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                                           ‘MY BOOZE DON’T NEED NO BUDDY’ Q.T. 

I’m crossposting Anthony’s blog here as it’s incredibly important! My two-cents (as that’s all most people will be able to earn after this) below.

The first large-scale media event to happen once the Inuit came to power over the last 70-years was the JFK assassination. I was only 4-years old so I have no memory of the specific event but I have researched the assassination a lot and it’s obvious the mainstream media’s official storyline is bullshit. But I could hazard a guess that the ‘screens’ never saw anything quite like it until Sept. 11, 2001. 

I was just past 40 and I watched the media coverage beginning about 30-minutes after it first hit the airways. I can tell you that I had one of those spiritual audibles upon seeing the second tower fall and it was visceral and without equivocation: ‘controlled demolition’…It was a surreal experience to observe firsthand the Global News coverage of the event and how the official narrative was obviously preplanned and orchestrated. The media became cop, judge, and jury within about 45-minutes of my first tuning it in. Please note that no country on earth (or their media) challenged the official story and that my friends is a huge part of why we are where we are today.

These two prior media orchestrated events have enabled these ‘megalithic monsters of mind-control’ to have full-reign over the minds of humanity in modernity and modernity’s ‘correct think’ is a type of gaming the narrative casino’. And no, they are not the only ones involved in this as the world’s academies are no longer places of integrity or truthfulness. I call it ‘Hackedemia’…See this post which is one of many where I flesh out my assertion in that regard.

One of the interesting aspects of this ‘media event’ is how incredibly powerful White German Christians have become since their utter annihilation in 1945! The Third Reichs victory over humanity, though, is something the media whores seemed to have omitted. Of course, I challenge this omission by asserting it isn’t White Germans conquering humanity but rather the Inuit! I’ve come to suspect that humanity is simply blind for not seeing this obvious truth and must, therefore, be the ‘blind who follow the blind!‘ I flesh this out here in a blog called, The Devil Didn’t Fool Me!

Freedom…Linked HERE.

In my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons, I attempt to solve ‘freedom issues’ (liberty) in three ways. I suggest that one of the primary concerns of any society or culture is the ability to reach one’s full potential as an individual agent; the best way to achieve this is to make sure everyone has access to their basic needs of homes, food, education, and healthcare. I suggest that this is where classical liberalism went wrong and certainly neoliberalism is an epic failure in this regard–see THIS post as to why–but what I’m suggesting is property rights for everyone–although the capitalists say there is only enough land for billionaire banksters:P

Built into the New Commons are the conditions that would limit the necessity for violence– so it addresses the non-aggression principle. I don’t have to trespass on your property if I own my own by law. I don’t have to steal your food if I can learn to grow my own.

And lastly, it grounds Rousseau’s ideas within a society where people can make the best choices possible. A place where families and communities are highly valued and where the conditions that promote narcissism are lessened. A return, as much as possible, to a knowledgable and organized return to a relationship with the land should satisfy, in part, the romantic notions of Rousseau and this is done in many small communities today such as permaculture enclaves. And there is no good reason why we can’t use technology to help us achieve this: I’ve dubbed the idea as a techno-shire!  

Here’s the rub, though, and why none of this can happen; although with a caveat that this cosmology I’m premising these ideas on is speculative. We don’t have free will and we are not free agents from a spiritual perspective. We are imprisoned in what I call a ‘Demiurgic Control Grid’…

So, we are ruled by archons who have no concern for our desires or wishes and we’ve likely been trapped here over and over for a very long time. I’ve suggested in other posts that our condition of AMNESIA is more to do with technological memory control rather than the existence of historical notions of a soul.

Episode-3 in Season 3 of Westworld alluded to this very thing. Humanity isn’t dealing with supernatural magic that can deny the laws of physics but rather highly technical archons who are responsible for the technology we do have…In the same episode, they also mentioned how fragile and easy it is to tear down this system… They should know, eh?

             In the end, we only drink the metaphysical poison they pour down our throats!

Just a note that my critique of the media is linked to my critique of usury and mass homelessness. Issues the elite dismiss. Excuse me if some of us think that dismissal is toxic…


A tad sloppy in places but overall I’m satisfied with the points I’m trying to make.

It is possible that the current system of ‘economic fascism’ with its fusing of the nation-state with corporate interests was the best that we could do?

It is possible that USURIOUS economics built upon Pyramid and Ponzi schemes was the best we could do?

