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                                                                  “Elephants can’t fly”

This is the 2019 update. The Solstice arrives at around 8 PM Pacific time this year. This series is about asking the question, ‘what would a healthy spiritual economy look like?’…I’ll answer that question succinctly this year right up front! An authentic spiritual economy would be one wherein, at a minimum, humanity’s 2-primary basic needs of housing and food would not be left to market forces and would not be open to predatorial actors coercing and exploiting these most basic of human needs. Everyone would have shelter and food self-sufficiency would be an a priori aspect of a healthy spiritual civilization (as much as possible). The utmost concern for the earth and all its lifeforms and resources would be considered in all actions with pollution and damage mitigated as much as possible.

BTW: someone online this year told me that there is no such thing as Christian economics! Now, he’s right, of course, in that there isn’t today other than some small micro-communities, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be.

Well, I guess we have to start with the elephant in the room; or, in this case, the room is completely void of elephants; and for the sake of this post, the room will be empty of everything but humanity! We won’t even consider whether E.T. exists in this post. It’s just us–the cosmic fluke in a rather large dead universe!

So let’s run with this for a moment. What would that mean? Well, of course, it would mean The Golden Rule doesn’t mean crapola! Nothing does! Nihilism is our inevitable fate if this were true–there’s really no escaping this conclusion if one is to assess honestly.  But sure, we can make up all the New Age touchy-feely narratives we like but ultimately they are all doomed to meaninglessness…That’s a fact under this scenario. Cry and whine all you like ’cause it doesn’t matter– nothing does!

Now, interestingly, this nihilism became fused with Machiavellian atheism over the past few centuries and has done exactly this: installed a vision of survival of the fittest economics in a gory bloodbath of Social Darwinist depravity! And I should note that toilets, electricity and all the rest of the toys don’t alter these facts. Yes, that is where we are today–just past a few centuries of killing fields and now in a post-911 worldwide social lockdown–a worldwide police state of ‘show me your papers’...don’t say this and don’t think that! No, no, no. Obey!

So yes, under this scenario, the various mafias that have taken over the earth in the past few centuries can do what they bloody well please and NO ONE can stop them. It’s brute force and coercion with the biggest most advanced militaries ready and willing to crush anyone that resists and the pay has never been better because they control the printing of money–this is a fact now, too.

I’ll leave day 1 at this. All I’ll say is that this mode of operation can be likened to Dumbo! And it doesn’t matter if this scenario is true. 

But please understand that all it took for the usurious mafia to take over the world was simply to declare that God was non-existent.


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Whether it be the flat earth, electric universe, or the cult of bumping particles…

                                                                 I DON’T CARE!

And I’ll explain why it doesn’t matter and doesn’t deserve the attention it gets. First I’d suggest that there aren’t any *atheists or materialists espousing a big lie theory (that I know of) so the ‘the big lie’ exists within the field of spirituality; or, in other words, it’s spiritually-minded people who promote the idea of there being a big lie. Again, atheists and materialists generally don’t go around saying that the field of epistemology is intentionally deceptive although there are schools within philosophy which assert correctly that the material world isn’t what the senses seem to say it is, but rather, the data of our senses is partial and only represents a small portion of reality. 

Here’s the wrench in the wheel, though…I, too, suspect that there is a big lie! 

I simply don’t think that the investigation solves anything so it ends up being kind of useless. If the earth is flat, or the universe electric, or if there is a cult of bumping particles how has exposing the conspirators made life better for anyone? IT HASN’T! If one were seeking to make life better for humanity one would focus their attention on where it might make a difference: economics! The current worldwide system of usurious capitalism isn’t compatible with any of the over *33,000 sects of Christianity! It shouldn’t be compatible with Islam either, nor Buddhism…And one has to become a spiritual contortionist to make this economic model compatible with Judaism or ‘Hinduism’, although the latter has been susceptible to the lunacy of new age ideology, and the former mired in duplicity and treachery, and I’m skeptical that this particular narrative can even have such a thing as healthy economics when its foundational tenet is the idea of a ‘chosen people’ which is the definition of theological irrationality.

I guess this begs the question of what a healthy economy would look like? Well, how dare you, dear reader, ask such an abominable question:P Nevertheless, I shall ignore your impertinence and attempt to delineate what such a thing would look like. First and foremost it would highly prioritize concern for the earth and its lifeforms. It wouldn’t ubiquitously practice externalization!  So endless ability to pollute the earth wouldn’t be built into a healthy economic model…sorry, Mr. Rockefeller (and his legacy– the Koch’s/and many others).

The disturbing and unethical mistreatment of animals would not be allowed to the degree that it’s preventable. 

