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The economics of what I call DIVOC-91 (pronounced DYBBUK/you might want to look that up) gave the oligarch archons who run this earths shit-show everything they needed and this made their project in Afghanistan redundant. E. Michael Jones was correct when he stated the only reason the anglo-zio empire was there was to control the opium trade. But big Pharma hit the jackpot with the jab so who needs the chump change of Afghanistans poppy fields? What will continue as Afghanistan sets-up their version of ethno-nationalism– with its closed border policies–is a new wave of mass-emigration into the western cuckosphere. Once again, the little brother of Judaism copies Israels template on how to implement a nation-state. Point? If White Christians want the same thing it’s a demonic horror! Yes, I’m a tad cranky today. But Trudeau will guarantee this influx as he follows the science of decimating small Kanadian business; follows the science of mass-bankruptcies of the most vulnerable classes affected by his DIVOC-91 policies; follows the science of mass-depression, suicide, alcohol and drug addiction brought on by the alienation of his virus policies; follows the science of making sure the corporatocracy continues to get an unending flow of cheap part-time labor; follows the science in making sure that western countries are so divided and atomized that no one can congeal into an effective resistance against the usurious economics of the internationalist banking cartels.

Please, go shopping on Amazon, as Jeff needs to get his penis back into space.

Anyone with even an ounce of investigative ability knows the Taliban was created and funded by the anglo-zio network so leaving them all that weaponry and war paraphernalia was simply their bonus for services rendered. And as for the inanity that they taught the Afghans how to fight as an army against their own people…well, the stupidity of that idea is beyond any reasonable comprehension. If the Hells Angels rolled into your small town and took it over and hired some of the towns minors to keep watch while they partied do you think these hired minions would turn on their fellow townsfolk once the biker-gang got bored and rode on? The fact of the matter is that Islam will have to work out the question of How Should They Live over many more centuries–if not millennia. That is their struggle and how they live should be none of our business. If I were them I wouldn’t listen to anything western leaders (the alliance of greed and amorality) have to say, either– as it’s clear by now that they are their own unique brand of duplicitous sociopaths. What everyone forgets, or doesn’t know, is that in mid-century many of these Arab countries were flowering into healthy secular nation-states until the neoliberal/neocon global corporatists had their way with them. Afghanistan, like Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and many others were prime tourist destinations and had adapted into modernity quite well–or, as best that could be expected after the last empire (Britain) did their slicing and dicing of the Mid-East. At that point, Islam itself, in that era, looks like a hired project–on Conspiracy Lane there are those who suggest that that is indeed, what it always was.

MY first video on M.P.

DEC. 20, 2021. I just watched this and my earlier criticisms stand. Mark thinks there is inherent justice within the demiurgic construct. There is not! The justice he speaks of is from a higher order known as the Pleroma.

On the widest scale though I am more aligned with what he’s saying than not. Our disagreements are on the metaphysical level. Societally he’s spot-on with what the archons are doing and how they operate.

Agreed: definition of anarchy.

Agreed: morality is objective.

But here is where there is diversion. It’s not that Darwinism and Survival of the Fittest are incorrect within their specific contexts. I agree that these biological mechanisms are not Natural Law per se. But these processes are driven via mechanisms dependent and brought about by what I call the Demiurgic Construct. This is blind chaos and has no moral character. A cat will eat a mouse driven by non-rational instincts of survival. When Mark talks about Natural Law he would be better to frame it as Spiritual Conscience driven by Logos. This comes from a higher-order existence known as the Pleroma within Christian Gnostic teaching; although other traditions understood shared ethics such as Ahimsa of the Jains. I do understand, though, that the dimensional and metaphysical idea of the Pleroma is speculative from the vantage point of modernism and the scientific worldview.

It’s important to understand that the ‘knowing’ he talks about is inherent within Christian Gnosticism which entirely understands the non-aggression principle and the Golden Rule if understood via a correct spiritual lens.

When he says that the moral law is immutable I tend to think that he’s making a cosmic category error. Christ taught to Turn The Other Cheek and not enact an Eye for an Eye. He made a clear distinction over and over about the nature of the demiurgic construct and the nature of the Pleroma. They are not and never have been the same thing. A decent Reddit post HERE.

