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Linked here the video on Kabbalah.

And HERE a paper on the origins of the KA BA which is clearly…wait, wait, wait for it! Egyptian! After 40 years of this stuff, it gets so that nothing is surprising and all the usual incongruence and inconsistencies become glaring, and apparently blinding once again.

We know for a FACT that Egypt predates Hebrew and Israel by millennia. Moreover, there is overwhelming evidence that Egypt was a GRAND kingdom and dynasty. Israel? An outback outpost at best as far as the archaeology goes and there simply is no comparison. There is little to no evidence for the Grand Solomon Kingdom or a majestic King David but most of these figures do have Egyptian correlates, and that, in my opinion, is a tad more than coincidence.

IS RA EL: the river of denile runs deep here. Adding a Y is the rationalization and handwaving away by the RA bbi’s that there is any connection to Egypt. I won’t touch on astrotheology here as I’ve done that elsewhere and this isn’t about whether the soul exists or not. This blog is simply about where these ideas come from and that issue reverberates and has significance today.

HERE is the definition of A Red Herring in literature. And HERE is a video on Egypt’s current move to create a new capital city which is a template for the new elite technocratic bureaucracy. True, China is in the lead here, but I’ve covered that ground by suggesting that China was one of the long-term hiding places for the archons. It’s no accident that their symbol is the dragon and that their culture is the longest-running unbroken nation in HIStory. And yes, it is Egyptian symbolism that is used in all the money and power centers on earth. So, one has to wonder if a civilizational Red Herring was created as a long-term distraction.

Impossible you say! Well, not so fast. The KA BA mythology is factually rooted in Egyptian culture and the name IS RA EL is Egyptian (as well as Canaanite). And Rabbi does have its root in RA–the Egyptian sun god. The only evidence of a long-term kingdom in the Middle East in antiquity is the Egyptian one. Add to this that the Freemasons (Gentile Kabbalism) have long planned to usher in the world Messiah via the Cleopatra and Ceaser bloodline and viola! The pieces of the puzzle begin to fit.

The problem with this kind of Woo-Woo is that they want to create the largest neo-caste system ever and just like the Messiah trope they want to do it with no outward demonstration of the supernatural. One doesn’t need supernaturalism to create a neo-caste system when all one needs is to take control of the creation of currency and have a monopoly on it. We’ll get an elite class who’ve passed the god of money’s tests and all the rest of us will be left to destitution and declared financial morons unworthy of homes or food–in other words, a permanent slave class.

HERE is the REAL political compass.

And here is Thought Slime deconstructing money. But the Marxists are only here to tell us what kind of shenanigans their brethren are up to–so, Marxism is disingenuous. Again, read Miles Mathis on this particular point.

Okay, hopefully, I’ll make some good points and bring to light inherent problems within this arena of inquiry.

I don’t know or haven’t met these folks and I’m linking their channels as part of an assessment within the field of spiritual inquiry, and in this case, specifically, the Holy Spirit.

Mr. Horvat, first.

Another musician and I like the guy and I’m sorry to hear of his passing. But he’s saying that the Holy Spirit is basically Jewish and that the language of heaven is Hebrew. No matter that this language developed in the mid-east about 4000 years ago. Yikes! This is all confirmation bias and poor hermeneutics. It’s also circular reasoning as the only proof given is using the Bible as the only avenue of evidence. As if there is only one religion on earth today when it comes to that book. NOPE, in Christianity alone, there are over 33,000 interpretations.

Mr. Cordova.

Mark is a Sethian Gnostic and the Holy Spirit he espouses is 100% diametrically opposed to Mr. Horvats! How does this happen? How do people claim truth and yet be so metaphysically opposed in their assertions about spirit?

Mr. Truth Seeking Atheist.

Okay, can you say dodgy? lol Okay, just kidding:) It appears that the Holy Spirit doesn’t exist in his world so I’d say that Houston has a problem! So, in one version it’s definitively Hebrew; in another, definitively against the Hebrew God; and in another doesn’t exist at all!

It’s fairly obvious that the spirit is having a remarkably difficult time in making itself known to humanity in a clear and concise manner and without contradiction. There is also the issue of privileged access and revealed knowledge without any kind of demonstration to back up the claims. And at that point, I have to consider Mr. Dodgy as having the better explanatory power here: this God is fiction.

But not so fast! As I’m a Christian Gnostic! Ah, yes, but I self-describe as an Agnostic Gnostic. Although it sounds contradictory upon first hearing… it does tend to solve the riddle so to speak. I’m agnostic when it comes to God/s in much the same way Kant was when he described the Noumena. But at the same time, I find Christian Gnosticism gets closer to the truth of Christ than any other narrative.

It’s just that in my understanding of Christian Gnosticism God has left the building and humanity is the property of the Demiurge. So we are in a universal prison and the Good God doesn’t exist here. I’ve suggested that a GOOD GOD would not have annihilated its demented child but would rather fence it in much like the human parents of a psychopathic child wouldn’t murder the kid but would prevent it from doing damage to others. And in my view, this is humanity’s metaphysical situation.

So we are prisoners of a malevolent deity and I’ve suggested that the best way to deal with our situation is to opt out of all the archon manipulation of society when it comes to their false religions which have morphed into the ultimate religion today. MONEY! Economics today is all coercion, exploitative, manipulative, and predatory, built upon the creation of money from nothing (a monopoly on the creation of currency) which is usurious theft along with every manner of grift and ponzi scheme with endless rent-seeking to boot as a means of rubbing poison into the wound.

None of this is Christ-like and should be rejected. See my Winter Solstice Golden Rule series for a better way to live.

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