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“Peter wouldn’t pay Paul rent”.

My definition: a conglomeration of financial actors raping the reward pool of the earth while claiming altruistic philanthropy with the added insult of gaslighting the raped. 

George Gammon has done a fantastic overview of our current economic malaise and gets it right about who’s doing it and why. It’s the clearest explanation you’ll likely find on The Great Reset which is global fascism.

But I do have some thoughts on this. He’s assessing from a secular/materialist vantage point (or so it seems; which is fine) while likely in the lower right quadrant of the political compass–so he’s a freedom-loving libertarian capitalist. 

I’ll only deconstruct this from my Christian Gnostic perspective but do agree with him on most of his points from a secular and materialist view. Although I am a secularist I’m not a materialist. 

The problem from most Christian perspectives is that capitalism isn’t Christian and nor can it be. There was no capitalism in the Garden of Eden and no capitalism is alluded to in the 1000-year reign and when you combine that with predictions of an economic/religious end-time financial system (what I call the god KA$H) it should become abundantly clear that his greed centered capitalism can’t work for Christian people–although I get it from a secular perspective. 

There is the issue of usury and on this point, George might agree with me. Q.E. and control of currency via debt mechanisms is a type of usury and he points out that the SDR takes away shared risk so it becomes another type of usury also. So none of this is commensurable with any kind of Christian ethics which should use The Golden Rule as a model and template-see this 12-part series. I’ve pointed out that Canada’s virus policies have replaced work with usury and to get the free money one has to agree with the likelihood of endless audits by RC–really, economic insanity. 

There is also the spiritual issue of voluntarism and business should guarantee employees are not under duress and undue exploitation and coercion when it comes to their positions. It’s easy to rationalize this away but it’s important and links to Marxs’ correct view of surplus-value. Although I’m in no way a Marxist he was right about this issue and the irony should be obvious about why a Jewish atheist understood this but spiritualists are in denial about it. It’s a type of theft! But it can be navigated if healthy systems are set in place which gives workers ample opportunity to not be unduly manipulated by the system. Obviously, that isn’t the case under the current system. 

There is also the issue of a line being crossed when Christians become fascists. If they buy into this current system then they become partners with fascism and that can never be right. George understands that The Great Reset is being implemented via fascist ideologues but this should be doubly concerning for authentic Christian people who should rebel in horror at the idea of capitalism being fused with the corporate nation-state. This is why any Christian with any spiritual sense whatsoever could never support Trump or the Christian Dominionism of so many of his followers which is especially disturbing as Trump follows Jewish Kabbalism.

At any rate, I’ve been calling the present system commie-fascism, economic fascism, or, lipstick fascism for years. Fascism is always the last way-station of Liberal economic theory–so no spiritualist with any knowledge at all should be surprised by these events. Having said that, and for Christian cultures only, humanity’s basic needs should not be open to economic predation of any kind. So no rent-seeking and more focus on food-self-sustainability with private property rights for all within the community. See my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons. Why Christians let their enemies define them is an interesting question to ponder. 

Any economy that doesn’t allow for the survival of the nuclear family supported by one income earner can in no way be considered Christian. The fact is the moneylenders conquered Christianity and created their version of it that suited their agenda. They’ve blackwashed Christian men through their men are pigs propaganda and turned their churches into ‘carnival barker grift shows’…

The metaphysics of Christianity and what’s right or wrong about it isn’t a part of this blog. This post is about culture and how we should live. 

Linked HERE an associated blog on MONEY.

Stakeholder capitalism even out in the woods! See the charity propaganda.

The centralized credit is called the SDR (special drawing rights)… Linked here.

My video is HERE.

Money My issue with having money as only a store of value is that it creates a hoarding economy while creating mass scarcity for the masses. I have no problem with an aspect or partial use of money as a store of value but it can’t be the primary component. To scale today’s population and to give everyone a chance at equality of opportunity we need the basic needs economy currency to be a non-debt means of exchange issued by a truly public institution. But in and of itself this WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH! See below.

