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                                             ‘Yup, The Truth Is Still Out There’…

It’s David Icke’s, idea, isn’t it? It appears Icke is from peerage–see this…

My world got really strange starting in 1990 which was when the neoliberal fascists started putting their machine into worldwide hyperdrive. And, yes, a big part of that was/is what I call ‘the neoliberal spiritual propaganda machine’...In other words, non-stop endless bullshit from those who know the truth about existence but have complete contempt for it. Oh, I could name the names, Integral Inc., IDW or The Intellectual Dishonest Web, The Power of Wow, and on and on and on…

I first came across Icke in about ’93 which coincided with my life getting really strange (and shattered), and later, when in a group of people led by, (Blum), who shan’t be named, who very much promoted his work. Tribal allegiances. It’s funny looking back. *911 proved to me that the military, police, fire, and ambulance are all embedded within what I call the ‘Nephilim Archon (Spook) Machine’...That last bit I’ve ripped from Miles (thanks buddy)…But the point was, looking back, the ambulance that hit my ’66 Rambler in ’89 was no accident. I mean, I knew at the time there was no way a professional driver could have hit me in the way he did…so, they were simply giving me a little tap and preparing me for things to come–and boy did they enter my life. The accident happened at 3303 Main St…LMAO! An aside, I just saw the Economist front page: Wall St. against Main St.! Who writes this nonsense? The truth is Israel against the ‘Christian Commons.’ Well, what Christians are left unmanipulated by the usual suspects in modernity. And there ain’t many…

The Common Cold Virus is now the code for Common Christianity. And that mask…Better not be talking about the overlords! We can add healthcare workers to the list of Nephilim Archon Spooks! BTW., the World Health Organization is strait outta Switzerland–one of the primary hiding places of the money masters! 

Okay, I’ve digressed. Look at Icke’s metaphysics. It’s entirely Luciferian as well as the usual non-dual Advaita Vedanta. We are God…blah, blah, blah…and all this is just a dream! I’ve said elsewhere that this particular school of Vedic thought was cherry-picked by the CIA’s propaganda department and promoted by pretty well everyone who is anyone in the New Age scam. Infinite consciousness, eh? What does that mean on the real earth? Not much as far as I can tell…No one claiming this philosophy is any different than anyone else from my view; or, in other words, there is absolutely nothing that can distinguish them and this infinite consciousness from even the lowliest street urchin. So, from the pragmatist point of view, it’s useless. It does seem to be good at writing books, though…but the books tend to be full of bullshit so it’s a strange kind of infinite consciousness. 

The Saturn/Moon Matrix idea is an interesting philosophy but it’s not science. I’ll link a paper here which deconstructs this. I always liked David Bohm and enjoyed his back and forth with Krishnamurti and I appreciate Holographic Theory. But these are simply basic ideas that don’t warrant a projection onto grand cosmological theories–at least as far as I can tell. So not only is Icke’s spirituality a cherry-picked version of one of millions of possibilities; the science behind his cosmology isn’t even close to being verified in any peer-reviewed manner. Not that I hold much stock in a corrupted scientific community under ‘worldwide economic fascism’…Nevertheless, his assertions can’t be tested or falsified. It’s pure philosophy and imagination. I do concede that in some ways the ideas are cool and compelling and I wrote about them on my gnostic themed Four Songs About God In E-Flat Minor…

So, this isn’t me being hateful, but rather thinking critically. Albeit premised upon a spiritual worldview…

Some more musing here. I’ve mentioned before how it seems that a hormone disruption I suffer from started in and around the time I picked up my first cell phone in ’98. So my serotonin and melatonin cycle gets flipped in combination with the arrival of low-pressure systems (weather manipulation?)…I end up awake all night and sleepy during the day and the state of consciousness is very unproductive. But this phenomenon also timed with the globalist takeover of mom and pop paint companies. By ’98 the paints I use in the trade (made by huge corporations) were loaded with ammonia and anytime I used such products I would lay awake all night. That’s the primary reason I had to become self-employed so that I had a say in which products I worked with. But the point is, I call all these shenanigans by the ‘economic fascists’ system disruptions. So we have targeted system disruption on the individual scale and collective disruption with things like this ‘common cold virus’…I should note that at times during my life when I was nocturnal, usually associated with gigging, I didn’t suffer this. I was awake all night and felt good and slept ‘normally’ throughout the day. So, although I was nocturnal my consciousness was productive and I wasn’t suffering. This is NOT what it’s like now when I go through these episodes.

I’ve also mentioned in other blogs how I was consistently ‘targeted’ by *police, fire, and ambulance sirens whenever I started talking about these spiritual conspiratorial religious things. At first, it wasn’t obvious but eventually, it became too frequent for it to be random. Got SPOOKS? You bet we do!