Okay, it is possible that the current system is the best we could do. But I think I’ve argued overwhelmingly and beyond reasonable doubt on this website that humanity and especially Christendom could have done better than what we have now…

Here is the comment I made to a Youtube commenter called GOD IS LOVE:

Saying that God is Love without providing any evidence of it is vain and meaningless–as meaningless as Moses interacting with Pharoah using rhetoric and the Socratic method. Pharaoh would have been amused at best…and the N.T. is 100% clear that there is only one God of this earth: SATAN…If you don’t know that you simply can’t read. Satan’s primary mode of operation today is USURY on a scale never seen in the known universe. Satan (Yahweh) has proxy warriors doing his bidding today though. We likely won’t see him in person until the third temple is built.

A video arguing that in Christianity it is Satan who deceives the WHOLE world and the Whore of Babylon deceives the WHOLE world and not just South America:P

Riffvlog on The Devil Didn’t Fool Me…

Satan, “the best tools I had at my disposal for defeating God were the faculties of reason and logic!”

I’m adding this video to this previous post because it’s entirely relevant. It seems Christendom would rather debate metaphysics from modern-day dungeons than unite around our slavery under USURIOUS ECONOMICS!

Again, I’m adding this here as it argues for what rational metaphysics is because Anthony’s metaphysics differ from mine but I do agree with him on economics as it relates to Christian cultures. I should mention, also, that I don’t think complexity in itself should be used as a justification for economic evil, or used to dismiss common-sense human decency like the idea of everyone having a home as a birthright.

What I’m saying in this video isn’t an indictment of Catholic people or Jewish people. All I’m saying is malevolent metaphysical archons have manipulated them.

Here is who Satan didn’t fool If we are to believe religionists: 2-billion Christians. 2-billion Muslims Lots and lots of Jews. It’s impossible to fool the Hindus. Buddhists don’t even believe in God so no go there. Damn this bitch can’t fool anyone:P If I were God I’d fire her!

The idea that the drive to reproduce is problematic from a spiritual perspective isn’t as absurd as it sounds. Would you like to guess why next to no one can reach enlightenment in Buddhism? The sexual mind…


The Economy Of The Promised Land

A few things I missed: I don’t think that complex mental abstractions justify or should null and void basic human decency when it comes to economics. The rich can still get rich, though, just not via economic predation on humanity’s Four Basic Needs…And for the record, again, I’m against the state owning the means of production.

Even within normative Christian theology, I can’t see how an argument can be made that this existence is GOOD! Why would a New Jerusalem be needed if that were the case? No, this place is now the home of metaphysical evil and although mainstream Christianity will take issue with my Gnosticism this much should not be in dispute.

Oh, yes, I should mention, too, that I’m not unaware of secular and materialist views on ethics and morals but it’s simply not the focus of this vlog.

Apologies for any mispronunciations:( In some areas I’m an idiot!


Santos Bonacci:

Theoria Apophasis:


                                          ‘Truth is in history, but history is not the truth’ 

You will have to watch Spartacus: Vengence linked here to understand the context of this post. It’s the second season and to get the full context it might be best to watch season one, too, but not necessary. I’m not really interested in the historical accuracy and details of the relationships as portrayed in this series– but rather am more focused on overarching general themes. Episode 9 is called Monsters and will be the focus of this blog. Fair warning, though, that this will likely be difficult to understand unless one is well acquainted with spirituality in general, and more specifically, esoteric and gnostic strains of metaphysics such as Kabbalism.

The Anti-Christ will come and in normative Christian mythology it is the devil who will declare himself God and instruct the worship at the rebuilt third temple in Jerusalem while likely ushering in the seven laws of Noah: or, The Noahide Laws-in that regard, the series Sparticus is apt as it’s extraordinarily violent with lots of decapitation–the method of execution during the Jewish Messiah’s reign of terror. I’ve suggested in other posts that very few Jews will reject this Messiah and that even the staunchest atheists among them will choose to keep their ‘head on shoulder’ and submit: the same will not hold true for the Goyim. I concede that it will be an incredible experience for Jews to witness all their historic enemies put to death. But that aside…

Gaius Claudius Glaber

portrays the ‘anti-christ’ via analogy for this post. He declares himself a MONSTER in this episode along with his wife Ilithyia who also declares herself a monster in this scene after she violently murders Glaber’s lover. Although the anti-christ mythology is fairly well understood in religion the nature of the Whore of Babylon is not so well understood let alone esoteric school conceptions about the snake in the Garden of Eden: said to be Sophia in many esoteric traditions and especially within Kabbalism. In modernity, the secular version of Sophia has been instantiated into the Gaia theory of the earth, but there are other interpretations including one that I uniquely hold. The more widespread version is that Sophia was the snake Lucifer in the Garden attempting to rescue Adam and Eve from their imprisonment by the Elohim archons who are said, in some versions, to have raped her…

