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                           “Ya gotz to pick a pocket or two”

We all remember this musical from our childhoods if we grew up in the west. 

Miles is at it again with this fine rebuttal against conspiracy theorists and I’ll add my two shekels…

He referenced an article by Quassim Cassam in a journal; called Aeon. Interesting name and although I’ve never heard of this rag before I will hazard a guess that most of the writing is an intentional inversion of any truths to be had. Similar to how the truth was inverted in the Matrix movies which made the Architect (Yahweh) the creator of the Aeon Christ and the Aeon Sofia (Neo and the Oracle) when in the Gnostic tradition it is the Christ and Sofia who came first…Yes, we are living in the upside-down. 

Interesting that Cassam would reference the name Oliver as it’s invariably linked to the musical wherein Oliver is a commoner boy whose life’s conditions are tragic and brought about via the economic predation and policies of the elite aristocracy. No way that his choice of names for his Strawman argument was random. A few centuries later the raping and pillaging of the commons continue, says Yoda…Miles might find it interesting that the Phoenician Goddess eventually found a home in Europa…I’ve suggested in other blogs that that is the replicant of Sophia known commonly as Lucifer who the Kabbalists say was the protagonist serpent in The Garden Of Eden. I’ve written many blogs on this point that challenge this narrative. 

Here is a *video that has a particularly good breakdown of certain aspects of September 11. And HERE is a video outlining the Deutsche Bank building whose financial records were wiped out that day. Now even if we Steelman the official story of that day there is 100% no getting around how toxic nation-states used that event to take away humanities liberty and to track every one of us and they are now using the Covid-19 (notice the 1-9 trope) to continue the attack on our freedoms and liberty while at the same time continue unabated the centuries-old theft of the commons via economic predation and usurious economics–see the musical OLIVER!

I’ve said in other blogs that the role of government today especially under neoliberal economics is solely to protect the infrastructure of the top 20% of the pyramid although Covid-19 is seeing the elite betray even some of those folks. For the record, I said they wouldn’t crash the economy on a worldwide scale, and I was wrong about that, but it shows how agitated the top of the pyramid is these days. 

From my What Is Neoliberalism blog: 

At its core, it’s an ideology premised on the idea that only the most gifted in any particular field or endeavor is valued by the corporate machine. This accounts for about 1% of the population although there are different levels of skills, talents, etc. even within the top 1%…An example might be a comparison between Wayne Gretzky and Tim Horton— both highly skilled but one far outshines the other. This top 1% under neoliberal ethics (and *metaphysics) now live the most incredible lifestyles imagined within the known universe! I should note also that surrounding this elite group is about 10% of the population who worship or are in a sycophantic relationship to the elite. Slightly lower on the pyramid is about another 10% (equaling about 20% of humanity’s population) who through media, education, and cultural conditioning support the elites in a wide spectrum of ways even though their talents in no way compare to the 1%. Those of you who are aware of The Pareto Distribution might have a sense of what I’m talking about here. 

We can see where Cassam lives in relation to these metrics: in the top 10% of the privileged class who are extraordinarily busy these days acting as ‘economic apologists’ (see *Christian Apologetics) for the status quo of elitism. The rest of us are being herded into a lifetime of menial and meaningless work with the added benefit of a lifetime of debt-bondage brought about by some of the most egregious economic manipulations dreamed up anywhere in the known universe. Some are also saying that academic tenure breeds cowardice but I don’t want to revert to Ad hominem. I’d rather point to a healthy way out of this nightmare rather than point fingers and act petty so once again I offer up my, What Should A Healthy Spiritual Economics Look Like? 


I know, I’m dismissed! And my writing and grammar suck so that is a justification to trash all my ideas. It’s far better to attack the person, right? 

Note*: I’ve done many blogs on Icke and outline clearly where I disagree with him. My blog on Miles Mathis is part-2 of the series linked above (healthy spiritual economics)…

NOTE*: Kabbalist metaphysics asserts a stage reincarnation belief. If one is in a compromised situation on earth today it’s because you are lowly evolved spiritually and not due to economic predation.

NOTE*: I’m simply saying that Cassam and people like him are apologists for what I call the God KA$H or the religion and worship of money today. And I’ve said there is only one law when it comes to this religion: Thou Shalt Never Forgive Debt! 

I think this version is better:


This is my ‘white boy’ version of this so I suspect it should be banned, damn it…Well, truth be told white geezer is likely closer to the truth but who cares about such things anymore?

                      “Well, actually, three wrongs don’t make a right.”

I’ll link below Rand delineating the ideas of Nietzsche. I’ve been critical of both of these thinkers in previous blogs. I’ve pointed out that Nietzsche reified and made an idol out of Schopenhauers WILL, and wrongfully so…So, I agree with Rand on this one that Nietzsche elevated phenomenology over empiricism. 

