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We’ll bypass the fist commandment with its inherent neuroticism and historic confabulations. 

We’ll consider that the foremost concern with any deity worth its salt is the health of a civilization. Or, put another way, the foremost priority of any God should have been the health and welfare of citizens. It shouldn’t have been that hard for God to figure out that humans will not do well if they don’t have a home or food! And I’ll add education and access to a good doctor although we’ll leave the last two bits out of this for now as it’s just too darn controversial under the ‘slave system of capitalism’ to suggest that education and medical care shouldn’t be under the rubric of a predatory financial and economic model…Yikes! 

Okey dokey, then…and onto the good parts! THOU SHALT PROVIDE EVERY CHILD UPON THE AGE OF CONSENT 500 S/F OF LIVABLE LAND! Note: any of the Hebrew brethren is welcome to do the cubit conversion:) Also note, please, how the bold and italics make this commandment extraordinarily powerful! And to all the grifters out there please take note that the commandment is for livable land so no pawning off swampland to orphans! Thank you for your integrity, BTW:) 


Any sane civilization would, of course, do this! It should be a part of all primary school education along with the study of economics. Religion should be taught to no child as it’s a form of child abuse but should be taught at the age of consent in mandatory comparative religion classes–at minimum the 101 version…

I’m going to have the audacity as a high-school drop-out to ask God to allow me to make a suggestion and I’ll not be haughty enough to ask that it be a commandment, but rather, perhaps, heavily suggested viewing. Everyone should watch Eddie Murphy’s best role in Trading Places

 which correctly understands that ANYONE can do well under the current casino model of civilization if they have access to and are able to game the system! 

If the capitalists were not so greedy and dumb they would also come to understand that the good parts of their model would only be made better if humanity’s basic needs were removed from predatory market mechanisms. But I shan’t hold my breath as the obtuseness runs deep on this hell of a rock…

Feel free to peruse my Four Pillars of a New Earth Commons for more musing on this very good idea…

This video is what I’m commenting on…

I agree that all Jews are not to blame. But I agree for what are likely different reasons. The issue is the nature of God and not the nature of Jews. Until this issue is understood correctly this drama will continue to wreak havoc and unrest upon the world.

I agree that Hitler and the Nazis wrongfully interpreted the J.Q. via a reductionist ‘Jewish race and Jewish DNA trope’…As an aside, in an upcoming video, I’m tackling the issue of whether the kindest most caring, and non-violent people to ever walk the earth (Christian Gnostics) can rightfully be classified as Nazis? The answer is without equivocation, NO! And I’ll prove my case beyond all reasonable doubt in the upcoming video. 

There is a false dichotomy set up at @ 5:00 minutes which wrongfully tries to steer the narrative as only between orthodox Judaism and atheist Zionism. Although I agree that this tactic has been used successfully within the divide and conquer strategies of population control; it still obscures the truth about existence and the nature of the God of this world, who Gnostics correctly understand is the malevolent God of the Torah known as Yahweh or Yaldeboath. This theological stance is NOT an attack on the Jews per se, but generally speaking, religious Jews will wrongly interpret it that way. Interestingly enough, the name Sophia gave to the demiurge was ‘the blind god’, and when the Aeon Christ walked upon the earth he called the Sanhedrin Rabbi’s the ‘blind leading the blind’…

There is a very strange and unsettling aspect to this in that very few Jews ever accept that the God who revealed itself to Abraham was unkind and uncaring and mean and malevolent. Religious Jews still insist that this demonstrably malevolent God is good or they end up denying the existence of God (or Gods) altogether. Sam Harris is an example. To be sure, Harris on the intellectual level, understands that the God of the Torah is abhorrent but he still insists that God or the Gods don’t exist. So this false choice is prevalent amongst the Jews in general.

@9:02 I agree that the Sabbatean Frankists are some of the leading antagonists within modernity and that they practice inverted antinomianism which is Luciferian at its roots. It does beg the question of who Lucifer is though and we Gnostics disagree with Christian Orthodoxy on this point. 

