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Tentatively, I think reincarnation is true, although I reject karma and the caste system based on this notion. Spiritual metaphysics socially politicized is ALWAYS a bad idea. As a Gnostic, I don’t believe in normative ideas about the soul although the soul could simply be God as posited in Brahmanic monism. I do, however, consider alternative views and think archons may be manipulating memory technology and up/download capabilities via very sophisticated technological prowess.

1)  Consciousness emerges from matter (science).

2) Matter emerges from consciousness (religion).

3) Neither emerges but are both eternal (Samkhya theory).

4) Nagarjuna Shunya (appearance within the void or emptiness).

5) Advaita Vedanta (consciousness is the only reality).

Okay, there is a newcomer in this arena: simulation. Although I get why people are espousing it (it is compelling) I also see most involved in promoting it are overreaching in their assertions.

A series on what should a climate emergency look like?

@ 3:16 is where the beef begins:P

Well, it will end up looking like no sane human would want!

In this video,  I talk about the monopoly of debt currency as it relates to the ecosystems of the earth. Interestingly enough, the only solution will be enforced taxation, which coincidentally enough, was a major byproduct of debt currency when it took over the earth about 100-years ago.
A note @8:41: these snake-oil salesmen in recent history addressed the problem of inflation to income deficiencies by coughing into existence the usurious credit card. Your labor can’t keep up with inflation? NO PROBLEM! We have the solution! So fixing usury with usury!

Please note that since 2008 the central banks have been feeding their commercial comrades billions and billions of dollars under quantitative easing policies and it’s obvious what these comrades are doing: building Babylon! The cranes are everywhere in the major cities so what I call the high priests of the god KA$H (the developers) are making a killing. And, of course, every move they make on this chessboard lines their pockets with more vig!

They love diggin’ in the dirt! I call them Tonka Toy Kings:P


There are, of course, two ways of looking and assessing our situation on earth today. Either through a materialist lens where humans are no more than talking monkeys frolicking in frisky dirt while being reduced to mere objects of financial exploitation under the neoliberal monetization of everything insanity; juxtaposed and in societal conflict (seemingly) with ‘scientific socialism’, or Marxist dialectical materialism–that is history is the story of financial relations.
The other is via a spiritual lens and I suggest in the ‘Solutions’ video (number 8 in this series) that we need economic spiritualism premised on the Golden Rule which is very close to Kant’s Categorical Imperative. The failure of Christianity, in my opinion, was a failure of ‘enlightened economics’ and this failure has ushered in a worldwide system of usury which is destroying the earth and imprisoning, via debt, most of humanity. We do not need what I call Neoliberal New Age economics as a solution as that is no solution at all but rather spiritual narcissism …

I should note that one of the very few good economic ideas within Christianity over the last 2000-years was the Social Credit developed by Albertan Christian’s mid-century. It was a weak but decent attempt at addressing the foundation of what a healthy Christian community should look like. Of course, the idea was destroyed by its enemies and co-opted by what is now becoming the Chinese ‘mark of the beast social credit system.’ Yikes!

The other vlogs in this series:

PART 2 commentary here:

In this one, I suggest that there are no free markets; just a dictatorship of capitalist oligarchs who will implement a worldwide climate emergency according to their agenda!

Oh, yes…my taxi only street was a misspeak as that wouldn’t really work, but bike, pedestrian, transit-only streets certainly would have worked!

My preamble subtly suggests that perhaps we’re in the bloody mess we’re in today ecologically and economically because we’ve been reduced to mere objects of financial exploitation by the neoliberal oligarchs. My, Winter Solstice Golden Rule, series explores what authentic spiritual economics might look like. I’ve also suggested in other vlogs that the failure of Christianity was, in part, a failure of economics.
I suggest that we live within what I call ‘structural multiculturalism’ implemented by social engineers over the past 100-years who worked according to the agenda of the oligarchs. The structure of cities didn’t happen under a ‘free-market’.









