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“Put the author as god on any book and you can get away with pretty well everything”

I believe I read it in ’84.

His name was Eric Blair and we can quite easily suss out what that name means from our perspective today when we look at the corporate fascist Tony Blair–likely both from the same peerage lineages. Yup, he wrote his first book in 1933! Every single time!

That he chose Orw EL L is likely, not random; especially in light of the fact that the alphabet agencies ramped up their game during and after the war… I’ve discussed elsewhere this phenomenon of diads– used both frontwards and backward– obviously taken from the word Elohim. Alpha/Omega/as above/so below…yadda, yadda, yadda. ELLE, Elvis, Merkle, Lennon, Lenin, etc., and on and on and on. We see it in RA AR (and IS SI), also, as in the Youtuber AronRa, as one example among thousands. Most of the Youtube names are obviously made up of actor-agents espousing the glory of a certain nation-state along with endless narratives that are beneficial to certain objectives. HERE is a Youtube channel that shows what I mean. He could be organic and genuine but I’m only arguing that there are too many coincidences.

Think of it this way: within the mothers great trick (*Matrix) the departments of the alphabet agencies create all these names and actor-agents. It’s a type of trolling civilization by Agent Smiths (there are so many of me/them) where copywrite and trademark is invoked endlessly with anything to do with the Bib LE/Israel. My sense is that the Living Aeon Christ must laugh endlessly in amusement at Israel’s insistence that he represents everything to do with the God of Israel (Yahweh).

We even see another agent in modernity (Jordan Peterson) praising the blessings of one of his fellow agents (Orwell) of an earlier generation. Keep the grift going! The possibility that Peterson is an agent doesn’t, in itself, invalidate everything he says when it comes to psychology. Nevertheless, Edward Bernay’s is proof that corporate fascism uses the insights of psychology for pathological ends.

Do you know what nation became a nation in 1948/84? Bingo! And all Orwell was telling us is what they had planned and we see this happening 72-years later (1-degree of the precession of the zodiac) implemented by DIVOC-91 (what I call COVID economics). Damnit! I am not allowed to think these things! It’s totally wrong-think! But the truth always is when one lives within an inverted reality.

I think it was the native RussEL L Means who coined the phrase, ‘we are all Palestinians now!’

I’ve commented elsewhere that the demiurge uses technology because it isn’t Omni anything! It certainly didn’t know where **’Adam was in the garden’ and Yahweh was indeed the one who invoked curses upon humanity. So, from an alternative spiritual view of HIStory, it was the Elohim archons who were responsible for our recent technological prowess (think EL ectricity) and this technology is now in the late stages of creating a worldwide prison technocracy. Yeah, I know, it’s all just coinky-dinky!

The first song on my 4-Songs About God In E-flat Minor starts with the tune CATCH-22. I’ve been in that situation for half of my life and there were many things I DIDN’T do in reaction to this horrific circumstance. I didn’t react violently or become a grifter. See ***Miles Mathis’ cultural writings for an economic model that could be implemented when one finds themselves in this unenviable situation. There is a way out that is graceful!

Another Miles blog on Mr. 1984 here.

Sometimes I hear the more conscientious within the tribe argue that Yahweh wasn’t all bad and did good things, too. I think the maximally evil god theory is stupid misdirection. Of course, father’s who beat their wives are not ALL bad and sometimes do good! THE POINT? One of the best economic ideas in human history is embedded in that book: The debt forgiveness Jubilee! Will we get a healthy version of it when it’s needed most? Of course not! But healthy is the operative word there although even that’s redundant as we won’t get one. Read this post over and over until you understand why we won’t.