                                                                     ‘strait outta langley’

Well, that explains our current economic model.

This is Part-3 of a series on what a healthy spiritual economics might look like.

Part-1 was on Distributism.

Part-2 veered off into the work of Miles Mathis and in particular his views on economics which are entirely healthy and consistent with what Christian economics should be.

Part-3 is on Henry George (Georgism).

And the last part in this series will be about a Citizens Dividend or Social Credit…

I’ll come back and link the whole series here once it’s done.


This is my 40th year of investigation into the nature of existence and the nature of reality. It could have been many things but at the very least it was a sincere search. Messy a fcuk, yes…and in the beginning, I was dumber than dumb could be (or, sheep to the slaughter) but by 50-years of age I began to get a clue. So the past ten years have been particularly interesting especially within the context of the information age. 

I only came across Miles’ writings this year and that surprises me as I’m usually quicker on the draw when it comes to metaphysical researchers. I was into Icke in ’94 as an example. By ’84, ten years prior, I had read most of the world’s prominent religious works–so, I wasn’t exactly a slacker. 

It’s hard to know how to approach this but I’ve decided to assess this via three strands within philosophy: metaphysics, physics, and ethics. Where I’m entirely in agreement with his work is in ethics as the current mafias that run civilization are criminals as far as I’m concerned. But we’ll get there…It’s also why I’ve decided to make this part two of this series exploring ‘Christian economics’ and I’ve yet to come across someone who gets what that should look like as much as Miles does! Thank you, sir!

METAPHYSICS: I self describe as an Agnostic Gnostic which, on the surface, appears linguistically contradictory. As far as metaphysical epistemology goes I’m agnostic in that I don’t know or claim to know what the Gods are (if there are any). That makes me agnostic. But I’ve come to think that any truth to be had in metaphysics is buried deep within the Gnostic tradition. This isn’t to say that Gnosticism is the truth about life and existence. For some time I’ve also considered whether it’s another psy-op as the finding of the Nag Hammadi codexes is rather suspicious being timed right at the establishment of Israel in modernity. And whatever was going on in Alexandria for 500-years from 300-BC to 200-AD was obviously heavily top-down control grid oriented. I even suggested that the marriage of Cleopatra and Ceasar was a foreshadowing of the merging between Judaism and Christianity. Judaism might have gone the way of Odin and Thor if it hadn’t have been universalized by the state religion of Rome and in modernity funded and promoted via the money machine of usury (controlled by you know who). But, the point is I don’t claim to know the truth about existence. 

Theodicy is relevant here and I’ll link one of his papers on metaphysics HERE. I’ve done a seven-part series on this issue linked HERE.  As a Christian Gnostic, I’m not saying the earth is entirely evil and irredeemable although even mainstream Christianity espouses this as there would be no need for a new Jerusalem if this place was salvageable. I’m also aware that theodicy goes both ways in that there are arguments for and against the problem of evil. And, yes, I do see the beauty of existence but I’m simply not in any kind of delusion about the horrors. It’s where the worst of the horrors lay that make me think that the scales tip in favor of the worst-case scenarios here. How many children have to be brutally gang-raped, dismembered, and buried, and forgotten before any good in the universe intervenes? And don’t get me on the adrenochrome conspiracy. Why does life have to feed off life to survive? Why is the universe so hostile to life? Why did humans become so helpless and remain vulnerable for at least 13-years and why do we have to suffer vulnerability through sleep? Pissing and shitting every day? Pretty weak from a creative point of view, IMO… Who would design these kinds of flaws in the system? Well, an inept designer is the right answer if we consider such a thing possible. But I’m not unaware of the other side of the coin in these assessments and I don’t dismiss them outright; I simply haven’t found them answering the questions in a way that satisfies my dispositions. I could go on here but I want to keep this blog manageable. 

PHYSICS: I always sucked at math. Miles is a savant in this field of inquiry (and science in general). Is someone lying about the physical universe? I think it’s highly likely! What are they lying about? That the earth is flat? I doubt it! That the universe is a two-dimensional electric charge field? I have my doubts on this one, too, notwithstanding the elegance of some of the presentations of Ken Wheeler, but poetry isn’t physics! No, if they are lying they’re likely lying about a whole host of small things and obfuscating and blackwashing from there. And at that point, the issue becomes one of complexity and I’ve argued that the best way to gauge the truth is via integrity. The problem, though, is we now have a vastly complex society with a near-complete absence of integrity and this has opened the door for the endless bullshit of the archons and I’ve defined bullshit as knowing the truth about existence but having a total disregard for it! I’ve used the simple analogy of parenting and suggest what kind of parent a child should believe. Should children believe a parent who is a drunk and beats the shit out of his wife and kids? Of course not, but that is what the fascist corporate nation-state has become under modernity. So, I argue for a better nation-state premised on what good-parenting is. Will we get it? Of course not! And why not would be my question to Miles? 