This one should be useable as a practice tool. I know the comping is pretty repetitive but this exercise is only a tool…

In this second one, I demonstrate how the first video can be used. I practice using a descending chromatic riff which is voice leading using the flat 9 of the dominant and then I’m resolving to the third or the major 7th of the tonic.

Okay, jazz is an itch I got as a kid and I was dumb enough to try and scratch it. I don’t have the ear to play it though; at least not in the way it should be played. But this recent injury three years ago has given me an opportunity to explore this genre of music if even minimally.

The main focus of my blog is spirituality and philosophy and then music focusing on the songs I’ve written and then last in line is my jazz musings.

My next vlog will ask the question, “what should a climate emergency look like?”

And predictably and maddeningly humanity will get next to nothing in this regard that is healthy as the left and right wings of the plutocracy are simply playing everyone against everyone while they line their pockets with a cut of the vig of every transaction everywhere. Think of a silver dollar (another hoarding coin) and it will show the two sides are one.


This is updated pre-production for an album I’m calling The Subway Sessions birthed in the ’80’s down under. I added the original 8-track @ 4:22 recorded on my Fostex in the early ’90s. This is the only take of it I have left. It’s meant as a duet and if one listens carefully you can hear the powerful voice that is needed. A male one, too, as my voice isn’t up to the task on this one. Contact me if you want to take this one on:)

The newest mix here:

                “Please allow me please introduce myself I’m a man of wealth and taste” TRS…

Here is the video I commented on:

Thanks for being a good sport PollyPockets. I would have hoped that with the followers of such a fine channel! But please don’t shoot the messenger as it’s seldom fun being me these days as I do battle with the asshole known as the demiurge best depicted as the architect in the Matrix, or even better as Dr. Ford in HBO’s Westworld, which is the closest depiction of reality that is out there, in my opinion.

And atheists, materialists, philosophical naturalists, etc., don’t get to bypass this asshole known as YHWH or Yeshua who is the personification of the shadow of the first Aeon Kristos–generally and correctly described as the Logos or order of existence. Yes, you heard correctly! Jesus screwed up! And we now all have to deal with the consequence of that mistake; and no, be aware that this asshole cares not one iota whether you believe in him or not–he owns our sorry asses whether you acknowledge it or not. It is the lion and the serpent–the lion of the tribe of Judah and Satan the Devil of Christendom. This is depicted in all religions everywhere from the earliest times. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve decorated the prison you’re in with its KA$H as one day you will have to face the deepest truth of who you are and who the warden is that controls this literal brown stinking shitshow! You live in its deeply flawed existence and you are trapped here! This is its game and there is no way for you not to play! You can either play as a zombie or a warrior!

So without further ado all you peasants and poets and painters and drinkers and thinkers and philosophical tinkers:

But the atheist’s are mistaken thinking they are non-religious and here is why:

KA$H is god; The Holy Spirit the hidden Hand of The Free Market; The loving Kristo’s is The Anti-Christ in every manner of false inverted Christianity; The Pharisees’ the economists; the scribes are the media; The Sadducee’s are The Marxist’s; The Caesars and The Money Changers have the same roles in this millennia age drama of ‘The Genes of Isis’ (Genesis); The Apostles are The Heads of the Central Banks; The Evangelists are people like Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux; The Priests are the corporate C.E.O.’s; The High Priests are the real-estate developers; the brands and stores are the temples and the consumers the faithful; all marching to Hollywoods new scriptwriting of the code and verse book of war known as the two Gods of ELLE! Bi-bel…

But fear not good brothers and sisters as the game is soon to get ramped up! There will be those who cry foul about this duplicitous treacherous condition and this will bring about the grandest ironic reversal in the HIStory of the demiurge: the worldwide KA$Hless society! Where humanity will be fed more of this devil’s endless bullshit–bullshit here defined as knowing the truth but having a total disregard for it! You will live under the seven laws of someone who never existed commonly known as Noah; you will accept these seven laws or perish. Think of this as the fake imitation order of the true logos which exists outside of this construct.

                  Now isn’t this more fun than a barrel full of talking monkeys? 

