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A caveat: this view of the demiurge differs from the Platonic school (Plotinus) conception of its nature: ‘a servant of the source’. It’s fair enough to call this idea pantheism but Christian gnostics would better describe it as a particular type of panentheism. But be careful here as the mind above this existence is not the mind of the demiurge of pantheism. Christ taught that he was not of this world and I have deep reservations about whether this place is salvageable.

Before I get into it I’ll preface by pointing out that those who argue for something beyond naturalism and methodological naturalism are being disingenuous (or dishonest) about the possible nature of any mind that could exist at the base of our reality. It’s clear that any honest assessment only gets us to ‘it’s a deeply flawed and impersonal mind’ especially when assessed from the base reality of pain and suffering. Moreover, as I’ve pointed out many times, along with pain and suffering comes an inherently deceptive construct in which we find ourselves. This is the source of all our conflict as it’s built into the demiurgic mind. A good and benevolent mind would have made the nature of reality clear and concise and would leave no room for confusion or error. No YouTube debates are needed!

So the ‘demiurgic mind’ is the Telos of the material universe. It is what drives existence here. The mother of the material universe named the mind behind it blind and it birthed chaos. We won’t understand this much unless we can come to terms with the idea that we were birthed via cosmic error. But, yes, chaos fuels existence here via the drives of Eros and Thanatos; so, life and death are on the menu. We see the conflicting drives in *biological evolution juxtaposed to entropy–there’s no escaping the mechanics of how things work here. In that sense, we are all slaves to the machine.

In this post, I’ll call the demiurgic mind Allah, but these are just names given by the archons of the demiurge who’ve controlled humanity via religions that all contradict each other. Another fingerprint of the archons: divide and conquer. It’s likely not a good thing to get hung up on the names; that would be entirely missing the point. Although the name of religions gods are not the mind of the architect but rather iterations of control by lower-level archons.

Yaldabaoth’s mind was embedded into the real material universe via what we’ve come to know as *panpsychism. It pervades everything and has its own intelligence from the micro and nano to the macro where it has its own sentience. It’s the mind of the god of this world and make no mistake about it: your mind is plugged into this matrix (defined here as a deceptive construct)! This is why some early Christians described the devil as the mighty prince of the air— not a bad description for archaic people–but they were referencing mind.

In Buddhism, we get the same idea in the first noble truth–life is suffering (and pain). In meditation, we also get a glimpse into the mind and see that the 10,000 thoughts a day are largely insane. It could be we try to escape them in dreams…but wait a minute….they are largely crazy, too! Whoever said getting outta here would be easy? In fact, some don’t want you to leave!

There is the idea of the void and Christian Gnostics named it the Kenoma. It’s a chasm between the spirit world of the Pleroma and the material existence of the demiurge. It’s likely been described as the Bardo’s, too, or the psychic plane, but no matter the name it’s a real place populated with real entities who have real subtle bodies (consciousness is always embodied). It’s said that the lower part of Sophia resides there–Sophia Achamoth. It’s from here where it’s said that she works with the Living Aeon Christ in the ongoing struggle to return those lost back to the Pleroma. I disagree with the non-dual teachers who basically say she just wants people to become good capitalists!

But be careful as there are some real characters said to exist there: namely Mara!

Meanwhile back on earth…Never abandon a good grift! Yes, there was always a plan with religion and they will fuse with the worldwide religion of money. But there is more to it than that. Remember that the archons don’t want you to leave. And remember who controls the material realm. So the plan is to get you to consent to stay here via A.I. And voila…the first step in that endeavor was to implement the screen…

Someone asked the Amish why they were not suffering Covid. The answer given was they don’t watch TV…

The last step is an attempt to trap you in the material world permanently.

The mechanics of how to do this are far beyond the knowledge of a species that was using outhouses on masse 100 years ago. But if the archons are attempting it we should assume that they can do so.

NOTE*: this is in no way a perfect analogy of these ideas, but it likely serves the purpose of my point.

NOTE*: I don’t claim to know which theory of panpsychism is the accurate one but I would disagree that panpsychism is solely synonymous with materialism. I’m a dualist when it comes to my views on panpsychism. 2024 UPDATE: I’ve moved away from substance dualism and now think Dual Aspect Monism is the better explanation for the demiurgic mind. In part, I made this move based on the old Samkhya system and its views on Prakriti (the demiurgic cosmos) and Purusha which I now equate with the Pleroma. So no dualism within the mind-body problem but a dualism still exists when it comes to ‘the god problem’…

On the video: the non-dual demiurgic view under the guise of secularism (when in reality economics is running on Cabalistic metaphysics) will have you believe what those like Jordan Peterson teach: that the goal for you as spirit is to become a good capitalist! This is incredibly problematic from the view of Christian Gnostic dualism. But that pretty well sums up the lived experience today under non-dual teaching.