Knowing the difference between what is right and wrong gets into exceedingly thorny territory. The moneylenders have enacted a worldwide system of usurious economics and their ratiocinations led them to believe it’s a good thing! They are also caught up in confirmation bias via spiritual metaphysics such as Tikkun wherein they think usury is making things better. But it should be obvious that if someone doesn’t want something, and you force it upon them anyway, it just makes one an asshole! This is the current dilemma between Judaism and Christianity–Christianity, in general, doesn’t want to live under usurious economics, but it’s been forced on them via stealth and coercion: see The Creature From Jekyll Island. It should be noted when I say this that I also believe it was morally wrong to ‘blame the Jews’ and the RCC was in error in that regard.

True Freedom? IMO., the reason it doesn’t and cannot exist here is because of the inherent nature of the demiurgic construct; because of the nature of the archons (both natural and metaphysical), and because the earth is under a universal quarantine. Now who is correct about the truth of metaphysics is also thorny business. Everyone has a whole host of presuppositions regarding any possible metaphysics espoused. Maybe Aristotle and his view of natural law is correct, but it isn’t obvious unless one presupposes a strictly material cosmology, or a reductionist spirituality via psychologism.

His assessment of Anarchist clans is spot-on. I’ll link the true political spectrum HERE. But all these ideologies fail because of the inherent nature of the demiurgic construct. It’s only within small groupings of authentic spiritualists that true anarchy can work. Small communities like the Cather’s would be genuine spiritual anarchists. And BTW., the reason he’s correct about Christendom, on aggregate, is because, especially in America, it was throughly Judaized and funded by the money-lenders. They’ve fetishized Israel and flipped, in the economic sense, what it means to be Christian. They did this via the teachings of Deuteronomy and via a Neo-Kabbalistic caste system. And, yes, Trump is a Kabbalist and all these mega-church pastors had direct lines to the White-House. It’s totally disingenuous to deny that these connections exist.

In the end, all Passio would have to do to get along with folks like me is call his natural law the ‘supernatural ethos of the pleroma’!LoL At that point there is no quarrel:) Although I suspect we subscribe to irreconcilable gnostic schools. I’m hesitant to say this but I think it necessary. A spirituality that gaslights humanity because they are stupid and ignorant is nothing I want to take part in. If there are a bunch of dimwits within a bank during a robbery it doesn’t mean that the thieves have an obligation to shoot them. The robbers should look to their own misdeeds first and foremost.

His best point was about the highest echelon occultists that run the world (the money masters) in relation to the anarcho-nihilists who delusionally think they are in the same league.

This will likely be a tad sloppy but I’ll do what I can.

I’ll argue for spiritual economics with a focus on Christian culture, although these ideas are not bound to this demographic. But first…

I’ll start with the bifurcation of material and spiritual. Marxism is a materialist ideology whereas fascism always had spiritual and esoteric components underlying its structure. Marxism was a flipping of Hegel’s spiritual dialectic with the view that history is progressive and will end in some type of utopianism. *Fascism is rooted in traditional notions of blood and soil with a primary focus on nationalism; whereas Marxism was always an internationalist project. Both were Socialist to the extent that the State controlled the means of production via corporatism. The only caveat here is that Germany did have an internationalist aspect to it, but there is the official storyline in that regard, and the one on Conspiracy Lane–Hitler wasn’t who and what you think–although true that racial socialism does sum up the ideology.

We saw, in the West, a postmodern capitalism that destabilized traditional values and lead to an individualist ethos, and by the mid-seventies, out of N.Y., and via The Chicago School of Economics, this new framing of capitalism led to neoliberalism, which had as it’s core tenet privatization; this was in contradistinction to the collectivism of socialist states like China. Neoliberalism inevitably led to oligarchy wherein private billionaires co-opted the political sphere in ways not seen since feudal times; indeed, some call the upcoming era new feudalism–at least in the West. Neoliberalism also co-opted spiritualism and turned it into consumer fetishism. IMO., neoliberal economics cares nothing about metaphysical truth but will rather promote any and every spiritual idea as long as a profit can be generated.

In China, the socialist project stalled mid-century, and a shift was made back towards capitalism, but without the possibility of individuals becoming billionaires in the same way that the West created new oligarchs under neoliberalism. The Chinese state remained authoritarian and collectivist and the governing superstructure controlled the means of production. So, in my view, China, over the last 50 or so years, morphed into a type of fascism defined here as state ownership of corporations with a collectivist ethos. On the surface level, there doesn’t seem to be a spiritual component so some say that it isn’t fascism. But I’ve suggested that China is the history of the material being known as the demiurge whose symbol was the dragon and the material world and the demiurge are indistinguishable–although the demiurge did have spiritual roots. So, it isn’t quite right to say that China isn’t spiritual even if the demiurge is a material entity. This is, in part, a long and complex discussion about materialism and metaphysics and is beyond the scope of a short blog.

