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HERE is a link that explores the very important differences between these schools of spiritual thought.

Below is video where I address some of the more important distinctions.

A few things that I didn’t get to address: I don’t categorize Christian Gnosticism as mysticism which I define as a type of spiritual narrative that asserts enlightenment is becoming god. I have many blogs on this point especially in regard to the non-dual schools. But in brief, I find it kind of useless as a philosophy when it comes to any pragmatic utility. I pointed this out in my Sam Harris/Rupert Spira blog wherein I suggested that there is no practical difference between Spira, who believes he is God, and the atheist Sam Harris. Christian Gnostics, in general, believe they will be saved by Christ and removed from this ‘demiurgic construct’ and taken to the Pleroma–we don’t become God but we get to go where the true God has dominion (the true god is withdrawn from this construct) although it is the domain of the demiurge and the archons.

Christian Gnostics don’t practice magic and magic is one of the foundational building blocks of Kabbalah. Now, having been raised in a secular culture, I admit that this isn’t a big issue to me, but it’s worth mentioning, I think. It is the least problematic difference in my view, as I don’t, in general, have a problem with magic, or folks like the Wiccans who have their specific magic rituals. It’s just not something I practice for the most part.

HERE is a video by Adam Green @ Know More News. Relevant to my point at about 2:22 of the video above. I’m linking this as he is documenting what Kabbalist’s are doing. It’s worth noting that his presumption about Gnosticism is premised on Kabbalist interpretation. You see this clearly when he talks about the demiurge being Samael and Christ simultaneously. This is WRONG from the perspective of the Christian Gnostics. What I’d concede is that the Demiurge is a replicant of Christ and Sophia BUT NOT Christ and Sophia per se. This point is huge and is probably the most important distinction.

Denmark has lifted all restrictions and has cancelled the use of vaccine passports.

Denmark also has a mandatory housing policy, too! Everyone has a proper place to live in Denmark and that is how it should be. The mass homelessness in Canada is shameful and shows the degeneracy, apathy, and contempt for the less fortunate that all levels of Canadian government have.

How Canada’s Covid policies affected my life HERE.

Spirit Science is a Youtube channel that explores spirituality.

Martymer81 is another YouTuber who debunks SS views on spirituality with relentless cynicism and humour.

When it comes right down to it I’m more of a ‘spiritual investigator or journalist’ albeit one with no ties to hackedemia (thank the gods!). This isn’t to say that I don’t have convictions when it comes to spirituality. I DO!

In many other blogs I’ve suggested that neoliberal capitalism cares absolutely nothing about spiritual truth or spiritual metaphysics. I’ve suggested they created a department within the alphabet agencies called The Department Of Spiritual Propaganda! In short, they promote everything and anything to do with spirituality no matter how stupid or ‘wooified’…The only metrics are can it make money and can it cause chaos and confusion? They are remarkable successful! Just scroll through any cities Spiritual Meet-Up section and you’ll be offered up a smorgasbord of endless ridiculousness to choose from.

Okay, that preamble aside. Run when you hear two words used together within the context of spirituality: Spirit Science! Run! Consciousness and Evolution! Run! Simulation and The Nag Hammadi! Run! Haha…I might add, in general, Youtube, and honest spirituality!

And then there are catch phrases like the gaslighting, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. The archons know that it’s impossible to make any kind of positive change in a world run by the religion of money (read my description on my Youtube homepage) wherein money is power. And they control the money supply which has given them an unlimited power of abuse here. They fund the narratives they want and cancel the narratives they don’t.

Spirit Science recently did a 4-hour documentary called The Conspiracy Theory Of Everything. And that is what I’m addressing here. He opens with some musing about the demiurge and then tears into most of the mainstream conspiracies on the net in recent history. The problem here is that very few of these conspiracies have anything to do with the idea of the demiurge; at least not in any direct way, or in the way he’s suggesting. The motherlode connection he addresses first is Simulation Theory. I get the attraction to the idea– especially with the advent of computers– and I’ve even written an E.P on the theme called 4-Songs About God In E-Flat Minor. The problem, though, within this specific context, is that Gnosticism doesn’t teach Simulation! How could it? It’s a spiritual teaching from antiquity. The closest we get to ideas about simulation is in the Vedas and only obliquely (Akashic) and the Vedas have next to nothing to say about the idea of the demiurge; although the idea is buried within the tradition, but in no way is focused upon. Do the math here: demiurge , simulation, Vedas=ambiguous connection at best.

