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I received my first passport this year! And I went on a first successful road trip this summer after 30-months of dealing with a spine injury coincidentally located at the mythical throat chakra. This 4 AM event in Jan. 2017 ended a lifetime of carefree bodily function. This event caused me the most pain I’ve ever had in my life and came within 6-weeks of posting my conspiracy-oriented site; this event also came with 24-hours of missing time! The first time I’ve ever experienced conscious missing time! Now sure, when we all go to sleep each night we miss time but that isn’t what I’m talking about. Missing time is a common shared experience within the alien abduction phenomenon. After spending 40-years quietly exploring the big questions I finally decided to talk about my life experiences and was greeted by this injury episode! I sing about my search in the song When Your Last Breath Slips Away. 

What’s odd about me missing time is how good my memory is generally speaking. I can remember sequentially right back to some of my earliest experiences even predating two years old. For the record, it is true that I can’t remember my birth, but I do have ‘trace memories’ from prior to my birth in ’59 which have to do with Tibet. I won’t go into details as there is no way to prove that these are not false memories. Interestingly enough, Venus (Lucifer) eclipsed the star Regulus in 1959 (the year I was born) and will eclipse it again in 2044! Ask me which year I’m going to pass from this earth and I’ll bet it’s 2044! So what the hell am I talking about? Archetypes most likely. My dad is Reg! And ask folks like Santos Bonacci if the stars and the planets have any meaning for humans! Without equivocation, he’ll say yes! And no, I don’t promote flat-earth cosmology.

Okay, that nonsense aside, I’m posting this blog today to encourage y’all to visit the Boho Beautiful channel on Youtube as they are visiting Katmandu! I’m a fan of their ethos for the most part so drop in and say hi! When I left Toronto at 19 in ’79 I left empty-handed wearing Chinese slippers and carrying a buckskin jacket and a guitar! This was a conscious choice by me to give what I owned away and go hitchhiking and spiritual seeking. I spent 7-years out there wandering, but in the end, I did have to stop living like that or I most likely would have died out there. In angel mythology, the angel Reg is responsible for promoting amphetamine and LSD use–two substances I know a lot about! lol And no, I have zero pics or videos from those years! My first pics as an adult came around ’87 as I began to reintegrate into society. So a part of me does get a chuckle out of Youtube travel culture.

I got a call from WCB shortly after posting this. So injury claims now come with unlimited surveillance! How much does that cost? I reinjured my neck in March on a job and attempted to get the file reopened for physiotherapy only. Denied of course by this corrupt institution.
Until WCB legal systems accept, legally, spiritual metaphysics or alien hypothesis, they should make judgments based on the facts. The fact is this whole episode started at work. Shortly after putting up my conspiracy site the ‘work feeders’ who run this city cut me off. For 3-weeks I sat around and worked on my site. But we have a saying here in usury land: we are all two weeks away from disaster.
So, finally, this guy calls me to hang wallpaper. I do the hour drive. I get that ‘twitch’ I get when I come across an archon (think Westworld admin). Very very difficult install. In fact, one of the more difficult ones in 40-years. I knew I should have walked. Did I mention the setup? Yes, I did…3-weeks. I’m splayed out like Christ for 8-hours hanging this stuff cause I took the hook: 500.00 bucks!
At 7 PM on a very cold night, I finally finish and start my engine…Nope! Dead as a doornail. Electrical disturbance is often associated with the archons. 2-hours later I’m on the road and get to the tunnel. They have it blocked! I’ve never seen this in 35-years here. I get home @midnight. I’m in pain! Out comes the Tylenol and Rum! Hey, it’s cheap and effective and my liver is strong.
Shortly after this event, I get the 4 AM wake-up call from the invisible hands of the Archons. So, yes…there are human faces to these entities and they are well coordinated. They also know how to convolute the fuck out of everything. Mainly via endless bullshit! They BS…I don’t! End of story.
What we are seeing today is institutionalized anarchy (lawlessness in this case)…

                                                               “Blinded By The Light”

For a great deal of man’s history, it was believed that the universe was embedded within the fifth element known as the aether. Modern science still alludes to this idea as it posits that most of the universe is a mysterious dark matter or dark energy–ergo, the aether–a seemingly difficult idea to get rid of. But there are detractors to ‘the cult of bumping particles’ as articulated by Mr. Theoria Apophasis. I talk below about how people like Mr. Theoria and folks like Eric Dubay could be a conspiracy within a conspiracy! Haha!!!

