphysics become blurred, confuse people, and create wars. Spirituality is first and foremost a personal thing.

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@Bruno Paulo There are different issues here Bruno. The first is that I am not arguing for the Vedas being a source of truth. Like all religions of the Archons, they are mired in confusion and contradiction. This is demonstrably provable and the social system which arose out of these teachings is deplorable from the Christian Gnostic view yet entirely consistent with the mind of the Archons. As for subtle energies: at this point in time, there is zero evidence for them being real within the field of science and empiricism…This is juxtaposed to some of the most astonishing ‘supernatural’ claims in all of religion. I’ve already suggested that the Demiurge created replicants of Sophia and the Kristos so the whole of the Vedas would be allusions to these imposter Gods…And because they are ultimately deceptive the metaphysics surrounding them are deceptive, too. The claims within Kabballah are similar but Kabballah is unmatched in its economic and political control of the earth and its people although the Hindu Nationalists seem to want to give the Cabal a run for their money. in late postmodernity. The Christian Gnostic view is that this place is irredeemable… period. Within this view is an ironic plea for truth and justice which of course falls on deaf ears in the Matrix. The Spirit of Revolt is mentioned in the comment section of part 11 of my Golden Rule Series. Having said this I still sit in the Dualist camp of DVAITA which is consistent with Christian Gnostic thought.

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Please note that materialists and atheists tried to account for all the confusion and contradiction (and war and murder) by asserting religion is mythology and storytelling. Exoteric religion used the ‘we only have the chosen truth gambit’ even if chosen truth is incoherent, irrational and illogical…This leaves us with Christian Gnosticism which is one among a few other possibilities… Peace:)

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Bruno Paulo
@andrewmarkmusic Ok, I see. But what is really new in christian gnosticism? Didn’t it arise from Egypt, a land full of egyptian and greek mysticism (from which later sprang Hermeticism as a mix of both)? Jews were also in egypt at the time obviously, and the apocripha employ jewish terms, perhaps from an egyptian/greek extreme POV, for they were heretics as far as I know. So yeah, maybe the whole Universe is full of impostor gods. The demiurge is an impostor god, just as Atman is. The soul is itself is an impostor god, and a fallen angel and a lucifer and a satan to itself. That doesn’t make the demiurge “evil”, like I said, the language of the gospel is metaphorical. The demiurge is actually a high, lightfull being. If that cannot be proved, well, the point of mysticism and religion is not that, but one of faith, although even through the method of science some order, intelligent design and beauty can still be appreciated in this chaos. It doesn’t prove that God or heaven exists, but it doesn’t proves otherwise neither.

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I was going to go into some detail on crypto this year but I’ve decided to cough-up some views on ONLY FANS instead. But first, crypto is doing what it usually does this time of year as those who control it seek to withdraw their gains ahead of tax deadline time–yes, digital pennies are thrown to the starving masses! In general, the blockchain now offers a near unlimited platform for self-delusion! I say that within the context of the original claims of the crypto-kings–which were the usual bullshit!

Before I get to Stok EL y I should talk about the true meaning of voluntarism. Let’s say I own a shoestore and I’m looking for an employee. If Bill Gates answers my ad I can be reasonably assured that his application for the job is truly voluntary and comes without any kind of structural coercion; on the other hand, if I get hundreds of applications from desperate people who’ve no other avenues of earning a living then they ARE under coercion and are being exploited by the system–especially if they would say that selling shoes was something they would rather not do if they had other reasonable choices. This brings us to Stok EL y.

The Nephilim Archon Spooks control the earth now and their names and occupations always let one know who they are but not necessarily what they are. Miles Mathis has correctly pointed out how beautiful many of them are and I’ve had visions of the ‘angels’ and can testify to their beautiful nature and that hasn’t been lost in their transition to the earth. What has changed is how corrupt they are! And they control technology! We see the usual peerage bloodline banker trope once again with these porn kings. Stok EL y had the audacity to say that his paywalled platform was voluntary! Let’s see, decimate the worldwide economy via usury and a pandemic and then declare the economic victims of these policies as free from coercion and exploitation! I’ve heard of bluebloods but it takes blueballs to say something this disingenuous. But they are so deluded it might be he believes his own bullshit! I say these things knowing I am not some kind of moral prude–that would be a total misunderstanding of my views. That women think this is something better than traditional conservative family structures only goes to how lost humanity has become.