The Demiurge was known to the Egyptians and named Ptah (it’s why EgyPT is spelled the way it is). Christian Gnostics in Alexandria likely ran with the idea and called it Yaldabaoth or IAO…Platonic schools often referenced it and they generally had a positive view on the demiurge or craftsman or architect. The Platonic Schools were always in dispute with their Christian Gnostics peers about the nature of the demiurge who believed the demiurge was inherently malevolent.

It’s worth looking at some of the core tenets of the Christian Gnostics:

-it’s inherently dualistic.

-the universe in which we reside exists via cosmic error.

-the material universe is corrupt.

-the God of Israel was an archon of the demiurge.

– we have sparks of the original pleroma buried within us and we are to seek our way back to the pleroma and free ourselves from the machinations of the demiurge and the archons that control this existence and the reincarnation loop.

If I were to guess at the motivation for this documentary I’d say it’s to muddy the waters of Christian Gnosticism: black-washing with a ton of misdirection. And that is a fingerprint of the covert agencies. Its telling what he omits: Israel, Judaism, usurious economics/predatory economics, implying that these have nothing to do with archon control and that random conspiracies do!

I’m linking Morton Tolboll’s work here as he asserts correctly that the alphabet agencies have created a conspiracy within a conspiracy about a conspiracy! He calls it the Matrix Conspiracy. His ideas on ‘female fascism’ are interesting and I’ve intuited the same thing and called it lipstick fascism and it likely has its roots in what Tsarion calls the Female Illuminati. Miles Mathis is another who is documenting the backwashing of men. The idea has its roots in the Sophia lore but I’ve suggested that this toxic version of it is really a personification of Yaldabaoth as it was depicted as part serpent and with a head of a lion. So, these folks say that it was Sophia, as a serpent, in the Garden of Eden, bringing gnosis to Adam and Eve. I say it was another manipulation of Yaldabaoth. I’ve argued, besides the point that the story makes no sense, that both figures lied: that they didn’t die and they didn’t become like gods but rather became less godlike than they were before they ate. Read the Lost Books Of Adam And Eve and see if they were godlike after the fall…NO! Anything but. But there is the added problem of this story being anything other than archaic folklore. What I’ve said in that regard, and about religion in general, is that it becomes real in the civilizational arena when people believe it’s real, and act societally on their beliefs. Of course, any belief can be used as a tool of societal manipulation and this is what is happening here. And no more-so in the myth of the Israeli Messiah who many now declare will arrive without one ounce of supernatural manifestation. I really can’t think of anything more manipulative, as the Bible, at minimum, is a treatise on supernaturalism–but that’s another blog.

Just a note that my linking other authors work here isn’t necessarily an endorsement of all or anything they assert or believe. 

Sometimes less is more


Feudalism> Mercantilism> Classical Liberalism> Industrial Capitalism> Stockholder Capitalism> Corporate/State Fusion Capitalism> Fascism/Socialism> Military Industrial Complex Capitalism> Neoliberalism> Covert Agency/Media Capitalism>Technological/information Capitalism> Stakeholder Capitalism≥ Corporate/Private Oligarchy Capitalism> Neo-Feudalism merged with Medical Fascism.

The last phase is premised on the idea that capitalism in the last 30-years has morphed into what I cal ‘soft-fascism’ in the west which is now fused with a ‘show me your papers’ vaccine pass. This is not mere coincidence.

Note: I didn’t use Communism because it’s never been achieved so I listed it under Socialism…

There are different types of Anarchist (both left and right) ideas and theories that arose along the continuum but they’ve had little impact on the general flow of Capitalism.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. C.S. Lewis

Clearly there is an oxymoron here when unelected officials implement what amounts to medical marshal law. Okay, that is what that is, but do they really have to insult us with elections? If elections were questionable prior to Sars-Carona then they are now down-right meaningless.