At any rate, what should be particularly concerning is how easy it will be to use this centralized power to social engineer thought and behavior. The Chinese Social Credit was the first installment of this type of mind-control. I’ve also said elsewhere that usury threw the biggest party in the known universe, especially in the last 72-years. And when the sheep took grievances with the damage being done to them and their cultures the simple solution was to pull the rug out from under the party, and that’s what the virus policies have done–basically proving that the sports and entertainment complex was nothing they cared about per se, but only a tool and means to a negative end and outcome. HERE is a critique of this moral worldview.

In my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons, I tackle all these issues and cough up a multi-faceted solution that entails more than just printing up money (as a solution). Yes, a healthy Social Credit is a part of the solution at around $24,000 wherein all predatory mechanisms of finance are removed at the basic needs level while attempting a new and better education model which has a focus on self-reliability within small agora communities…It’s not true that the only option for a Social Credit or UBI is via fiat debt currencies. Although that is what the creators of ‘structural false dichotomies’ would have you believe.

I call it a Neo-Techno Shire.

Just a note on the Stakeholder capitalism post associated with this blog: it’s obvious that Christians should own their means of production and not give that up to the nation-state, but that doesn’t equate to what capitalism has become. Small “C” capitalism within smaller localized communities is the only option here for Christians if they don’t want to fall prey to economic delusion.

The song at the end is my gnostic-themed Karma and Kum.

Okay, just to get things right on this issue which should be important to any truth seeker.

13 times 28 equals 364 days plus add an additional day so it matches the solar year. That is the claim but it’s not true.

HERE is a link that gets the physics right and I’ll just add that I’m not a Druid.

The truth: it’s true that the Julian calendars January (Janus) new year was an error in that it did disconnect the people from the natural flow and cycles of seasons in the northern hemisphere. The ‘natural’ new year is the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries in March. Count from March to October and you get 8 (Oct). You can see how the switch to January created bad symbolism as it turned October into the 10th month. I’ve argued elsewhere that this switch was just one of many manipulations by our archons to disconnect us from the natural life cycles in which we live.

The ultimate endgame in that regard is the Technocracy and human consciousness trapped in A.I.

The lunar 28-day cycle is fine as an analogy for the female as they are related to menstruation but it can’t be posited as anything past that–at least not in physics.

March 14th, 2021 update. Linked is another video by Mark Cordova on this calendar. I file this under ‘someone is lying about physics’. I’ve chosen not to pursue these lines of inquiry but rather focus on the question of How Shall We Live?

I like Mark and I’m willing to look at his claims as if they were true. The first issue I see is that his calendar does not correlate to the seasons on Earth. The present calendar although flawed, in my opinion, at one point had the New Year correct from the perspective of the northern hemisphere wherein Aries begins the New Year in spring, and October the 8th month makes sense rather than it being the 10th month which makes no sense.

But Mark’s calendar has the New Year on December *21st which makes no sense from our perspective here on Earth so his calendar must be cosmic without correlation to seasons on this earth. That’s okay I guess but I remain unconvinced. But I remain open just not to the point where my brains fall out.

More on this here: 13 Friday the 13ths!

2021 Update: *more research finds that at one point the Egyptians did treat the Winter Solstice as the New Year. See the section on the Festival Of Ptah within the paper by D.M Murdock, called Christ In Egypt.

Feb. 2022: I’ll be blogging soon on Wes Penre and linked here are some of his views on this issue.

March 2022: the most accurate calendar in antiquity was the Sirius Dog Star calendar of the Egyptians. It followed the heliacal rising of the star Sirius. So a 12-month calendar with 30-days with 5 additional days added every year and an additional day added every four years. This calendar rivals all our scientific understanding of calendars. Chalk one up for THOTH–the name of the first month of the Egyptian calendar…An interesting coincidence given that (T) A MERI KA means Egypt’s spirit and has the Eye Of Re on its dollar. September 11th is the Egyptian New Year when converted to the Gregorian calendar. KA BOOOOM!

See my The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic Thought.

Oct. 2022:

More on these issues @ 2:17:33 of Scott Ostatt’s, Secrets In Plain Sight… And HERE is a link to the Eastman (think Linda McCartney) Kodak company which attempted to use the 13-month calendar.