In casino algorithms the vast majority of players lose; most break-even, a small group gets lucky and wins, and an even smaller group wins big; such is our condition under 20/21 Century normalized mafia casino economics that has taken over the earth. Most of us will never win under this corrupt system– nor can we. This post will look at 3-primary groups of winners in the past 100 years for the expressed purpose of exploring those who have the most to lose in the coming century(this is, admittedly, a truncated group).

The Jewish people have made huge gains in the past century and they surely have much to lose if this casino model crashes. I’m not going to explore this group further here but will include them because of its relevance to this entire series. My Christian Gnostic view on the Jewish people is that they are no more evil in and of themselves than any other group, but were used by the demiurge as a means to an end: the demiurge controls the flow of history within The Matrix (deceptive construct) it created.

Women have the most to lose if this century ends up looking like a bell curve compared to the gains of the last century. The casino model has been good to them because it isn’t predicated on might. I’ll add here that one arm of the Unholy Trinity has been quite good for women and that is the bureaucracy of the State: it has employed millions of women! The speculation on real-estate has also empowered women as the gains there don’t depend on might either (it’s also turned them into rent-seekers). The Wall St casino, too, and all powered by The Rockefeller legacy of fossil fuels which have enabled these gains and we’d all best hope these fuels don’t run out–or, that a replacement to scale is found–something that is by no means a given.

The Gay community and I’ll use this truncated form to briefly touch on the gains made here. The casino model has definitely helped this community free itself from earlier machinations of the archons. I have zero issues with the gains made within the casino by this group and only look to point out that they have much to lose if the casino model crashes and I’m a firm believer that it will this century– for all the reasons I’ve pointed out in this series of posts(all posts are linked below). My point here is that the long-term abandonment of Golden Rule economics may not bode well for them either.

Crypto may end up being the largest ironic reversal in financial history! Does anyone remember the scene in Jupiter Rising where  Mila Kunis’ character has to get her passports? The bureaucracy was shocking! And this, my crypto friends, will be the likely outcome of crypto: the largest bureaucracy to have ever been created! Transaction after transaction after transaction accounted for by millions upon millions of accountants and tax lawyers within an oversight structure the likes as never seen before by homo economicus. Needless to say, if this turns out to be the case(and I believe it will) the anarchists among us will have looked like naïve dreamers! (Well, they did start practicing bureaucracy in Babylon)!) And at this point, I’d quote Puzo,’ never underestimate your enemies’…

I’ll finish up this series by imagining what civilization would look like if everyone had a home that wasn’t acquired by unnecessary exploitation and coercion; if everyone had a connection to the earth by being taught to grow a significant part of their food and that food and water production, in general, be put under the rubric of a non-debt, non-usurous means of exchange via funding by a Public Banking system or a currency like wherein the means of exchange was distributed evenly at creation and not the present system which favours those at the top of the present pyramid; where the education system is geared towards the fulfillment of human potential embedded within a positive culture of personal mastery; wherein healthcare would be premised on a healthy system of living and trading goods and services alleviating the huge percentage of the present cost of maintaining a sick society.

And why won’t this vision come to pass? Because it’s not how the demiurge rolls! It’s not even possible as one can never undo one’s true nature.

I’ll finish up here by linking a post that explores the possibilities that the archons are somehow benevolent within a complex convoluted universe. I won’t repeat it now but one can read it here: The Nephilim Didn’t Fool Me…

I’m not a subscriber to any of those views but any one of them is possible.

I’m going to finish this series where I started: the materialist atheist worldview. I would argue that my Golden Rule New Earth Commons Civilization would still be one of the few sane choices moving forward into this century although my prediction is that the CASINO OWNERS WILL CONTINUE THEIR GAME OF RUSSIAN ROULETTE with civilization and life on this planet. What should sane adults do? When sane adults see disaster in front of them they call a timeout emergency! This is what humanity SHOULD do! Put away for a century 5000 years of tribal retribution and put away a skewered toxic interpretation of Darwinism. In doing this humanity could not only survive but thrive. And why don’t we do this? Because the demiurge and the archons are real!