Democritus was a Greek philosopher who posited that the universe was, indeed, ‘bumping particles’. This idea, generally, became associated with materialist philosophy, and modern atheism, and the scientific method of modernity. It reached its apex with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Heisenberg’s Quantum Theory. The theory, in essence, asserts a Godless universe driven by chance and necessity via evolutionary processes and is without teleology or intelligent purpose.

The Aether theory treats light very much the same as sound: that it’s wave-like and a perturbation disturbance within the aether. Those propagating this idea say that light isn’t a photon traveling through the vacuum of space; that it’s more like the wave created when one puts their feet in the water: the water being the aether and the waves being a vibration of light.

In some sense, from the vantage point of Conspiracy Lane, this idea, at first, seems plausible, especially from a spiritual perspective. Jesus and most of the sages were said to be light fighting a war against darkness. Within this context, the Aether theory seems compelling and coherent. It’s hard to know, though, where the demarcations are once one venture’s down this rabbit hole! Does space not exist? Are there no aliens and tachyon drives? Is the earth flat?

I’ve suggested that a very large part of the 911 civilizational psy-op– which did involve elements within Islam– was the ongoing war between those who want to rule the earth through the power of religious tradition and those who want rule via secular and material power-structures. We’ve seen a massive return to religion since Sept. 11 and this would argue for my theory. Please consider Nietzsche’s remark about God being dead and the feeling in the ’60s which was the notion that religion was over. Not so fast! I’ve even suggested that in modernity the Abrahamic religions; especially, morphed into the worldwide religion of the God KA$H. If this were true the believers in ‘the cult of bumping particles’ may not be as free from religion as they declare themselves to be.

One of the more interesting dot connections here, at least to me, is the coincidence of ‘the cult of bumping particles’ arising synchronistically with the ‘cult of usury’, or the modern fiat currency central banking/money creation cartels which turned what should have only been a means of exchange into a speculative commodity with its associated inflation and unlimited growth paradigm. An economic model destroying the biosphere and the aether (atmosphere) as well as creating a polarized division of wealth inequality where billions go homeless while the 1% lavish in unimaginable luxury via what is largely unmerited wealth gained through usurious economics. I’m even going to explore in an upcoming post whether the new atheist movement is a neoliberal manipulation as there is next to no critique of the current economic disaster from this clique. Chalk one up for aether enthusiasts if there is anything to my suggestion here.

Culturally these divisions are playing themselves out through the antipathies of the ‘Cultural Marxist’ atheist left pitted against what is perceived as fascist-like theists. One has to wonder who the vultures are that are feeding off the carcass of this civilizational malaise and warfare? My website is in large part an exercise in exploring the ‘who’ of that question.

It seems to me that civilization is in a ‘trust crisis’. We haven’t figured out a workable lie detector technology and we don’t know how to keep sociopaths out of power positions. We have a political system whose foundation is built upon lies and deception while solutions to climate change and pollution is billionaires needing to make more billions! Everywhere is systemic hypocrisy and duplicity with the shamans in Wall St. advertising agencies able to turn black into white with a flicker of the screen!  Not to mention the idiocy of the rights anarcho-capitalist solution (neo-feudalism) juxtaposed to the folly of the female buying wholeheartedly into this economic casino because it gives them leverage over Darwinian male might as the only will to power. Moreover, the Van Life meme could just as easily be funded by the oligarchs who are buying up all the land in a duplicitous ironic reversal. I have nothing against Van Life per se but those who promote this lifestyle should be spending equal time in their blogs criticizing a system which is promoting mass homelessness as a way of life. At the very least there should be No Fixed Address Human Rights Laws created so people living like this are not the victims of bad policing and law policy; not to mention a burgeoning for-profit prison system fuelled by a corrupt judiciary.

In the end, all the little bubbles we’ve created whether it’s the PGA bubble or the pop star bubble, or the walled-off millionaire estate bubbles are all going to pop if we don’t find a way out of our current malaise. A way out built upon honesty rather than duplicity. And using complexity as an excuse for breaking bad is idiocy! The current scientific paradigm as it has melded itself with global capitalism is an unmitigated disaster when it comes to civilizational trust and it hasn’t helped at all that the academies are now in the debt-slaving business for their bosses– the money-lending cartels.


Satan,” Your crypto-KA$H henchmen are sure taking their sweet ole time finishing what they started since their beginnings in Babylon!” “I get that one day is as a thousand years and all, but come on: let’s get to the meat of the drama as all this posturing is starting to aggravate me!”