In recent decades neoliberalism in the West is morphing into stakeholder capitalism with fronts like ‘conscious capitalism’ which are attempts at addressing ‘spiritual concerns’. The problem here is that the spiritual concerns are taken from Cultural Marxism! Really, you can’t write this stuff in fiction! Unpacked a bit: when the Marxist’s realized that their projects were incorrect in certain areas they reworked Marxism in a way that deleted the economic aspects of the theory and instead grafted in identity politics. It’s a long and sometimes tedious debate but a ‘kinder-gentler corporate capitalism’ seized on these ideas and fused corporate profit with the ‘do-good’ of identity politics. In my opinion, it’s a case of two wrongs never equalling right so I see it as more or less a disaster, or the road to hell paved via good intentions. But this morphing of neoliberalism also brought with it spiritual psychologism which is a reduction of all things spiritual to psychology. And, yes…Jordan Peterson just entered the room. People in the West are being gaslighted and told that they need endless counseling and coaching with the goal they become better consumers of the neoliberal machine.

You can’t talk about all these moves on the chessboard of civilization without touching on the international moneylenders or what’s now known as the Central Banking cartels. It was these agents and actors, who via imperialism and colonialism, and, using international trading companies like The Dutch East India Company (one of many) were responsible for the destabilization of pretty well every nation on earth. Every traditional culture was targeted for resource extraction and avenues of labour exploitation. In the 20th century, these international behemoths and their modes of operation led to the destabilization of ‘first wave’ countries like Canada and Australia via open-door emigration policies from countries that were co-opted by the internationalists–pretty well all of them–and this became known as multiculturalism. But note the toxic ethos behind it. This was not and never has been done for altruistic or beneficent motives. It’s all predatory and premised on Economic Darwinism driven by usurious economics whose foundation is endless debt-currency creating a capitalism of infinite growth–in other words: an ecological nightmare.

And to the point of this blog: what is the response to all of this for Christian communities? To align with ‘third-way fascism?’ I think not! I did a series last year on What Should A Healthy Spiritual Economics Look Like? Linked HERE. I coughed up Distributism which addresses private property rights as a basic human need (and right); The Social Credit which addresses the need for a **non-debt currency–I suggest this should be a type of UBI @ $24,000; Georgism which promotes the idea of a Land Value Tax. When one factors in the scale of ecological concern that is far more than C.C. alone then nothing short of a holistic approach will work. The primary focus for Christians of any type should be localism, localism, and localism. And a return to simpler ways of living while using advances in technology to refine that simpler living. I flesh this out in my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Common. Let’s be clear here that I’m not suggesting that the state should own the means of production. And private property rights are fundamental so it’s in no way Socialist or Marxist.

It’s worth asking what happened the last time Christendom embraced fascism in two world wars. Christian country after Christian country was decimated. It sure didn’t get them anywhere. Some estimate that over 100 million Christians died in these conflicts so it looks like a very bad idea from my perch. Someone benefited from all that horror but it wasn’t Christians. I’d suggest that it was the ***moneylending cartels that won the battles of the 20th Century.

Keith Woods coughs up another succinct dissection ( I in no way support his fascism and could only hope to influence him towards Christian anarchy)…

A final note here: once again when I talk about Christendom I talk about culture and not metaphysics per se.

Note:* fascism was founded on worker syndicates (especially in Italy) which would be nationalized. In reality, the mafia was in control of these projects and they used unionism to install corporatism which is the inevitable result of fascist ideology. Of course, the Marxists have their version of this which isn’t all that different in this specific context: socialism is fascism and has roots in left-leaning ideology especially in regard to those worker syndicates.

Note:** There are ways to create a basic needs currency that doesn’t involve debt. Hell, they could still use fiat currency and usher in a point system for the UBI avoiding any inflationary consequences. They won’t!

Note:*** From The Creature From Jekyll Island:

And what did the banks do to earn this perpetually flowing river of wealth? Did they lend out their own capital obtained through an investment of stockholders? Did they lend out the hard-earned savings of their depositors? No, neither of these was their major source of income. They simply waved the magic wand called fiat money.

The flow of such unearned wealth under the guise of interest can only be viewed as usury of the highest magnitude. Even if there were no other reasons to abolish the Fed, the fact that it is the supreme instrument of usury would be more than sufficient by itself.