ETHICS: Christian Gnostics are the hippies of Christendom and we don’t take the claims of the Torah and Jewish supremacy seriously although we have a healthy respect for the destructive nature of this tradition. The great irony of the Christian Gnostics is that there is next to no one who argues more for healthy and ecologically sustainable living and we’ve argued for this mode of living consistently for millennia and for espousing it we are awarded consistently with being mass-murdered– whether it was the Cathers in France or the Marcionites in the first few centuries of the emergent church. So I don’t see how Miles can argue against our ethics which align entirely with his own as far as I can tell…See my parenting analogy above as I got ahead of myself. There is much more to be said about ethics and a great deal of my blogging addresses this issue so feel free to mine my writings. But the core issue in my mind is ending economic predation on humanity’s four basic needs of shelter, food, education, and healthcare and one can see my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons in that regard. Will we get that in any kind of healthy sustainable way? Of course not! And that takes us back to metaphysics, doesn’t it? And WHY NOT? 

How about a post-script muse? The Parable of Breaking and Entering. 

In just legal systems these actions are rightfully called infringement crimes; although at times, too, there could very well be a legitimate need for such action which is why healthy systems have legal redress, considerations, and deliberations. Such really isn’t the case when it comes to nation-states.

So this mafia broke into the mansions that existed upon the earth with every manner of people and beliefs living in the various rooms within the age-old gothic house. It broke in via force, stealth, and coercion. It then proceeded to divide and conquer all the other rooms in the houses; it created mass systems of propaganda to tell all the room dwellers how much better they are now with new ownership– even if the new owners stole the deed to the house. They charged every manner of tax via extortion to all the room dwellers and created the conditions for over-populating the mansion.  It justified and rationalized this wrong action based on attachments to archaic ghost stories and they created new narratives that taught that there was no meaning or purpose as to why the mansions existed in the first place. The combinations of these two tactics were nearly impossible to counter when combined with the fact that the new owners never hesitated to use violence to get what they wanted when most of the other room-dwellers abhorred such use of violence…Of course, there were some amongst the room-dwellers that did come to believe that they were better off but more often then not they were assessing particular aspects of this occupation via distorted manipulations that remained hidden from their view and this was no more true than when it came to women and those of alternative sexual preference from the norm. In fact, they were some of the most manipulated and were totally blind to what had been done to them via covert and long term strategies. At the end of the age, everything had been monetized and now even carbon had created enormous amounts of wealth for the illegitimate owners. Their next to last gambit was to prevent all discussion about what they’ve been up to so they created a virus which will also transfer trillions of dollars from the room-dwellers into their pockets, but the virus was also symbolic, and the masks they told everyone to wear was really about not wanting anyone to talk about this latest theft of the commons–such people were labeled ‘anti’…Anti-this or anti-that if they questioned the legitimacy of this occupation.

And that, my dear friends, is where we are at today…


This is a first in a mini-series on alternative economic initiatives that should be implemented as soon as possible. The future can be one of genocide and enslavement or we can choose to find a better way to live upon the earth–ways that are not founded on every imaginable economic grift.

One of the issues I’ll be dealing with is land trusts which, on the surface, are a good idea and I have no quarrel with them per se. But a cursory investigation leaves me with the impression that it’s just another place progressive liberals can feel good about themselves while denying the toxic harshness of the present economic system. It’s, for this reason, that I argue for a systemic solution as all the other solutions are doomed to fail the earth because of the issue of scale in the coming century. So, although my inclination to non-ownership based on my personal spiritual beliefs is valid and correct, in my opinion, I also recognize that this view also lets the archons drive tanks of usury and economic grift down the center of every civilization on earth–which is, of course, a death sentence for civilization.

I should mention also that the overarching framework for society should be Secular Pluralism. And from there the decentralized micro-communities can organize how they see fit. To my knowledge Christians should never commit violence towards those they disagree with and are not charged to create state-run theocracies: they were charged with setting up the conditions where they could be an example of GOODWILL on the earth. Anything else is the work of evil and I’ve said and can prove that Christendom in modernity is the work of the usurers which is why it is so toxic.


               ” learn to breathe underwater as you are going to need new skills in the years ahead”…

I woke up this morning with this word in my mind. A quick search proves it’s difficult to be original at anything these days so I can’t claim it. That said…

It could be argued that it was the biggest overreaction in human thinking and history when most governments around the world decided to shut down the economy because of a virulent strain of the cold virus that targets the elderly, young, and weak. And by the way, all the worlds scientists combined haven’t been able to come up with a vaccine for the cold virus in over a hundred years– I’d bet we are on the verge of another scientific miracle! Thank the GATE GOD’S:))) It should be noted, also, that about 2500 children die every day in every manner of horror and it never entered anyone’s mind to shut down the ability to trade goods and services on a worldwide scale.