God, “What’s that? The peanut gallery is getting cranky?” “If you’d have read Delores Cannon’s books you’d know it’s a convoluted bloody mess down there, and besides: Ringo said it best when he sang, ‘It Don’t Come Easy’!’

Satan, “Hey, he was just on stage playing Helter Skelter with the archon that replaced McCartney when he died!” “Fine performance if you don’t mind me saying.”

God, “Yes, he was kickin’ for a lickin’ and the poundin’ was astoundin’!” “Fine playing aside, I don’t know why you come whining to me anyway when it’s your craftiness that taught the money masters how to turn the earth into a speculative casino!” “But I must say the most impressive part of your work was getting my slacker son’s church to play along!”

Satan,” Easy peasy and the inevitable result of things I started on Wall St. when my buddy Edward Bernay’s was still around.” “Humanity hasn’t figured out that they could have foiled my work by banning advertising!” “The Wall St. machine has made me near invincible!”

God, “I’d advise against getting cocky but you just ignore all wisdom’s warnings about pride!”

Satan, “Frankly, she bores me!” “Hey, I did well though, eh?” “When I convinced the masses that Satoshi wasn’t the central bankers?”

God, “Brilliant as usual!” ” And I see you’re piling it higher and deeper this week with the Libra hearings!”

Satan, “Humans have come to love my fake news and phony hearings especially if they come out of D.C.!”

God disappears for what could only have been a qubit-second.

Satan, “Where did you go?”

God, “It was my shot!”

Satan, “Gautama is still beating you?”

God, “His trick shots create the most amazing universes!”

Satan, “There is something about that that doesn’t surprise me.”

God, “How much did you place on an Irishman winning the Open this year?”

Satan, “What did you do to McElroy?”

God, “Don’t blame me when the simplest explanation is the Irish Whiskey!”

Satan, “Hey, some Irishmen play better on it!”

God, “Indeed!”

Satan, “So where is your slacker son?”

God, “He says he’s not going back to earth until the Leafs win a Stanley Cup!”

Satan, “That will give the crypto-kings endless days to ply their bullshit!”

God, “Patience is a virtue!”

NOTE: it’s occurred to me that some of you might not be familiar with The Book of Job.

Here is the link.

Hey there, my memory cache recently coughed up a whole batch of songs that I’d forgotten about from 30 to 40 years ago.! I know, I know, some of you would say they wished that these tunes remained forgotten:P Too friggin’ bad! They will get archived here on KA$HTube:D

















     “I’m halfway to nowhere caught in-between this life and the next and a crazy dream”

Okay, this is the 7th and final post in this series on Theodicy.

I’ll start by mentioning again that the outcome of a Godless universe is an existential meaninglessness nihilism, and this is an inescapable fact if the atheists are correct. But I’m not going to dwell on this as I covered this ground in the Theodicy and Atheism post earlier in the series. And BTW., unlike atheists who refuse to give Gnosticism a fair hearing I always give atheism and materialism ample consideration in my blogs when a theme steers in that direction.

The Demiurge is a craftsman, or architect, or a creator with limited skills and abilities. This would explain why it needs a 5G surveillance grid as it isn’t OMNI anything and the internet now gives the archons almost unlimited access to all of our most intimate thoughts with every keystroke we make! And they created this surveillance grid with our permission and get us to pay for the loss of our private thoughts (and actions); in other words– they’ve manufactured our consent.

There are three primary schools within the Gnostic tradition and the one with the most influence today is Talmudic Kaballism which I reject because it acts politically and economically via motivations from a literal interpretation of mythology. This is folly! Adam and Eve never existed and trying to engineer longevity through merging humans with machines based on this myth is insanity. The other branch of Talmudism which is equally deluded and dangerous is the Messiah trope when fused with the delusion of worldwide Noahide Laws–Noah is a fiction of the archons!  So humanity is getting double whammied by delusion! Can this be stopped? I don’t think so as certain groups now have TOTAL CONTROL which I’ve blogged about quite often.

I’ve long been a proponent of the Logos/Sophia Gnostic creation myth which espouses that the Logos and Sophia were the first things to exist. So truth and wisdom came first out of the Monad. But lately, I’ve been more amenable to the Valentinian school which puts the blame squarely on the Logos rather than Sophia and this is theologically coherent from my analysis. But as always this is all speculative metaphysics. I’m not wholly attached to either view as both have strong and weak arguments as to their plausibility given that one is amenable to these musings…

And, of course, I’ve talked about the E.T. theory and that humanity is dealing with alien archon overlords and that YHWH is the E.T. Anu as espoused in various extraterrestrial studies (if I can call them that). I think this theory is the most plausible to the modern mind as it isn’t steeped in the ocean of mythology that religion is; this doesn’t mean necessarily that God doesn’t exist, it just means that what is happening locally on this planet has more to do with alien intervention than theologies Gods. But I’ve also suggested humanity could be dealing with both! It could be a CONVOLUTED BLOODY MESS HERE ON PLANET EARTH! 