The first two cover the earth and its lifeforms and resources. Next onto human to human behavior. A healthy economic model would make it so humanity’s basic needs of a home and food are not subject to unnecessary predatorial mechanisms. In reality, this should be extended to education and healthcare, also, and I cover this ground in my Four Pillars of a New Earth Commons. 

So a healthy economic model would make it so most people would spend their lives learning and doing things they love and the foundation of society would be geared towards achieving this. Please note that the majority of humans today spend their lives doing things they dislike and would not do if they had access to a healthy economic model–they don’t! I guess I have to mention that a healthy economic model doesn’t incentivize grifters–sorry Wall St.–33 strikes and you’re out!

So a new education model is needed as the current academies are a failure by this metric. I suggest that by grade 12 all people would have learned to grow at least 10% of their food and that by grade 12 everyone has the knowledge of how to build, at minimum, a Tiny House, which would be built on 500 S/F lots of livable lands accessible to every human upon adulthood (we can quibble about when that is). This would end homelessness with the stroke of a pen and the cost of crime and healthcare would plummet as most people would no longer need to grift to survive. I might add that’s it’s my opinion that the Chicago School economists should be sent to trial for crimes against the earth and the failure of Marxist ideology has rendered that line of thought as less than useless, too. All people have to have a small piece of PRIVATE PROPERTY allotted to them at adulthood if one is to have a healthy civilization. BTW: teaching economics in the primary years would make it so every person, by adulthood, would come to understand that the current usurious model is in no way healthy, and is in no way sustainable–it’s gotta go! 

On currency creation: the current monopoly of the creation of currency is a pyramid scheme designed to enrich the few so a healthy society would ‘democratize’ currency and distribute the means of exchange evenly at creation and it would not be a hoarded commodity currency or have debt mechanisms attached to it at the basic needs level. 

The political sphere, under a healthy economic model, would be local as possible, with one 7-year term and never to serve in the public sphere again. In essence, humanity, under a healthy economic model, prevents the take over of society by less than stellar bad actors by taking back the mechanism of how the various mafias got into power in recent history–by co-opting the political sphere of influence.

On ‘freewill’ and voluntaryism: no one has the ‘right’ to pollute, commit crimes, to unnecessarily coerce or exploit other humans or lifeforms for their gain–period. This pernicious aspect of right-wing ideology in its normative right-wing iterations is, in part, how the mafia casino owners co-opted the earth in the first place! When understood correctly, though, and via its essential spiritual understanding, it is a most needful aspect of a healthy economic model–please, right-wingers, don’t twist this spiritual principle to suit your toxic character flaws!

I’ll finish up here on God and Satan. It’s a fair question to ask (within this context) why God is so extraordinarily incapable of stopping THE BIG LIE? 

There are only one or two coherent answers to that question: either God is responsible for the big lie or is incapable or unwilling to stop it. I concede there are spiritual narratives that address the former but I find then uncompelling. As a Christian Gnostic, I think the answer to God’s disappearing act when it comes to the sorry and sordid state of affairs on this earth is the simplest one: God, known as the pleroma in the Gnostic tradition, does not exist here and never has! We live within the ‘property’ of the demiurge and the archons who ‘own’ this existence and this is the simplest and most coherent reason why things can never be healthy on this earth…THIS IS THE DEMIURGIC CASINO! 

             And the world’s economists are the demiurges carnival barkers!

It’s worth fleshing out the difference between secular society and materialist ontologies here. As a Christian Gnostic, I’m 100% against manmade theocracies which are implemented naturally with no supernatural manifestation and that’s because we gnostics always end up dead under these societal conditions. It’s also why I speak out against the coming Jewish Messiah and the Noahide Laws which will all be implemented via a natural order and natural manipulation of civilization–money is the tool and method of control here–as well as technology.

On the other hand, there need not be a conspiracy per se by the materialists when they simply could be honestly mistaken in their metaphysics. The problem here, of course, is that science cannot detect spirituality so it only appears that such a thing doesn’t exist. I’ve suggested in other posts that resolving this issue would likely take a new model for the academies. Yes, the materialists could be propagating a big lie but it would be more consistent for them to do so under totalitarianism and not ‘free’ secular societies; although it’s true we are coming less and less free since Sept. 11, 2001. And that day is where I part ways with the scientific materialists who became science deniers when they bought wholesale the lies of the official narrative.

2021 update: the behavior of the world’s governments in regards to Sars/DIVOC-91 does make me lean towards ‘it’s the materialists who are the conspirators’


*Please distinguish between those who are asserting that there is a big lie and those implementing it…And, yes, I get the irony here.

*There are sects within Christianity like the Preterists or non-dual schools where the current state of affairs could be acceptable. Obviously, I don’t find them compelling.