NOTE*: I get why the simulation hypothesis is taken seriously today in light of the advent of computers but when I use the term, generally speaking, all I mean is a ‘deceptive construct’…

NOTE**: If Yahweh is a deceptive agent then it’s logically consistent to question the narratives written in his name. From what I can gather there is little that is correct about the bible when it comes to science, history, or archeology. What’s evolutionary myth or deceptive propaganda is certainly a fair and intriguing question, IMO…

NOTE***: In my opinion, Miles is one of the only authors alive worth reading in these times. What Miles is wrong about in science doesn’t concern me; and where the fakery by the Elites starts or ends doesn’t either, anyone with an ounce of gnosis can see that enough of it is fakery! He’s the only Jewish person I’ve come across that truly understands the meaning of Tikkun; right now it means to ‘rob the goy’; and he understands what no Christians today understand: what a Christian economics should look like! That the elites are trolling civilization and are Gaslighting humanity is nothing other than shameful and the chaos and confusion you feel inside your mind is by THEIR doing (and misdeeds) as there is nothing wrong with you. You’ve been scammed by robber-barons and your life hijacked by crookery…This has absolutely NOTHING to do with rights and responsibilities. When someone has a gun pointed at your head there is only one correct analysis: they are thugs!

A Saturday morning muse on the Vedic/Buddhist (MA) (RA) deity from a Christian Gnostic perspective.

I’ve talked about this before in other blogs exploring the Vedas and possible links to Christian Gnosticism. Specifically in regards to who and what the Demiurge might be, but I’ve also said that Indra fits; as does Brahma– as distinguished from Brahman. We’ll put those possibilities aside in this post.

*MA would be the female aspect and RA would be the male. Personified as the toxic mother and father (did I meet them this winter?) Symbolized as the lion-headed serpent…When Sophia created Yaldabaoth she created a shadow of herself and her divine consort Christ. So, within Yaldabaoth, lived the darkness or shadow of Sophia and Christ. In Gnostic cosmology, Sophia is an Aeon and paired with the Son/Christ of the Holy Mother (Barbello). It was she (Sophia) who created Yaldabaoth who in turn fashioned humans.

It’s said that Yaldabaoth perceived the flaw within existence (how it came to be) and created its own salvation plan which eventually led to the creation of the Archon Yahweh who is the Lord God of Israel and not the ‘father’ of the Pleroma whom Christ spoke of as being his father.

In Judaic mythology it’s likely this Mara figure has been spoken of as Samael– The Lord Of Death— who was the serpent in the Garden (**Saturn?) and Lilith his ‘consort’. Moreover, within Judaism, the Archon Yahweh created a replicant of the Living Aeon Christ who sits at its right hand and is known as the Messiah–see the lion symbol of Yaldabaoth personified as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Please note that these archons seek earthly political power and rule and are in opposition to the teachings of the Living Aeon Christ who was not from this world and who did not seek earthly political power. I’ve also suggested elsewhere that the archons created a replicant of Sophia, too, and have messed with Yaldabaoth’s mother bigtime! We see they turned her into the Christian devil in Roman Catholicism–a Christianity that protected the character of Yahweh and incorrectly named him the father of Christ–see the Marcionites, too, in this regard.

I’ve also argued elsewhere for DOCETISM and suggested that the Aeon Christ was not genetically Hebrew and did not die on the cross; but rather, the Living Christ spirit sentenced Yaldabaoth to die on the cross at the hands of his chosen people in an act of universal cosmic irony still lost on most everyone today. Did I mention that the Living Christ said that the devil (Yaldabaoth and its Archons) would deceive the WHOLE world?

NOTE*: we see another iteration of this name in IS RA (EL)…

Who and what the Elohim archons are is altogether another investigation. But they are both male and female, IMO…

NOTE: ** See Miles Mathis’ paper on Saturn and humanity’s long-time obsession with this planet.

This series by Bart Ehrman is very much worth watching. A fine reference for where all this stuff comes from.

Postscript: from what modern psychology teaches us about good parenting we can logically deduce that Yahweh was/is a toxic father when he created the division between Isaac and Ishmael that has caused murder and mayhem for millennia. That both sons and daughters even today ‘apologize’ for Yahweh/Allah (Judaism/Islam) only argues that these kids are still suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Or, similarly, as children who still retain love and commitment to their father who beats his wife…

I guess this muse also begs the question of where the Good Christ, Sofia, Barbello, and Father are in all this mess. I’ve no answer to that other than the ‘quarantine/prison’ hypothesis.

