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Here is another version of this on the Tele, speedy up a tad, a tweaked arrangement, and a different key. Oh, yes, I had one of those glitches in the beginning but seeing how it’s only a demo I’ve left it in…:

A civilization of mis/distrust:

The Nephilim Didn’t Fool Me:

Someone else understands the fundamental ideas I’m espousing when it comes to my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons:

For some reason he doesn’t have a share button on his channel which is wierd and ‘spooky’ so I’ll just copy the link HERE…

What Greenfield’s video should tell you is that the powers that be KNOW there are healthy solutions but THEY SIMPLY DO NOT WANT THEM…The only thing they’re interested in is the continuation of their casino grift schemes: IOW’s we allowed the mafia to hijack the earth… I suspect Miles Mathis would find out via investigation that Greenfield is from peerage and a spook! I’m not angry at all with him for being who and what he is. But if he doesn’t argue for large scale systemic change as I do in my Four Pillars of a New Earth Commons then he can be likened to what the mafia cartels do with drugs! They allow small percentages of cocaine and heroin to be captured by their partners in the military-industrial complex (CIA/FBI., etc) so that their media can report on a big bust when in fact 99.999% of the drug trade is still operating as business as usual!
I really don’t care if this sounds offensive but it’s true if humanity fails to get large scale systemic change in this direction and this needs to be co-ordinated on a massive scale with large financial backing and a sustained coordinated effort by most of the larger players within civilization–especially the academies. This is how the 80% should live while the capitalist economy should be commercial and exist with no more than 20% of the earth’s population.

At any rate, as a Christian Gnostic, the BIG LIE is that Yahweh is Satan…This is the only spiritual narrative consistent with Satan deceiving the WHOLE world!

The video above is part-2. Part 1 is called The Atheist Pledge and is here. Part-3 is called The Enlightenment and The J.Q….found HERE…

In The Atheist Pledge, I suggest atheists and materialists will abandon their convictions and accept the Noahide Laws rather than forfeit their lives.

In The J.Q. part-3… I suggest one possibility of why that is and wonder if materialism and atheism were Psy-ops of the tribe. It’s the simplest explanation for why they will convert away from materialism.

There are plenty of well trained paid actors out there who mix their perfect diction with poisoned propaganda so if that’s what you like to feed on then, by all means, do so…Here you’ll get a faulty presentation mixed with authenticity and hopefully some good ideas that are not mired with hidden agendas…
Basically, I suggest the oligarchs created a false choice between private capitalism and state-run capitalism via communism, and frankly, both of them suck to varying degrees. We should be able to do better.
I talk about thousands of decentralized ‘nodal communities’ wherein everyone owns a small piece of private property by law. A new education system focusing on food self-sufficiency and home building skills along with financial literacy. Such a society would have a very inexpensive health care system as the foundation of the structure would be built upon healthy ethics rather than pyramid and Ponzi schemes. The means of exchange would exist via public banking and the currency wouldn’t have debt mechanisms attached to it.
Inflation would be minimal under such a structure and these communities have the potential to be sustainable over millennia. The capitalist economy could still exist but would be a luxury and commercial enterprise wherein humanity’s four basic needs of homes, food, education, and healthcare are no longer at the mercy of predatory economics with its unsustainable inflation policies. I point out that inflation in the luxury/commercial economy would be no issue at all…

Please note again where I differ from Marx: private property is essential to the commons in these times. I also don’t posit the violent overthrow of the oligarchs and I’m not trying to do the impossible: abolish capitalism. I’m saying that there have to be boundaries legislated into the system which prevent predatory behavior on humanity’s basic needs…

Thanks to Rick@Cosmic Pig Studios for all the playing and Helene’ for the vocals. The ending is my attempt at expressing musically that there is something very wrong with life…
Ladybug, where have you gone, did you fly to where you belong
To sunflowers and fields of gold where love is something to behold
Out of the cold black night into the morning sun
On to these fields of green where our love was young
When our love was young
When our love was young
Ladybug, spread your wings and come back to where happiness brings to
Sunflowers and fields of gold true love is something to behold
Out of the cold black nights into the morning sun
Onto these fields of green where our love was young
When our love was young
When our love was young
Laughing and singing and dancing and flying all the way
Laughing and singing and dancing and flying all the way
Laughing and singing and dancing and flying all the way


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