It’s clear in the Christian tradition that the end times antagonist is The Whore Of Babylon…

So we have the convergence of the ‘male’ anti-christ juxtaposed to the ‘female’ whore who rules over the nations via economics, politics, and false religion. I’ve suggested many times on this site that the Anti-Christ is a Demiurgic replicant of the true Aeon Christ and I suggest that Lucifer (Kabbalist Sophia) is a replicant of the Aeon Sophia and that these two ‘monsters’ will be running the show as we fulfill, once more, the flow of HIS-story! So, we will have The Whore of Babylon and the Anti-Christ running the show as this cosmic drama plays out. They will, of course, have their own unique version of who Jesus and God are. The Demiurge will likely send out into the world TWO OLIVE TREES, also, and I’m suggesting these two guys as possibilities: linked here and here

These two fellows are espousing some pretty incredible metaphysics and there is NO WAY to accept their version of the universe without coming to the conclusion that there is a MASSIVE long-term conspiracy by civilizations elite to LIE about the nature of reality–and physics, and metaphysics. In short, they are teaching that there are only TWO dimensions: the space we live in and counter-space with counter space being the wholeness of everything and space (where we are) being a holographic projection. Yet, incredible as this seems, I’ve never heard either one of them come out and say explicitly that there is a conspiracy of Elite lies on earth. They both, as far as I can tell, abstain from talking about economics and specifically, USURY, which is now the method of slavery upon the earth…An interesting question, it seems to me, is why usury is an acceptable form of soteriology and why it is the Kabbalists think porn being injected into Christian cultures is a good thing? So, apparently, Christian cultures just aren’t understanding things properly because USURY AND PORN are, it seems, GOOD THINGS! Yikes! I’ve talked about this previously in my blogs on Sabbatean Frankest beliefs about Antinomianism (conscious lawlessness) brought about via inversion to justify a specific end goal…

As a spiritual anarchist myself I have to take issue with this approach and do not agree with it. The type of spiritual anarchy I espouse is one of resistance to wickedly intentioned archons who control this prison grid…I’ve also gone on record saying that, in general, I don’t oppose the idea on a very small micro-scale as practiced via some Tantric schools of spirituality, but that, in my mind, is entirely different than large scale societal psychological operations which span centuries and seem more about political and financial power on earth and little to do with spiritual transcendence…

So it appears we have two monsters to deal with as well as a bloody virus! Interestingly enough, and see my virus series here where I suggest that we all have to pay a very high price for this virus except for the USURERS who are being given special privilege by the governments they own: which is pretty well all of them…But not quite all of them:) 

                                                                       Game on I guess! 

I guess I should mention that on a basic human scale I really like these Two Olive Trees! But, that is an entirely different issue than metaphysical truth. In philosophy, there are three primary theories of truth with one called, Pragmatism, which at its simplest asks what is useful. So if these grand metaphysical expositions have no ability to curb evil on this earth then I ask how useful it is here?

Upon reflection: there is an overwhelming consensus within most of the world’s religions and common people in general that USURY isn’t as COOL as the banksters say it is! Maybe it’s time they let this one go and come up with something BETTER and not worse. There was a religious idea in the axial age which taught the idea of a Jubilee or debt amnesty! Perhaps it’s an idea that should be reconsidered! God is supposed to be GOOD afterall, RIGHT?

This is the first mix of this one. I’ll link my songwriter version below. I passed it off to my mixmaster, Rick @ Cosmic Pig Studios and asked him to do whatever he thought worked. Thanks to Helene’, too, for the wonderful vocals. I’ll do the acoustic guitar track this weekend and get it back to the studio so the final mix can be completed.
At any rate, this is the REAL new year based on astronomy/astrology. You’ll find the names of the month make sense when you count from here: October is 8 and not the 10th month of the Julian calendar. The Son of God (Jupiter) Julius Caesar altered the calendar during his reign. Things have never been quite the same since and this was one of the early beginnings of humanity’s dissociation from natural cycles upon the earth. The enclosure of the commons by the capitalist oligarchs in England ramped that up and the coming technocracy will finish the job–mind-control and social engineering via the SCREEN! Interestingly, Caesar married a virgin queen (Cleopatra) and they bore a Son of God– Caesarion. When Octavian conquered Marc Antony and Cleopatra in Egypt Caesarion (the son of god) fled to India…In India, at the time, they would have LITERALLY believed that he was A SON of GOD. This story still reverberates in India today…
Caesar was murdered and betrayed by Brutus (Judas) on the 15th of March–The Ides Of March. They love this month for MAYHEM! And, in fact, it was a war between a dictator and the oligarchs of Rome!

