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I’ll link two videos below where Searle deconstructs western philosophy. In the second one, he outlines where he thinks the errors of western philosophy can be corrected or aligned to what he believes is a coherent view of reality– generally known as naive realism. Very much worth the time as he outlines the history of western thinking fairly concisely in the first one while touching on his objections; in the second one he outlines his schema.

This post isn’t about the incredibly complex nuances within this field of inquiry but rather a general overview of where I agree with him from a Christian Gnostic perspective.

I’ll start by saying that I don’t believe we are in a simulation although I understand the appeal of such thinking in light of modern computer technology. I also don’t believe we are in an illusion or Maya like some Vedic schools teach although there were schools within the Vedic tradition that posited emergence theory–Samkhya schools in some of their iterations posited such an evolutionary schema. Nonetheless, my view is that we exist in a very real material universe with emergent properties or mechanisms. So the conspiracy from the Christian Gnostic perspective isn’t Maya, simulation, matrix, etc., per se; but rather deceptive archon overlords who look entirely human and who rule over the earth–I’ll come back to this…the only conspiracy that matters. 

I think his critique of Kant’s noumena is too strong though as I believe humans really don’t have access to higher dimensions; that we are blocked intentionally from access to god who doesn’t reside in this existence (and who didn’t create it). Yes, we do get access to archon narratives about God in the form of religion (what I call bullshit)… Okay, I get Searle’s objection about the invisible car analogy he uses but in my view, he’s committing an equivocation fallacy as other planes of existence can’t be compared in the way he suggested. He’s right, of course, as far as it goes, if one has a materialist bias.

I agree with him on his interpretation of Nietzche in regards to the ‘will to power’. I’ve stated elsewhere that Nietzche was wrong to equate this to Kant’s noumena and Searle rightfully critiques this move. The popular culture idea of a superstructure of will as God has been an egotistical plague upon the earth and if this is what Nietzche meant then he was an idiot, or archon manipulated, as it’s right up their alley. I’d agree with Searle, though, that it’s fair to call will ‘directed intentionality’ and this is in my view a better interpretation of the idea. But again, this isn’t some Godly superconsciousness with all its concomitant New Age rubbish like the Law of Attraction, etc…

I also don’t quite see how one can get around the representationalist hypothesis even if naive realism is true as this is how the mind works. For naive realism to be true it would have to find a way to allow for this fact. In my mind, this place can still be real even if the mind functions via perspectival representations; just don’t say that these partial fragmentations of the mind are the final outposts of our epistemology and don’t argue definitively for God’s nonexistence, and voila, we can have a very real material universe and maintain a neutral position on God–Agnostic, or in my case an Agnostic Gnostic…

Over 30-years of study into the Gnostic worldview has led me to one conclusion: deception and not a simulationNow, I can’t say who the archons are but they look entirely human. Do I think they are shape-shifting reptilians? No, that is not my position. The answer to the question does depend on whether these archons are alien or angelic, but either way, they are humanities controlling overlords who’ve manipulated us via religion and now use the monetary system to rule over us.

Here are some of their characteristics: an obsessive need to ‘own’ the earth via real-estate with the result being the displacement of billions of people from the commons. A casino mentality when it comes to economics–they thrive off of gambling and have become the wealthiest people on earth via usury. An obsession with sex and violence. They’re always willing to pontificate religion but always as a means of societal control and power; they almost always project their religions with every manner of unprovable or demonstrable assertions about the nature of reality and their place in it–conveniently placing themselves upon various types of thrones in the religious sphere of influence. An incessant need to reduce humans to mere objects of financial exploitation via consumerism.

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This is another one I wrote sometime in the ’80s down below and is part of a collection of songs I’m calling, The Subway Sessions…

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