A note on this clip: war was always an expensive business but by the first part of the 20th century these moneylenders figured out how to have unlimited funding for it. It wasn’t long after that most of the Christian cultures in Europe were decimated.

What Is Neoliberal Economics?

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Anyone strongly identifying with either side of the political duopoly, whether left like Mexie, or, right, like Keith Woods, is part of the civilizational psy-op of the archons whether they are driven consciously and willfully or driven by blind intuitions.

They will play their roles in what Ken Wilber calls, The Religion Of Tomorrow. And what is that religion? The fulfillment of those who control time within the demiurgic template will soon usher in what is known as the Millennial Kingdom. This will be the one world religion where the Messiah will rule out of Jerusalem for 1000 years.

But who is this Messiah? Well, Lucifer, the Light-bringer, of course. But who is Lucifer? Well, the replicant of the Aeon Sophia who is really an iteration of Yaldabaoth. But Yaldabaoth was also the Lion of the Tribe of Judah so the replicant Christ is fused within this Messiah who is androgynous.

This is simply the fulfillment of one of the major moves on the chessboard of the archons who are the landlords of this existence. Have you ever wondered why the Queen is the most powerful piece in chess? Well, now you know. The Queen Of Heaven was known via different names in different traditions but none more well known than Lilith with her consort, the Lord of Death: Samael. Linked HERE.

One of the things I find fascinating within these cosmologies is what happened after the Fall Of Man. It is said that Adam and Eve could not distinguish between their adversary and the true Aeon Christ for 1000 years or right at the end of their millennial trials. Now think about that! If they couldn’t differentiate between a replicant and the real thing then what makes you think that YOU CAN? You can’t and you won’t.

It’s a tad strange seeing the left embrace spirituality but not surprising at all as they are catching up to the likes of Keith Woods and the National Socialists who were and are entirely driven by esoteric spirituality. It’s an inevitable merging as Marx’s material utopianism was really a reductionist take on Judaism. So all the pieces fit.

As for me? Although I was born into this world I am not from this world. All this place ever did to me was take my gentle spirit that wished not to exploit or coerce anyone for profit or personal gain and proceeded to beat the living crap out of me. So I’ve become stained, battered, and bruised. I won’t be sad to leave this place.

HERE is a link dissecting these ideas.

My definition of negative liberty today: the ideology that any given person can do whatever they want, wherever they want, without regard to consequence or negative outcomes to others or ecosystems. So, in my opinion, we have liberty with no regard for responsibility to others or ecosystems.

Inevitably, under these mores, we’ve devolved into a culture of narcissism and banality fuelled by dishonest and deceitful advertisers juxtaposed to the reductionist fundamentalism of the worldwide religion of money (economic 101 ideology) brought to us by the god KA$H…

The outcome of all of this might be coined as ‘the externalization of everything’... Under the auspices of ‘late stage capitalism’ profit by any and all means has become the only metric that matters.

Arguably, it was the internationalist moneylending cartels– using the front of corporate fascism via neoliberalism– that were the primary manipulators of the negative use of freedom; and it seems to me that once they heard the vocal outcry on the internet over the last ten or so years, that they then used a global pandemic to usher in their version of positive liberty which is totalitarianism. So, the cure brought to us by the disease.

A very good brief overview of negative liberty HERE…

A note here that the terminology used in this context is somewhat counter-intuitive. That aside, what the international capitalists did was weaponize the ideas within negative liberty for the primary goal of achieving profit from everyone, everywhere, at every possible opportunity. When I hear conservatives critiquing liberalism I think this is in large part what they mean. What global capitalism did was disrupt every culture or society on earth for the sole purpose of resource and labour extraction for corporations. It was a two-pronged assault in that first they used imperialist and colonial tactics to infiltrate any given country and once it was disrupted they opened the doors to mass emigration which disrupted the culture of traditional first wave cultures.

This documentary posted on Youtube in 2018 is at the very least a foreshadowing and perhaps much more than that. One of the things that bothers me the most about the virus and the pandemic is the compartmentalization of the narrative within the MSM and political spheres. It’s simply entirely random and no one anywhere would ever consider weaponizing a virus for strategic ends. I pointed out in 2019 in November that the first legitimate scientific report from the University of Alaska was released which documents that the collapse of building SEVEN on 911 was a controlled demolition. No one will ever get to hear about that report now, will they?