Apologies for some of my slurring of words. Alas, I’m not a professional sock-puppet well trained in the art of sophistry. So, yes…I’m flawed as is my presentation. Any chance you could actually focus on the points I’m making?

I forgot to mention that I see the world party– as thrown by neoliberal economics–as analogous to Huxley’s Brave New World. With usury as its foundation, it threw the grandest Soma party in human history. The only question now is how bad the hangover is going to be. I see the bad parental response to the virus’s impact on the economic welfare of citizens as analogous to Orwell’s 1984.

This is a tad rambling but the primary points get made @ about 8:08

The ideas espoused are only presented as temporary solutions to the economic crisis affecting the masses over the coming 3-months–the time period I’m suggesting for the initial enactment of the POINTS LAWS VIA EMERGENCY MEASURES!

The video I mentioned on Neoliberalism:…

There are plenty of places online where one can get the official definition of what it is. Some of it is true, of course, but I’m going to offer my idiosyncratic analysis of what it is. But, first, millions of people over the past five to ten years have been outspoken critics of this economic ideology so the elites know for a fact the thoughts and feelings of the masses when it comes to their economic model. Some of us have also been targeted for speaking out against it and I rank among those who exist in that camp, but this post isn’t about my suffering at the hands of the EL ites. I’m in no way arguing for the brutal sister of privatized corporate capitalism as espoused by Marx…So, let’s get that critique off the table right up front, as every blog I’ve written on these issues makes it clear that I don’t support state-run capitalism either i.e. communism. I’m also skeptical of the mid-level gate-keepers of the machine who argue, “That’s not true capitalism!” “That’s not true communism!” 

At its core, it’s an ideology premised on the idea that only the most gifted in any particular field or endeavor are valued by the corporate machine. This accounts for about 1% of the population although there are different levels of skills, talents, etc. even within the top 1%…An example might be a comparison between Wayne Gretzky and Tim Horton— both highly skilled but one far outshines the other. This top 1% under neoliberal ethics (and *metaphysics) now lives the most incredible lifestyles imagined within the known universe! I should note also that surrounding this elite group is about 10% of the population who worship or are in a sycophantic relationship with the elite. Slightly lower on the pyramid is about another 10% (equaling about 20% of humanity’s population) who through media, education, and cultural conditioning support the elites in a wide spectrum of ways even though their talents in no way compare to the 1%. Those of you who are aware of The Pareto Distribution might have a sense of what I’m talking about here. 

So, what about the other 80% of humanity’s population? Good question and the topic of the post. Under the neoliberal order, the masses have been reduced to a servant class within an economy and economic model that simply doesn’t value them because they are not exceptionally skilled or talented. They have now been reduced to servants of the machine and will spend a lifetime living in various debt peonage. I should note right off the top that this ‘neo-slavery’ is entirely different from the physical brutality of slavery in antiquity but it’s a subtle form of slavery nevertheless. Under neoliberalism ALL the cost of living is transferred solely to the individual: you got sick and couldn’t work? Here is a credit card to cover the cost if one was lucky enough to have a credit profile that allowed them even that. Those below that threshold litter the streets in nearly every city on Earth. You’re fortunate to have a car and can drive. All the costs of maintaining a commercial vehicle are now downloaded onto the individual proprietor who will likely need to supplement his meager income from driving via credit-card debt. And I could list thousands of occupations that now suffer the same modalities or fate under the neoliberal machine. If one loves and espouses the neoliberal order I’d wager heavily on what demographic they exist in. If the neoliberal order has a slogan it is this: CORPORATE WELFARE FOR THE ELITE AND AUSTERITY FOR THE MASSES!

A consequence of this system is what’s known as societal anomie–a system-wide depression and anxiety among the masses as a result of their devaluation by the machine. It creates, in part, a societal apathy and ‘zombification’ of large swaths of the population likely caused, in part, by the earlier iterations of economic liberalism wherein the masses were severed from their relationship to the land that existed over millennia–the enclosure of the commons for private interests. In those early days, the family unit was still more or less intact so people had at least that much but in neoliberalism, the nuclear family has been decimated and the economics of the system now makes it so even two-highly professional people can now barely own a home let alone raise a family (the lower part of that top 20%).