I‘ll have much more to say about this but there is a glaring initial contradiction: we are to trust the Kabbalists that run Hollywood! And it begs the question of who are the Kabbalists? Well, you’ll likely need to go back to Babylon and more recently to the Talmudists during the age of early Christendom.

There are many schools of Gnosticism and Kabbalism isn’t necessarily the most coherent one.

In 2019 if someone is going to claim that babies can be born without physical conception then they have to DEMONSTRATE it. Publicly and repeatedly! Otherwise, this is bullshit! The modus-operandi of the archons!

To act, socially, economically, and politically on these myths is the opposite of wisdom and knowledge! It’s as ignorant as the political caste system developed in India based on unproven metaphysics. Adam and Eve never existed and I say that as a Gnostic theist. There was no snake in any garden! This is all the delusional control mechanisms of the Demiurge and its Archons who have been manipulating humanity for God knows how long. The better explanation for this malevolent manipulation is the alien hypothesis!

Okay, you have one part right. Desire. But this is Buddhism or early Brahmanic Monism.

My biggest gripe with the spinal chrism theory is that if it’s true then it necessarily means it’s interactive with the body. Yet there isn’t a shred of empirical evidence that this exists. And this is an entirely different query than one of the soul or what that might be if it exists, and I say as a Gnostic, that the soul idea is more bullshit of the archons! Even Gotama understood this.

All evidence points to Moses being Akhenaten so the story of the Hebrews being victims is more bullshit! More compelling evidence not to trust the Kabbalists. Our desires and their consequences could be entirely true but the metaphysics surrounding this idea in the documentary could be entirely false!

One would think that if these enlightened couples existed (and their enlightened supernatural children) that they might be able to influence positively the world’s economic system! Apparently not! Instead, we get the most corrupt usurious economic casino in the known universe! So they are practically impotent on earth! I call that good for nothing! Or so caught up in heaven that they are of no earthly good! Okay, I’ll put all this on my blog in case the poster shadow-bans my comments.

There is the not insignificant and inconvenient truth that the Talmudic Kabbalists came out of the mid-east around *1400 and covertly and though violence conquered Europe, and eventually, Russia, and N.A. (JeRUSAlem)…I believe the genocide of aboriginals sits at about 500-million and if Islam is another branch of this Kabal (and it is to some degree) then also factor in the genocides in India which amounted to somewhere in the neighborhood of two-hundred million! So it’s a bloody death-cult to boot and in modernity fuelled by the energy of death–fossil-fuels!

The foundation of this narrative is that Sophia acted in a Garden of Eden to redeem what she mistakenly created! This is, in fact, entirely speculative when it comes to metaphysics. The Tripartite Tractate offers a more coherent cosmological view and puts the blame squarely where it should be placed when it comes to theodicy: God! And in this case, the Logos who created a shadow of itself! But there is no way to demonstrate either version and acting politically and economically on these myths is entirely insane!

The original Youtube post here:

NOTE*: see Scott Ostatt’s documentary which documents what happened during this era. Please keep in mind that Freemasonry is secular Kabbalism as are Islamic sects like The Shriners and The House of Saud.

The arrow of truth here is aimed rightfully at global neoliberal corporatism whose policies are destroying the biosphere, severely impacting the atmosphere, and debt slaving up to about 80% of the earth’s populations.

Feel free to check out my cover of Iron Maidens 666 The Number Of The Beast at the end of the Vlog–@ 9:45.

The updated demo for this one…

This is another one that surfaced from the cache recently. Initially written in the ’80s, I believe…

I think I wrote it in Banff. I guess it comes from a time I was a wee less fuckin’ jaded and cynical:P

I think I’ll call this batch of songs the subway sessions as that’s where their roots came from.

Eventually, when I have the dough, I’ll get my mixmaster, Rick, to polish them up.


We Libras like to balance things out and in that spirit:

With the complete breakdown of all willing, when he sees everything torn from him, his prosperity, his dearest relations, even his own body in the pangs with which he is writhing, and together with these, the whole of the rest of the world, then also for him only an ocean of misery remains, and this ocean of suffering will only then be real…George Grimm. 

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