Previous posts in this series are:

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This series of posts was mostly for those who still consider the idea of spirituality important. Included in this demographic would be any atheists who still consider some type of spiritual view–perhaps philosophical naturalists and such who hold pantheist views.

It’s time to take a moment to consider my position on capitalism, but I’ll preface by saying I reject the dualist control dichotomy of capitalist/communist. In my opinion, that duality is a modernist control machination implemented by The Usual Suspects.

I don’t own property and probably never will although if I did own I’d only buy one property that would satisfy my needs. I don’t exploit anyone’s labor for personal gain or profit. I run a small legal proprietorship which means today that banks, corporations, and governments are at war with me–this is because I refuse the corporate model of doing business-what I call the Unholy Trinity and make no mistake about it–if you are not for the Unholy Trinity they WILL wage war against you in every way that’s legal (and sometimes illegal). To be frank, if one is friends with this group then one simply hasn’t been asking the right questions. At any rate, any sustainable capitalist model has to end income via exploitative rent-seeking, using forced coercion and unnecessary exploitation to earn a profit from someone’s basic needs of food and water has to end, too. In my New Earth Commons model, I also see the need to end neoliberal debt slavery for education, and a new healthcare system needs implementing–one premised on a healthy foundation and not the present capitalist model of healthcare which seeks to profit from an extraordinarily toxic system–ending the toxic system would be the saner approach! I’ve pointed out the lunacy of the cost of maintaining this present dysfunctional system–it’s staggeringly expensive and it would be less expensive to implement a healthy economic model. Obviously, a sick unhealthy electorate is very easy to control especially when splintered into thousands of warring factions arguing over what little scraps are thrown from the table.

The Four Pillars of a New Earth Commons Civilization needs funding by a non-debt public means of exchange via something like Public Banking or a non-debt currency like Let’s be clear here: this model is premised on the hopes of civilization healthily surviving 100 more yearssomething that is quite questionable under the present system. The crown in the cap so to speak with this model is it also doesn’t break the only spiritual rule that matters: The Golden Rule which was always relevant to the trading of goods and services.

In this model, capitalism would still exist but would have to reinvent itself by earning capital in creative non-toxic ways. Charging humanity interest on housing, food/water, education, and healthcare would have to end. This is an old predatory mindset perhaps justifiable in 1850 but now just a prison or death sentence for civilization in the next 100 years. Perhaps a TIME-OUT is needed for 70-years or so…

The foundational basic needs economy would need to be educated (re-educated) and become a culture of people attaining their higher potentials. I call it a culture of attaining mastery. Of course, a re-education away from cynical misanthropy would be needed. A large part of a new education model would be to teach every type of personal food production which would reconnect humanity to its earthly roots and end the dissociation implemented by the capitalist machine–one intended to control food production for oligarchic agendas and profit. A one-house per-person policy would end homelessness; unsustainable hyper-inflationary real estate speculation and would re-align humanity with the ethics of the Golden Rule. Buying and selling one’s dwelling would still happen but there would be little inflation or profit motives involved. Within a new commercial capitalist model, the buying and selling of real estate for commercial purposes could exist similarly to what exists now–a fiat currency could also still exist and be used in this economy. I see this as a sane compromise between the unending war between Marx and Adam Smith.

I need to touch on Buddhism for a moment. Of the two major schools, I’m more sympathetic to the Theravadin view in that other dimensions exist and are real–and populated. The Mahayana schools view and its universal conclusions come from experiences with the human mind–fair enough as far as it goes, but I can’t for the life of me see how one can draw universals definitively from experiences within the human mind. Admittedly, this is a Christian Gnostics take on it. I’ve also mentioned in earlier posts that I’m more sympathetic to dualist Davita Vedantist philosophies.

Nevertheless, Buddhism, no matter which school, is consistent with a Golden Rule economy! Why it’s not in practice today is a very interesting question indeed.

I’ll finish up with thoughts on crypto tomorrow. I’ll also briefly touch on women and the gay community as they relate to these issues over the coming century.

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