Two takes on this chord melody.

Linked HERE a paper from the U of H analyzing these two sects of spirituality.

I’m writing this for a few different reasons. One is the notion that reason emerged with the enlightenment in the West via an evolution of consciousness–it’s a progressive stage theory within spiritual studies. I just don’t find it compelling. The Samkhya schools are proof that reason and logic were fully developed in antiquity and these were some of the finest thinkers to ever grace the earth. The best I can give the Western Enlightenment is it correctly wanted to move culture away from theocracy to secularism–but, even that failed as there were rotten spiritual apples who controlled the flow of culture and who practiced duplicity on the societal level. 

The Enlightenment was many things but one of the primary drivers was what motivated the moneylenders who wanted to destroy Christendom and its injunctions against usury. Needless to say, they were ruthlessly successful and we are all now pimps and whores for their economic machinations. Don’t dismiss, also, that central banking and the way it creates currency is the largest theft in the known universe–no small petty crime like Wall St.

The second reason is the moneylenders and their alphabet agents within the spiritual domain have waged a steady war and blackwashed the idea of duality–they make reality out to be a swear word! Samkhya is thoroughly dualistic on two fronts: the distinction between cosmic mind and matter and the distinction and separation between the human spirit and transcendent spirit–they are of the same essence but not of the same order. Linked HERE a paper on Dvaita Vedanta which also argues these same points. 

The fact is that the material universe is real and the best of modern science testifies to this! And anyone with an ounce of common sense understands that animals that shit, piss, and can reflect on existential questions are not God in any definitive sense in the way non-duality teaches. Now, as a Christian Gnostic, I don’t share the same views as Samkyha or Dvaita, but I can tell when something is right and I can tell when something is dreadfully off. As a Christian Gnostic, I don’t share the Veda’s view on Immanence as this place is a very real deceptive prison and our spirit is deceitfully trapped here by wicked archons. 

I guess as an aside I should touch on the Gunas: sattvic, rajas, and tamas, and pneuma, psychic, and hyle of the gnostics. I tend to think they are real, fair, and accurate, but I have a real problem with reincarnation as an excuse to order any society. It is sensible though to think that purity (sattva) is a condition needed for gnosis or jnana and is a doorway or path needed to access higher dimensions of spirit.


A quote from another fantastic paper linked HERE...By Paul Schweizer

Consciousness, on the other hand, is held to belong to a different ontological category altogether. Consciousness is placed in the realm of puruṣa, the absolute, unconditioned self, which in some respects is comparable to Kant’s noumenal self. Puruṣa is described as pure and undifferentiated awareness, and it is held to be immutable and inactive, to be formless and without parts or limiting characteristics. Puruṣa is the metaphysical principle underlying the individual person, and closely corresponds to the atman of the Vedānta school.3 Puruṣa is held to exist in complete independence of the material realm, and so the basic dualism in the Sāṃkhya-Yoga metaphysics is between puruṣa and prakṛti, between consciousness and matter.

So mind as we know it in the West is a type of substate within the material universe or what I call the demiurgic construct. This is distinct from GOD WRIT LARGE…Purusa or god consciousness– which is not the human mind. So, in a sense, someone like Daniel Dennett is correct: mind is an epiphenomenon of brains/material processes. But mind can be illuminated by something entirely different from it: SPIRIT. But this is an eternal mystery. However, science, within the hard problem of consciousness, will make some traction in the field of panpsychism–this is a guess on my part. So there is a flawed Telos in the demiurgic construct. The how is still unknown. I still like the idea of Involution and the Implicate Order although I’m not a betting man.

I guess what I’m getting at here is that the early gnostics intuited the demiurgic material universe and said the god that instantiated it was blind (unconscious for this paper)…I think Samkhya gets fairly close to that, too. Although I’d understand if it’s not a perfect fit. Christian Gnosticism is for the most part anticosmicism and I’d argue it’s not true Gnosis if it isn’t; I also believe the original Rishi’s understood this, but the Babylonian bankers have had their way with India for a very long time.