And no matter how you slice it selfishness is not a virtue, Ms. Rand, and any coherent rational moral philosophy would not suggest that it is. It would be better to eliminate the cause of needful altruism by making sure everyone gets access to a small plot of land as a birthright and that the education system is overhauled to teach everyone how to become sustainably productive on their land. If we do this we can wave goodbye to the welfare state with its fake welfare systems which are entirely toxic and manipulative. Moreover, there are those on ‘esoteric boulevard’ who rightfully suggest that the modern nation-state is now the vehicle for *toxic parenting, and I couldn’t agree more; although these same people suggest we should murder our parents and that’s a stance I can’t abide. We need GOOD governance not the removal of all governance. See my What Should A Healthy Spiritual Economy Look Like. 

I’ve suggested in other posts that the modern nation-state is a fusion of Marx and Rand but its arguably a fusion of Marx, Rand, and Nietzsche! And a terrible fusion at that. On an aside here: Miles Mathis hinted at taking a look at who Nietzsche was and my shekels say he’ll find that things are not what we are told in that regard and those findings will give us an aha moment when it comes to my speculation that modern society is a fusion of Marx, Rand, and Nietzsche...Surprise surprise Gomer! Well, not so much…Miles, don’t be a slacker and get to work on that ‘german’ philosopher…

I do agree with Rand that the will to power is a mystical notion not grounded in rational thought but she would never concede what will is being powered on this earth…The Demiurges! As for Apollo and Dionysius? Healthy people need a good blend of both so it’s not one or the other…BTW: Christian Gnostics place reason at the top of the hierarchy and is personified by the Aeon Logos who battled the irrational claims and religion of the Demiurge while on earth. We also tend to be ‘hippieish’ so we do personify Dionysian mores to certain degrees…

Humans are born into slavery here and the archons who wiped our memory in the bardos are our masters so I hope this clarifies what the hell these two thinkers are talking about. So, in a sense, Rand is right and we are born with a blank slate: it’s just that that blank-slate is a metaphysical manipulation. Now, can man become superman in the Nietzschean sense, then? If they want to become one with our slave-owning masters they certainly can but that just makes these people assholes, IMO…Did Rand just say, SOUL? I believe she did! Again, though, she is missing the reality of the metaphysical substrate that undergirds the tabla-rasa–obviously, I get why she does this…

On ethics…In a sense, I do side with Rands take on it although I’m not entirely convinced that there is, in reality, an objective rational moral standard…If this place is a demiurgic construct then the idea in itself is rather absurd. I could list a very long list of democides and genocides in the 20th century alone which argues much more for a near entirely flawed construct…As for innate characters, drives, dispositions, and talents? The archons and their bloodlines make a mockery of the idea so I’m afraid it’s predetermined, Ms. Rand…You lose on that point although I get why you hold the position that you do. So it’s Rand’s materialist presuppositions that get her into trouble here. 

On agency: everything man has and doesn’t can’t be assessed accurately until one comes to know that ‘robber-baron pirates’ have ruled the earth for a very long time and that the casino they have created is set up so you’ll not ever win unless you align yourself fully and completely with their endless metaphysical bullshit and disregard for cosmic truth…

NOTE*: Covid-19 and government over-reaction is an example of the toxic mother personified in the modern nation-state…

In this one, I talk about apophatic theology and how absurd it is to then pronounce that the war god Yahweh is the undefinable source! Got cognitive dissonance? You bet we do? I also mention how problematic nonduality is to Christians as the claim “I Am God” is entirely Luciferian from the perspective of Christendom. Not to mention how absurd the claim is in and of itself when there is no demonstration of anything that could back up the claim–so, from the perspective of Pragmatism, the claim is useless. Homeless schizophrenics are always claiming to be god–it doesn’t make it so.

I touch on how offensive Tikkun Olam is to two billion Christians and how entirely hypocritical it is to project these metaphysics on to people who DO NOT WANT IT! I clearly outline why doing so meets the definition of asshole. This is indisputable. I didn’t mention, but I will now, that I disagree with any and all historic injunctions against the Jews and I’ve said that in many other blogs and that NO ONE should commit violence against them. BUT, they refuse to see that Tikkun Olam is also a type of civilizational violence, and two wrongs never equal right!

Once again I find myself having to point out that speculative metaphysics isn’t science but rather pseudo-science which is why I always frame my discussions within this context as speculation– declaring things of this nature, otherwise, and, as science, is dishonesty, IMO…

Expo ’86 in Vancouver was when the demise of this city began and it is now a usurious nightmare. In his video, he mentioned the meaning of the word NATURE in Jewish numerology equals 6 and God equals 8 (infinity) and, of course, God comes first, so ’86…So it’s simply dishonest to declare I DINDU NUFFIN’ when in fact NO ONE has been busier!

BTW: I’m totally fine if we are to say the primary spiritual issue on earth is purity or sattva. Christians define this lack of purity as original sin although it’s a concept I disagree with as a gnostic. In that sense, the 613 Mitzvahs are useful tools as is the inner struggle of Jihad. But again, this is in no way science. So, Tony, in my opinion, is projecting a type of category error.

But, yeah…Sorry I couldn’t be perfect.




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