Samkhya and Christian Gnosticism.

@7:45 I didn’t mention murder. Christian Gnostics who teach duality have always been murdered consistently throughout history.


Linked below is a podcast by Peter Joseph on crypto and for the most part, he gets it all right. It’s no different than a gaming arcade. I mean it could be more…

But it obviously and demonstrably is not! I won’t get into the issue of fungibility as for the average person it’s not even on the same earth compared to the ease of using fiat. Nor is the ease of transaction: something as simple as withdrawing money from a crypto wallet has a Russian doll of hoops attached to it–no shit! People are baffled when it comes to even simple exchanges like a withdrawal.

And then there is utility. It’s been almost a decade and the crypto sphere can’t or won’t ‘inflate’ the coins that have an ‘easy utility’ attached to them via blogging. Sites like, Minds, Steemit, Hive. All still considered shitcoins when they actually have an immediate and easy use-value for the average person. After nearly 5-years of blogging in Canada, I still can’t make more than a cup of coffee a day from blogging. Yet the crypto sphere promotes endlessly Bitcoin itself via speculative gambling when the coin has no use-utility in and of itself. I can’t see this as anything other than mass hypocrisy and, or duplicity, on the part of the whales.

And, yes, the content of the blogging is irreverent to my point. You’ll say, ‘why should the system value that?’…but why shouldn’t it and why should it value speculation only with the only merit being personal gain with no use-value or cultural efficacy when it comes to utility? I won’t get into how the crypto-algorithms are creating privatized censorship, and or censure of blogging, and that is no small issue either. Not to mention that crypto now paves an avenue for mass economic cancellation of all dissident voices within any given society. So, what is there is being used in all the wrong ways!

“spark ‘em up if YA got ‘em”

One of the foundational premises within Judaism is that what God created was good. I’ll attempt to show here that Christ did not think this and did not espouse this view of our existence. This avenue of inquiry will attempt to show the fallacious nature of the idea that Christ was Yahweh, or Yahweh’s son, or had anything good to say about Judaism. I’ll link this post to my Jesus Was Not Jewish blogs–linked HERE and HERE and HERE.

Religious claims throughout history generally fall under two worldviews as delineated by*Ken Wilber: an ascending worldview wherein this world is pretty much damned and not worth the effort. And the descending worldview that views our existence as primarily good and worthwhile. Judaism clearly falls under the latter or descending view–it’s the foundational idea behind Tikkun! Christianity does not. In fact, normative views on scripture clearly teach that every aspect of creation was corrupted and cries out for redemption.

Christ clearly taught that evil controlled the whole world and that next to no one would come to know the truth about who and what the devil was (and is). I’ve argued endlessly on my site that the Christian view of Satan doesn’t make any sense and contradicts what the Torah teaches about this entity–so how can Christianity claim to be in alignment with Judaism? Of course, from the Christian Gnostic view, the Torah doesn’t get it right either, and that is consistent with how Christ would have viewed the devil. From our view, he would have known the devil was Yaldabaoth the demiurge –the architect of this fallen world. Do you now see why it’s irredeemable?

In the Revelation, by John, of Christ, it’s clear that this world will be destroyed and decimated and that there will have to be a new world created as the present world is irredeemable. This is clear argumentation that Christ was not teaching Judaism but was rather opposed to it. He was not having pajama parties with the Sanhedrin council but was rather in a cosmic war with the archons who created Judaism (and religion in general on this earth).

Moreover, within Orthodox views of Christianity, there is this incoherent idea that God has to torture you before he saves you–the ‘great tribulation’. What kind of **GOOD father does this? The Christian Gnostics have always said, ‘not a very nice one’. It is true that some Evangelical groups attempt to get around this contradiction by invoking the idea of the rapture but this idea is built upon other normative Christian beliefs that are in themselves incoherent and contradictory.

Last but not least are the claims by Christ that he was not of this world and taught that if you’re friends with this world you’re not friends with him. This is a clear and unequivocal indictment of the religion of Judaism.

NOTE*: Wilber’s assessment is premised on evolutionary stage theory when it comes to religion.