I’ll finish by arguing that the archons are malevolent towards humanity and don’t have our best interest at heart. Theologically we have to define GOOD and not butcher the meaning if we want any coherence whatsoever within this field of inquiry! Judaism fails upon this inspection as YHWH proves himself endlessly inept and mean spirited; Christianity and Islam fail also as only a mean demiurge sentences people to everlasting torture; and Hinduism, when it isn’t a bloody mess, is delusional when it proposes wiping peoples memory on the day they start university, and Buddhism doesn’t fare much better in this specific regard: ergo Gnosticism becomes one of the few remaining explanations.

And then there is the brutality and corruption of politics and economics (and religious elites) whose systems are predicated on violence and coercion and brutal exploitation. Not only are humans being coerced and exploited by the archon rulers but they are destroying the earth and biosphere via their policies at an unprecedented rate! The economic casino the archons created is a JOKE when we apply the idea of merit to income! Most of their wealth is now unmerited and is gained through corrupt economic practices made legal by their control of the courts– so legal today in no way means ethical. Add to this the worldwide manipulation of information via the oligarchs controlling the algorithms of who gets heard and who gets silenced: with the result being the normalization of a mafia ethos! Humanity hears what the archons want us to hear!

Okay, then, folks, that about wraps this series up! I’m onto a batch of old acoustic singer-songwriter songs that resurfaced from my cache is recent months so I’m going to spend some time getting those archived online! Maybe I’ll even come and harass Steemit’s open-mic again!

                                                        “I AM QUIDDITIOUS”

It’s the real deal here on where we cut through the near endless bullshit of the archons who know everything about humanity and our local existence in the galaxy, and they then proceed to use all their knowledge about us to obscure the truth and keep humanity enslaved via endless bullshit! And we see this bullshit endlessly in the fields of religion and finance which are, in essence, one and the same thing!

In this series we’ve looked at issues surrounding theodicy via materialism, western theism, the Vedic literature, and Buddhist ontologies, and have found elements of wanting in all of their metaphysics to varying degrees–yes, some more problematic than others.

And without further ado, we delve into gnostic cosmologies. Again though, I don’t have a problem with materialist’s or atheist’s per se, I only suggest that a meaningless existential nihilism lies at the end of that road if these folks are correct.

For the longest time, I’ve subscribed to the Sophia screwed up school of Gnostic mythology. I’ve come to think, though, that this is another blame the female cosmology and I’m coming more and more to reject this view. And yes, this is all speculative metaphysics framed within mythological cosmologies.

I do think the only coherent take on theological theodicy is to lay the blame precisely where it belongs: God! Any other stance is theological contortionism and is untenable. This Valentinian creation myth lays the blame for evil squarely on the shoulders of the LOGOS! Yes, that’s right folks! Jesus screwed up! This narrative talks about how this aeon projected a shadow of itself into creation and then recoiled at what it had done.

The whole of cosmic history is now the long and tedious reconciliation between light and shadow. This school generally believes that everything will be reconciled into the lighted womb eventually so it’s actually a positive cosmology. There are some gnostic narratives that are not so hopeful…But we can hope for this one!

Here is a good discussion on this theme at Aeon Byte radio with Dr. Cid Ropp…

I sing about the Gnostic worldview on the side of music called 4-Songs About God In E-Flat Minor. 



I consider myself a quasi-Buddhist and it was one of my early forays when I was a young kid getting into my search about all the big questions; in fact, Hesse’s Siddhartha was a big influence in those early days as was Thoreau. So in no way is this post about hostility towards Buddhism.

My biggest critique of Buddhism is its tendency towards universalism when it’s possible Buddhism is local to this earth and Buddhism’s tendency at drawing definitive conclusions about the nature of reality solely from human phenomenology. That aside…

Buddhism explains theodicy by the idea of action always instigated via desire and lust. There is no doubt in my mind that this is true enough and here is a link exploring Buddhist ideas on this topic. My song, I’ve Lied, is at the end of the video and it’s the closing song on 4-Songs About God In E-Flat Minor. There is the intro first though, called, Busking/NoBodies Saved.