On to the *metaphysics of this and I’ll say right up front that some of this is speculative. In late neoliberalism, Christianity and its culture have also been decimated so I can’t see how it has much influence. Yes, in early economic liberalism, it was Christian cultures that created the capitalist model; although I’d argue, most likely correctly, that it was the ‘goats’ of Christendom that created capitalism as no true Christian could accept the crass exploitation and coercion of the capitalist machine which is clearly described as anti-christ in scripture–at least by any coherent reading of the Bible. So what made it so those who are incredibly good at kicking balls around now make more in a week than some working people will make in a lifetime of hard labor? It wasn’t the Veda’s and Hinduism that created this because it didn’t make inroads into the West until the 20th century; it wasn’t Islam as privatized economic liberalism isn’t compatible with the Islamic Caliphate. China? Communist for over half a century now! So where did this valuation come from in Western cultures?

I’m doing a series on Investigating Kabbalism which I’ll link here. I attempt to be fair and impartial in my critique of it and will only comment on what they believe. Firstly, though, one has to concede the fact that the Kabbalists came out of the middle east starting around the 14th century and now wield incredible influence over civilization via places like Hollywood and societies like The Freemasons who practice a type of esoteric Judaism derived from Kabbalism. In part three of the video, I’m critiquing, the author posits a stage-structured metaphysics that asserts that humans, at the basic needs level, are in a lowly evolved state of existence and some will rise and gain fame and fortune and even some will gain great wealth and riches. The point, though, is it’s implied in this metaphysics that the elites are more highly evolved than the masses. I should note that these ideas are near entirely at odds with Christian metaphysics. 

I’ll only touch briefly on his assertion that at some point billionaires grow tired of the banality of wealth and power and turned to spiritual altruism. I see no evidence of this anywhere! To be fair, I don’t see any success in this regard in Buddism either when it comes to the Bodhisattva mythology, or in the New Age Hindu belief systems which posit Ascended Masters or whatnot who seem to me to be ignorant of economics and what it is that would make a healthy economic society. The point is that I see no evidence of the assertion in that regard and the possibility of self-delusion and the rationalization of bad behavior becomes exponential as far as I can see. I’ve also been commenting lately on the IDW(intellectual dark web) in this regard, who, it seems to me, go on and on about complex intellectual abstractions while dismissing basic human dignity and what it would take to honor that on the systemic level: THE ENDING OF PREDITORIAL ECONOMICS! See the philosophy of equalism linked here in that regard. A side note here is that if anyone is wondering about the recent onslaught of identity politics please let me assure you that it’s a manufactured distraction to take the focus off of economic fairness and decency. 

At any rate, my point is that I don’t think the current value system under the neoliberal order just wafted out of Darwinian chance and necessity but was rather the inevitable outcome of a metaphysical belief system that has garnered an enormous amount of traction in the past 600-years. I also state in this series that I think it was ethically wrong of the RCC church to make sanctions against the Jews over the millennia and that no one should cause violence to anyone (including the Jews) because it transgresses upon the NAP (nonaggression principle). But I do think ALL metaphysical claims should be open to investigation and scrutiny and I’ll also note here that many atheist Jews have no issues whatsoever when it comes to dissecting and lambasting claims which THEY think are absurd–so, let’s at least be good sports and have it go both ways!

What I’m suggesting here is that the present neoliberal order exists, in part, as the inevitable result of Kabbalistic metaphysics. I may need to do a part two of this focused on solutions but my site does have many posts in that regard. See my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons for a starter…I am NOT in favor of reactionary right-wing populist ethnonationalism–NO THANKS! I’ve suggested elsewhere that the crimes of Sept.11, 2001, were actually about a war between different factions of the elites where one group wants a secular order and one group wants a return to their religious orders which served them so well for millennia. I’m a Christian Gnostic and we have a tendency of ending up dead under theocracies so I’ll pass on that one and continue to argue for a new and improved secular order and a reworking of the humanist manifesto wherein it concedes the possibility of God–although in all likelihood one not posited in the archon controlled religions of HIS-tory!


I forget to mention that I see the world party– as thrown by neoliberal economics–as analogous to Huxley’s Brave New World. With usury as its foundation, it threw the grandest Soma party in human history. The only question now is how bad the hangover is going to be. I see the bad parental response to the virus’s impact on the economic welfare of citizens as analogous the Orwell’s, 1984.

This is now a 3-part series on the Covid-19 emergency.

Part 2:

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