NOTE**: In my view, the good father of the Pleroma respects the right of the demiurge to exist. But it is quarantined and contained in this particular existence. The goal of the Christian Gnostic is to find a way out of this ‘penitentiary’…So, how to get back home to the Pleroma. HINT (speaking of Ken W.): one has to deal with those from the Kenoma!

In my view, it will be the fake Jesus that brings annihilation to the world–the final outcome of Yahweh’s curses in Eden–this is likely what Christ was referencing in the Revelation.

Postscript: I might buy that there was a Satan who could confound the Jews over millennia about its true nature and relationship with God (Gods arch-enemy), but I simply cannot buy that God (Christ), in his normative Christian iteration, was not able to impart (or elucidate) its tripartite nature to the Jews over millennia.







 Dual-Aspect Monism





Above is a schema of differing theories or reality. This blog suggests that the demiurge created the material world and that it’s deeply flawed. I guess I’m attempting to bridge these divides here.

I’ve been musing on how to articulate this in a way that makes some kind of sense and has a modicum of coherency. I might have found an avenue in that direction this morning.

IF the template of this existence is flawed and especially deceptive, and when combined with the fact that the base reality of the template is pain, and that most life and especially humans entire motivation is to lessen and escape the base reality of pain; then it stands to reason that the speculations on the idea of a not benevolent architect are not in themselves irrational propositions.

Of course, this comes with a whole host of associated problems within metaphysics: the primacy of consciousness; idealism/materialism; freewill; simulation, etc., and I shan’t deal with those not insignificant tangents here but rather just wanted to lay down the primary premise of the Christian Gnostic cosmology.

The next associated arena of dispute, if this was an accurate cosmology, is whether this template is a school or an asylum? I’m not against the idea that we are in a school, but my disposition leads to the asylum hypothesis, and that the headmasters are insane. Of course, I could be wrong and the old adage holds that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. I’d agree, though, that the template came about via genius–just an extraordinarily flawed one from what I can tell.

The rest of this is likely overlapping magisteria (science/spirituality) but I go where the muse takes me. A flawed consciousness operates somehow and this is what I’m pointing to as an alternative to simulation theory. Folks like Chalmers are addressing this investigation from the starting point of materialism (non-theism) and I’m coming at it from the spiritual side via the idea of a flawed designer.

@ 9:56 in this video the problem is posed, if the materialist is correct, then only zombies should exist as ‘dead’ atoms can’t create anything other than dead organisms–consciously speaking–aka, zombies!

Just a note that this video doesn’t delve into the nature of this consciousness: whether it might be a deceptive one.

And HERE is a paper on Emergent Panpsychism. I add this because I’m musing on the concept of a malevolent demiurge from a quasi-naturalist angle (‘a soft/weak dualism’); so something other than simulation, something more real working within the confines of a real natural universe–that’s the tangent I’m working here. I know, difficult to explicate.

A good article that explores the intersection between emergence and panpsychism:

Between 2005 and 2008 I read Will Durant’s A History Of Civilization.

A good summation of the idea is @ 4:04 of THIS video.

Anyone familiar with my writings knows that I don’t argue for equality of outcome; but rather, for *creating healthier conditions at the bottom of the social pyramid–equality of opportunity. My avenue for getting there is to end predatory economics on humanity’s Four Basic Needs of Housing, Food, Education, and Healthcare. We can see that this has nothing whatsoever to do with identity politics which is misdirection away from the real issues which are economic.

I don’t argue for the abolition of capitalism like the Marxists (a pipe dream) but rather to separate economics into two spheres: residential with its Four Pillars, and commercial capitalism for everything else. Of course, I know we won’t get anything like that and Durant covers the reasons why a little past 4:04 when he correctly describes the mindset of the ruling establishment which is the same today as it ever was. And don’t get me on economic models and schemes invented by demented minds.

I call virus economics DIVOC-91 (pronounced Dybbuk), and I’ve said, last March, at the beginning of this, that virus economics would fuse with the politics of Climate Change–and this is exactly what is happening via disaster capitalism and the doubling down of the crack fueled neoliberal/neocon NWO–or, a return to neo-feudalism via a new technocratic elite–the same as the old elite.

Unlike the Marxists, I don’t argue for violent revolution, because, as a Christian Gnostic, I appeal to the idea of ahimsa or non-violence as a base for any civil society–non-predatory modes of behavior– as humans are capable of more than brute animalism. A brief aside, I’ve argued elsewhere about how similar the Sethian gnostic school is to the Buddhist idea of the Bodhisattva, along with the general view that the gods are dead, or mythological, or both–a view I don’t necessarily share, but remain agnostic on, but the point is that our archon rulers feed off of violence so we feed them if we succumb to their tactics.