Anyone who has read my blog knows I’m more sympathetic to the Hinayana School which tends to not deconstruct everything down to human psychological projection or ‘mind phantasm’ (or emptiness). As a Christian Gnostic, I believe that the dimensions posited within the Hinayana school are similar enough to those described in Gnosticism and are the abode of the Archons, but I agree that they are ultimately weblike in the sense espoused by Indra philosophies. I’ve also said time and time again that anything said in this regard falls into speculative metaphysics and is unprovable in any empirical sense, so definitive declarations in this regard are unjustified and over-reach, IMO.

I’ve also said that Sunyata is the void or chasm created by the Kristos to separate the Archons from the Pleroma or the lighted womb which implies that we live in the darkened womb or the shadow realm of the Logos’ faulty projection as documented in the Valentinian Tripartite Tractate which I’ll get into as I wrap up this series of posts. All I’ll say for now is that it’s a don’t blame the woman (Eve or Sophia) cosmology and correctly places the problem of evil right at its source: God, and in this case, the Logos, which, in my opinion, is the only coherent theological position to hold–all else is theological contortionism.

Please see my previous post in this series where I’ve deconstructed karma and reincarnation so I won’t get into it again in this post.

Okay, so I’m not above having a bit of fun at the expense of New Age Spirituality and in this video, I am the 24th Elder in the council of ELRA and because I’m last in line the other Elders generally ignore me and treat me like a mushroom: keep me in the dark and feed me bullshit, and it’s only when they screw-up (usually bigtime, that they come seeking my knowledge and wisdom:P)…

We’ll venture into some thorny spiritual ground in this one. Spiritual crime and punishment? An idea  I don’t find inherently irrational–although one likely has to concede certain metaphysical propositions to take seriously. I find the idea of karma far less repulsive than one strike and you’re out and tortured forever doctrines–and this brutality done on the command of an all-loving God. Unfortunately, from my Christian Gnostic perspective, this is as good as it gets on this issue…

Let’s start here with an overview of theodicy from the Vedic perspective. The Vedic traditions don’t share the same presuppositions on Gods nature that the western theological traditions do–that an all-knowing, all-good God (and loving) is consistent with why evil exists. That aside, we have to take a look at the root of the idea which can be broken down to cause and effect concepts. And this is where we run into trouble! It’s true that here in our existence this concept is real, can be demonstrated, and is accepted scientifically. If there is a baseball in the Grandstand 420-feet away from home plate and people are cheering we can safely deduce the cause of the euphoria: someone hit a home run! Simple enough. Not so much, though, when it comes to metaphysics! For the idea of spiritual karma to be true one would need some way to verify the cause and there’s simply no way to do this within this field of inquiry.

Let me say that I’m sympathetic to the idea on a basic level so this critique isn’t coming from a biased religious position I hold–say, that of a fundamentalist Muslim analyzing Hindu doctrine for imperialistic antimony. And, by the way, did you know that hundreds and millions of Hindus died at the hands of Islamic imperialism over the millennia? One of the more dreadful genocides in human history and I have a certain regard for the resiliency of the Hindu people. But I digress. The doctrine of karma, however, and it’s associated reincarnation philosophies are not tenable once analyzed and deconstructed via reason and logic. I would grant that the Vedas espouse a wonderful yet unprovable cosmology and it could be right to marvel at its imaginative cosmology, but one should also be highly skeptical of metaphysical claims which have no corresponding associations here in the physical world.

My primary critique is how these ideas were instantiated into Hindu culture and affected the socio-economic order. This was a grave error. To have social systems predicated upon unprovable metaphysical claims is snake-oil sociology: whether the caste system, the law of attraction, Calvinist predestination, or prosperity gospels within the evangelical churches–SNAKE-OIL–all of it!

But let’s get back to why karma doesn’t solve the problem of evil. This is an excellent paper by Whitley Kaufman who sums up many of the critiques I’ve mentioned throughout the years on this site. What kind of university wipes your memory on the first day of school? Karmic theory creates an infinite regress. The karmic theory doesn’t address death itself which is a rather large omission when it comes to explaining evil. Karma doesn’t resolve the conflicts between free will and determinism. The total inability to falsify any claim within this field of inquiry; let alone demonstrate such a thing as a soul.

I’ll get into the Christian Gnostic perspective on theodicy as this series continues but next up will be deconstructing Buddhist cosmologies.

Some more pics:

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