Here is my take on the current Election in Kanada: it was Trudeau’s job to continue the planned and paid assault on *Liberalism which was always the true left– which, had as its primary tenet–the challenging of any pathologies by ruling elites. Left liberalism was hi-jacked, for the most part, by Marxist ideology in recent history, while being intentionally tarnished and backwashed by the new feudal lords of the corporatist/political alliance: aka–the fascism of new-feudalism.

Trudeau seems to have taken his marching orders from the Ismaili billionaire Aga Khan.

If I’m right about this then the goal seems to be to push the masses farther to the right and this is what we see happening. O’Toole’s big talking point is his 12-years of military service which conveniently sets him up to have zero problem with lining every Kanadian street with military personnel. How convenient for the billionaires private contracts within the military industrial complex. Yes, let’s use a pandemic to give the warrior caste complete control over Kanadian society. His other avenue of work for the oligarchs will likely be to dismantle the public health-care system here which has long had a sniper-laser aimed at its forehead. New-feudalism is not going to be concerned about your visiting a doctor and a well engineered bio-weapon would be one that hangs in there just long enough to wipe out the health-care systems over an extended period of time.

Here’s a little incongruency for your tonic: this is public health under the Carona virus: destruction of the economy; wipe out small business; create mass homelessness and unaffordability (thank-you quantitative easing); break every employment law when it comes to forcing vaccination on employees (entirely illegal;) creating a COVID LETTER society that marginalizes and alienates all those with good natural immunity or coherent reasons why they don’t trust the corporate fascist nation-state (okay, I have no quarrel with naming it international socialism); creating every other manner of psychological illness brought on by the trauma of… not by a flu virus, but the political reactions of unelected officials and their impotent political cronies; lining the pockets of the aforementioned corporate billionaires via the disaster capitalism branch of international communism (fascism); exponentially raising rates of alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide–caused by the alienating policies of government in response to a flu.

Here are things they didn’t mandate and make into law: addressing, the on average, 2500 children a day that die in every manner of misery imaginable largely due to terrible economics; they didn’t mandate that big Pharma stop selling opiates that are genociding the lower tiers in society; they didn’t mandate the end of tobacco and alcohol sales especially in neighbourhoods that are prone to addiction; they didn’t mandate the end of terrible junk food which causes endless hospitalizations; they certainly didn’t mandate the end of predatory lending and usurious economics in general; they didn’t mandate the end of debt slavery in exchange for what is becoming worthless: higher education; they didn’t mandate the end of toxic speculation on what were once homes and are now financialized investments…

I do see that the Marxists are outraged when it comes to a women’s right to have sovereignty over her body on the issue of abortion. But take that jab damnit! In Yahweh’s America, the Dems are appealing in the courts for woman to have rights over their body, but that right, to them, ends when it comes to corporate vaccines, whose makers all have ties to a certain country in the mid-east.

The only way I could see the virus social credit passport as being viable (temporarily) is if the virus was something like polio. But it isn’t like polio! And overwhelming the hospitals? Hire more fucking nurses you idiots instead of forcing them to abandon their life calling via a mandatory jab! And mark my words that under international socialism none of these mandates are temporary.

Aren’t you so happy that we are ‘all in this together!’

NOTE*: anyone with any knowledge of the recent history of the Democratic Party in the states knows that the same thing has happened there: democrats, once the voice of the people, slowly turned into state corporatists–they became rightwing ideologues–so the only two options in the states are rightwing and ultra rightwing–rule for and by the elites.

