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Again, really difficult to find. Conservatives love money and money is synonymous with capitalism. 

The obvious critique should have come from Christendom but it was bought out by the global financiers long ago and now champions capital. So that leaves us with the atheist right or social conservatives making appeals to family and tradition. It’s a pitiful reply, generally speaking, to what is now globalized ‘commie-fascism’ (neoliberalism gone insane) with its concomitant thought policing and illiberalism. 

Linked are two articles. One from AREO and one from The Week

In the end, I think it’s pretty well over anyway, so it doesn’t really matter as the worldwide plutocracy will merge virus economics with climate change policies and create the end of freedom for the masses. Basically something like Elysium or The Hunger Games.

All I can say with the articles is we get the usual compartmentalization of an issue and not the multi-faceted approach that would be necessary : Distributist ideas, combined with a basic needs debt free currency (Social Credit/the once good kind before the globalists (JQ) did the usual flip) ), and economic Georgism. All these should be combined with a new education model that teaches basic needs self-sufficiency with food and small home building taught right from the get go…With that home built on private property allotted to all. 

But this earth is a demiurgic construct so it could never happen. Fasten your seat-belts as the lunatics are in charge…

It’s difficult to find. But first…

I haven’t been able to find a groove in much this spring. It’s been cool with low pressure system after low pressure system and it’s not been good for my weather sickness (what I call ‘low-pressure syndrome’). Finding a new niche to blog on hasn’t been easy either, but I think I may spend some time along this line of inquiry–as no one else seems to be doing so. 

Capitalism, on aggregate, is only critiqued by left-wing Marxists.

I have done some blogging in this regard and suggested Christianity in modernity married the devil

Let’s start HERE with this fine essay at The American Conservative.

In my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons I argue for many of the same ideas when it comes to ‘small C capitalism’ within localized communities. So, in no way do I argue for the abolishment of capitalism, but rather for ending the worst predatory practices within it when it comes to humanity’s basic needs.

Miles Mathis’s blogging on culture is also something I’ll reference as I move forward on this.

And I’ll get myself in all kinds of trouble assessing the Youtube channel New Discourses.

In general, I haven’t been impressed or moved, or swayed via arguments in this arena by the ‘atheist right’. They all end up as capitalist apologists or fascist in their approach whether Mises, Rand’s Objectivism, Youtuber’s like Sargon of Akkad, or, Styxhexenhammer666–with Styx being the most tolerable notwithstanding his never-ending dismal shilling for Trump.

And, yes…we’ll dissect corporate capitalisms hijacking of spirituality and spiritual themes via its covert use of the systems alphabet agencies. Spiritual materialism, the IDW, and on and on in The New Age Movement.

Stay tuned but this one will likely been long and drawn out.

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