Some of the stores are beginning to reopen but they are for the most part empty when I look in. Does anyone think this is going to recover in any meaningful way in the coming years? I think not! Anyone with half a brain isn’t going to spend on much other than necessities so I wonder what our fearless leaders are thinking in this regard? It certainly doesn’t seem to entail positive change and policies that would address all the horrors and mistakes of big finance over the past 100-years and especially over the last 30-years. Hack journalists like the CBC’s, Rex Murphy says that it’s wrong to even suggest such an idea. His view couldn’t be more misguided or misspent when we factor in who funds such stupidity…In fact, it’s the perfect time to fix what’s wrong with modernity and my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons is one avenue of exploration as is Henry George’s ‘Georgism’ and Distributism both of which I’ll be exploring in upcoming blogs. Will we get such positive change? Of course not! Why? Thanks for asking…the money lenders will never allow it. 

Let’s explore that last statement in the context of the ‘nightmareium’…I’d suggest firstly that the ‘monetization of everything’ was always a very bad idea. That making usury the foundation for economics was always also a very bad idea even though it was the ‘moneylenders’ who created modern Christianity which has become the ‘carnival barker grift show’ they so engineered it to become and this allowed them to open the doorway for usury and the casinoization of economics–it’s Ponzi and pyramid schemes all the way up and down now with cocaine and hookers as bonuses for the C.E.O.’s… I’ll link two of Miles Mathis’ blogs which he gets right– here and here. A note that I’m not interested in ‘The Big Lie’ when it comes to the elites and their endless bullshit. My concern and focus has always been the question of How Shall We Live? I explore that issue in my blog Metaphysics, Physics, and Ethics.

In short, I suggest the more complex a civilization becomes the more important integrity becomes the cornerstone and foundation of society. We now have the exact opposite: grift after grift after grift at the highest levels and unprecedented scales–none of it is sustainable. And throwing a basic income at people isn’t really going to solve much unless it’s combined with other initiatives which I explore in The New Earth Commons blog (see the link above). I’ve also been talking a lot about complexity lately and how it’s become a kind of code word for dismissing human decency in economics and used as a justification for the status-quo…Got IDW? Or, what I call the Intellectually Dishonest Web. I’d also strongly suggest listening to c.j.macq’s series on Equalism here which correctly understands the toxic nature of economic predation. 

And I’ll wrap this one up discussing special privilege given to the moneylenders and big finance through our current situation. Can I be blunt here: most people and especially average working people in the past 30-years have been targeted in every treacherous way imaginable by TPTB and are in debt-bondage. We now have this debt to pay while they’ve removed the ability to earn a living via the ‘virus’. Yes, you get oceanfront property in Arizona as a prize if you think these two trajectories are random; although they’ve also supplied ample amounts of vaseline for the masses to use as a lubricant in certain places while they rape you financially–think of this as a thank-you from the Rockefeller and Rothschild legacies…And make no mistake about who is to blame for this: you are, of course, and their neoliberal schools of spiritual propaganda will hammer the blame solely where it belongs: you alone and not them. So, we are not ‘All In This Together’ as the rapist can never be one with the raped. 

I’ll be doing an upcoming blog on what a Debt Amnesty based on Integrity would look like…Although I won’t hold my breath…

                “Please reject usury as a soteriological method of salvation”

I’ll be doing upcoming vlogs on Distributism and Georgism (Henry George) but I want to make clear that any attempts to salvage Christian cultures from usury cannot come with a theocracy. In other words, the separation of church and state is still paramount.

The removal of usurious economics from Christendom CANNOT make the lives of Christians worse! I’ve said in the past that, in part, the failure of Christendom was a failure in Christian economics.

I’ll address women and sexual preference here, also…In my view, any attempts at re-establishing Christian cultures have to address the human rights and dignity of ALL people. So, women and sexual preferences have to fall under that idea.

In my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons, I’ve suggested millions of decentralized micro-communities wherein people have a choice in which community they want to live in. This is done to prevent conflict in any particular group or an attempt to minimize conflict…

There is the separate issue of the ‘metaphysical status’ of these people and their relationship to God/s…But that is rightfully between God and these people and society cannot make legal injunctions against these demographics…From my view, the Aeon Christ was not openly rejecting anyone except for the usurers/money-lenders who make a mockery of the idea of God.

In the New Earth Commons, I still make room for usurious economics in a commercial and highly technical system. But not used in the ‘residential’ economy– where humanity’s four basic needs of shelter, food, education, and healthcare are no longer at the mercy of predatory economics–see the philosophy of Equalism, too, and ending predation on humanity’s basic needs is a foundational tenet of that philosophy.

The full series is here:

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