Oh, yes…this also goes to my theory that Kastrup is wrong to call ’the thing in itself’ mind. From this view, mind is thoroughly instantiated as a part of the physical/phenomenal universe. But I concede I make a lousy Advaitan.

The paper addresses IDEALISM (all is mind) at the end. I address my thoughts on it HERE in a review of Sam Harris and Rupert Spira. Nothing has changed since I wrote it. For me, the nonduality presented by Spira takes me to a cul-de-sac and I explain why in the blog. Briefly, there is no obvious lived difference between the atheistic Harris and the ‘Spira as God’ non-dual view. It could just be me but I want a little more from Purusa if it truly does exist. Have you ever come across a non-dual philosopher who substantially critiques capitalism and predatory usury? I haven’t…

I’ve also said it renders Christ as nothing but a Socratic philosopher, could be…but, again…I’d hope for more from the god/s. On the last point: Christian apologists now commit a category error and conflate the ‘god of the philosophers’ with the god/s of revealed religion! They do this, of course, because they are unable to demonstrate openly and publicly any supernatural manifestations–miracles, etc…yet insist this good supernatural god/s exists by arguing from a dishonest avenue. And, of course, they thoroughly embrace usury today and in the usual flip these Christians say that usury is ‘saving the world’…tikkun, oh vey…

I guess what concerns me the most are the techno-fcuks/hacks that want to usher in a singularity and concretize the demiurgic mind within a human/A.I. interface. From the spirit side of the fence, I can’t see how this will be allowed. At least it’s my hope that it will not be tolerated by the Pleroma.

“a devil worth its salt would have endless avenues of deception”...

I’ll be referencing a segment with Sam Harris and Rupert Spira linked HERE…

First, from almost every Christian perspective they are both wrong and are creating another false choice within epistemology via ‘structural false dichotomies’–so intentional misdirection? Perhaps, but there is no way to know their motivations and whether they are lying–one or the other, or both. From the Christian perspective, the adversary comes in the form of false light. 

For the record, I’ve experienced non-dual states of being, but I would never espouse rhetoric from those experiences in which I declare any definitive knowledge about any greater reality or metaphysics. To do so, in my opinion, is to elevate human phenomenology far past any reasonably knowable epistemology in the larger cosmic sense. To do so is a type of conflation. These experiences within human consciousness could be local to this earth, our solar system, our galaxy, or the universe within a multiverse–there is no way to know what this consciousness is in totality. Moreover, this segment doesn’t cover the ground of multi-dimensionality and whether sentient beings of another nature exist within them. They do, in my opinion. So there is a ‘state’ dimensional divide within metaphysics. Humans have access to multiple states of experience including non-dual states (which isn’t a state) but some are also able to access a multi-dimensional divide. And don’t get me on any possible extraterrestrial involvement on this earth as it isn’t a far leap from Spira to Icke. 

From the Christian Gnostic perspective, the claims of non-duality are another Luciferian gambit wherein *humans can claim to be God. In our view, there is a chasm between this demiurgic construct and the ultimate Godhead or the Pleroma and that chasm is a metaphysical divide not bridged by human phenomenology in the way non-dual schools assert. There is also the separate issue of spiritual idealism and whether the material world is a mirage of the mind or a simulation. I reject the simulation theory as I see no way that an avatar like Super Mario could know it was an avatar let alone do anything about it if it could find out. I do agree with Spira though that all experiences arise within consciousness, we simply don’t have enough data to make definitive declarations about reality on the cosmic scale.

If Spira were correct, though, I don’t see much room in getting around the fact that modern materialist academies are pontificating a false religion to the masses. If everything is mind then surely physics is in a terribly delusional state. See Theoria Apophasis in this regard. And this comment by a Youtuber sarita joshi

