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This is the first post in my annual Winter Solstice Golden Rule series which asks the question: What Should Healthy Spiritual Economics Look Like? I’ll graft in the idea of Neo-homesteading laws this year which, in part, would mean the crown once again frees up land for the people.

The great conjunction happens on December 21st and HERE is a link that goes into the details of this. And just a note that this post IS NOT an astrology hermeneutic–it’s my own idiosyncratic musing and opinion.

In mythology the El in Israel although having roots in Canaanite mythology is also drawn from the planet Saturn–the seventh planet from the perspective of the Bronze Age civilization (including the sun and moon) –it also became entwined with Israel and its Sabbath and the seventh day.

In Rome, the primary God was Jupiter also known as the God of Thunder– much like Thor and our Thursday comes from this–the tribal deity Yahweh was also known as a volcano and thunder god.

So, what does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Well, this great conjunction in 2020 between Jupiter and Saturn is symbolic of the union between Rome and Judaism which began when Constantine organized incredibly diverse Christian sects into the state religion of Rome. This gambit had at its core, the tenet that Yahweh was and is the father of Christ or what I call the Gnostic Aeon Kristos. Nothing could be more untrue and today the planets are telling us that Rome and Judaism are a pair and deeply intertwined. When I cover this issue in other posts I always make it clear that this was a messy business.

This shouldn’t really be as shocking as the usual suspects would have us believe. Even normative views on the End Times declare a merging between the Whore Of Babylon (world finance mixed with religion) and the coming of the Jewish Messiah known as the Anti-Christ in Christian mythology. So, indeed, we have this merging of Jupiter and Saturn even within mainstream Christian theology. All I’m saying is that this merger began with Constantine and is nothing new. Research what happened to Christians in those years and you’ll find that they became serfs; although this is more a matter of the dubious financial machine of the time which was disintegrating, the parallels are still here today as what I call the Unholy Trinity (government, banks, corporations) are once again creating neo-feudalism and modern serfdom.

Interestingly, Jupiter had two ‘consorts’: Juno and Moneta.

The historical Christ narrative also has Jesus profiled with two Marys. Coincidence? Perhaps. But more interestingly, and more to the point of this blog, is what these two goddesses represent: coinage or money and it’s where our understanding of the financial machine comes from. Moneta is the root of our word money and the American dollar has the all-seeing eye of the Demiurge. Another note here: I’ve said time and time again that the Demiurge construct could be non-dual and that good and evil within it are not necessarily the result of a personal God–it’s not my view, but I always concede it could be–that the Demiurge is impersonal and beyond good and evil.

So the idea of the feminine money whore likely has its roots in Rome–fair warning:-P

Just a note that this 12-part series is aimed at Christendom asking it (and them) the question of How Shall We Live? Especially in the field of economics. Of course, other spiritualists are welcome to chime in.

It’s good to see some posts on Buddhist economics this year and I’ll touch on them when we get to Buddhism in this series.

I guess I’ll have to touch on DIVOC-91 in this series, too…

My definition of structural cognitive dissonance: we’ve shut down the economy! Are you looking for work?

What a bunch of fcukin’ morons! Although I do get in this case it has to do with EL(opps E.I).. templates…but still, it’s crazy!

The previous year is HERE.

“ We are all Palestinian’s Now” Russell Means

I think those numbers speak for themselves but I’ll just mention 8 symbolizes infinity and on the first pass, it’s hard not to miss the 9/19/91 thing. 

Let me say that I’m just having some fun here and personally don’t study numerology or gematria…

I also know materialists say everything is simply coinky-dinky and that nothing means anything (pretty much) and that any inquiry along these lines is just a big pile of stinky woo-woo. 

I’ll let you do your research on The Golden Ratio and The Fibonacci Sequence which may or may not be relevant to this post and I should add these are my own musings–so muse on them as you will within that context. 

The number 12 is significant to the archons and low and behold 12-years before 2020 we had the 2008 crash. 7 is important to them also and 7-years before the 2008 crash takes us to 2001 and the year of a major civilizational psy-op and low and behold we get that number 19. The Twin Towers were build 33-years before 2001 (1968)…

I was musing in 2018 about the 70th anniversary of the birth of the modern state of Israel and spoke publicly at the time about what they might give the world for its birthday and when nothing major happened I was surprised. But this week I noticed I may have miscalculated as the 12 might have been the better marker and 7 times 12 equals 72 which brings us to COVID in 2020 which is a major civilizational event–from 1948 to 2020 is 72 years which gives us that number 9 again. 72-years is also one degree of precession of the equinox.

Now interestingly, and this is a fact, COVID backward is DIVOC, and I now call it DIVOC- 91…But more interestingly is that DIVOC in Hebrew is DYBBUK which in their mythology is a demon that attaches itself to humans in similar ways that COVID attaches itself to cells in the body. Also, note the family of viruses called Carona which links to the idea of the sun–which I call the Sun-King in Gnosticism which is analogous to the Demiurge–so I call it the Demiurge virus. A side note here is the *Akenaten/Moses theory as ole Aken was the first to bring the idea of (sun-worship) monotheism to the world–coincidences all around:_P

Now if we take 91-years off 2020 we get 1929 which was the ‘great’ crash of Wall St. I’ve asked why and who is doing the naming here as it’s never great for the victims when these civilizational psy-ops are enacted by the archons. 

The two-letter blend EL is the last syllable in IS RA EL which is a Caananite God and I’ve pointed out that Yahweh sure liked naming things after his arch-enemies– but EL is also used to reference Saturn which is likely where we get the Sabbath from–Saturday–Sat oshi, too:_P. Saturns transit is 29-years and 29-years back from 2001 takes us to the petroleum crash of 1972 and I still remember the line-ups for gas even though I was only 12. No small amount of financial damage was done to the common people during that hissy fit! 29-years ahead of 2001 takes us to Agenda 2030. Now I must say right off that the current Great Reset as posited by the usual-suspects in the alt-media is bullshit misdirection in my opinion, but I won’t get into that here other than to say that what these actors are espousing isn’t going to happen. 

Okay, so I’m showing you my complete amateurism in the field of Gematria and that is something I can live with. Perhaps a tad of seasonal ennui is hitting me and this gives my chemically imbalanced brain something to do! 

In my upcoming 12-part (haha) Winter Solstice Golden Rule series I’m going to attempt to fuse in the idea of Neo-homesteading as part of a sane solution to our present toxic and predatory economic model. A part of that is educating folks out there about the diffrence/s between voluntaryism and coercion.

NOTE*: I should note that there are those who say Akenaten was actually creating a religion around Mars and not the sun. I’d think this interpretation is the E.T. one because it says there are pyramids on Mars and that the Jews (Pharaohs) are in reality the descendants of that alien race…Could be but it’s not my view.

This is another attempt at chord melody played rubato…

In a way, this is a childhood dream come true as I didn’t think it possible to ever play what I heard as a young man when I first discovered this genre of guitar playing. This is definitely the one good thing that came out of my neck injury three years ago and I’m thrilled it’s one thing I was still able to do.

I never thought I’d play golf again but this winter has me swinging the weighted practice club and feeling pretty good about it so this stint out in the woods is doing me a ton of good!