Okay, so, it’s an Ice Tent! Woo-hoo…An anticipation for next winter’s government-enforced homelessness! 

You do what you have to do when you live under shit government policy! Which is pretty well the whole world now:-

Please don’t support me or do anything that would help truth, beauty, or, goodness…As it no longer exists on this earth. Do you have that message firing in your neurons slave? 

I know you like denial much more than freedom!

The music is from my Loopytune series. Sue me assholes!!!

Wild Tulips:

wild tulips.jpg

On this website, I’ve been skeptical and critical of the claims of Judaism and religion in general–all of which, in my opinion, are perversions of truth and instigated by archon agents of chaos throughout history. Many of my thoughts on these issues can be found via THIS link.

I’ve argued for Docetism and that Christ was not Jewish but rather the Living Aeon Christ sent from the Pleroma to deal with Sophia’s son Yaldabaoth known as the demiurge.

Linked below are two videos by a Youtube channel and these are the first teachings from the Jewish side of the street wherein I’d concede that Christ did appear as a Jewish human.

Here are some basic tenets that I agree with if I’m understanding him correctly:

  • the political end-time kingdom of Israel is a machination of Samael who was the serpent in the Garden story and who did rape, Eve. At 11:35 in the first video this channel correctly understands that the God of Israel is a ‘ridiculously inferior god’. ME: this is a core gnostic understanding which I’ve held from day one as a Gnostic.
  • that the idea of the Trinity is correct and the second video asserts that there is even more than one trinity kosmologically speaking.
  • that the key teachings of Christ had to do with the great mother or what some call Barbelo who is the second ‘person’ of the trinity and mother of the Living Aeon Christ. He’s right in the sense that if you do not understand this in any of its iterations then you are basically a spiritual idiot.
  • that a key component of the mother is the MA trix which I’ve likened to Indra in Vedic cosmology.
  • that he is describing in the second video what Christian Gnostics call the Fall Of Sophia.

Okay, that was the good part. Any of my readers also know that I’m skeptical of what is known as privileged access in philosophy. I’ve also said many times that spiritual claims that are not backed by public demonstration should be scrutinized and not accepted wholesale. I think the No True Scotsman fallacy is useful in this field of inquiry when understood correctly. Linked HERE another paper by Miles Mathis and if the Jews want to implement Tikkun they should consult Miles immediately as he is one of the few that truly understands what it means.

In the end, I describe myself as an AGNOSTIC gnostic because I don’t know in any verifiable way who and what the god/s are; although I’ve long said that the truth of existence is found within the mine/mindfields of the gnostic tradition.

To summarize: last March the weather turned to summer in Vancouver when they called for the lockdown. In 40-years I’ve never seen it that nice so early in the spring and it was surreal as no one was really out and about. This year it’s colder and damper than normal and those who need good weather to earn a living are once again out of luck. So in both years, there was/is no way to earn money in the trade (if one depends on good weather to do so). 
Of course, I call climate change code for archon weather manipulation. That the crypto sphere is now merging their products with a concern for the earth is all the proof I need that they are the same bad actors trolling civilization.
The political class doesn’t suffer any economic consequences when it comes to their bad policies. I see Ford in Ontario is playing Saturnalia with his slaves who had the audacity to speak out against him last week. 
I see this week that the masonic cult had a bit of fun in Vancouver on 3/30. 3-halls were burnt and the usual ‘we know nothing’, and ‘dindu nuffin’ was the cry of their media-owned assclowns. 
At any rate, Mark Cordova says the great mother is flooding the earth with light water souls and this has the archons very scared! The waterfall is a good analogy! 
My brain chemicals are in disorder so apologies for the misspeaking… 
The song at the end is my Gnostic-themed Karma and Kum.klahan2.jpg

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