And if we don’t use violence, but rather use words to wage our battles, then the obvious counter by the NWO is to silence humanity–to end freedom of thought. Now, I do agree, that generally speaking, the human mind is quite insane, and any long time meditator can testify to this, but this is a separate issue, so the ‘macro mind matrix’ should not get precedence in the ordering of society, which should be based on actions and not thought in and of itself. So I will continue to argue for freedom of speech absolutism as the foundation for any civil society (or enlightened society) as humans are capable of navigating the issue of words and distinguishing words from action/s.

NOTE*: I’m going to get to a blog on this issue eventually, but for now, I’ll just point out the duplicity and obfuscations of western political elites today. They blather on about universalisms (UBI) when they’ve patterned the economy on a casino where they are guaranteed to win. What they could do, right now, even under the current model, is put the Basic Personal Exemption @ $24,000.00 for those earning under $100,000.00…Of course, that would show an ounce of decency and fairness and we can’t have that, can we? And why not? See my blog on What Is Neoliberalism.

“The Bible need not be true to come true”

This is an alternate opinion on what religion has become on this earth over the millennia.

The book of Genesis clearly illustrates that the God who questioned Adam and Eve was some kind of *hominoid as it was physically walking in the garden and searching for them as it did not know where they were.

Flash forward to Abraham. My contention is that Abraham was the Archon who cursed Adam and Eve in the garden. I’ve riffed recently on the backward and forward nature of these archons as illustrated by words like ELLE. So, Abraham was Brahma/Yahweh who was/is the demiurge that walked in the garden. No way you say!

Okay, but muse with me here for a spell (abracadabra) If I’m right about this then Brahma/Abraham/Yahweh, arguably, in one stroke, created every major religion on earth today. It’s a fact that Abraham is the father of western theism, but I’m suggesting that he was also the father of the Vedas, and therefore all eastern religion and philosophy. HERE is a video arguing the same idea. So, I’m not suggesting anything unthinkable.

There is the *theory that the Vedas had their Genesis via the Aryan invasion into India in antiquity. I’m suggesting, if this is accurate, that it was the/se archons led by Brahma/Abraham/Yahweh who created this lore and are responsible for the creation of religion on earth. And there is an agenda behind it…

In David Astle’s, The Babylonian Woe, he espouses a well-sourced theory that the money-masters hijacked the development of natural religion/spirituality during that time and turned it into their hiding place and used religion as a means of controlling their creation–humanity–who they consider their property and slaves. If this were true, then I’d suggest that Brahma/Yahweh/the Demiurge’s plan was incredibly brilliant and incredibly successful.

I’ve argued elsewhere that all these religions today have morphed into one religion and live under the umbrella of what I call the god KA$H–what I call the worldwide religion of money. Now who do you think that is and how was it accomplished? Hint: and this appears to be a fact within Judaism: the first thing Yahweh asks when a Jewish person dies is how they handled money? Please, I’m not making this up but only reporting on what Judaism teaches.

I’ve argued that the Demiurge controls the reincarnation template and manipulates humanity via simulation similarly to how computer modeling can cough up false versions of reality. It isn’t a perfect representation but it’s close enough to the point. We see today, just as it was in India for millennia, a return to reincarnation themes and the justification of karma for the ordering of society today via Kabbalism in the west.

We now see the beginnings of the worldwide merging of religion and money. The central banks will implement a new digital currency that will give them unlimited and unprecedented control over every economic transaction made by anyone on earth. They’ll do this via public ledgers and the mining of a Bitcoin-like currency. Astle points out that the first big-time creation of money was via public ledgers and metal mining–so it’s too big of a coincidence to dismiss.

I’ll end this one with a little fun with the word KARMA: We see the Egyptian KA (spirit) (AK) once again; with the backward AR/RA…The demiurge kicking our butts back here via the MA trix…The mother’s great trick. I’ve suggested that Yaldabaoth– symbolized as the lion and serpent– was meant to represent the toxic father and mother, or, the shadow of Christ and Sophia–AKA, the Demiurge. Anyone is welcome to search my site for writings I’ve done on Christian Gnosticism.

NOTE: although I am a theist; I am also agnostic as to what the gods actually are. I don’t know in that specific regard.

NOTE*: it certainly could be the other way around: the Brahmin’s created Judaism.

A tag here on Schopenhauer’s gnostic idea that we live in a penitentiary:

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