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Okay, eh…here is the 2nd demo of this 3rd Van-life song called Kookoo. It’s now electric where it should be…Headphones are best as it’s not mixed pro yet…
Some of you may not know that I’m a guitarist/songwriter (and philosopher) who does what he can with this thing called a voice. So, no, I’m not a vocalist!

Once again I’m kind of digging it!
I recorded and mixed and did the vid. In a day in the van! I did what I could with it and I’ll likely send the raw tracks to Rick shortly so he can do a pro mix on it and do bass and a better drum track.

Van-life SONG-4 is written and it’s my first country song! I’ll post a live version of it shortly Hank!

Van-life SONG-5 is written inspired by Dave and the dog he is training: Thela…Called, Multi-Trigger Blues! I know someone here who’ll likely get this one:)

I’d be grateful for some support out there in the finance dept.!

Oral hygeine in the van:

oral hygeine.jpg

Hell is empty and all the devils are on earth.” The Tempest…(who knew ole’ bill was a knowstik)…


Which I’m reading on these chilly rainy days living in the van.

I’ve defined COVID earlier as a strain of economic policies by the elite for the elite.

An aside here as the CHAI tastes mighty fine on this wet autumn afternoon—a muse for writing perhaps.

Elsewhere I’ve suggested that big finance, corporations, and governments have formed an Unholy Trinity in modernity which; in fact, got rolling by dispossessing the common people (and aboriginals) from a direct relationship with the land and that this was done mostly via violent coercion and exploitation. In upcoming blogs, I’m going to deal with the possibility of new-homesteading laws as a solution to mass homelessness brought on by hyperinflation within usurious speculative real estate markets. I’ve suggested another consequence of this dispossession was cutting off the masses from creating and growing their food supply, but that’s another blog along those lines.

At any rate, it’s pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that COVID is now social engineering and more disaster capitalism aligned with Economic Darwinism or what I call ‘economic fascism’—or, predatory economics—it doesn’t matter how you label it as they all describe the same trend or reality. Small business has more or less been wiped out while the big finance projects never missed a day of work: business as usual for them. I saw this clearly in all the local construction projects that didn’t skip a beat in March. By the way, you even see this on the streets in big cities as in a few of them the homeless have migrated to smaller towns because of gentrification combined with globalist parties like the Olympics, and their old hangouts are now populated by ‘corporate panhandling charities’.

So who is working today, then? Well, that little clique at the top of the pyramid! Want your house painted? Just call one of the corporate companies as the small proprietors are now closed (more or less and likely for a decade) even though those small proprietors before COVID charged far less an hourly rate than the ’big corpse’. And, of course, the partners in economic predation don’t mind paying the corporate rate to their partners at the top of the pyramid—so the homeowners gladly carry on as usual. I’ve commented in the past that these same homeowners always complained about the cost of small business labor while conveniently omitting the hyperinflation in real estate in their grievances yet under COVID economics these same homeowners are coughing up the dough for corporate trades and their rates. And that is the crux of COVID when it comes to economics—the top of the economic pyramid are inkahoots!

Of course, Marx called this class struggle but from my perch, it’s the ongoing civilizational con of the ‘nephilim archon spook offspring machine’. Got complex abstraction and endless bullshit as a method of dismissing and eradicating simple human decency within economic exchange? YOU BET WE DO! That they’ve been able to dupe Christendom into accepting usury (and every other type of economic crime) while turning it into a ‘carnival barker grift show’ is no small achievement so one can’t accuse me of not giving credit to a sheer brilliant cunning!

 The devil will have its day and rules the whole earth and the devil is yahweh!

More on the van build:

As I moved the desk area to behind the driver’s seat (in preparation for solar with the battery box below the desk) am now turning the rear passenger side into a tiny kitchen area. I did a quick search of the local thrift shops and found this wood unit garage floor dolly cheap and I added the shelves with the leftover plywood from the bed rebuild. I’ve left the room at the bottom front for a small toaster oven…It works great and I’ll add 3-more bungee chords tomorrow as a major part of living in a van is making sure nothing moves when one is driving (especially off-road which is how I live now) and I’ve been amazingly successful in that regard. Another aspect of this is attempting to make the transition from stationary to driving as fast as possible and I’ve nearly cut down that time to a minute.

I’d say I’m creating a retro 1890s look! I kinda dig it!

new kitchen.jpg


 I am now living in my van (not camping out) so it was time for a rebuild. I was so stressed in August because of my move-out that I just did what I could to the van. But now I’ve done a somewhat proper install and after being in the van for 7-weeks I know what I need…I’ll do a video on it tomorrow but for now, I’ll just post the pics.

Hello there slaves on the DEMIURGE OWNED EARTH…This is my first electric Loopytune recorded in the van. I’m suggesting that C-19 is an economic scam and this aspect of this situation is completely distinct from any views in the Coronavirus itself.

Genesis 3 (C):19 By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.

You are blind if you don’t know or can’t see the truth of what this event means to those implementing it.

Covid Kanadians:

Hey, there…this is the ongoing series of Involuntary Van-life (Lowest Of The Low).

Happy families:

more shrooms.jpg



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