@11:30 I agree that the crypto-Jews have taken great power within modernity and I agree with what the video says about The House of Saud. They touch on Freemasonry but omit the Jesuit control of the RCC within modernity which are both Kabbalistic in spiritual ideology. 

In the end, the issue comes down to whether God/s exists and we Gnostics sit in the ‘yes’ camp. It’s only the nature of God that is in question and even most atheists are honest enough to concede that if there is a God it’s not a very nice or competent one. See the Youtuber, Underlings, on this issue. 

So the issue comes down to Talmudic Kabbalism which had its roots in Babylon and flourished after the visitation from the Aeon Christ about 2000 years ago. The end game is the Messiah, who in Orthodoxy, is the Anti-Christ, but who in Gnosticism is the demiurgic replicant of the Logos. The Archons of the Demiurge also created a replicant of Sophia, in my opinion, and this is who Lucifer is. 

For the record, I believe Christendom made a grave error in persecuting the Jews, and this error, in part, and its consequences, are in play today. But the Tikkun Olam of Kabbalism is equally delusional and hypocritical as one has to heal themselves first before one can help others so the Kabbalists once again have it backward. But the archons of the demiurge have been busy and created a clusterfuck within Western theism, generally speaking, so there is no easy way out of this. In the end, the demiurge controls time here so we’ll get the Messiah but that will not be a good thing when all things are considered. 

This is a group of songs that were birthed in various subways around North America in the ’80’s when I was living on the streets and busking. They re-remerged from my cache recently after long forgetting them! The tunes are in various stages of disrepair (pre-production) and I’ll attempt to record them into an album in 2020.

Roadkill is here.

Hard Heart Land is here.

Something About You is here

Life is Beautiful is here

Two of a Kind is here

It Takes One to Know One is here

Your Little Black Heart is here

Wanderlust (I’ll demo it again soon)…

Lennon’s, A Working Class Here is here.

                                                      “All Christian Gnostics are anarchist”

Here is a paper by Anthony Thompson that outlines the dispute. This schism developed in the west as the ‘rational enlightenment’ superseded religious dogmatic control of culture. NO! The culture wars are not over…There were those like Rousseau who didn’t think this was the best model for society: the cold-steel overly thought out (left-brain) ratiocinations of independent economic actors acting via the machine model within the endless march of progress. Up, up and away! Who needs intuition and emotion anyway? 

In part, I think my New Earth Commons model with its Four Pillars of humanity’s basic needs is an attempt at addressing this schism. But I’m in no way saying that the commons culture should be a place of stagnation and underachieving. I’ll link the documentary below, Life-Sized City, on Montreal and the collectives which are organizing there. I saw another one in this series on Mexico City and a commons community rose out of the ashes of disaster. It was anarchist in action via collective local consensus. Having the basics of human needs met with intelligence and compassion and not open to profit-driven motives IS the doorway to healthy higher potentials. 

What I’m suggesting is a return to self-sufficiency wherein the ground floor of human life is stabilized and not open to predatory market forces. It’s in such a culture that true human flourishing could arise. What I found interesting about the Montreal experiment was how Christian it is in its ethics yet at its heart it’s likely very antagonistic towards Christendom (I could be wrong) in the same way Marx was. Go figure…Or, it’s the wet dream of Tikkun Olum come true? We’ll have our paradise as long as no Christians exist within it. See Marx’s paper on the J.Q.

I guess what I’m suggesting is to have the new commons enact this strain of human thought and living. And to let the stripped-down commercial capitalist system act out the ideas within progressive enlightenment. It’s called a fuckin’ compromise people! But the problem is the corporate plutocracy is more interested in ‘greenwashing’ cities like Vancouver juxtaposed to the ‘whitewashing’ of the economic right who deny or obfuscate all environmental issues. Crisis? What crisis? And hell, we capitalists have the power of positive thinking (and control of the Ponzi scheme printing presses)…


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