“We are not all in this together”

I’m writing this blog as the MSM has cancelled, dismissed, and made invisible the majority of small business owners who were wiped out financially by government policy in regards to the Sars-Carona virus. I call the economics of the virus DIVOC-91 as the policies are all backwards. I strongly hope that all of those who were decimated by government policy find a way to get their stories out there and perhaps find a way to organize. At this point all the lawyers are on vacation or napping. Maybe it’s just me, but from a legal point of view, based on ethical concerns, people who suffer grievous damage by the action of others should have recourse to compensation via the court system. In my opinion, government policy should have been done on a case by case basis and the primary metric should have been losses. IOW’s, the government should have been held accountable for their actions when it comes to damages done to small business.

Many have understood that the pandemic was politicized and that that politicalization was an attack on small business. In my opinion, the corporate fascist machine views small independent business people as thieves. We steal what should be theirs. If I get a contract painting a house the large corporate painting companies view this as theft. And they can’t abide that and when combined with the fact that the corporate machine has bought government over the last 30 or so years…well, they then found a way or avenue to wipe out their competition–the pandemic.

I felt the effect of the pandemic immediately as work was steady up until March 15th, 2020 when things died immediately for my business. I noted that all the large construction projects all funded by big finance didn’t miss a beat and their job sites were fully staffed–at least from my inquiries to the workers I engaged with upon passing.

My circumstance was unique in that I suffered a nerve injury at work to my neck in December of 2016 and had to rework my business to my new reality. I could no longer do my bread and butter work which was exterior houses and over 2017 to the spring of 2018 I was able to retool my small painting business to where the majority of contracts were interior. This is a primary reason my business was hit so hard as few were willing to invite me into their homes to paint during a global pandemic. And this situation will likely last a decade so it wasn’t a one season decimation of my ability to earn a living on my terms. In short, my business of 12-years was wiped out.

And on to the government *dole. I don’t think the government is dealing with reality in Canada as the Liberal government decided that we can live on $2000.00 a month while they made it illegal to work. I was barely keeping my head above water making about $4000.00 a month on average. It hasn’t seemed to register with the government that if they make it illegal to work and decimate about 50% of someones income…well, small business might not be able to pay their bills–taxes included. In my case, my rent and work-van payments alone were $2000.00 a month and by July I saw the writing on the wall and decided to attempt to mitigate the damage of lost income through the winter of 2020/21 by giving up my apartment of 12-years and moving into my van. To a certain degree my reasoning worked as I didn’t go into debt as much as I could have. But the fact remains that from March 2020 to March 2021 I added about $15,000.00 to my debt liabilities. My income for those 12-months went from about $50,000 to about $10,000. There is an easy causal link here for these losses from a legal point of view so in this case correlation IS causation. This isn’t fuzzy and is clear black and white reasoning. Once again this situation points out who benefitted from this travesty.

By the spring of 2021 I was able to find work but it was in a town where I knew no one and where it turns out that I’ve woken up to a rental nightmare after 12-years. But that’s another blog about turning homes into speculative rent-seeking ventures at the behest and best interests of the moneylenders. But here’s the thing: the company I worked for was an exterior painting company! So I was forced and coerced back into work that I should not have been doing as an injured 61-year old. I also found out that there is a huge difference between living in a van and NOT working, which is some what enjoyable, and living in a van and attempting full time work: next to an impossibility and that any economic systems finds this acceptable is disgraceful. But the moneylenders sell van-life like it’s a reasonable solution to homelessness brought on by shite economics. The end result of this? For the first time in about 35-years I fell off a ladder in June and have suffered a serious injury to my heel and spine. I don’t know if I will recover from this one. So in people’s real lives, and not the one fantasied by governments and their ruling moneylenders, there are serious consequences to terrible economic policies.

In the beginning of the pandemic I did a series of blogs which dealt with the economics of this situation and I coughed up many ideas that could have been implemented to alleviate the economic carnage. All of it dismissed, of course, but I’ll add here that a tax amnesty or Jubilee should have been implemented for small businesses that could prove losses. I’m in the situation now where I have tax liabilities that couldn’t be paid and the government is demanding payment after making it illegal for me to run my business–and wiping it out! I’ve pointed out that there is another entity that does this kind of thing: the mafia! Of course, my new injury situation has made my financial liability situation much worse as WCB pays fixed income at a much lessor rate than normal working wages. This is not something I have a quarrel with, per se, but I’m just pointing out the obvious: one can’t pay bills on a fixed and limited income.