Most people here are failing to understand Sam’s position. Consider this: Suppose there were an objective reality and consciousness was somehow an emergent phenomenon of that objective reality, *how would your subjective experience be any different than it is now? Subjectively, everything would still appear in consciousness and no matter what we studied (objects appearing in consciousness) consciousness would still be the filter through which we’d know anything. Even in that universe, nothing about the experience of “oneness” would reveal to you anything about the objective reality. That is what Sam is trying to get at. That subjective experience of oneness alone is insufficient to make a definite claim about THE OBJECTIVE REALiTY. Now it is entirely possible that we can combine subjective & objective means (physics) to come to know about the objective reality but it is also possible we may never get to know anything about the objective reality. It may be beyond our capacity. I’m agnostic on this issue. Before you start hating me, I should say none of this takes anything away from spiritual experience. It is the most important thing one can wake up to. I have had psychedelics in the past and I practice meditation as well and I consider that we are all spiritual beings. Having said that, I’m open to the idea that consciousness might be the basis of objective reality and I do appreciate the fact that some scientists and philosophers like david hoffman and david chalmers for example take the notion of consciousness being a fundamental force seriously. We need people investigating this claim without blindly accepting the idea. In the end, I would say, dogmatism on both sides, be it hardcore materialists, who are convinced that brain produces consciousness and on the other end, some people in psychedelics/spiritual circle who think that experience of oneness alone is a sufficient basis for coming to the conclusion that consciousness is fundamental to the objective reality are both in the end, mirror images of each other. If the experience of oneness tells me something, it’s that consciousness is a deep mystery. 

I self-describe as an Agnostic Christian Gnostic so I agree with the assessment above that ultimate reality is beyond the comprehension of humans and that we only have a tiny sliver of knowledge even at our best. But the Christian Gnostic part is about the history, tradition, and teachings of this spiritual view which posits duality as real. If there is a metaphysical chasm between the Pleroma and the demiurgic construct then they aren’t one in the sense of non-duality–which is one spiritual view among millions of spiritual views over the past 10,000 years. The second issue is the mind/matter dichotomy and because I’m not an idealist I also think there is a division there, too…So, bartender, I’ll have a Double Dualist!

In the end, most of my blogging goes to the question of How Should We Live as dogmatic assertions within metaphysics doesn’t get us anywhere but are endless debates going on for millennia. However, the misuse of dogmatic metaphysics within society is a huge problem and disastrous to those at the wrong end of these pontifications as exampled in the caste system and the neo-caste system of our current Kabbalist/Freemasonic rule. The massive amount of homelessness today juxtaposed to predatory and usurious economics isn’t a random coincidence and is arising alongside the nondual teachings once again. That alone is a HUGE red flag! Not to mention that modern economics is built on pyramid and ponzi schemes and inflation is once again starting to run amok. The predatory nature of the government’s policies towards a flu virus is wiping out small businesses at an unprecedented scale and people like myself are now experiencing the doubling of rents within a decade. My ‘dumpy little 1BDR. apt.’ that rented for 750.00 a decade ago can only be replaced with a least 1400.00 worth of rent now. Rent-seeking economics is now a disaster for the average person.

NOTE:* Rupert’s claim of ‘I Am God’ doesn’t have any real-life utility and let me unpack what I mean by that. Compare these two interocular’s lives and you’ll likely find no discernible differences that could demonstrate and justify the claim of being god. So, to say so, within that context, is somewhat meaningless. It would be one thing if Spira could demonstrate some sort of ‘supernatural’ ability but he can’t. So the claim is simply nothing other than a rhetorical device within the inquiry of metaphysics.

As a poetic metaphor, I’m totally okay with it…But that’s as far as it should be taken unless the claim is backed by something more than words.

NOTE:* I’d disagree on this point IF idealism were true. I don’t see how materialist science is accurate if the non-dual schools are correct. I touched on this earlier.

Imagine if you will…lying in the water stomach side up flapping your flippers and just munching out on whatever the currents bring your way–not minding the frigid temperatures at all. All that and not giving a fcuk about what crazy humans are doing! 

See what I mean: seal.jpgseal 2.jpg

The video below pretty well documents the Two Gods Of El: hence BI bel. It also illustrates what I say about Yahweh bringing in its political Messiah as Joshua/Yeshua. So this guy is right about that. But he’s wrong on so many other levels that he has to be another alphabet agent of chaos who’ve dissected Christianity into a least 33,000 divisions since the Kabbalist rise to world supremacy over the past two centuries. 

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