A comment from Anonymous:

Out of all the vaccines I have taken in my life: Tetanus, small pox, polio etc., never before have I seen so much confusion over a vaccine that says I have to wear a mask, and socially distance even when fully vaccinated. Apparently I could still contract or spread the virus even when fully vaccinated. Never had to have a double shot, never been bribed by establishments to take the vaccine in order to win a car, cash, or other prizes. I never had to worry about cardiac issues and/or blood clots and sadly more, I didn’t have to worry about death. I was never judged if I didn’t take it. I was never discriminated against for travel or other regular services. The vaccines I have listed above never told me I was a bad person for not taking it, or taking it for that matter. I have never seen a vaccine that threatened the relationship between a family member or a close friend. Never seen it used for political gain and never seen it used to persuade children in favour of free ice cream or teenagers going into a night club. I have never seen a worry about a mix and matching and yet told it’s OK to do it one day and not the next and on and off again. I have never seen a vaccine threaten someone’s livelihood, job, school, etc. I have never seen a vaccine that allows a twelve year old’s consent to supersede his/her parent’s consent. So after all I have said, can someone tell me how on God’s green earth I am a racist or conspiracy theorist. Non educated, non researched because I am not willing to take this vaccine. And the clinical trials will not be over for at least two years from now. Finally, after all the vaccines (shots) I listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one that discriminates, divides, and judges a society such as this one. So much information is censored, deleted and removed from the internet. So many doctors, scientists, are censored and forbidden to speak out or ask legitimate questions when what is being allowed or not allowed does not make sense. This sure is one powerful vaccine. IT does all of these things that I have mentioned and yet? It doesn’t do what all the other vaccines that I have mentioned earlier were designed to do. That is to fight off “COVID”, a virus with a natural recovery rate of 99% thanks to our miraculous immune system!

Hey, if you’ve read Miles Mathis you’ll know about the global mafia’s obsession with numbers. All the recent madness in September might have something to do with it being 18 months since last March 15th (a significant number in itself). When did Trudeau say he would call another election if he doesn’t win a majority? 18 months! Aces and Eights! Chai…

Prolly named after the queen…

Quantitative Easing was introduced as a reactionary measure to the 2008 financial crisis largely brought on by sub-prime lending on mortgages (which was introduced later to the auto-sales sector) but that’s another blog.

HERE is a good video going into the details and below is my comment on it.

I call this type of financialization ‘economic fascism’ distinct from mid-century fascism which had its roots in labour syndicates–especially in Italy. This type of abstraction is creating schisms and divorce: schisms within traditional economies premised on labor and production value (Wall St./ Main St. schism), and divorce creates culture wars brought on by economic inequality and unaffordability for the lower pyramid. I’d say it’s fracturing the *third-tier political institutions, too, in that what was once republicanism (gov. for the people) is now plutocracy with the primary metric the concerns and confabulations of the financialization sector. Okay, I’m off to see the wizard! Well, maybe not.

If National Socialism was concerned with the nation then this type of socialism is truly international in scope. There are major differences, of course, where N.S. did make a pretense of creating a society that was good for the workers, this evolved type of socialism has no such pretense–it’s elitist through and through.

*If we use Jordon Hall’s map of four layers of civilization: financialization; economy; politics; and culture, we see that the merging of the corporate state under this type of fascism is colonizing the other tiers. You need not wonder where all the current chaos is coming from–at least on the mundane level.

It should be noted that this type of fascism arose out of neoliberalism’s privatization ethos so it wasn’t collectivist in the same sense as previous iterations mid-century. What neoliberalism did was strip capitalism of what it always should have been: commerce among small players and actors. It’s not a coinky-dinky that virus economics (what I call DIVOC-91) has wiped out what remained of small business concomitant with speculative economics in real-estate making life unaffordable for the masses. True though, Q.E has driven the real-estate asset bubble which is again: economics by the elites for the elites.

BTW: there is this controversial antagonism as to whether N.S. was socialist. It had elements of socialism in the state/corporate partnership but it certainly wasn’t left in any traditional sense. The left historically was for freedom from elite tyranny! Please read that over and over until it becomes a part of you. In that sense, it’s a joke to call N.S. leftist. They were robber barons of the highest order and they are still at it today! The only thing I’d add is that the Marxists hijacked the term left and they are still at it today, too. False dichotomies and controlled opposition everywhere with the aim of leaving you entirely confused and confounded.

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