*In my opinion, the CERB should have gone for 12-months and covered the first Canadian winter of a worldwide pandemic. Again, putting people out of work, making them homeless, and then cutting them off from benefits in January was down right mean and unnecessary especially within the added context that the pandemic was also used to line the pockets of the corporate elite. It wasn’t just me that was cut off the newly implemented CRB in January on technicalities as it was obvious from the on-line chatter within comment sections that there were tens-of thousands of other people cut off. I encourage all those people to find a way to tell their stories in the coming years.

Just a note on elections: if they were a farce prior to the pandemic then they are now a total disgrace. Unelected bureaucrats have now taken over government policy. So voting is meaningless under this scenario. A fair warning to all of you voters out there that any majority governments put in power this fall will open the door to the worst and largest lockdowns to date. Although I’ve made the decision to never vote again I suggest thinking seriously about my prediction here.

And on a personal note: modern governments, at least on surface appearance, run on the foundation of materialist ideologies. And although I advocate for a healthy secular super-structure for any society I am not a materialist. The point is that the virus has also been a continued attack on the Christian view of life. I’ll be posting an upcoming blog where I offer evidence that the virus wasn’t random and is an ongoing assault on spiritual (in this case Christian) views on ‘how we should live’ especially when it comes to economics. And make no mistake about it: virus economics is neoliberal policy on crack with the added dose of disaster capitalism wherein the usual suspects used this disaster to once again line their pockets at the expense of the commons with the consent of national governments.

This essay by, Alexander Rivera, is something I’ve been musing on for a long time, and as I’m just a lackey in spiritual matters, Alexander explores these intersections far more professionally than I do.

As he points out: the demiurge in the Vedas is not obvious and not a primary focus of that tradition. I’ve argued elsewhere that one of the primary issues of why I maintain a Christian Gnostic stance is because of the Jewish Question which is not addressed at all in the Vedas. It seems a rather odd omission from the Gods of that tradition.

My view, also, is reincarnation wasn’t an ‘a priori’ template but rather an ‘emergency measure’ taken by the pleroma in an effort to redeem the fallen angels (US). This is a major distinction. This is one of the few scenarios wherein I consider the ‘earth is a school’ idea possible-rather than my instinct that it’s a prison asylum.

In my view, as a Gnostic, the material world is REAL and not an illusion, as the demiurge is a material being and intrinsically connected with the material realm. I call this place a ‘deceptive construct’ and not an illusion or Maya. Although I’m sympathetic to modern Simulation theories I haven’t drank the Kool-aid. Just a note that if I write a song about something it doesn’t necessarily mean I believe the lyrical content–it’s an exploration of ideas.

This is just my opinion, but I suspect that Plotinus had deep Jewish connections and that we haven’t received the honest truth about who he was and what his motivations were. Interestingly, the leading proponent of Plotinus today is Ken Wilber and I’ve mentioned many times that Ken has a ‘Judaic wall’ backing or surrounding him and any talk of Christian Gnostic dualism is summarily dismissed as lowly evolved within the Integral community. And, yes, Miles Mathis also suggests the Greek elites were indeed, Semitic…

Just a note that many of these scholars in modernity are materialists and atheists. This isn’t surprising, per se, but I believe the academies are controlled and like the RCC one of their primary directives in modernity was to protect the name of Yahweh. I get this sounds absurd upon first hearing and it would take much unpacking to understand why I think this and I’m not up to this task at the moment within a short blog. I’ll only say for now that Marx, in his J.Q., advocated for mass indoctrination of atheism–I’ve said elsewhere that there are two acceptable perspectives when it comes to the Demiurge: he’s real and good, or he doesn’t exist at all. If one suggests that the demiurge is both real and not at all nice one is cancelled, and murdered–the fate of the Christian Gnostics.

I can’t really leave this issue without mentioning modern economics. Anyone who thinks that what is happening on earth today is good–if they hold religious or spiritual views–is entirely deluded, IMO. Late stage neoliberalism is morphing into a fusion of worldwide corporate ‘commie-fascism’. It’s reduced humans to nothing more than consumers; has commodified every aspect of life; instantiated a worldwide system of usurious economics; decimated labor and the only avenue of resistance; is more coercive and exploitative than any point in capitalism’s history; has turned homes into empty units sitting idle as speculative ventures juxtaposed to mass homelessness; is destroying eco-systems at an unprecedented rate; implementing a massive surveillance state while eviserating freedom of expression; using a virus that on aggregate was not all that harmful to healthy people to further this hegemonic agenda of the archons.

The point? This IS NOT repairing anything! This is insanity and deeply disturbed.

Christian Gnosticism and Hinduism.


The Demiurgic Mind.

Samkhya and Christian Gnosticism.

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